The Great Collision of Yin and Yang Chapter 23 Part 3

Chapter 23.3 Gilded Baby Corpse 05

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While others were seated in economy class, Gao Tianliang instructed his secretary to book first-class tickets. He planned to have some in-flight playtime with He Tianna. Unfortunately, when they entered the first-class cabin, they discovered that Chen Yang and Zhang Qiudao had followed along.

Gao Tianliang frowned. “How did you two get in? Get out. This is not a place for you to enter!”

Chen Yang: “Apologies, Mr. Gao. We are Miss He’s personal bodyguards.”

Zhang Qiudao: “We stick close to provide personal protection.”

Gao Tianliang: “We don’t need you now. Leave.”

“Apologies, Mr. Gao, but you are not our employer,” Chen Yang looked at He Tianna, “Miss He, our task is to ensure your safety.”

He Tianna was worried about being alone with Gao Tianliang in one cabin, so upon hearing this, she eagerly wanted to nod. However, fearing to offend Gao Tianliang, she wore a helpless expression on her face.

“Did you see?” Chen Yang looked at Gao Tianliang.

Gao Tianliang’s face turned black with anger, his shoulder beginning to ache again. He forcefully pinched it a few times before returning to He Tianna’s side, continuing to flirt with her.

Chen Yang leaned to the side and exchanged a tacit handshake with Zhang Qiudao, who was equally expressionless.

They deliberately followed along to sit in the first-class cabin.

Chen Yang whispered, “This is my first time in first class.”

“Me too,” Zhang Qiudao openly revealed his simplicity, “I heard that people from the head office always fly first class when they receive assignments for long-distance trips. I heard they serve lobster in first class, flown in fresh.”

“And also premium-grade steak.”

The two country bumpkins made no effort to hide their simple tastes.

Gao Tianliang felt uncomfortable and leaned to the side, experiencing an excruciating heaviness and soreness on one shoulder. He raised his hand and forcefully pounded it, but the pain persisted, rendering him almost immobile. For a brief moment, he panicked, fearing that he had become paralyzed.

Soon after, he started to feel difficulty in breathing. He loosened his tie, but still felt the breath becoming increasingly constricted. He began to gasp for air, resembling a patient suffering from an asthma attack, with his hand twitching uncontrollably.

He Tianna noticed something was wrong and became frightened, repeatedly asking, “Mr. Gao? Are you okay? Please don’t scare me, Mr. Gao.”

Chen Yang looked up, cast a glance, and swiftly approached them in three steps, forming a mudra with his index and middle fingers as he chanted a spell. He lightly tapped each limb of the baby spirit clinging tightly to Gao Tianliang’s face, which had turned purplish-black. “Evil spirit, know your sins. Be swiftly seized and do not linger. Urgently as the law decrees.”

Suddenly, a piercing cry of a baby spirit echoed through the air, its vengeful gaze fixed upon Chen Yang. Sensing Chen Yang’s disdainful gaze, the baby spirit reluctantly vanished. He Tianna was frightened by the baby’s cry and distanced herself from Gao Tianliang.

After the baby spirit retreated, Gao Tianliang suddenly began to retch. It took him a while to regain his composure as he gasped for breath heavily. Once he had calmed down, he hurriedly approached Chen Yang, and begged, “Master, please save me.”

He Tianna also looked at Chen Yang, who exchanged a glance with Zhang Qiudao. Zhang Qiudao took a step forward, blocking Gao Tianliang’s path, and said, “Brother Chen doesn’t act easily.”

Gao Tianliang was stunned for a few seconds and then looked at He Tianna. She said, “I hired celestial masters and paid…,” glancing at Chen Yang and Zhang Qiudao, “four million. To save my life.”

“Then I’ll offer seventeen million. Master, I beg you to save my life.”

The offer exceeded expectations by two million. Chen Yang said, “I can save your life, but if you continue to engage in wrongdoing and recklessness, I won’t be able to help you anymore.”

“I promise to engage in acts of kindness and accumulate virtues. I’ll never be reckless again!” Gao Tianliang was already terrified and would say anything to guarantee his safety. However, when the promise slipped out, he paused. “Master, could you please explain it more clearly?”

“Do I need to teach you how to do good deeds?”

“No… I meant to ask, how did I end up being reckless?”

Gao Tianliang cherished his life dearly, unable to fathom how he had fallen into recklessness.

This person really lacked self-awareness.

Chen Yang and Zhang Qiudao silently watched him, their expressions difficult to describe. Finally, Chen Yang pointed at the evil talisman hanging around his neck and said, “You dare to wear such a sinister talisman?”

Gao Tianliang: “I obtained this talisman from a revered monk in Thailand. It has been purified through Buddhist rituals. It shouldn’t cause any problems.”

“You personally sought it out?” Chen Yang thought Gao Tianliang knew about the evil nature of the talisman, but it seemed he might have been deceived as well. However, upon further consideration, it made sense. Wealthy people, although fond of money, valued their lives even more.

Knowing the talisman was evil, who would dare to buy an illegally made one?

“I personally sought it out. When it comes to worshipping talismans, one must be sincere.”

“Then you’ve been deceived,” Chen Yang signaled for him to take out the talisman. “It contains corpse oil, infant remains, and a malevolent baby spirit. It bears deep resentment. It seems it hasn’t undergone purification through Buddhist rituals and wasn’t invited to inhabit the talisman. Instead, it was forcefully created. Moreover, the origin of the infant remains is unclear, and the means used were unethical.”

Upon hearing this, Gao Tianliang broke out in a cold sweat.

He was not an ignorant person and had witnessed the tragic fate of those who obtained talismans with unknown origins, only to face disastrous consequences.

“M-Master Chen, what should I do now? Is it after my life?”

“If, after acquiring this talisman, you had dedicated yourself to cultivating merits for it, perhaps its resentment could have been resolved. Unfortunately, it has accumulated deep resentment. It has climbed onto your shoulder… Have you been experiencing shoulder pain for the past month? Sometimes finding it difficult to move?”

“Yes, exactly. Even seeing a traditional doctor or getting a massage couldn’t alleviate it.”

“Because the baby spirit is clinging to your shoulder.”

He Tianna was so frightened by the imagined scene that she covered her mouth, and Gao Tianliang’s face turned pale.

“If it reaches your neck, it will easily kill you.”

Gao Tianliang quickly took off the talisman from his neck, intending to throw it away.

Chen Yang stopped him. “You can’t get rid of it. The baby spirit will stick to you closely. Put it back on. Unless it kills you, it will continue to protect you.”

Gao Tianliang forced a bitter smile. “But this thing is the one trying to kill me now.”

“The baby spirit bears intense resentment because it died before birth. If you can resolve this matter by taking it to a temple, inviting a revered monk to perform rituals for its salvation, and then engage in virtuous deeds to facilitate its rebirth, its resentment will dissipate, and it will naturally leave.”

“Uh, can’t we just kill it directly?”

Chen Yang’s eyes turned cold as he firmly refused, “No, we cannot.”

Gao Tianliang trembled, realizing that what he had suggested wasn’t reasonable. He had hired the little ghost in the talisman to protect him without offering any compensation. It would be unfair to now try to destroy it completely.

Although Gao Tianliang was naive, he wasn’t an irredeemable person. He immediately expressed his sincere intention to ensure the baby spirit in the talisman would be reborn soon and showed clear remorse.

“However, I can’t immediately offer proper rituals and offerings if that little ghost wants to harm me. We are on the plane now, and we’ll soon arrive in Q City. Master, what do you think of this—”

Chen Yang softened his expression. “We will ensure your safety.”

After speaking, he turned to Zhang Qiudao. The latter snapped his fingers and said, “I’ll protect him, no problem.”

Gao Tianliang hesitated for a moment.

Chen Yang: “He is a fourth-ranked celestial master.”

Gao Tianliang felt relieved. He knew a bit about the rules in the Celestial Master Community. Zhang Qiudao drew a talisman to dispel the dense Yin energy surrounding Gao Tianliang, instantly making him feel much better and further easing his worries.

Several minutes later, the plane arrived at the airport, and the group disembarked. Others were astonished to find that Chen Yang and Zhang Qiudao, who had somehow managed to sit in the first-class cabin without being expelled, were now following Gao Tianliang and getting into a car.

They all rode in nanny cars, while Gao Tianliang had his own Maybach, originally reserved only for He Tianna. Unexpectedly, Chen Yang and Zhang Qiudao managed to get on board.

“Who are these people? Master Xiao Gao didn’t kick them out?”

“You don’t know? They are the personal bodyguards hired by Miss Tianna.”

“He looks so handsome, no less than a celebrity.”

Chen Yang took out his phone and lowered his head to compose a message.

Zhang Qiudao glanced at the screen and saw it read: ‘Arriving in Q City this afternoon, then transferring to the ancient town. I’ve heard that Q City is famous for its hot pot. I want to try it.’

Curious, he asked, “Brother Chen, who are you messaging?”

“Hmm?” Chen Yang looked up. “I’m reporting my whereabouts to my partner.”

Gao Tianliang: “Master Chen, are you married?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Master Chen, you must have a great relationship with your wife. I’m sure Mrs. Chen is very beautiful.”

Chen Yang smiled warmly. “Beautiful. Especially beautiful.”

Zhang Qiudao, who had seen “Mrs. Chen” before, had a peculiar expression on his face.

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