PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 79 Part 2

Volume 2 Chapter 79 Heal the Secondary Disease* 

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“Return!” Shao Qing grabbed Er Dai and was ready to return. If she guessed correctly, Er Dai and her entering the forest was all planned out by Guan Haishan! 

The two had just turned around and hadn’t even walked for two steps yet when Shao Qing suddenly grabbed Er Dai’s collar and rolled back suddenly. 

In her original position, a dagger was stabbed there. 

“Oh, I thought you would have to think about it for a while longer before you found out.” Guan Haishan squatted on the branch and smiled.

“It’s really not wrong to call you an old fox.” Shao Qing looked at Guan Haishan coldly: “Since you have the courage to appear in front of me like this, it means that you have the confidence to kill me.” 

“Naturally, but I never thought that you were already a fifth rank superhuman.” Guan Haishan said regretfully: “Fifth rank superhuman. Being able to reach this step definitely was not easy. It’s just a pity you can only reach that far now. ” 

“Everyone can speak big words, but is it all talk or do you truly have the ability? You might just end up smashing your own front teeth.” Shao Qing said coldly. She looked very confident, but in fact she was not at all. 

Guan Haishan knew that she was a fifth rank superhuman and dared to appear in front of her alone, this fully demonstrated his strength was not lower than the fifth rank.

He was even confident to kill a fifth rank superhuman. 

“You’ll know right away whether I was just all talk or not.” Guan Haishan straightened up and had a warm smile on his delicate face: “Looking at the fact that we have gotten along with each other for the past few days, I can give you a chance. One vs one. If you beat me, then you can kill me. I will not call my companions over. On the contrary, if I beat you, then, both of your lives are forfeit to me.” 

“Okay.” Shao Qing patted Er Dai’s shoulder and motioned him to stand aside to watch the match. If Guan Haishan’s strength was really strong, it would be useless to add Er Dai. 

Shao Qing was actually annoyed. She had made it through big storms and oceans, yet her boat was overturned in this small gutter. She has been too complacent recently. Her being confident in her own strength led to this trap today. 

Obviously, with her brain, she noticed something wrong in Guan Haishan’s words and thus speculated that this was a trap.

She didn’t have time to blame herself. She stepped forward and said lightly: “Life or death, let’s go.” 

“I’ll let you go first.” Guan Haishan flipped and stood in front of Shao Qing, confident. 

Shao Qing was not the type to try to save her face. Since Guan Haishan was so confident, if he wanted to let her go first, then she would. 

Shao Qing quickly aggregated the powers in her body and a vine whip appeared in her hand. She whipped it towards Guan Haishan. 

Guan Haishan reached out with one hand and grabbed onto the vine with the one hand: “Don’t tell me, as a fifth rank superhuman, you’re only at this level.” 

Shao Qing frowned slightly. She discovered that the spikes on the vines couldn’t pierce Guan Haishan’s skin. Then with a thought, she moved a few vines out of the soil to drive towards Guan Haishan’s feet. 

Guan Haishan stomped his feet, strode forward, and then grabbed two vines. It was as if he was pulling noodles when he cut off the vines: “A bit interesting.”

Shao Qing carefully observed Guan Haishan and released her vines continuously. Yet, Guan Haishan never used his powers. He just used his speed and physical strength to move between the vines. 

Shao Qing suddenly had a guess. As soon as she clapped her hands, dozens of vines emerged from the ground and surrounded Guan Haishan. 

Guan Haishan sneered: “Weak…” 

When he finished saying that, his face changed. It was too late to change his actions now. Shao Qing suddenly appeared in front of him out of thin air and thrust her hands into his chest. 

Guan Haishan reached out reflexively, but was trapped by the vines. He could quickly get rid of the vines, but this short second was enough for Shao Qing to insert her palms into his chest. 

As soon as the palm of her hand was inserted into Guan Haishan’s chest, Shao Qing realized that something was wrong. Under normal circumstances, she would definitely feel the warm texture wrapped around her palm and the blood pouring out quickly. 

But there was nothing. It was as if she just stabbed into a piece of rotten meat. There was no temperature, and the blood was even dry. 

Shao Qing twisted her eyebrows, her hands tore open Guan Haishan’s chest. It looked like a fresh heart, but it didn’t beat. Looking under the fresh skin, the muscles seemed like they weren’t alive. 

Guan Haishan grabbed Shao Qing’s wrist and smiled: “Are you surprised? Are you afraid? Or … excited?” 

Shao Qing broke free of his hand and quickly backed away. Guan Haishan did not stop her. He closed his open chest and patted it, then one could see the granulation growing out of the wound, and quickly sewing up his chest.

Soon, Guan Haishan’s wound on his chest, besides an ugly scar, could no longer be seen. 

Guan Haishan obsessively touched the scar on his chest and then looked at Shao Qing: “Did you see it? This is a masterpiece of God. Only I have such a perfect body. Only I am the closest to becoming a god!” 

He continued on his delirious ravings: “Why would those stupid humans think that zombies are monsters? They are clearly a more successful evolution of humans! More successful evolution than superhumans! Like me, I will not die, I have eternal life! Yes, God’s spokesperson!” 

“You transformed yourself.” Shao Qing didn’t know how to describe Guan Haishan. She hated her body. She couldn’t taste food, she didn’t feel happy, she didn’t feel pain. The numbness of a corpse, she hated her own decaying inner flesh. She also hated dragging Xiao Baozi into this, making him look neither human or zombie. 

She didn’t expect that someone would rejoice that they had become such a monster. 

Guan Haishan was still smiling: “I think I should let you die to understand. Yes, I was ‘dead’ a long time ago. At that time, I was seriously injured and it could not be cured. I was on the verge of death. After the head asked me for my opinion, he allowed some researchers to transform my body. They implanted me with a special zombie virus, so that my body would zombify, but the brain would retain a certain activity. They had originally thought the experiment failed because I didn’t wake up, but I didn’t die completely until two months ago. ”

Guan Haishan sneered.“ The Mad Demon Mercenary Corps have noticed you for a long time. Do you know why? Those researchers from the south, they didn’t come from the institute, they came from us, but they are all dead now. That old man, did he die by your hands?” 

“Yes.” Shao Qing admitted decisively. She looked at Guan Haishan and said: “Do you think you can beat me because you have a super-resilient body?” 

Guan Haishan opened his arms and proudly said: “Is it not enough? You can not kill me, naturally I will kill you.” 

Shao Qing laughed and put away her vines. Step by step, she casually walked towards Guan Haishan: “You’re a frog stuck in a well.” 

Her speed didn’t look fast, step by step, just like a leisurely walk, but she quickly appeared in front of Guan Haishan. 

Guan Haishan’s speed was also very fast. His black nails stirred a little and then he was close to Shao Qing. As soon as he was close, Shao Qing grabbed his shoulder and hit his face with a fist. 

This time, Guan Haishan was smashed to a daze.

Shao Qing’s movements didn’t seem to be fast, but he couldn’t respond at all. Her fists had already arrived at his face. Shao Qing’s strength was strong. Guan Haishan’s neck made a large sound, then with a click, it broke. 

Immediately afterwards, Shao Qing kicked Guan Haishan’s chest fiercely. Guan Haishan then went flying. If he was not blocked by a tree, he might have flown out another dozens of meters.

Guan Haishan fell to the ground, tattered. He was like a ragdoll with his broken head that he dragged along. He extended his hand, then with a click, he straightened his head back. He rubbed his chest and crawled up again: “I told you these attacks are useless against me. ” 

“Is that so?” Shao Qing took a sudden step forward and appeared in front of him again, not allowing him a chance to fight back. Bam Bam Bam, she continued to fiercely beat him. 

In the end, Guan Haishan was beaten and his whole body was like a doll that was thrown away many times. Shao Qing stepped on his head and said coldly: “Even if you have a strong recovery ability, what about it? You have no chance to even counterattack.” 

“Huh… ” Guan Haishan reached out his hand and grabbed Shao Qing’s ankle. Suddenly, it was as if he had no bone. He slid onto Shao Qing’s back then hugged her tight. 

From his chest, countless bones pierced into Shao Qing fiercely. At this time, it was too late to tear apart space, but Shao Qing was not flustered. She allowed those bones to pierce into her body and then she grabbed Guan Haishan’s two arms and twisted them into a pretzel. 

This time it was Guan Haishan’s turn to be shocked. He didn’t care if his arm had turned into a pretzel, he quickly backed away and said: “No! No!” His bone spurs were generated after his body mutation. After piercing into a body, he could draw the blood of the other party. 

But just now, after his bone spur penetrated Shao Qing’s body, he didn’t even suck up a drop of blood! 

Shao Qing took advantage of Guan Haishan’s shock and quickly stepped forward. She grabbed his left hand, inserted her nails into the flesh, and then directly tore off Guan Haishan’s arm.

Guan Haishan stepped back in a panic, not caring about his arm. He was relying on his ‘undead body’ before daring to single out Shao Qing as a ‘fifth rank superhuman’. 

He couldn’t die anyway. 

Then he found that Shao Qing… didn’t seem right. 

Shao Qing loosened her muscles and threw the arm away and said lazily: “Baby, hold him.” 

Except for Guan Haishan’s special body, his strength had only just broken through the fourth rank. He was simply too weak. 

Er Dai jumped down from the tree and sharp nails thrusted into Guan Haishan’s skull. Guan Haishan was rolling on the ground, no longer complacent or proud. 

He dodged while reluctantly saying, “No! Impossible! You are obviously a superhuman! How could …” 

Shao Qing looked at him pitifully: “Undead body, oh, how shortsighted. That kind of body, I’d rather not. ” 

“You … ” Guan Haishan evaded Er Dai’s attack and said quickly: “Since you are not a living person, then we are the same. We are the same kind, why don’t you stand on my side? Do you want power? Wealth? Beauty? I can give it all to you!” 

Shao Qing looked at Guan Haishan coldly. After he finished speaking, she sneered: “Who is the same as you? Don’t dirty my eyes.”

Guan Haishan spoke eagerly while rolling, “For those ants, you’ll draw your sword against the same kind? Once they know that you are a zombie, they will never care about what you have done for them! Why?” 

“Again, who is the same kind as you?” Shao Qing said in disgust: “My father and mother are all humans, at least I know what I am, at least I don’t have the conscience to eat a living person.” 

She originally wanted Er Dai to practice, maybe he could take the opportunity to break through, but Guan Haishan was really too disgusting. She couldn’t help but take action to restrain Guan Haishan with her vines. Then she inserted her nails directly into Guan Haishan’s skull. 

The next second, Shao Qing waved her hand and the black space opened splitting Guan Haishan into pieces. When he died, Guan Haishan couldn’t even resist. He widened his eyes and murmured: “I don’t want to… die…” 

Shao Qing had no pity for him at all. When he arbitrarily deprived the children of their life, did he ever think about them, that they did not want to die? 

Er Dai opened Guan Haishan’s skull and found that Guan Haishan’s crystal nuclei was completely black. His lips curled up and threw it away.


After confirming that Guan Haishan was completely dead, Shao Qing destroyed his corpse worriedly, and then walked back with Er Dai.

Since the forest wasn’t the experimental site, then her thoughts might be correct.

Shao Qing took out some water and seriously washed Er Dai’s fingers before holding his hand and walking back. 

On the way back, Shao Qing ran into the ambush left by Guan Haishan, a group of superhumans between rank 3 and rank 4. They were all left to stay in the forest forever. 

Probably after a few years, the trees here will grow more luxuriant. After all, she has fertilized the trees well today. 

After dealing with the group of superhumans, Shao Qing returned to the base with Er Dai. They didn’t alert anyone. They quietly appeared in the base and went to Guan Haishan’s residence. 

The residence of Guan Haishan was very large, like a small manor. There were many flowers and plants in the yard, which looked very interesting. 

Maybe because Guan Haishan’s temper was eccentric and dark, there was no one in his yard. Shao Qing and Er Dai walked around and then entered Guan Haishan’s bedroom.

There was indeed a pot of blood on his desk. He probably relied on that thing to maintain the elasticity of his skin. 

There was nothing else suspicious.

Shao Qing thought about it and prepared to go to other rooms to look around. After looking around the entire residence of Guan Haishan, Shao Qing found something wrong. 

Where Guan Haishan lived, there was a study room with two large rows of bookshelves. The bookshelves were filled with books that looked very difficult. 

Shao Qing randomly picked two books, both very new. Not to mention reading the notes, there were no traces of him flipping through it at all. 

Thinking about it, Guan Haishan didn’t seem to enjoy reading books. Since he didn’t like to read books, why would he build a study room and put these two shelves there? 

Was it just for looks? In such a remote small base, who would he be pretending for? 

There must be something wrong with this study. 

Shao Qing touched her chin, and began to look around. Her and Er Dai turned things over and over. Finally, Shao Qing discovered that there was a problem behind the bookshelf. 

She was a little bit embarrassed. She had watched so many TV shows, her brain was filled with the idea that there was a secret mechanism, in fact she should have known the mechanism was on the bookshelf.

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