The Great Collision of Yin and Yang Chapter 33 Part 2

Chapter 33.2 Ye Family House No. 444 06

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Taking a closer look, he saw the bronze-masked monster gripping a bronze stake and thrusting it towards the peephole. Chen Yang quickly stepped back, with the tip of the stake barely grazing his eyelashes. If he had been a step slower, it would have likely pierced his eye.

Kou Xuanling stood up and said, “He couldn’t have found this place.” He glanced at Chen Yang and noticed bloodstains on his trousers. “You got some on you?”

Chen Yang: “I probably got it when I fought with the bronze-masked monster. It must have splattered onto me.”

The bronze-masked monster continued to pound on the door from outside, and it couldn’t hold out for long. Although the group of university students had only one soul left, the bronze-masked monster’s third eye was too extraordinary. Killing the soul was equivalent to killing the person.

The crowd murmured in shock but was quickly silenced. They knew that the bronze-masked monster’s speed and force increases upon hearing sounds, causing the door to reverberate with each strike.

Chen Yang: “I’ll open the door to lure him away. Take this opportunity to quickly run back to the basement.”

With his words spoken, Chen Yang swiftly opened the door and extended his right hand, touching his thumb to the bronze-masked monster’s eye while raising his index finger. He curled his left hand around the middle, ring, and little fingers of his right hand, forming the powerful Vajra Demon Subduing Seal mudra. Chanting the Vajra Demon Subduing Sutra, the bronze-masked monster was instantly struck as if by the forceful kick of a mighty Vajra, soaring backward several meters before crashing to the ground.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Chen Yang engaged the bronze-masked monster, luring him away. As for the people inside the house, they quickly ran up to the second floor, not minding stepping on the bloodstains. When Zhang Qiudao reached the second floor, he paused and looked down.

Kou Xuanling stood beside him and asked, “Did you teach your Zhang family’s Vajra Subduing Demon Seal to Manager Chen?”

Zhang Qiudao shook his head. “I don’t even know it myself. The Vajra Subduing Demon Seal is part of the curriculum for my Five Thunders promotion. I practice it every day in the branch office.”

Kou Xuanling: “Learned it just by watching a few times? Truly worthy of being a descendant of the Ghost Dao.”

Mao Xiaoli ran over and said, “What are you two doing standing here? Hurry, let’s go.”

The two of them then turned around and ran back to the basement.

Shen Yihui, still shaken, crawled out from under the female resentment’s body. Originally, he was heading towards the left side but heard a strange sound coming from the room within a room, resembling bubbles in filthy water. Curiosity piqued, he opened the door and discovered a water tank with dark and foul-smelling water, incredibly dirty.

He lifted the lid of the water tank and peered inside, only to find a severed arm floating on the water’s surface, pale and infested with maggots. As he stretched his neck to get a closer look, two arms suddenly emerged from the depths of the water, dragging him into the tank.

Shen Yihui struggled and managed to free himself from the female resentment in the water tank, taking advantage of a momentary pause to recite an exorcism spell. Simultaneously, the soul-summoning bell fell into the tank, creating a resounding sound. The female resentment crawled out of the tank, revealing several severed arms of other victims inside.

Who would have thought that someone in Ye Family House No. 444 would be harboring such occult creatures like female resentments!

Shen Yihui realized he was no match for the female resentment. Having lost his specially crafted pistol loaded with dog’s blood in the water tank, he found himself weaponless. He swiftly turned around and ran, with the female resentment in hot pursuit.

Just as the female resentment entangled Shen Yihui’s neck with her hair, nearly suffocating him, Du Shuo appeared and stomped on the female resentment, flattening her. Remembering the female resentment from the previous night who had almost harmed his little wife, Du Shuo, his anger still lingering, effortlessly crushed the female resentment under his foot.

Fortunately, such entities were born from resentment and had caused the deaths of countless people, making their demise inconsequential.

Shen Yihui coughed incessantly, his voice hoarse as he expressed his gratitude.

Du Shuo: “Have you seen Chen Yang?”

Shen Yihui shook his head and replied, “No.”

At this moment, they had not yet entered the time frame from 1:36 to 1:46, during which the bronze-masked monster appeared. Shen Yihui missed it due to the encounter with the female resentment, while Du Shuo remained completely unaffected.

After receiving Shen Yihui’s answer, Du Shuo turned around and walked back, stopping at the staircase on the second floor and peering down. Shen Yihui silently stood behind him, lacking the courage to disturb Du Shuo. His original intention was to inquire about the whereabouts of Hu Yingnan.

After a long pause, Du Shuo spoke, “At the end of the corridor on the right, there’s a half-sized door. Hu Yingnan and the others are behind it.”

Shen Yihui: “Thank you.”

After saying that, he quickly left and, as expected, reached the end of the corridor where he saw a half-sized door already open. He bent down and crawled inside, finding Hu Yingnan and the others who were starting to regain consciousness.

Du Shuo descended the stairs and kicked open the main door, commanding, “Come out.”

Several people in green robes walked out from outside the door and exchanged glances before following Du Shuo. Du Shuo stood in the grand hall on the ground floor, expressionless, with lowered eyes, lost in deep thought.

The distinguished gentleman cupped his hands and asked, “May I know what instructions the Great Emperor has?”

Du Shuo lifted his gaze and replied, “The object you seek is here.”

The green-robed individuals, upon hearing this, were consumed by uncontrollable anger. Led by the distinguished gentleman, they bowed respectfully to Du Shuo. Then, they formed a formation and began murmuring incantations. In a short while, those incantations converged like droplets forming a small stream, gradually transforming into a mighty river. Though the tone was peculiar, the incantations possessed a wondrous power.

As Hu Yingnan and the others regained consciousness and emerged from the basement to stand on the second floor, they heard these strange incantations. They couldn’t comprehend the meaning, but a strong longing to return home welled up inside them. Even some sensitive young individuals burst into tears, missing their families. This demonstrated the peculiarity of the incantations chanted by the green-robed individuals downstairs.

Kou Xuanling and the others initially thought that the green-robed individuals and the bronze-masked monster were accomplices since the latter also wore a bronze mask on his face, albeit not the same design. However, upon realizing that Du Shuo was also present downstairs, they let go of their guard. After listening to the incantations for a while, they faintly understood that it was a summoning chant, imbued with longing and warmth.

As the droplets converged into a mighty river, and the murmured incantations gradually transformed into a thunderous roar, the figures of the bronze-masked monster and Chen Yang seemed to transcend the limitations of time and space, appearing before everyone.

Chen Yang leaped and scaled the walls, using the momentum to his advantage. He spun the bronze-masked monster around in circles, but just as he landed firmly on his feet, a large hand reached out and pulled him over. With a quick glance, Chen Yang recognized the hand’s owner. Thus, he gave up resistance and allowed himself to be embraced.

Du Shuo pinched Chen Yang’s neck from behind and said, “Just watch. Let others handle their own family affairs. Don’t meddle where you don’t belong.”

Chen Yang nodded and replied, “Understood.”

The bronze-masked monster, upon hearing the peculiarly emphasized incantations and seeing the group of green-robed individuals, retreated in fear. The distinguished gentleman, upon seeing this figure, shouted, “Evil beast! Yu Cong!”

A young person in a green robe stepped forward and responded with a resolute voice. The rest of the green-robed individuals changed their incantations with greater intensity, causing a visible change in the young man called Yu Cong. Astonishingly, the green-robed individuals were invoking the Vertical Gaze God to descend upon Yu Cong’s body.

The bronze-masked monster retreated in fear, wielding a bronze hammer and bronze stakes. Yu Cong seized the monster’s hand, overpowering the bronze-masked monster effortlessly. Yu Cong took possession of the bronze hammer and bronze stakes.

Subsequently, Yu Cong pressed one bronze stake against the third eye on the mask monster’s forehead, while using the bronze hammer to strike the stake, knocking out the monster’s third eye. Over time, even a fake eye became a real one, and the pain was unbearable as the eye was forcibly removed. However, the true agony should be the loss of the eye’s protection and the suffering that followed.

The mask on the bronze-masked monster’s face was removed, revealing an ordinary, even somewhat terrifying, face that had undergone degradation from wearing the mask for an extended period. Yu Cong ᴇᴍʙᴇᴅᴅᴇᴅ ᴏɴᴇ ʙʀᴏɴᴢᴇ ꜱᴛᴀᴋᴇ ɪɴᴛᴏ ᴛʜᴇ ᴍᴏɴꜱᴛᴇʀ’ꜱ ᴇʏᴇ.

Zhang Qiudao casually threw a bronze stake that he had scavenged from the basement to Yu Cong. Yu Cong caught the stake and ᴅʀᴏᴠᴇ ɪᴛ ɪɴᴛᴏ ᴛʜᴇ ᴍᴏɴꜱᴛᴇʀ’ꜱ ʀᴇᴍᴀɪɴɪɴɢ ᴇʏᴇ, punishing this irredeemable evildoer.

Kou Xuanling questioned Zhang Qiudao, “Why did you steal a whole bag of bronze stakes?”

Zhang Qiudao, burdened by a heavy backpack, replied, “Nonsense. I’m just making good use of waste.”

“Exactly,” added Mao Xiaoli, also shouldering a bag of bronze stakes. “Do you know what happens when they’re left in the basement? They remain buried in darkness forever.”

“Fellow Daoists, you are helping these bronze stakes see the light of day again, performing a great act of kindness,” sincerely praised Hu Yingnan.

Shen Yihui helplessly glanced at the bag of bronze stakes that Hu Yingnan was carrying. He never expected Hu Yingnan to seize the opportunity during their escape and scavenge things that could be sold. Truly a frugal and thrifty character.

Kou Xuanling had seen the world during his time at the head office and never bowed down for the sake of money. Therefore, he couldn’t understand the weird behavior of Zhang Qiudao and the others.

Fortunately, these bronze stakes belonged to the masked monster, stolen from the Ghost Tribe. Although Chen Yang had ordered their return, the green-robed individuals handed them over to Zhang Qiudao’s group.

With the sky gradually brightening, the situation finally came to an end. Shen Yihui called the police, summoning his teammates to document the scene and escort the frightened college students back home. Meanwhile, the green-robed individuals took the opportunity under the cover of darkness to remove the bronze-masked monster and the bodies of his wife and child from the basement.

The masked monster and its family, all members of the Three-Eyed Ghost Tribe, would have their remains taken back to Mount Min. The bronze-masked monster had once stolen a treasured artifact from the Ghost Tribe, leading to a century-long pursuit by the green-robed individuals. The little ghost in the Ye Family House No. 444 was also taken away—it was the masked monster’s son. It had warned Hu Yingnan and the others not to step on the bloodstains and guided them to hide in a room.

Before leaving, the green-robed individuals exchanged a few words with Chen Yang in private, inviting him to visit Mount Min in Sichuan Province when he had the opportunity.

They, as descendants of the Three-Eyed Ghost Tribe, lived in the caves of Mount Min, while Chen Yang, as a practitioner of the Ghost Dao of the Witch Tribe, was warmly regarded as one of their own.

Chen Yang expressed his gratitude and stated that he would visit when the opportunity arose.

On their way back to the inn, Kou Xuanling asked, “So what exactly is the third eye of the bronze-masked monster?”

“It’s a treasured artifact of the Three-Eyed Ghost Tribe,” replied Chen Yang, taking out the diary of the monster’s wife from his pocket. As he flipped through the pages, he explained, “It has many names: Sui Pearl, Sui Hou Pearl, Bright Moon Pearl, Nightglow Pearl, and it’s also known as the Dragon Pearl.”

“Dragon Pearl?!”

“In history, there’s a tale similar to the famous Sui Hou Pearl artifact. It is said that Sui Hou rescued a great serpent while he was away. The serpent, being a dragon offspring, gifted him the Dragon Pearl as a token of gratitude. It later came to be known as the Sui Pearl or Bright Moon Pearl. Eventually, the Dragon Pearl fell into the hands of the Prince of Chu, but when the state of Qin conquered Chu, the Dragon Pearl became a national treasure of Qin. After the downfall of the Qin dynasty, the whereabouts of the Dragon Pearl became unknown. Following the demise of the ancient Shu Kingdom at the hands of King Hui of Qin, its people sought refuge in the depths of Mount Min. The Dragon Pearl found its way into the hands of descendants of the ancient Shu Kingdom and became embedded in the third eye of the green-robed individuals, receiving centuries of veneration from the descendants of the Three-Eyed Ghost Tribe. Being a Dragon Pearl itself, it possesses special abilities.

“A hundred years ago, someone from the Three-Eyed Ghost Tribe stole the Dragon Pearl and fled with his wife and child, seeking refuge in the home of Ye Guoxian. Due to increasing volatile emotions, he killed his benefactor’s wife and children, causing the Dragon Pearl to be stained with blood, thus acquiring the power to bewilder and manipulate hearts. The bronze-masked monster became even more bloodthirsty, perceiving anyone who intruded into Ye Family House No. 444 at the precise time when he killed his wife and child as his pursuers and mercilessly slaughtering them. However, once the time interval passed, he would regain his sanity and utilize the Dragon Pearl to erase any traces of murder or even certain individuals’ life histories, influencing the memories of others.

“Therefore, this is the reason behind the frequent strange occurrences in House No. 444. The masked monster guards the Dragon Pearl, hiding in the basement of the house while also nurturing two female resentments. One is the resentment of Ye Guoxian’s wife, and the other is the resentment of the monster’s wife.

“If one trespasses into the second floor between 1:36 AM and 1:46 AM, they would enter the chaotic space created by the Dragon Pearl, and consequently, be perceived as a fellow clansman to be slaughtered by the enraged masked monster. Once the masked monster regains his sanity, he disposes of the corpses, partly feeding them to the female resentments and dragging the rest back to the basement.”

After committing two subsequent gruesome acts, the masked monster mastered the usage of the Dragon Pearl, erasing all traces of the lives of those he killed. As for the “Punishment of Gaze”, it was indeed a punishment of the Three-Eyed Ghost Tribe. However, when it fell into the hands of the masked monster, it became a means to convict anyone who opposed him as guilty, resulting in an abusive implementation of the punishment. The so-called punishment for violating the Three-Eyed God was nothing but self-deception on the part of the masked monster.

The Dragon Pearl possessed divine power but would not harm the Three-Eyed Ghost Tribe that had worshipped it for millennia. Hence, Yu Cong easily pried the Dragon Pearl from the masked monster’s forehead.

Chen Yang himself, being a practitioner of the Ghost Dao, did not sustain any injuries from the Dragon Pearl when engaging in combat with the masked monster.

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