The Great Collision of Yin and Yang Chapter 31 Part 2

Chapter 31.2 Ye Family House No. 444 04

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Chen Yang, moving with remarkable speed, stepped into the hallway only to find it engulfed in an eerie silence. All the doors were tightly shut, as if isolated in a separate dimension. He kicked open He Tao’s door, revealing a chaotic scene inside.

Sounds emerged from He Tao’s bedroom. Chen Yang rushed to the doorway and witnessed a contorted woman’s body crawling on the ceiling. Her long hair coiled tightly around He Tao, while her elongated arms held a wooden stake and a hammer, poised to strike his eyes.

Chen Yang untied the red string from his wrist and flung it towards the woman on the ceiling. The woman winced in pain, releasing her grip on He Tao. She directed her malevolence on Chen Yang, suddenly opening her mouth and emitting a hissing sound, reminiscent of a snake.

The sentient long hair crawled towards Chen Yang, attempting to entangle his ankles. Dodging the hair, Chen Yang swiftly grabbed He Tao, pushed him out of the bedroom, and leaped onto the top of a chair. He then agilely jumped onto the wardrobe, turning around and hurling the red string, adorned with copper coins, toward the woman on the ceiling.

Seizing the moment when the woman’s attention was diverted, the red string entwined around her neck, wrapping it several times. A lock of hair lunged towards Chen Yang’s face, but he executed a backward somersault, evading the attack. The hair pierced through the wall. Chen Yang glanced briefly before grabbing the red string and running towards the bedroom door.

The woman with long hair struggled to free herself from the red string. Coupled with the copper coins tightly pressed against her neck, the fiery Yang energy on the coins scorched her skin, causing agonizing pain and eliciting continuous hissing sounds.

Chen Yang dashed outside while the woman with long hair, propelled by the force, surged towards him, her hair cascading down, enveloping the entire house.

The woman with long hair appeared abruptly in front of Chen Yang, her face almost touching his.

He Tao struggled to stand up and shouted, “Don’t stare at her third eye!”

However, it was too late. Chen Yang found himself directly facing the woman’s third eye. Her facial features were petite, almost appearing blank if one didn’t look closely, resembling a large doughy face. However, the third eye seemed slightly larger, like that of an average person. It had been tightly shut before, but now it suddenly opened.

Chen Yang momentarily felt a fleeting sense of confusion, and when he regained his composure, he found himself buried in Du Shuo’s chest. Shaking his head, he regained clarity and emerged from Du Shuo’s embrace, searching for the woman with long hair.

He discovered the woman huddled in a corner, her entire body bound by iron chains. The chains continued to tighten, contorting her body, but there was no sound of bones breaking.

Judging from her elongated arms moments ago, it became apparent that the woman had no skeletal structure throughout her body—no, perhaps except for her head.

After Chen Yang steadied himself, he said, “Brother Du, release her for now. I want to ask her a few questions.” As he spoke, he looked up and caught a glimpse of Du Shuo’s chilling and terrifying expression, which immediately silenced him.

“Brother… Brother Du?” he cautiously called out, sensing Du Shuo’s anger.

Du Shuo glanced at Chen Yang coldly, pulling him behind himself and taking a step forward. “Do you have a knife?”

He Tao hesitated for a moment and replied, “Only a watermelon knife and a kitchen knife.”

“Bring it here,” Du Shuo commanded.

For some reason, He Tao felt that Du Shuo, in his current state, was even more terrifying. Strangely, when He Tao first met Chen Yang, he had hardly noticed Du Shuo. Despite Du Shuo’s impressive appearance and demeanor, it was as if a layer of mist shrouded him.

Unless Du Shuo wished to be noticed, others would unconsciously overlook him.

He Tao didn’t know whether Du Shuo wanted the kitchen knife or the watermelon knife, so he simply presented both options in front of him. Du Shuo casually chose the watermelon knife and approached the woman with long hair. After taking a few steps, he paused and turned back to look at Chen Yang. “Stay still.” 

Chen Yang obediently replied, “Okay.”

Brother Du was angry, so he needed to behave well.

He Tao walked over to Chen Yang’s side and said, “You were in great danger just now, almost being impaled in the eye. Fortunately, your companion arrived in time.”

Chen Yang lowered his gaze, understanding the extent of Du Shuo’s anger. He would have to console him properly.

As the woman with long hair saw Du Shuo approaching, she recoiled in fear. Du Shuo stepped on the top of her head, pushed aside the hair on her back, and lifted the watermelon knife expressionlessly, without any hesitation, and brought it down.

Chen Yang and He Tao craned their necks and secretly glanced, catching a glimpse of the woman’s back as the hair was pushed aside. They were horrified to discover the grotesque deformity on her back, with multiple lumps growing on it. Upon closer inspection, they realized that ᴛʜᴏꜱᴇ ʟᴜᴍᴘꜱ ᴡᴇʀᴇ ɪɴᴅɪᴠɪᴅᴜᴀʟ ʜᴇᴀᴅꜱ. ᴛʜᴏꜱᴇ ʜᴇᴀᴅꜱ ᴄᴏɴᴛɪɴᴜᴇᴅ ᴛᴏ ᴇᴍɪᴛ ꜱᴏᴜɴᴅꜱ ᴏꜰ ᴀɢᴏɴɪᴢᴇᴅ ᴍᴏᴀɴꜱ.

He Tao’s face turned pale. Now he understood the source of the rustling sounds he had heard earlier. He had initially thought it was the sound of the woman with long hair crawling, but now he realized it was the moaning of those heads.

The scene was disgustingly horrifying. He Tao couldn’t help but retch a few times and averted his gaze, not wanting to look anymore. On the other side, Du Shuo had already chopped off the lumps on the woman’s back. With each strike, she let out an incredibly piercing scream. However, she couldn’t struggle and could only scream in agony as the lumps were severed until they vanished completely.

He Tao was amazed at Chen Yang’s calm expression and deeply admired him. Chen Yang waved his hand, indicating that this situation was nothing compared to what he had seen before. He Tao was even more impressed and asked, “What exactly is that long-haired woman?”

“Female resentment.”


“As the saying goes, ‘men’s infatuation, women’s resentment.’ Men and women who die due to love and passion carry intense grudges. A female resentment is a woman who dies due to love and endures immense pain before death, accumulating powerful resentment. Once formed, a female resentment develops a taste for corpses, especially those who died in fear, as their resentment is particularly strong,” Chen Yang explained, “I suspect that your friends’ bodies, as well as the bodies of the two families who moved into the Ye Family House No. 444 but mysteriously disappeared, were eaten by the female resentment.”

Mentioning his friends, He Tao’s expression grew gloomy.

Observing this, Chen Yang continued, “To kill the female resentment, you have to chop off the severed heads on her body. Those severed heads are the souls of the devoured corpses. By removing them, the souls can be released and reincarnate.”

He Tao: “Can Mai Rong and the others still be reborn?”


“Can I… see them?” 

Chen Yang didn’t say anything, just nodded in response.

Du Shuo discarded the watermelon knife and walked towards Chen Yang.

Chen Yang took a few steps forward, paused, and looked at Du Shuo’s hands. No bloodstains, good. With a joyful expression, he rushed into Du Shuo’s arms and said, “Brother Du, I’m glad you’re by my side.”

Du Shuo embraced Chen Yang and chuckled before softly saying, “Nice words won’t help. Have you forgotten everything I taught you? You knew there was an issue with the third eye, but you didn’t consider it during the battle. Reflect on it when we get back.”

Realizing that kind words wouldn’t work, Chen Yang obediently snuggled into Du Shuo’s embrace without saying a word. He secretly hoped that Du Shuo would quickly calm down and, ideally, forget about it once they returned.

On the other side, He Tao couldn’t hold back his tears when he saw his former friends. He sobbed uncontrollably, feeling sorry that everyone else had died while he was the only one who survived. He also knew that if it weren’t for his deceased friends restraining the woman with long hair, he would have been killed by her long ago. How could he have possibly waited for Chen Yang and the others to come to his rescue?

His friends silently watched him and didn’t offer forgiveness or comforting words. They only smiled in response, then approached him for a hug before departing.

The room fell silent, and He Tao looked up at Chen Yang. “Will they be able to be reborn?”

Chen Yang couldn’t explicitly say that even entering the underworld didn’t guarantee reincarnation. However, considering that He Tao’s friends were not deeply wicked individuals, they should be able to be reborn. He nodded and replied, “You can pray for their blessings and accumulate merit on their behalf.”

He Tao nodded, “I will!”

Chen Yang:, “Forget about the incident at Ye Family House, start afresh.”

He Tao nodded, covering his face as he choked back tears.

Chen Yang and Du Shuo left, and this time it went smoothly. However, Du Shuo remained silent throughout the journey, his expression cold and indifferent, clearly still upset. Chen Yang looked up and stared at the side of Du Shuo’s face for a while before speaking softly, “Brother Du, I was wrong.”

Du Shuo responded with a grunt, “Hmm.”

“Brother Du, it’s not that I didn’t consider it. It’s just that knowing you were by my side made me fearless.”

Du Shuo remained silent, indicating that Chen Yang still had a chance to persuade him and make him calm down.

“If you weren’t by my side, I genuinely wouldn’t have taken it lightly. Brother Du, I feel safe when you’re with me, truly.” Chen Yang tiptoed and gently kissed Du Shuo’s chin, earnestly and appeasingly saying, “Believe me, husband.”

Du Shuo squinted his eyes slightly, and the hand that was embracing Chen Yang’s shoulder shifted to caress his neck.

Being married to Du Shuo for six years, Chen Yang knew that this was a sign of Du Shuo being in a good mood. Du Shuo loved hearing Chen Yang call him “husband,” but Chen Yang found it too embarrassing and never initiated it.

“Say it one more time.”


Du Shuo squinted his eyes, a faint smile forming at the corner of his lips. “Reflect on your actions when we get back.”

“You’re still mad?”

“Review the techniques once more, and you won’t have to write a self-reflection letter.”


He admitted defeat.

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