The Great Collision of Yin and Yang Chapter 19

Chapter 19 Gilded Baby Corpse 01

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Chen Yang woke up at noon and found himself in a simple inn. Looking out the window, he recognized the street of Bulao Town that he had passed through yesterday.

Du Shuo stood downstairs with his hands behind his back, surrounded by a few old men practicing Tai Chi. Among the elderly crowd, he stood tall and straight, blending in naturally. Du Shuo sensed something and suddenly looked up, making eye contact with Chen Yang.

Chen Yang raised an eyebrow and gestured a wave towards him.

Du Shuo slightly turned his body, responding to a question from an old man who had been talking to him. After that, he walked towards the inn and, after a while, entered the room, embracing Chen Yang from behind.

Du Shuo’s hand gently roamed Chen Yang’s waist, slipping into his clothes, skillfully exploring sensitive areas. While softly nibbling Chen Yang’s earlobe, he asked, “Are you hungry?”

Chen Yang chuckled at the ticklish sensation, simultaneously dodging Du Shuo’s touch. “Yes, I am hungry.”

“Hmm,” Du Shuo acknowledged and continued to caress down the pristine neck.

Chen Yang gave him a push. “It’s already noon. Let’s go downstairs and have some lunch.”

Du Shuo looked up, maintaining his position, closed the window, and drew the curtains. He picked up Chen Yang, pressing him against the wall, and spoke in a low, husky voice, “I’m hungry, haven’t eaten enough. Once I’m full, I’ll make sure you’re satisfied too.”

Chen Yang blushed and swallowed all his objections.

They indulged in each other’s company for a while.

By the time Chen Yang sat down to eat, it was already around three o’clock in the afternoon. Wrapped in a bedsheet, he lay on the bed, refusing to budge. Du Shuo brought the food and placed it on a small table, calling him to come and eat.

Chen Yang couldn’t be bothered to move and acted as if he hadn’t heard.

Du Shuo furrowed his brow and didn’t indulge Chen Yang eating in bed. He went into the bathroom, took a shower, and returned to find the food untouched. Chen Yang hadn’t eaten breakfast or lunch, and he worried about his empty stomach.

“Are you coming down or not?”

Chen Yang twisted his body, turning his back and ignoring him.

“Chen Xiaoyang!”

Chen Yang pulled the blanket over his head and simply ignored him.

Du Shuo sighed and picked up the food, bringing it in front of Chen Yang. He gently said, “Come to the edge of the bed.” Then, he picked up the spoon and chopsticks, feeding Chen Yang like a caring parent feeds a baby.

The Great Emperor of Northern Yin didn’t consider it eating in bed since he was the one personally feeding Chen Yang. It didn’t count as breaking the rule.

After finishing the meal, Chen Yang felt sticky all over his body. Wrapped in a bedsheet, he wanted to get out of bed and take a shower, but Du Shuo stopped him.

“You shouldn’t shower within half an hour after eating.”

Chen Yang hesitated for a moment, then lazily lay back down and replied, “Oh, okay.”

“Get up and take a walk.”

“…Oh, alright.”

Du Shuo took the empty plate out, and Chen Yang leisurely walked around the room. After sweating profusely, he checked the time and went into the bathroom for a shower. Once he put on fresh clothes and tidied up his backpack, he slung it over his shoulder and left the room, coincidentally bumping into Du Shuo who had just returned.

“Let’s go back.”

Du Shuo glanced at Chen Yang, making sure he was fine, and nodded in agreement. Together, they headed downstairs and found themselves in a bar.

It was around four o’clock, the time of its opening. There weren’t many people yet, but a few started coming in. As Chen Yang walked past, he happened to overhear a group of people sitting and drinking beer, speaking in hushed voices, “Do you guys know what happened at that haunted house last night?”

“I know. My house is close to that haunted house, and I heard terrifying screams. It was really spine-chilling.”

“Same here. I woke up in the middle of the night. My dog started barking like crazy from nine o’clock and didn’t stop until two or three in the morning. At first, I had the energy to scold the dog, but then I heard those noises myself. It’s quite surprising how animals are sensitive to those dark entities.”

“I heard the haunted house caught fire. The fire burned for several hours, completely destroying the entire haunted house.”

“I must say, it’s for the best. That place was filled with evil energy and was bound to bring bad luck to the whole town. I think it was like divine punishment. A thunderbolt struck, burning everything to the ground.”

“When I woke up in the morning, I saw a beam of golden light descending from the sky, illuminating the haunted house. I caught a glimpse of the silhouette of a Golden Lotus Buddha and a dragon. Do you think a Daoist priest was there, undergoing a trial and clearing away the evil spirits at the same time?”

Chen Yang nearly stumbled over his feet. Who would believe such nonsense? Golden Lotus Buddha, dragon… Were they even in the same realm? Who would willingly go to a haunted house, a place where corpses were cultivated, to face a trial? It was not like they were looking for a long and tedious life.

“That makes sense.”

“The Taming Dragon Arhat has been reborn to undergo tribulation. It’s a logical explanation, and it makes perfect sense.”

Chen Yang had nothing more to say. As Du Shuo quickly got into the car, which had already been fixed, Du Shuo pressed the gas pedal and headed towards the Haoyuan Villa area.

When they opened the door, they found everyone inside, all gathered and unharmed.

As soon as Mao Xiaoli saw Chen Yang, she immediately jumped in front of him, about to hug his arm. But as soon as she noticed Du Shuo standing behind him, she quickly stepped back, keeping a distance from Chen Yang.

“Brother Chen, I managed to drive away those wandering spirits and little ghosts last night. Ge Qing and Ma Qiqi are both safe.”

“Xiaoli did a great job. I’ll inform Deputy Manager Ma later and ask him to write a report to the Association, discussing the matter of promotions.”

Mao Xiaoli exclaimed with excitement, “Thank you, Brother Chen!”

Chen Yang nodded and glanced at Kou Xuanling. Kou Xuanling had just placed the portrait of his ancestral master in front of them and sincerely lit three incense sticks. After finishing, Kou Xuanling informed Chen Yang about Fang Wenwen’s ꜱᴜɪᴄɪᴅᴇ.

Mao Xiaoli propped her chin up and asked, “Is it a serious problem?”

“For ordinary people, it’s quite troublesome. But since Fang Wenwen targeted us, we can handle it.”

Kou Xuanling: “She committed ꜱᴜɪᴄɪᴅᴇ at midnight, filled with deep resentment before her death. And she died in a place where corpses are cultivated. In her lifetime, she was a skilled witch proficient in Daoist arts. It can be said that she is a formidable and challenging ghost to deal with. The situation is not as easy as we initially thought.”

“Fortunately,” Chen Yang remained composed and gave the same response as before, “Fang Wenwen was a witch in her lifetime, but she committed numerous wrongdoings. She selfishly held on to vengeful spirits, attempting to bring the dead back to life. Moreover, she caused the deaths of many people, accumulating countless sins and negative karma. Unless she can evade the pursuit of the ghost officials, her fate will be falling into the depths of hell, enduring unbearable suffering for a hundred years.”

“The seventh-day soul-returning ritual,” Kou Xuanling stated expressionlessly.

Mao Xiaoli nodded in agreement.

The so-called “seventh day” referred to the day that came seven days after a person’s death. Regardless of their deeds, good or bad, and whether they were considered good or bad in life, they could return to the mortal world on the seventh day after death to settle unfinished matters.

Therefore, even though Fang Wenwen committed countless wrongdoings during her lifetime, she could still come back on the seventh day after death. On this day, she would seek out her enemies one by one and take revenge. However, as Chen Yang explained, for a celestial master, dealing with Fang Wenwen’s seventh day was not difficult, but it presented a challenge for ordinary people like Feng Yuan and the other three young individuals.

Kou Xuanling deceived them by claiming that Fang Wenwen would not seek revenge on them. In reality, Fang Wenwen, consumed by hatred and having lost her sanity, would never spare them.

Chen Yang casually waved his hand and said, “Burn some paper money, negotiate with the ghost officials, strip Fang Wenwen of her seventh day, and send her straight to hell.”

He felt neither sympathy nor mercy for Fang Wenwen. She had committed countless crimes, mercilessly killing innocent people for her own selfish reasons, accumulating immense guilt.

“Ghost officials enforce the law strictly and cannot be bribed.”

Chen Yang looked up with surprise at Kou Xuanling, then immediately summoned a ghost official from the underworld. Although the ghost official didn’t know Du Shuo and wasn’t from the Fengdu underworld, he had heard instructions from higher authorities about a Daoist named Chen Yang who specialized in the Ghost Dao. If it was convenient, he could assist.

It seemed that someone higher up had given the order.

Therefore, when the ghost official saw Chen Yang, he showed utmost respect. Upon hearing the request, though feeling hesitant, he still said, “For extremely wicked ghosts like this one, it’s usually the responsibility of higher-ranked officials to escort them to Fengdu. We lower-ranked ghosts can’t make decisions, but I can relay Celestial Master Chen’s request to higher authorities.”

“Thank you for your trouble.”

“It’s a small matter.”

The ghost official’s efficiency was particularly high. In just a minute, he returned with a response from above, saying, “The woman from the Shu region’s Fang family, is extremely wicked and difficult to control. Her seventh day will be stripped, and she has been escorted to Fengdu for judgment.”

After expressing gratitude to the ghost official, Chen Yang burned a pile of gold and silver treasures as a gesture of appreciation. The ghost official initially declined but eventually accepted with great joy. He left, originally thinking it would be a challenging relationship, but it turned out to be a good assignment.

“It’s done.”

Chen Yang turned around and saw Kou Xuanling and Mao Xiaoli looking at him with curious expressions. His smile faded, “What… what is it?”

Mao Xiaoli asked, “Brother Chen, do you have ancestors who work in the underworld?”

Chen Yang shook his head, “No, I don’t.”

Kou Xuanling: “Could it be that you have some kind of connections in the underworld?”

Connections, without a doubt. Chen Yang felt a slight unease but quickly denied, “How is that possible? It’s just that I’ve had frequent dealings with ghost officials in the past few years, and we have a good working relationship. I’ve also given them valuable offerings, so we can have a conversation or two. The requests I make are reasonable and never go beyond the limits.”

Du Shuo sat on the sofa, calmly drinking tea while observing. He calmly watched his wife explain.

Kou Xuanling pondered, stroking his chin. “So, it’s possible to interact with ghost officials in such a way.”

Mao Xiaoli wasn’t interested in such matters, but she felt deeply perplexed by the demonic cases. So she asked, “Brother Chen, you mentioned before that the Fang family was the last residents of Miyun Haunted House. Does that mean the original haunting wasn’t caused by the Fang family?”

“Yes. The Fang family was killed by the original haunting, and when Fang Wenwen learned the truth, she used some secret method to kill the original demonic entity. In a short period of time, she turned the Fang family members into a pile of skeletal demons.”

“Wow! The Witch Ghost’s methods are incredibly powerful.”

“Just twisted and wicked methods, nothing more.”

At that moment, Feng Yuan and the others approached with troubled expressions, seeking advice from Chen Yang and the others, “Haoyuan Villas were developed by my family. With all these incidents happening now, it’s likely to tarnish our reputation. Moreover, there have been a few unfavorable incidents since its construction. I wanted to ask if there’s any way to improve this situation?”

Chen Yang and the others remained silent.

Feng Yuan: “I’ll contribute an additional one million. It’s an extra payment.”

Chen Yang and Mao Xiaoli exchanged a glance, both turning their gaze towards Kou Xuanling. Kou Xuanling continued to pay respects to the ancestral shrine, saying, “Don’t look at me, I’m a Celestial Master, not a feng shui master.”

Chen Yang then said to Feng Yuan, “I noticed there’s a pond in the villa area with carp swimming in it, and there are trees nearby. It has good feng shui, but the presence of the corpse-raising site created by Fang Wenwen has brought in negative energy. So, you can place a piece of Taishan stone there.”

“Mount Tai stone?”

“The world’s dragon veins originate from Kunlun and eventually converge at Mount Tai. Therefore, Mount Tai stone can suppress all evil and negative energy.”



Midnight ꜱᴜɪᴄɪᴅᴇ, deep resentment before death, died in the corpse-cultivating site, a witch skilled in the art of Dao… No matter how impressive the setting is, it can’t compare to the corruption of nepotism!

Fang Wenwen: “…Damn!”

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