The Great Collision of Yin and Yang Chapter 47

Chapter 47 Playing to Death 03

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Zhang Qiudao: “There will always be evidence left behind. I want to continue investigating Mr. Qian. Find evidence, at least enough to put him in prison.”

Chen Yang didn’t disagree and turned to Ma Shanfeng. “Uncle Ma, it’s up to you to report that mysterious organization to the police.”

Ma Shanfeng nodded and said, “Alright.” Then he added, “In October, both the head office and our branch will send a few people to attend a Daoist Association exchange meeting. Previously, our branch office could only have one spot, but this year we might be able to get two or three spots.”

Chen Yang: “What’s this Daoist Association exchange meeting?”

Ma Shanfeng: “It happens every two years. You missed it two years ago before joining the branch. Zhang Qiudao represented the branch back then. If we have three spots this year, we’ll send you, Kou Xuanling, and Xiaoli. The exchange meeting is attended by numerous celestial Masters who give teachings on the spot, which can be beneficial for spiritual cultivation.”

Kou Xuanling: “If we can only get two spots this year, let Manager Chen and Mao Xiaoli go. I already attended the exchange meeting two years ago, so there’s no need for me to go again.”

Ma Shanfeng nodded and said, “That works too.”

“Even if there’s only one spot, I can find a way to get you both into the exchange meeting,” Zhang Qiudao said. “Have you forgotten my surname?”

Everyone, except Chen Yang, suddenly understood. Mao Xiaoli was particularly thrilled and jumped up, patting Zhang Qiudao’s shoulder. “That’s nice of you.” Zhang Qiudao pushed Mao Xiaoli away with disdain, but Mao Xiaoli didn’t mind and continued happily, “It feels great to have connections.”

Chen Yang: “The exchange meeting… isn’t it held at the Baiyun Temple in the capital?” Baiyun Temple in the capital was the ancestral land of the Quanzhen School’s Dragon Gate Sect and, at the same time, the headquarters of the Daoist Association. It was also the place where the Daoist Association was initially established.

“The venue for the exchange meeting changes every year. They give more spots to the local areas and nearby provincial capitals. Two years ago, it was held at the Baiyun Temple, and they had nearly thirty spots. Unfortunately, there are many Daoist temples in the capital, so each temple gets only a few spots. And there’s also the head office and the branch office. However, most people in the head office are Daoist disciples, so some temples get more spots because of that,” Ma Shanfeng explained in his usual way, first providing some background before getting to the point. “This year, the exchange meeting will take place at the Tianshi Mansion.”

The Tianshi Mansion was located at the foot of Mount Longhu, the ancestral home of the Zhengyi Sect and the residence of Tianshi Sect Master Zhang’s descendants, including Zhang Qiudao. Zhang Qiudao casually mentioned that he would invite a few friends to visit the Daoist exchange meeting at his own home, as if it were normal.

Chen Yang smiled and said, “That’s settled then.” He looked down, thinking about his upcoming schedule and realizing that the next six months would be busy. “Xiaoli, are you about to start your vacation?”

Mao Xiaoli: “Summer vacation has arrived.”

“How about going on a trip? We can pick a date in July, and it’ll be an all-expenses-paid vacation. You can bring your family, and Ma Shanfeng can also bring his wife and kids.”

Ma Shanfeng smiled and said, “I’ll take charge of organizing it. Let me know your available dates in July and the places you’d like to visit. Then, we can choose a destination for our trip.”

Mao Xiaoli and the others had excited smiles on their faces. The idea of a sponsored vacation united them together, and they eagerly discussed the details. When Chonky entered the room, he noticed that they didn’t pay much attention to him, and he felt a little puzzled. It was only when he heard about their plans for the trip that he purred loudly and placed a cardboard piece among them.

“Island country?” Chen Yang shook his head. “It’s a small place. Shopping might be good, but it won’t be much fun for sightseeing.” He focused his gaze on Chonky’s cat paws and asked, “Chonky, how do you write?”

Chonky paid no attention to their curiosity and remained calm and composed. When they lost interest, he suddenly inserted another piece of cardboard that read, “Meow Meow Fruit Wine.”

The others were puzzled, and Chen Yang explained, “Meow Meow Fruit Wine, an invention from the island country. It’s a type of wine that can make cats drunk without harming their bodies. Chonky, do you go wild when you’re drunk?”

This statement attracted mischievous glances from a few people. Mao Xiaoli said, “I know where we can buy Meow Meow Fruit Wine.”

Zhang Qiudao: “I know a personal shopper who can take orders and deliver them on the same day.”

Kou Xuanling quietly sent red envelopes to the two of them and said, “Make sure to buy a whole case.” Then he turned to Chonky with a friendly tone and said, “Don’t hesitate, you can even drink it like water.”

Chonky flicked his tail and left with indifference. Mao Xiaoli asked, “Should we still buy it?” Chen Yang replied, “Place the order quickly. Just two cases will be enough, no need to get too much. And let’s be kind to Chonky, but not overly so.”

Zhang Qiudao and the others nodded, expressing their sincere and friendly intentions. They enthusiastically discussed how to make Chonky  go wild after getting drunk. Chen Yang reminded Mao Xiaoli, “Remember to take photos and videos.”

Each day at the branch office began and ended in such harmonious and friendly atmosphere. Ma Shanfeng reported about Dong Hong, Yang Hong, and the possible mysterious organization behind them to the Criminal Investigation Brigade. The leader of the brigade had connections with the Celestial Master Community, so he took Ma Shanfeng’s report seriously. They immediately launched an investigation, and within two days, some leads started to emerge.

As for Zhang Qiudao’s continued investigation into Mr. Qian, it was reported that Mr. Qian had started shutting down the e-commerce company previously owned by his wife, and had shifted his focus to real estate industry. Moreover, he had moved out of his former house with his current girlfriend, and they were currently living together.

Ye Youyou was Mr. Qian’s current girlfriend and was three months pregnant. Mr. Qian doted on Ye Youyou not only because she was gentle and beautiful, giving him confidence and dignity as a man, but also because of the child in her womb. His first child held great importance to him.

Worried about the negative energy in the old house affecting Ye Youyou, Mr. Qian gifted her a luxurious duplex apartment from one of his real estate projects and hired a nanny to take care of her. However, recently, Ye Youyou seemed restless and would often tell him, “There’s always something peeping at me inside the house. I feel scared.”

Mr. Qian: “As long as our conscience is clear, we need not fear any supernatural intrusions.”

“Sigh, what I’m afraid of is Miss Li’s revenge. When I got involved with you, she was still your wife, and it already troubled my conscience. When she jumped off the building and died, I felt even more uneasy. Some people say that you caused Miss Li’s death, and I’m truly afraid that she might believe it and come to harm our child.” Ye Youyou furrowed her brows, wearing a troubled expression on her face.

Mr. Qian, with an honest and fearless expression, said, “I believe I have not wronged her or the children, and I have taken good care of them. I simply wanted a child of my own, but she always refused to have one for me. It was only when I met you that I understood what true happiness meant. I had already planned to divorce her and leave her, but I didn’t expect the unexpected to happen…” Mr. Qian sighed briefly before continuing, “If she wants to hold a grudge, let her direct it at me.”

Ye Youyou found solace in Mr. Qian’s embrace, tears glistening in her eyes. In the midst of feeling touched, she suddenly sensed a gaze fixed on her back. That eerie sensation of being watched made her swiftly turn around, only to find an empty wall behind her.

Mr. Qian: “Youyou, what’s wrong?”

Hesitantly, Ye Youyou said, “I feel that gaze again, right here in this wall.”

Mr. Qian glanced at the wallpapered wall and laughed. “Silly girl, it’s just a wall. How could there be a gaze? Alright, if you’re scared, go sleep in the guest bedroom. I’ll stay here tonight, and if there’s truly something, I’ll drive it away. Is that okay?”

Ye Youyou nodded, expressing her concern, “Please be careful.”

Mr. Qian smiled, escorted her to the door, and called for the nanny to assist her to the guest bedroom. He turned back, closed the door, and cast a cold gaze over the wall. Suddenly, he went forward and tore off the wallpaper, revealing a plain white wall with nothing behind it.

Mr. Qian’s expression darkened as he inspected it for a while, realizing it was indeed an ordinary wall. He breathed a sigh of relief, believing it was just the nerves of a pregnant woman, overthinking things. How could there possibly be ghosts or evil spirits?

One who did nothing wrong need not fear ghosts knocking on the door. His actions were flawlessly executed, engaging in activities even beyond the knowledge of the heavens. How could those ghosts and spirits wrongly accuse him when he had done nothing wrong?

Mr. Qian relaxed and turned away, unaware that a terrifying face suddenly appeared on the once blank white wall behind him. The face was grotesque, roaring as if trying to burst out of the wall. But in the next moment, tiny handprints of children appeared on both sides of his face, causing him to silently wail in pain and quickly retreat.

Therefore, Mr. Qian remained oblivious to the fact that two pale faces of children, were now pressed against his back. One male and one female, their features bore a resemblance to each other. Those two ghastly pale faces were on the verge of melding into Mr. Qian’s back, forming ghostly face sores.

Accumulated grudges, unabsolved evil deeds, and the birth of ghostly face sores, the manifestation of unsettled grievances.

The next afternoon, Ye Youyou woke up from her nap, feeling hungry. She called out for the nanny several times but received no response, so she had no choice but to go downstairs on her own. As she entered the living room, she noticed an unusual silence pervading the apartment. Just as she took a sip of her milk, she suddenly sensed that familiar and repulsive gaze once again.

Ye Youyou swiftly turned around, in a state of panic. “Who’s there?!”

There was nothing behind her but an empty house. Ye Youyou cautiously took a step forward, and as she faced the wall, the nauseating gaze immediately disappeared. Suddenly, laughter from children echoed from upstairs, startling Ye Youyou. She looked up in astonishment.

How could there be children’s laughter upstairs? Soon, the sound of toy car motors, children’s music, and the clattering of various toys emerged from the nursery. Ye Youyou’s fright caused her to gasp for air. “Who’s there?!”

Her own voice echoed in the empty room, and all the sounds abruptly ceased, only to resurface the next moment, as if intentionally trying to frighten Ye Youyou. She climbed upstairs and entered the children’s room prepared by Mr. Qian for their son.

Gripping the doorknob, Ye Youyou took a deep breath with her eyes closed. As she opened her eyes and swung the door open, everything inside the room remained quiet and undisturbed. She went inside and checked everything, finding that all items were exactly as they should be. It seemed as though the unsettling events just now were mere auditory illusions. After inspecting the children’s room once more, she exited and took a subconscious glance at the doorway before abruptly freezing and turning back.

In the corner, near the doorway, there was a doll. It was so well hidden that one wouldn’t notice it without lowering their gaze. Ye Youyou’s body stiffened in fear. How could the doll, which was originally placed deep inside, suddenly appear here? Wasn’t it just her imagination playing tricks?

Taking a few steps back, Ye Youyou felt as though the entire children’s room had transformed into a monstrous entity, radiating intense malevolence. She quickly turned around and took a few steps. Suddenly, the door behind her slammed shut with a resounding “bang.”

Overwhelmed by terror, Ye Youyou screamed while running downstairs. As she reached the staircase landing, she suddenly felt a force pushing her from behind. Her body became weightless, and everything spun around her. In her haste, she caught a glimpse of a boy and a girl standing at the staircase landing, their expressions devoid of emotion as they stared at her.

It was not until she was plagued by agonizing abdominal pain and felt warm liquid between her legs that the two children at the staircase landing revealed malicious smiles. Hand in hand, they returned to the children’s room. The sounds of all the toys in the room resounded, but in the now eerily silent apartment, the once joyful and playful melodies became chillingly surreal.

When Mr. Qian returned home in the evening, he flew into a rage at the empty apartment. He stormed into the children’s room and smashed all the toys to pieces. “If you have the guts, come at me! Trying to harm my bloodline?” Mr. Qian’s face contorted into a crazed grin. “If a woman can’t give birth, I’ll find another. Dare to harm my son, and tomorrow I’ll invite celestial masters to obliterate you all!”

Mr. Qian grabbed the children’s rocking horse toy and destroyed the small bed. “Seeking revenge against me? What right do you have to retaliate? Even the heavens dare not deem me guilty. Even if I scatter your souls to the wind with the help of those celestial masters, you would deserve it! They all stand on my side! You are the ones who brought this calamity upon yourselves. You’re the one who committed suicide, it has nothing to do with me.”

The children’s rocking horse flew towards the bed, rebounding against the wall with a resounding crash. Ye Youyou had a miscarriage, and Mr. Qian’s child was lost. He was filled with rage. After venting his anger, he lit a cigarette and sat in the children’s room for a while before finally deciding to contact a celestial master immediately.

As he turned around, the two faces that had merged into Mr. Qian’s clothes opened their eyes, witnessing the devastated children’s room. Their sorrowful cries filled the air, sending shivers down Mr. Qian’s spine. Startled, he turned his head and was met with a rapidly spinning fidget spinner. The spinner’s edges were sharp, and its high-speed rotation could easily cut through skin.

Mr. Qian swiftly dodged, but a soccer ball rolled under his feet, causing him to lose balance and fall. As he lifted his head, he found himself face-to-face with a toothpick crossbow. The crossbow was primed and ready to shoot, and before he could react, it launched a toothpick that struck Mr. Qian’s right eye.


Mr. Qian let out a cry of agony and writhed in pain.

In his ears, he heard the eerie voices of the two children. “Daddy, we saw—”

“We saw you talking to the annoying Auntie and giving her money.”

“The Auntie told Grandma to keep snakes, and the snakes bit us.”

“It hurts a lot, Daddy.”

The two children had been killed by the malevolent creature nurtured by the wooden Bodhisattva. They saw Mr. Qian interacting with the aunt, who had informed Grandma about the borrowing energy method. Unaware of the truth, and even less aware that Mr. Qian only hinted in words without explicitly stating. All they knew was that because of Mr. Qian, they died in great pain.

Mr. Qian, filled with fear upon recognizing the two children, believed he had deceived the gods and avoided the scrutiny of the underworld and the Court of Great Yin. Little did he expect to be seen by the two young souls. Hearing them refer to his mother-in-law as “Grandma,” a wave of disgust surged within him. They should have called her “Grandmother” instead of “Grandma”—these insolent little rascals! [t/n: the kids were referring to their maternal grandma (waipo) as paternal grandma(nainai)]

Mr. Qian struggled to crawl out of the room, finding solace in the nanny’s exclamation of shock before losing consciousness. As he succumbed to the darkness, a wicked thought consumed him: he must seek the assistance of a celestial master to obliterate those two wretched ghosts. Even if it meant descending into the depths of hell, he would not utter a word!

Youyou, pale-faced and numb with grief from the miscarriage, lay on the hospital bed. The door to the ward swung open, and in walked a tall, slender woman wearing a black windbreaker and sporting dark sunglasses. Approaching the bed, she removed her sunglasses, revealing severe bruises around her eyes.

Witnessing this, Youyou’s expression filled with concern. “Sis, did you meet that personal trainer again? He always beats you.”

“He won’t be beating anyone anymore,” the woman laughed coldly.

“Taken care of?”

“Mhm.” The woman opened a porcelain cup and spoon-fed Youyou some chicken soup. “Did you lose the child?”

“Yes,” Youyou replied calmly, showing no signs of sorrow. “But those two little ghosts still linger.”

“Mr. Qian must be furious.”

“His right eye was gouged out, and those two little ghosts are haunting him. He doesn’t have much time left, yet he foolishly believed he could deceive ghosts and gods. The arrogant phoenix man, merely a plaything to be toyed with.” Ye Youyou gripped the woman’s wrist and said, “Sis, let’s escape.”

The woman gazed at her sister in silence until Ye Youyou’s eyes dimmed with resignation. Obediently, she sipped the soup. The woman gently caressed her sister’s head and spoke, “There are so many detestable people. How can we eliminate them if we choose to run?”

Chen Yang and Zhang Qiudao received news of Mr. Qian’s accident and hurried to the hospital. On the way, they crossed paths with a woman in black attire, sporting dark sunglasses and red lips. They brushed past each other, but Chen Yang paused in his tracks, casting a glance back at the woman.

Zhang Qiudao: “Does Manager Chen know her?”

“She’s the girl who was attacked by Dong Hong that day. Though her makeup and attire are different, her facial structure is the same,” Chen Yang said. Cosmetics could alter a person’s appearance, but not their facial structure. When Chen Yang assessed people, he typically observed their facial structure before considering their appearance.

Chen Yang continued walking, not paying too much attention to the woman with red lips. Instead, he asked, “Which ward is Mr. Qian in?”

“It’s ahead,” Zhang Qiudao led the way. “He called me in tears, explaining that his right eye was gouged out. He mentioned encountering malevolent little ghosts but claimed ignorance as to which little ghosts he provoked.”

“The two children from the Li family?”

“That’s my guess.”

The two entered Mr. Qian’s hospital room, where he was scratching his back. As soon as he spotted Zhang Qiudao, he quickly sat up. Upon seeing Chen Yang, his left pupil slightly contracted, and his facial expression became somewhat stiff. Observing this, Chen Yang confirmed that Mr. Qian recognized him. He stood silently to the side for the time being.

Mr. Qian chuckled and asked, “Celestial Master Zhang, who is this?”

“A friend.”

Chen Yang smiled and said, “My surname is Chen, Mr. Qian.”

Zhang Qiudao: “Mr. Qian, please kindly recount the incident in detail.”

Mr. Qian retold the events of that evening, omitting the words spoken by the two children. He sighed and said, “I thought it was just two children, envious of their younger brother and longing for my company. Ah, they ended up killing their unborn sibling and now they want to take my life. My own demise doesn’t matter to me, but those two children are ignorant. Jealousy should not drive them to commit such heinous acts and condemn themselves to hell. I hope both of you can guide them into the cycle of rebirth.”

Zhang Qiudao: “Children who die at a young age carry immense resentment, and jealousy is a formidable emotion. If they would rather drag you down to reunite as a family, refusing to enter the cycle of rebirth, what will you do?”

“Well…” Mr. Qian’s smile stiffened. “I, I don’t know… I just hope they won’t harm innocent lives. Youyou’s unborn child was killed, and Youyou herself was almost killed. They have committed a grave sin, and I fear they may commit more. If they refuse to enter the cycle of rebirth, I would rather make the ultimate sacrifice for the greater good.”

Chen Yang: “Mr. Qian is joking. All those children need is their father. Once the family is reunited, the resentment will naturally dissipate, and they won’t commit any more sins.”


Suddenly, Chen Yang burst into laughter. “Just kidding, don’t mind me.”

Mr. Qian maintained a stiff smile and scratched his itchy back. Observing this, Chen Yang asked, “Mr. Qian, you’ve been scratching your back all this time. Is it very itchy?”

“Yes. It started itching a couple of days ago, and occasionally, it’s accompanied by a dull pain. The doctors examined me but found nothing. I don’t know if it’s an allergy or something,” Mr. Qian said while vigorously scratching his back.

“Let me take a look, just in case it’s encountering an evil spirit,” Chen Yang said with a smile as he stood up. Mr. Qian cooperated, maneuvering his body to lift his hospital gown, exposing his back for them to see. Chen Yang and Zhang Qiudao approached and their expressions turned solemn. They exchanged a silent glance and silently said, “Ghost face sores?”

Zhang Qiudao nodded.

Faintly appearing on Mr. Qian’s back were two faces, still in the embryonic stage of forming distinct facial features. Once those features fully developed, it would be difficult to remove them. Ghost face sores typically stem from unresolved grievances from a past life seeking retribution in the present. Unless one undergoes the purifying ritual with compassionate Samadhi water, it would be challenging to alleviate the resentment carried by ghost face sores.

Once ghost face sores manifested, they could speak and require feeding to satisfy their hunger. Otherwise, they incessantly moan, disturbing the peace of those around them. Moreover, under extreme hunger, they would gnaw on the host’s flesh, causing excruciating pain.

It could be regarded as a malicious form of revenge, usually born out of deep-seated enmity or karmic vendettas. Mr. Qian’s back bore the faces of two children, and one could easily guess their identities. Both Chen Yang and Zhang Qiudao remained silent, and Chen Yang made a hand gesture, drawing talismans to conceal the ghost face sores until they mature and become unremovable, at which point they would reveal their true form.

Chen Yang and Zhang Qiudao assured Mr. Qian that they would visit the apartment and prepare the necessary artifacts. As they were leaving, Chen Yang turned back and asked Mr. Qian, “Mr. Qian, do you think a person who has done wrong should repent?”

“I don’t believe repentance is useful. It’s better to make every effort to make amends,” Mr. Qian replied.

If one didn’t even repent, how could they talk about making amends?

Chen Yang nodded and departed. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to save Mr. Qian, but rather Mr. Qian lacked an understanding of repentance. To treat ghost face sores, a purifying ceremony with compassionate Samadhi water was necessary, where the afflicted person must repent sincerely and wholeheartedly. Only then could the resentment carried by ghost face sore be resolved.

Moreover, he was also unwilling to save Mr. Qian. Treating evil with evil, facing the consequences of karma, the grievances between them were beyond the intervention of the Court of Great Yin, so Chen Yang naturally wouldn’t be eager to interfere. He said to Zhang Qiudao, “Subway or bus?”

“Bus,” Zhang Qiudao said. They had no intention of going to Mr. Qian’s apartment. The two little ghosts were attached to Mr. Qian and going there would serve no purpose.

Chen Yang replied, “Apart from Uncle Ma and Kou Xuanling, no one else in our branch knows how to drive.” He felt a tinge of sorrow. “It’s going to be troublesome every time we go out.” The head office allocated two cars, but unfortunately, besides Ma Shanfeng and Kou Xuanling, no one else could drive.

Zhang Qiudao: “I can drive.”

“You don’t have a driver’s license.”

Zhang Qiudao clicked his tongue in annoyance. He had taken the driving test multiple times, but failed each time. Chen Yang suggested, “How about buying some gifts or slipping a red envelope to the instructor next time?”

Zhang Qiudao: “I can conquer the instructor with my driving skills and obtain a driver’s license. When it comes to the honor of a man’s driving ability, I won’t mix in any favors.”

Chen Yang applauded him, clapping his hands. “Well said. Driving is inherently dangerous. Taking it seriously is being responsible for one’s own and others’ safety.”

He genuinely believed this until one day, as part of an assignment, he tracked a mountain elf while riding in Zhang Qiudao’s car. After that incident, he felt that he might even be capable of things like bribing the instructor with gifts and red envelopes to prevent Zhang Qiudao from obtaining a driver’s license

While waiting for the bus, Zhang Qiudao noticed Du Shuo emerging from the opposite building. He called Chen Yang’s attention to it, and just as Chen Yang turned to look, Du Shuo glanced over and their eyes met instantly.

Chen Yang smiled and walked over. Du Shuo had just emerged from the building, and for some reason, everyone behind him seemed respectfully to watch him. Walking beside him was a tall, stern-faced man, standing at two meters in height. Chen Yang saw him and, inexplicably, the image of the Five Directional Ghost Emperor with a beard as sharp as a halberd came to mind.

Chen Yang and Du Shuo exchanged a few words, briefly describing their respective situations. Then Chen Yang inquired about the tall man by Du Shuo’s side. Du Shuo said, “His name is Zhou Qi.” He didn’t introduce Chen Yang, but Zhou Qi seemed to know who he was.

As Chen Yang responded with a polite smile, Zhou Qi fixed his gaze on him, his voice resonating like a tolling bell, thunderous and awe-inspiring. “Greetings, Elder Sister-in-law!”

Zhang Qiudao almost choked on his own saliva. Chen Yang, the person in question, chuckled and glanced at Du Shuo, who remained unfazed. “Subordinate,” Du Shuo said. Chen Yang then took out a paper-crafted golden ingot and handed it to Zhou Qi. “A token of our meeting.”

Zhou Qi hesitated to accept it, but Du Shuo said, “If your Elder Sister-in-law gives it to you, then you should accept.”

So Zhou Qi reached out and took the paper-crafted golden ingot. As Chen Yang placed it in Zhou Qi’s hand, he formed a mudra, and the ingot instantly ignited. The next moment, the yellow-gold ingot appeared in Zhou Qi’s hand.

Zhou Qi expressed his gratitude and mentioned that he had other matters to attend to before bidding farewell. Zhang Qiudao glanced between the two and mentioned that he wanted to go to the eSports arena, then left first. Left behind were Chen Yang and Du Shuo. Seeing no one around, Du Shuo reached out and held Chen Yang’s hand, interlocking their fingers. “My car is in the parking lot. Shall we go back together?”

“Okay. How come you’re here?” As they walked toward the parking lot, Chen Yang suddenly remembered this question.

Du Shuo opened the car door, allowing Chen Yang to get in first. Then he returned to the driver’s seat and said, “There have been some incidents in Fengdu recently. Buckle up your seatbelt.”

Chen Yang fastened his seatbelt and asked, “What happened? Is it serious?”

“Some deaths appear to be normal, but there are unusual aspects that have been noticed. An investigation is already underway,” replied Du Shuo. Leaning in, he kissed Chen Yang’s lips and said, “Let’s go.”


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