PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 41

Volume 2 Chapter 41 Getting hold of the account book 

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If ordinary people saw this scene, they would have been so scared that their soul left their body. Yet, Shao Qing was calm. She stopped where she was. When she turned around she saw a pale but bloodless hand hold onto the edge of the pit. Veins popping up from tension, after a while, a head stuck out. 

It was a young boy at most seventeen or eighteen years old. On the tip of his forehead and nose, there were beads of sweat mixed with dirt and blood, making him look like he was in a sorry state. 

His upper body hung at the edge of the pit. Panting, he took a break preparing to accumulate some strength to crawl out again. 

A pair of white sneakers appeared in front of him. The teenager was shocked. He fought with his life to escape from that hell. Was he going to be thrown back into the wolf den? 

The boy looked up and saw Shao Qing’s cold eyebrows and was slightly relieved, at least he had never seen Shao Qing at Shulin survivor base before. 

“Madam, could you please do me a favor and send me to the Jing Du survivor base…” After the teenager spoke he was a little embarrassed, “I… I can’t really offer you any good compensation …” 

“Did you escape from Shulin? I’ll ask you a few questions. If you answer honestly, I will send you to Jing Du Survivor Base.” Shao Qing didn’t care about the dirtiness of the young man and pulled him out of the pit.

This place was too dangerous for discussing. Shao Qing took the teenager to the depths of the forest. At least there it would not be easy to be found then she put the teenager on the ground. “How much do you know about the dirty dealing in the Shulin survivor base?”

The boy hesitated, and finally gritted his teeth:” I originally came from the south and have some relatives at the Jingdu Survivor Base. I was on my way there when I was kidnapped by the hunters from Shulin.” 

“I am not very clear about the other stuff, but there were about 50 victims where I was locked up. They were all in their teens or 20s. Twenty girls were taken away not long ago. Life and death unknown. Running away this time was something I planned for a long time. Someone today was going to…. going to force themselves on a young girl. Taking advantage of the opportunity to stop them, I got beat up and was supposed to pretend to be dead. However, they suddenly got some news and wanted to take everyone away. In the chaos, I got into a sack, pretended to be a corpse and was transported out.”After careful consideration, the boy spilled out all the information he knew. With his own strength, it was difficult to reach Jing Du safely and find help to save those poor people. If Shao Qing was bad at heart, then he could only blame himself for being blind. If Shao Qing can understand everything and fulfill her promise and take him to Jing Du, then those poor people might have a greater chance of being saved. 

He can only make a gamble. His life was in Shao Qing’s hands anyways and he had no choice. 

“Those guards change shifts four times a day, once at noon, once at six, once at midnight, and once at six in the morning. Security is usually very tight.” The teenager was very detailed. “Most of the people who were arrested with me at the beginning have died or have been taken away. There aren’t many left now. After me, a lot of new girls and boys were brought in. The particularly outstanding ones were taken away by the senior officials such as Han Shulin. I’m afraid… “

When he finished, Shao Qing’s eyes brightened. She lowered her voice and asked,”Can you contact the girls beside Han Shulin? “

That account book cannot be obtained by others, but if it is Han Shulin’s lover, they would have loads of opportunity to get it.

The teenager hesitated and gritted his teeth, “You asked me so much already, can you tell me what you are going to do?” 

Shao Qing didn’t mind the teenager’s suspicion, she just explained what she had encountered before. After explaining her thoughts, she finally said: “If we can get the ledger, the evidence will be sufficient. We can also deal with those who have worked with Han Shulin. So if you have a way to contact her, you must tell me.” 

The teenager thought for a long time and then said, “I can contact one of them. Her name is Xie Chunyan. We were arrested together and our relationship is not bad. With her personality, she will definitely help us.” 

Shao Qing nodded, “Right now it’s not convenient for you to appear publicly at Shulin Survivor Base. You tell me how to contact her and give me a piece of evidence that she can believe. I will send you to Jing Du. We’ll tackle the problem from two different angles.”

The teenager told Shao Qing how to contact Xie Chunyan and after discussing it, Shao Qing took out a new suit for the teenager to put on. Then, she went back to Yan Hanqing and Gu Chuan. 

Naturally, Yan Hanqing was a very reliable person. Although Gu Chuan had an indifferent temper and seldom talked, he was also reliable. Shao Qing told the two of them what happened and entrusted the teenager to them. 

From here to Jing Du was a several day journey. With Yan Hanqing and Gu Chuan cooperating, as long as no accidents occur, it should be an easy task to send the teenager back.

As soon as Yan Hanqing and Gu Chuan left, Shao Qing’s first task was to contact Xie Chunyan. Although Xie Chunyan was kidnapped because of her outstanding appearance, Han Shulin spoiled her a lot and gave her a certain amount of freedom, thus she could walk around the base during her spare time. Of course, she was allowed to walk around only when someone was watching. But Han Shulin did not allow her to contact the youths. The most she could do was have others pass on the youths some medicine or something. 

On this day, Xie Chunyan was going to take a walk outside after having dinner. Not far behind her, she was also followed by two bodyguards. 

Xie Chunyan was very upset. No matter who it was, the feeling of being imprisoned would not make anyone feel good. She often walked around and watched this place. It was because she planted a piece of flower there. Even though it was a single-petal rose, planting a field of them made it look pretty good. It also helped ease her irritability. 

She walked among the flowers and sat on the bench in the center of the sea of ​​flowers. As soon as she sat down, her buttocks were pinched. She reached out and touched it, a paper ball. 

Xie Chunyan had a cautious personality. She calmly picked up the paper ball. Then while the two ‘bodyguards’ weren’t looking, she opened it up.

 After reading the above words, Xie Chunyan went to the toilet. When the two bodyguards were about to follow, they heard Xie Chunyan speak, “Are you going to follow me into the toilet?” 

Her eyes were charming, but at this moment it had a stern look to it. The two of them shrank their heads. Although they wanted to say something, they never dared to offend Xie Chunyan. After all, pillow talk was a scary thing. 

Besides, Xie Chunyan was an ordinary person without abilities in addition to being a delicate and fragile girl. Where could she possibly go?

Xie Chunyan went to the toilet alone and saw Shao Qing who had been waiting for a long time. Although this place was dirty, it was the only place where the two could meet without being suspected. 

Xie Chunyan watched Shao Qing vigilantly: “Who are you? Using this method to call me, what do you want?” 

“I am Cheng Guanyan’s friend.” Cheng Guanyan was the young man sent to Jing Du. After softening her expression, she said, “I have something I need your help with.” 

“What is it?” Xie Chunyan relaxed a little, but still looked at Shao Qing with vigilance. Shao Qing replied: “It’s like this, I want to bring down Han Shulin and rescue those innocent young girls. So I need you to take the ledger from Han Shulin’s side.” 

Xie Chunyan immediately became more alert. She pursed her lips, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. If you go now, I’ll pretend I don’t know anything.” 

Shao Qing knew that convincing her she was a friend of Cheng Guanyan, then having Xie Chunyan do something this dangerous would be suspicious. 

She did not think that Xie Chunyan would believe her immediately. On the contrary, if Xie Chunyan believed her immediately, she would also worry it was a trap and even more, would  worry  whether Xie Chunyan could do it. 

“I’m indeed a friend of Cheng Guanyan. He told me to thank you for the medicine you gave. Also, Xie Chunxiao’s name is very nice.” When Shao Qing said those words, Xie Chunyanrelaxed. 

Only one or two people knew about her delivery of medicine to Cheng Guanyan, also the name Xie Chunxiao was mentioned only to Cheng Guanyan. 

“Where’s Guanyan??” Xie Chunyan asked a little bit more friendly.

“When I went to investigate today, I happened to meet the guards who were throwing away the corpses. Coincidentally, I came upon Cheng Guanyan who escaped by faking his death. I have now sent someone to escort him to Jing Du with some evidence. After all, he is not suitable to return here.” After the explanation, Shao Qing added, “I hope you can help. With the account book, we could wipe out all the culprits in the capital, even the hidden ones that are deep in the system but free and unfettered.” 

Xie Chunyan thought for a long time. “I’ll find an opportunity these days to see if I can take out the ledger. That beast hides the ledger very tightly. I can only do my best.” 

“Thank you very much.” Shao Qing said sincerely. 

Xie Chunyan shook her head: “Successful or not, that’s a different story. I can only hope that you can rescue those poor girls and boys and I hope that you can kill Han Shulin, that beast!” 

“Naturally.” Shao Qing handed a dagger To Xie Chunyan: “For self-defense. If you encounter any unexpected accident, it is better than being empty handed.” 

Xie Chunyan picked it up. Before she left she said: “In the next few days, come here around 6pm to look. If I can get the ledger, I will put it under the sink. You take the ledger and leave immediately.” 

Shao Qing took a note of it seriously and watched Xie Chunyan leave before leaving quietly herself. 

As soon as Yan Hanqing left, she was the only one who could cook. Shao Qing made several dishes when she returned.

After dinner, everyone would go back to their rooms to rest. But, Shao Qing quietly called back the few people, of course, with the exception of Fu Jingmo back to her room. 

After calling everyone, Shao Qing explained everything about what happened and what she was going to do. 

After getting the ledger, they were leaving. But if the ledger was exposed, they might alert the snake and give Han Shulin the opportunity to move people again. 

Shao Qing originally wanted to forge a fake account book to pass off as the real item to drag it on for a period of time, but because of time restraint, she couldn’t.

So she had to think of another plan.  

What’s more important is that Han Shulin is watching them now. By that time, trying to retreat would not be so simple.

After much discussion, they went back to their room. On the afternoon of the next day, Shao Qing went to take a look. The ledger had not arrived yet. On the third afternoon, she also went to see it. It was only when the sixth day arrived when a ledger appeared under the sink. 

Shao Qing quickly took away the ledger and prepared to let Er Dai and the rest pull out first. As for her, she couldn’t withdraw. She wanted to take Xie Chunyan away as well. 

Otherwise, as soon as the account book was exposed, the first person to suffer would be Xie Chunyan. 

Xie Chunyan also helped them at the risk of her life. How could Shao Qing just leave her behind? 

Yan Qiyue and the others were clear about how strong Shao Qing was. Knowing that they would only be a hindrance, they left without any objection. 

As soon as they left, the people sent to watch them immediately relayed the news. Han Shulin was relieved at first because Shao Qing was like a gun pointed directly at his heart. Not moving away and not firing, it made him panic. 

Now once Shao Qing left, he immediately felt relieved. But soon, Han Shulin’s face changed. There could be only two possibilities why Shao Qing and the others left. 

The first was that they took too long and didn’t find anything. Not planning to waste any more time, they left. 

The second is that they already got what they want, so they left contentedly. 

Thinking about this, Han Shulin immediately sent someone to inspect the place where those people were detained to see if there were any problems. When the order went down, Han Shulin suddenly thought of another possibility and he hurried off back to his residence.

On the other side, Shao Qing quietly snuck into Han Shulin’s residence. According to reason, this should be the most guarded place, but it wasn’t. This was because no one dared to touch Han Shulin, plus Han Shulin was the strongest person in the base. The rest of the skilled masters in the base were transferred to guard the ‘goods’, so the defense here was not very tight. 

Shao Qing took a bit of effort to sneak in here. When Shao Qing arrived, Xie Chunyan was reading a book. She was so pretty, no matter how you look at it, she was a beauty among beauties. Unfortunately, born under an unlucky star, she has suffered through a lot.

Shao Qing flipped through the house and when she finally found Xie Chunyan, she quickly said, “Hurry up and leave with me. Han Shulin will soon know that the ledger is lost.” 

Xie Chunyan did not have the intention to leave. She put down the book and placed her hands on her waist. There was a tenderness in her eyes: “I thank you for your kindness, but you can’t take me with you. Just leave.” 

Shao Qing didn’t say anything, she just stretched out a hand and frowned. She was determined. 

Xie Chunyan covered her face and smiled, “I used to have a husband and a son. Now that my husband is dead and my son is dead, I only live for one thing. I want to see Han Shulin die in person. Sadly, I can’t do that. Leave with the evidence.” 

Shao Qing still wanted to say something, but the sound of footsteps suddenly could be heard getting closer. She hurriedly hid herself. 

Her hiding place was very clever, just underneath the roof. She climbed to the top of the pillar. If they didn’t deliberately look up to search for her, they would not be able to find her whereabouts. 

Han Shulin came back in a hurry and even ignored Xie Chunyan. He went to the place where he kept his ledger and was taken aback. The ledger was gone. 

Knowing where he kept his ledger and could give it to others, he didn’t even have to guess, it was only Xie Chunyan.

Han Shilin’s eyes were all red. He grabbed Xie Chunyan’s collar, gritted his teeth and asked, “Where is it? Who did you give it to?” 

Xie Chunyan just smiled, tenderness in her eyes but completely lacking warmth.

Han Shulin wanted to strangle her at that time. In regards to Xie Chunyan, Han Shulin really did like her. He would pamper her and was willing to do many things to please her. 

Before the apocalypse, Han Shulin was a prisoner. He had two crimes, one was rape, and the other was murder. 

The person he had killed was none other than his wife.

From this we can see how psychotic he is. But since Han Shulin had taken Xie Chunyan by force, he had not been willing to yell at her. 

But Xie Chunyan betrayed him. This had hit him hard. 

“Xie Chunyan! Don’t think I won’t kill you!” Han Shulin gritted his teeth. 

Xie Chunyan’s face was neutral and indifferent. Looking carefully one can tell she was already resolved to die. Her loved ones were all dead. There was no hope in her life at all, was there any difference between being alive or dead? 

“If you want to kill me, just do it.” 

Han Shulin hated Xie Chunyan’s indifferent attitude. He grabbed Xie Chunyan’s neck fiercely. 

Within a few second’s effort, Xie Chunyan’s face turned blue and purple. Shao Qing couldn’t bear it. Flipping down, she kicked out with her foot and kicked Han Shulin’s shoulder. 

She intended to kick the back of Han Shulin’s head, but when Han Shulin felt the sound of breaking air, he subconsciously tilted his head and the foot landed on his shoulder. 

His instinct had saved him. If Shao Qing’s foot had landed on his head, his head would have been ruptured. 

There was a click sound that came from Han Shulin’s shoulder, like a cracked bone. This made his hand loosen, freeing Xie Chunyan. 

Shao Qing turned around and aimed another kick at him this time towards the centre of his back. He flew into the air with a growl and landed on his chin. 

Xie Chunyan sat on the ground paralyzed, coughing for half a moment before she said, “I told you to leave. Why did you come back?” 

Shao Qing pulled her up and prepared to take her away, but Han Shulin stood up from the corner with a frown on his face: “Don’t even think about leaving!” 

Before Han Shulin rushed forward, he sounded the alarm. The harsh alarm sounded immediately throughout the base. 

Shao Qing’s eyes became cold. She had to hurry before people came to support him!

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