The Great Collision of Yin and Yang Chapter 41 Part 2

Chapter 41.2 Cat Killing 01

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The group returned to their fourth-floor dormitory, intending to rest for the night and continue their journey the next day. Qiu Shengming hadn’t slept all night, so when he saw Qiu Shengmin return safely, he breathed a sigh of relief and felt immense gratitude towards Chen Yang and Kou Xuanling.

Kou Xuanling bypassed Room 404 to reach Room 401. Qiu Shengmin opened the door for him. Observing this, Chen Yang said, “I remember Teacher Li specifically warned us not to enter Room 401.”

“Precisely because of his warning, I had Qiu Shengmin open Room 401. There are no supernatural entities inside, only the belongings of the late Teacher Bai Yan. She used to live in Room 401, and Teacher Li, being guilty, thought it was an ominous place.” Without even looking back, Kou Xuanling waved his hand and entered the room. “Besides, with my ancestral master here, no evil can touch me.”

Du Shuo pulled Chen Yang into the room, pressing him against the door and sealing his lips. Chen Yang raised his hands, embracing Du Shuo’s shoulders as they kissed passionately, transitioning from intense entanglement to tender affection. Du Shuo lifted Chen Yang, positioning his legs around his waist, and carried him to the bed.

With Chen Yang holding onto Du Shuo, his face resting against his shoulder, he whispered, “I thought you would spend the night chatting with Celestial Master Chang. You seem like you’ve found a long-lost companion.” After saying this, he laughed to himself.

Du Shuo unbuttoned Chen Yang’s shirt, his large hand slipping inside. “I saw you yawning,” he said, catching Chen Yang’s earlobe and giving it a few licks before trailing kisses down his neck. “If we were up all night talking, I wouldn’t be able to accompany you in resting.”

Chen Yang shrugged his shoulders, trembling slightly. He laughed and said, “The one disturbing my rest now is you.”

“Silly Yangyang, I’m helping you to fall sleep.”

Chen Yang, with his legs wrapped around Du Shuo’s waist, kicked his back playfully and said with a smile, “You old pervert.”

Du Shuo sealed his lips, rendering Chen Yang unable to laugh or utter any playful remarks. All he could do on the bed was moan and plead for mercy.

Afterward, Du Shuo tidied Chen Yang up before allowing him to drift into a deep sleep. He kissed his forehead and pulled him close, whispering softly, “Goodnight, Yangyang.”

Chen Yang murmured in response, “Goodnight, husband.” Having been forced to call him “husband” repeatedly just moments ago, it seemed like a reflex, and he hadn’t fully snapped out of it yet.

The next day, close to noon, Chen Yang and Du Shuo finally emerged from their room, carrying their luggage as they prepared to leave. Kou Xuanling had already woken up, paid respects to his ancestral master, practiced a set of swordsmanship, finished breakfast, and chatted with the Qiu siblings before finally meeting the two of them.

After exchanging a few quiet words with Chen Yang, Du Shuo left. The Qiu siblings had been waiting specifically to bid farewell to Chen Yang and Kou Xuanling. When they saw Chen Yang coming out and caught a glimpse of the marks on his neck, they understood what had happened. They smiled but didn’t say anything, bidding their farewells before departing.

Kou Xuanling: “What about Director Du?”

“He went to buy breakfast.”

Jinshui High School provided a plentiful breakfast, and it was available throughout the morning. Although there was a major incident last night, the news hadn’t been announced at the school yet. Therefore, breakfast was served as usual.

As they were speaking, Du Shuo approached and handed Chen Yang a boiled egg, simultaneously taking the backpack from him and placing it on his own shoulder. “The porridge is still hot. Let it cool down a bit before eating.”

Chen Yang took the boiled egg, peeled it, and brought it close to Du Shuo’s lips. Without hesitation, Du Shuo took a bite, and only then did Chen Yang put it in his own mouth. Throughout this interaction, they continued chatting with Kou Xuanling, their actions and demeanor intimate and filled with trust.

The three of them set off in the car, and along the way, they encountered numerous media vehicles and parents’ cars entering Jinshui High School. They even encountered traffic congestion near the foot of the mountain and had reporters approaching them for interviews. Chen Yang blinked and sat silently in the backseat with Du Shuo, leaving Kou Xuanling to handle the media on his own.

When faced with the reporters’ questions, Kou Xuanling deliberately twisted the facts and answered with a serious expression, “Clearly, it’s malevolent ghosts seeking revenge. It definitely isn’t a human act.”

A reporter who believed in science asked, “If it’s really malevolent ghosts seeking revenge, then why are you unharmed?”

Kou Xuanling: “I have my ancestral master protecting me.”

Reporter: “Thank you for your cooperation, Mr. Kou. We will now move on to interview the next parent.” She had initially planned to give him more screen time due to his good looks, but little did she know he was a superstitious person.

Kou Xuanling: “Will you blur the footage? I hope you can blur it.”

“Yes,” the reporter smiled, though she wasn’t certain if this segment would even air. “According to Mr. Kou, who prefers to remain anonymous and concealed, we need to eliminate superstition and believe in science.”

As Kou Xuanling stepped on the accelerator and slowly closed the car window, he happened to hear that statement. He glanced up at the reporters gathered outside the car and said in frustration, “Can’t you criticize me after I leave?”

Chen Yang: “It wouldn’t make sense to criticize you once you’re gone.”

The three of them returned to Dafu Branch Office, where Ma Shanfeng had already prepared tea and was eagerly awaiting their arrival. Mao Xiaoli, upon hearing of their return today, canceled her student club activities and rushed back. Zhang Qiudao emerged from the house carrying a scripture and was the first to assess that the three of them were unharmed before inquiring about the Jinshui High School incident.

Mao Xiaoli: “You have become famous in the Celestial Master Community.”

Chen Yang was taken aback and asked, “What happened?”

“The news about the Jinshui High School case spread throughout the Celestial Master Community in the early hours of the morning. The overwhelming Yin energy even woke me from my deep sleep. To be honest, based on the intensity of the Yin energy, it could be categorized as a four-star level. According to the classification, it should be placed in the three-star list of the green category. With you, a Fourth Grade Alliance Authority Celestial Master, and Kou Xuanling, a Third Grade Five Thunders Celestial Master, solving this case is like defeating a major boss in a higher difficulty level. Your name, Brother Chen, has become famous in the Celestial Master Community. I saw numerous threads discussing which sect you belong to and who your master is.”

Chen Yang was astonished. He hadn’t expected the news of the Jinshui High School incident to spread through the Celestial Master Community faster than the media. Ma Shanfeng laughed and said, “When the Yin energy erupted, all the celestial masters in the capital city sensed it. Celestial masters nearby went to investigate and posted the details on the Dedicated Celestial Masters forum, leading to rapid dissemination of information.”

Mao Xiaoli said, “Celestial masters are quite nosy and gossip-prone. They may appear reserved, but they love gossip.” After saying that, she sent Chen Yang the forum address and added, “Although there are many gossip threads on the forum, if you have any questions and post them, you’ll immediately get responses.”

Chen Yang clicked on the forum link and scrolled through it, discovering that the forum was divided into four sections. Within these sections, there were countless threads, and in the horror and suspense section, there were prominently pinned posts about Jinshui High School. Following the Jinshui High School posts was one about a deserted village in Southern Guangdong. He casually clicked on it and replied to Mao Xiaoli, “With Brother Du around, I don’t need to post any questions. I can just ask Brother Du.”

Mao Xiaoli’s gaze shifted back and forth between Chen Yang and Du Shuo, hesitating slightly when she met Du Shuo’s indifferent gaze. As if remembering something, she gathered her courage and said, “Brother Chen, would you and Du Shuo like to have a Nine Heavens Mysterious Lady’s Union and Harmony Talisman?”

“No need.”

“It would be even better if emotions were involved—ah, Zhang Qiudao, step aside!” Mao Xiaoli was interrupted midway through her words as Zhang Qiudao suddenly pressed down on the back of her head. “Manager Chen, Du… Du Shuo, don’t mind her. She’s been finding people every day to pair up and advertise the Nine Heavens Mysterious Lady’s Union and Harmony Talisman for her. She even wanted me to pretend to be her lover and share the talisman. Now she’s become so insane that she won’t even spare Manager Chen.”

Mao Xiaoli pushed Zhang Qiudao away and laughed at Chen Yang. “A competitor suddenly appeared in the school, selling love talismans with models and running advertisements. My sales have started to decline. I can’t afford my milk tea anymore.” She glanced at the indifferent Du Shuo and waved her hand. “Well, I was just joking.”

She wouldn’t go so far as to advertise with Chen Yang and Du Shuo. Firstly, the two of them were special, and secondly, she didn’t dare to face Du Shuo. So Mao Xiaoli asked Kou Xuanling, “Would you like to be in a relationship?”

Kou Xuanling: “With you?”

Mao Xiaoli, who had fallen into moral degradation for money, said, “Sure.”

Kou Xuanling: “I’d rather be with my ancestral master.”

Mao Xiaoli: “Okay. As long as your ancestral master agrees, I’m open to it.” She had an eager expression on her face.

Kou Xuanling was momentarily taken aback, unable to believe what he was hearing. He turned to Zhang Qiudao and asked, “Has she really stooped this low?”

Zhang Qiudao: “Even lower.”

Ma Shanfeng held his stomach and laughed. “Why not let my wife and me advertise for you?”

“No,” Mao Xiaoli said, “Young people are just seeking excitement. Improving their relationships with the opposite sex and gaining popularity can give them a sense of vanity. They don’t truly seek a union. Uncle Ma and his wife, just by looking at them, you can tell they’ve been a loving couple for many years. They definitely won’t believe my talismans and might even think I’m deceiving people.”

To put it simply, it was about different markets. The models used in advertisements and the content of the ads need to align with the target audience. Chen Yang tilted his head and looked at Du Shuo. “Do you have any ideas for improvement?”

Du Shuo: “There are two auspicious stars in charge of marriage: Tianxi and Hongluan. There are also the Dual Harmony Immortal, and the Nine Heavens Mysterious Lady. In Daoism, there are the Marriage Destiny Harmony Talisman, the Peach Blossom Talisman, and the Peach Blossom Severing Talisman. Since you know that buyers often seek excitement, you can sell the Peach Blossom Talismans. They attract love, opposite-sex connections, and good interpersonal relationship, so they’ll have more buyers. The Peach Blossom Severing Talisman can also be sold and will be even more popular than the Peach Blossom Talisman.”

Chen Yang: “Moreover, supply and demand are the key to long-lasting business success.”

The Peach Blossom Talisman attracted love, but it may also attract undesirable love interests. The Peach Blossom Severing Talisman, on the other hand, called upon the Three Monkey Deities to sever unwanted relationships and activate the Tianxi and Hongluan Stars as well as the Dual Harmony Immortal, promoting genuine unions.

Mao Xiaoli’s eyes lit up as she listened. “That makes sense. I need to flip through the Mysterious Talisman Scriptures of Maoshan and find the illustrations for the Peach Blossom Talisman and the Peach Blossom Severing Talisman.”

Mao Xiaoli ran upstairs and after a while, she came back to the staircase and said, “By the way, there have been rumors at our school that some students have seen Cat Spirits Worshiping the Moon. The school authorities are interested in inviting a celestial master. Shall I arrange it?”

Chen Yang: “Yes, you can.”

In the early stages of entrepreneurship, one should never care about the rating of the requests or how much money they could earn.

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