The Great Collision of Yin and Yang Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Skeleton Under The Clothes 08

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Kou Xuanling descended from the upper floor, displaying a look of surprise as he coincidentally overheard Mao Xiaoli’s words.

Spotting Kou Xuanling and Du Shuo, Mao Xiaoli refrained from mentioning the matter of Ghost Locust Tree and inquired, “Celestial Master Kou, what did you manage to uncover this morning?”

Kou Xuanling tugged at the corner of his lips and replied, “Definitely more than what a mediocre celestial master would uncover.”

“Who do you think is mediocre?” Mao Xiaoli decided to discreetly gather Kou Xuanling’s hair, secretly cursing him in her mind.

“Hmm.” Kou Xuanling descended the staircase and took a seat across from Chen Yang and Du Shuo. “I took a stroll around the outskirts and stumbled upon a hidden formation in the Haoyuan Villa area.”

Chen Yang’s eyes revealed a hint of surprise. Who would have thought that the demonic spirits and the formation were somehow connected?

“Have you managed to identify the type of formation?”

Kou Xuanling nodded. “It’s the Flame Demon Array.”

Mao Xiaoli was puzzled, “What exactly is the Flame Demon Array?”

“It’s an incredibly wicked and malicious formation, also known as the Corpse Formation.” Chen Yang furrowed his brow. “Are there fellow cultivators involved in this matter?”

Even among fellow cultivators, it was widely acknowledged that those who employed such formations were not good-hearted individuals. Only a celestial master who had strayed onto the path of evil would dare to set up such a wicked and malicious formation.

The so-called Flame Demon Array, or more appropriately known as the Corpse Formation, entailed a macabre process. First, a person had to meet an extremely gruesome demise. Then, their bones were collected to fashion a false body, effectively trapping their soul and creating a deceitful tomb.

The purpose behind establishing such a formation was to facilitate the malevolent intent towards others. Malevolent ghosts, bound to the proximity of their remains, required a medium to act upon the world. Through certain dark arts, these ebil entities could possess a medium and continue inflicting countless harm, even while detached from their physical remains.

In essence, the Flame Demon Array functioned as a tool, creating an enabling medium for these malevolent ghosts to carry out their malevolence.

Chen Yang: “Xiaoli, where is the Ghost Locust Tree?”

Mao Xiaoli: “In Block A101 of the East District. A family of five, surnamed Fang, moved in a year ago. The parents are often away doing business, taking their two sons with them. Their daughter, Fang Wenwen, is left alone in the house. Lately, she can be seen walking around the neighborhood with a younger brother.”

“Now, let me clarify the clues I’ve found and inform you.” Chen Yang took out some fruits from a plate and placed them on the table. “The banana represents Miyun Haunted House, the apple represents the Ghost Locust Tree, and the pear represents the Fang family.”

After arranging them, he noticed one piece was missing. The plate in front of them only had a banana, an apple, and a pear. Chen Yang furrowed his brow a bit and spotted an orange still sitting in the dining hall. “Brother Du, could you get me an orange?”

Kou Xuanling nearly choked on his saliva and glanced at Chen Yang with a strange look.

Du Shuo got up, went to the dining hall, grabbed an orange, and tossed it to Chen Yang. Without lifting his head, Chen Yang caught it and placed it on the table. “This represents Fang Wenwen.” He looked up and noticed the varied expressions on the faces across from him, especially Kou Xuanling, as if they had witnessed something astonishing.

“What’s the matter?”

Kou Xuanling’s expression became complicated. “Indeed, relationships that have been intimate are different.”

Chen Yang turned to Mao Xiaoli, who quickly shook her head.

She couldn’t admit that she was even afraid to talk to Du Shuo. It would make her seem too timid. How could a 23rd-generation disciple of the Maoshan Sect be afraid?!

“Alright, let’s begin with the incidents that occurred at Miyun Haunted House.”

Mao Xiaoli: “Did any homicides occur at Miyun Haunted House? There’s no record of it in the files.”

“It’s not recorded because no one found out about it. Those who moved into the haunted house and later moved out all vanished.”

“Vanished?” Kou Xuanling remarked, “They probably met with some unfortunate events.”

“Most likely.”

Mao Xiaoli: “What do you mean? Brother Chen, are you suggesting that every family who moved into the haunted house was killed after moving out?”

“To be precise, they died before moving out,” Chen Yang explained. “These wicked creatures are clever and frighteningly intelligent.”

Every family that moved into the haunted house had already been consumed, their flesh and blood devoured. The ones who moved out were just disguises, with their disappearances staged. The entire family was dead, and though others found it odd, they wouldn’t pay much attention.

As time went by, it became an unsolved case.

No one suspected Miyun Haunted House, especially with rumors of ghostly happenings and rare human presence. Without any loss of life or anyone seeking assistance, celestial masters had no reason to investigate.

“Based on your assumption, those wicked creatures require flesh and blood. But with so many people moving out and rumors of haunting spreading, no one wants to rent it, which means there’s no fresh supply of flesh and blood, right?”

It was because of those rumors of haunting that Miyun Haunted House remained deserted for ten years.

“That’s why we need to discuss the Fang family,” Chen Yang pointed at the pear and said, “The Fang family was the last to move out of the haunted house, a family of four. They, too, vanished without a trace. However, after their disappearance, no one ever resided in the haunted house again.”

Mao Xiaoli: “Is that Fang Wenwen?”

“She is the eldest daughter of the Fang family. When she was ten, her grandfather from Sichuan took her away. Around the age of sixteen, she hurried back to handle her parents and brothers’ affairs when they went missing.”

Wei Changping raised his hand and inquired, “If you’re referring to Fang Wenwen from the Fang family, what is her brother?”

Kou Xuanling: “Don’t you already know? You even held the child yesterday.”

Wei Changping’s expression turned sour. Feng Yuan patted his shoulder and stifled a giggle.

Kou Xuanling turned his head and asked Chen Yang, “These things happened many years ago, and there aren’t any records left. Where did you find this information?”

“Brother Du found it,” replied Chen Yang.

Kou Xuanling looked sharply at Du Shuo, who had a calm expression. Du Shuo asked, “Any objections?”

He quickly shook his head, indicating he had no objections.

The Director had the authority to investigate the electronic files stored in the confidential room at any time. Kou Xuanling had previously made a request to Du Shuo.

Du Shuo didn’t agree because the procedures afterward would be troublesome.

“I suspect that Fang Wenwen set up the Flame Demon Array to allow those demonic spirits to leave the haunted house freely. By making innocent people unwittingly trigger the formation, they would be able to depart from their corpse-infested location and harm others,” Chen Yang pointed to the orange representing Fang Wenwen.

“Why suspect her?”

“Because of the Ghost Locust Tree. She was raising ghosts. I believe she practices the Ghost Dao,” Chen Yang pointed to the apple representing the Ghost Locust Tree. “The locust tree can nurture ghosts and conceal their presence. If I’m not mistaken, she is using the locust tree to raise ghosts.”

“What’s the purpose?”

“I’ve read the information. The Fang family doesn’t favor sons over daughters. After Fang Wenwen turned ten, she was sent to live with her grandfather in Sichuan. Her parents would visit her every year. And in the Shu region, Fang Wenwen has gained the reputation of being a witch.”

Witch, also known as a Witch Ghost, refered to someone who practiced the Ghost Dao.

Fang Wenwen was a practitioner of the Ghost Dao, so it was not surprising that she could create such a wicked and malicious formation like the Flame Demon Array.

“She wanted to bring her family back to life… that’s the reason I can think of, although there could be other possibilities.”

Kou Xuanling: “Heh.”

Mao Xiaoli: “I wish her well.”

Confused, Feng Yuan asked, “Is there really a technique that can resurrect people?”

“No,” Chen Yang said and pulled at Du Shuo’s sleeve, sitting next to him, urging him to speak.

Du Shuo lifted his gaze. “Life and death are predetermined, bound by cause and effect. Human effort is powerless.”

Chen Yang: “But what if someone insists on challenging fate?”

“Divine punishment.”

Chen Yang considered for a moment. “You’re correct. Divine punishment has already befallen Fang Wenwen. Her misguided attempt to resurrect her family has only resulted in the creation of demonic monsters with an insatiable appetite for flesh and blood.”

Feng Yuan: “But Fang Wenwen appears to be perfectly healthy and without pain, leading a good life.”

“The heavens have already taken away her remaining years,” Kou Xuanling stated. “If I’m not mistaken, she should have been blessed with a long life, but now she is devoid of vitality, withered like a dry husk. Her time is limited.”

It was after death that the true divine punishment begun.

“The Ghost Locust Tree is the ghost Fang Wenwen nurtures. She exploits the Flame Demon Array to gather fresh blood and flesh for her family, employing ruthless methods. She is still a witch, and I doubt contemporary celestial masters have much interaction with witches.”

Kou Xuanling: “A righteous heart can overcome all wickedness.”

Chen Yang “Brother Du and I will depart for the Miyun Ghost House to locate the corpses of the evil spirits. Celestial Master Kou, please handle the situation with Fang Wenwen, and Xiaoli will accompany you. Is that acceptable?”

“That works.”

Mao Xiaoli nodded in agreement.

At that moment, Wei Changping’s phone buzzed. He answered the call and quietly muttered, “Fang Wenwen.”

The group immediately fell silent, allowing Wei Changping to converse with the person on the other end.

“Can I come over to your place tomorrow evening? Will it only be you and your younger brother?”

Wei Changping looked up at Chen Yang, who nodded in agreement.

“Alright. I’ll be there tomorrow evening at eight o’clock.”

Wei Changping hung up the phone and let out a deep sigh. After hearing Chen Yang’s analysis, he understood the horrors associated with Fang Wenwen. Fear overwhelmed him, causing his legs to shake uncontrollably. “What should I do? Fang Wenwen claims her brother is ill, and there’s no one else at home. She wants me to accompany her. Earlier today, Ge Qing slipped a Five Thunders talisman into Fang Wenwen’s pocket. Her brother got hurt when he accidentally came into contact with it. Is it possible that she intends to deceive me into going there to help her brother regain his health?”

Chen Yang: “Indeed.”

Mao Xiaoli: “Fang Wenwen is remarkably beautiful.”

Feng Yuan: “Perhaps she wants to have one last romantic encounter before her demise.”

Wei Changping, with a sinister undertone, said, “Fang Wenwen also invited Feng Yuan, and I agreed.”

Chen Yang: “Feng Yuan should come along as well.”

Feng Yuan’s face displayed a stunned expression, as if he was caught off guard.

“Don’t alert the enemy. Initially, you were supposed to lure the demonic spirits tonight, but that won’t be necessary anymore. Are you pleased with that?”


The crowd dispersed, each person preparing themselves individually.

Chen Yang turned to Du Shuo and said, “It seems like I won’t require your third clue after all.”

He looked quite pleased with himself.

“Yangyang is truly impressive.”

Du Shuo wasn’t convinced, treating it like placating a child.

“Looks like you’re about to lose to me. How about revealing the prize in advance?”

“Being a well-behaved child means abiding by the rules of the game.”

“Why didn’t you treat me like a child when I was asleep?”

Du Shuo fell silent for a few seconds before suggesting, “Then next time, you can call me ‘Daddy.'”

Chen Yang’s eyes widened. He playfully searched for some soft flesh on Du Shuo’s arm, giving it a firm pinch.

Du Shuo didn’t even flinch. “Behave, don’t be mischievous.”

Chen Yang released his grip and suddenly asked, “Are you also occupied with tasks in the mortal realm?”

“No, I’m not.”

In the mortal realm, Du Shuo merely had a nominal presence. Only a select few individuals in the Celestial Master Community knew his true identity. Others regarded him as enigmatic, possessing formidable mystical abilities. He rarely took on assignments, having only accepted two over the past three years.

Those two assignments had caused considerable challenges for the Celestial Master Community, which Du Shuo resolved single-handedly. News of his accomplishments spread, solidifying the Dafu Office’s unwavering dominance in the capital city.

Even though Du Shuo had a nominal role in the mortal realm, he remained busy with affairs in the underworld, keeping him occupied.

Chen Yang grumbled in dissatisfaction, “Really? You have responsibilities in both the mortal realm and the underworld. It seems like ghost envoys are being exploited. Don’t you have labor contracts in the underworld?”

“No, we don’t.”

“Labor Bureau?”


“Doesn’t that mean you’re constantly being exploited without any means to voice your grievances?”

Du Shuo fell into silence.

The ghost envoys in the underworld eagerly sought tasks, accumulating merits to advance their positions and transcend their roles as envoys, aspiring to become ghost immortals. Who would complain about having plenty of work to do?

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