The Great Collision of Yin and Yang Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Skeleton Under The Clothes 02

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After Chen Yang sorted out various matters and gained some understanding of the assignment, he set off with Mao Xiaoli. They planned to travel together and meet the two celestial masters from the head office who were in charge of accepting the assignment.

Unexpectedly, they were notified that the celestial masters had already reached the Haoyuan Villa area and were instructed to go there on their own. The message carried an air of arrogance, indicating their dissatisfaction with collaborating with the branch office.

Mao Xiaoli expressed her frustration, “It’s like they think we’re not important! We can still accept orders through the APP.”

Chen Yang: “Are you sure we can get an assignment that pays twenty million?”

No, they couldn’t.

One was a sixth-ranked celestial master, while the other had no recognized rank, making them both inexperienced. It would already be considered fortunate if they could receive a two-star assignment.

Although Mao Xiaoli understood, she couldn’t help but feel annoyed. “Brother Chen, aren’t you upset?”

“There’s no need to be upset,” Chen Yang said. “If anyone deserves our frustration, it’s the head office for inexplicably giving them ten million. Personally, I can’t feel angry even if they disrespect me to my face.”

Instead, he felt a great sense of happiness.

Ten million!

Mao Xiaoli’s thoughts also turned to that enormous sum, instantly dissipating any grievances. A silly grin appeared on her face involuntarily. “You know what? If enduring this treatment every day could earn us ten million, I’d gladly do it.”

The Haoyuan Villa area in Shijingshan District was located in a secluded and somewhat remote suburban area.

It was peaceful, with few people around.

The Haoyuan Villa area consisted of approximately forty villas, of which seventeen were occupied by permanent residents. Chen Yang’s employer was not among the permanent residents and might not spend more than a week in this particular villa throughout the year.

Each villa was separated by a distance of ten meters, with grasslands and trees creating a serene boundary between them. Thus, every independent villa exuded a sense of tranquility. Their mission was to identify the demonic spirits haunting among the remaining seventeen permanent residents.

During this period, the demonic would also commit acts of murder.

The task was extremely challenging.

Chen Yang and Mao Xiaoli reached their employer’s villa and pressed the doorbell. After a few minutes, someone finally came to open the door.

Leaning against the door, a beautiful young woman examined Chen Yang with a direct gaze. “Who are you? What brings you here?”

Chen Yang: “We are celestial masters. We have come to ward off evil.”

The young woman’s face momentarily shifted, and a trace of doubt flickered in her eyes. “I apologize, but the celestial masters we hired have already arrived.”

“I know,” Chen Yang nodded. “We are colleagues.”

“I apologize. Please wait for a moment while I inquire.”

Chen Yang nodded, expecting her to invite them inside for further discussion. However, to his surprise, she took out her phone and began making inquiries. Once she confirmed that Chen Yang and Mao Xiaoli were indeed the celestial masters they had hired, the young woman invited them inside.

“I’m Ge Qing. Celestial Master, may I know your name?” Ge Qing felt a sense of goodwill towards Chen Yang.

“I’m Chen Yang. This is Mao Xiaoli,” he introduced.

Ge Qing briefly glanced at Mao Xiaoli and responded with a nonchalant “Oh,” before continuing her conversation with Chen Yang.

They entered the living room and noticed three other young people engaged in casual conversation. Through introductions, Chen Yang discovered that they were Ge Qing’s friends and the true clients who had commissioned their services for this particular incident.

They were a group of university students, and among them was Feng Yuan, the son of the villa’s owner and their ostensible employer. During a trip out of town, they encountered a mischievous spirit that began targeting them. They managed to escape, thinking they were safe, but unfortunately, one of their companions had tragically lost their life.

Chen Yang sat facing the group of young people while Mao Xiaoli stood behind him, keeping a watchful eye on their surroundings.

“I’d like to understand what led to your encounter with the demonic spirits and the circumstances surrounding your friend’s death.” 

Before Feng Yuan could speak a word, another young person abruptly stood up, expressing impatience, “I’m heading back to my room. Let me know during dinner if you need me.”

Chen Yang glanced at him, his gaze calm and unaffected, showing no signs of anger or irritation.

Feng Yuan smiled apologetically and explained, “The deceased was his bestfriend, which has left him in a rather emotional state.”

Chen Yang shook his head gently and reassured them, “It’s alright, don’t worry.”

Except for the young man who had left earlier, the remaining three individuals were cooperative and willing to share their experiences.

When one’s life was at stake, none of the three individuals present wanted to meet an untimely and mysterious end.

As they recounted their story, Chen Yang discovered that Feng Yuan and the others had embarked on a trip to the nearby town of Bulao, not far from the capital, during the Labor Day three weeks ago. The group consisted of four men and two women.

“There’s another person who didn’t come here?”

Apart from the young man who had gone upstairs and the deceased companion, only Feng Yuan, Ge Qing, and Wei Changping remained in the room. When Chen Yang posed the question, both Feng Yuan and Wei Changping turned their gaze towards Ge Qing in unison.

Ge Qing shrugged her shoulders and replied, “Don’t look at me. It’s Ma Qiqi who insists on her own perspective. She firmly believes that we’re playing tricks on her, and I haven’t been able to persuade her otherwise.”

Chen Yang: “What do you mean?”

With a hint of hesitation, Feng Yuan explained, “Ma Qiqi is our classmate and one of the six people who embarked on this journey. However, she doesn’t believe in the existence of spirits and firmly thinks that we are merely trying to prank her.”

“Even in the face of someone’s death, she still refuses to believe?”

“She regards it as an unfortunate accident and hasn’t even seen the body.”

If Ma Qiqi were to lay eyes upon the ghastly remains of their deceased friend, doubt would surely dissipate, replaced by an unwavering belief. The manner in which the departed met their demise was undeniably grotesque and tragic. This very reason prompted Feng Yuan and the rest to seek the guidance of the celestial masters.

“Regardless of her inclination to believe or not, it is necessary to bring her here,” Chen Yang spoke softly, his gaze cast downward.

Leaning against the plush fabric of the sofa, Ge Qing, brimming with curiosity, inquired of Chen Yang, “Master Chen, why is it so?”

Mao Xiaoli returned from her brief excursion and stumbled upon the scene. Goosebumps coursed through her entire body, prompting her to stride forward hastily. She nudged Ge Qing aside, her face adopting a false, amiable grin as she spoke, “Because the demonic spirits have set sights on all of you. Being alone renders one most vulnerable to harm. While ensuring her safety lies beyond the scope of our duty, if you wish to spare her life, it would be wise to deceive her into joining us.”

Chen Yang nodded in agreement, his voice calm. “In this sanctuary, we possess the means to shield and protect her.”

Ge Qing’s smile widened, exuding assurance. “Very well, I assure you I shall successfully coax Ma Qiqi into our arms.”

“I am curious as to why you specifically chose Bulao Town as your destination for the Labor Day holiday.”

Feng Yuan explained, “The town boasts breathtaking scenery, lofty mountains, pristine water sources, and expansive plains. Furthermore, it holds the distinction of being a thousand-year-old ancient town. It was an ideal choice for a nearby and time-efficient vacation destination. Is there any cause for concern?”

Chen Yang’s expression remained impassive as he locked his gaze onto Feng Yuan. “Indeed.”

“What is the matter?”

“I seek to uncover whether it was you who willingly provoked the wrath of the demonic spirits, thereby inviting their retribution, or if you were merely unfortunate victims singled out for attention.”

The words barely escaped Chen Yang’s lips when an instant of discomfort flashed across the faces of Feng Yuan, Ge Qing, and Wei Changping.

Mao Xiaoli furrowed her brow, her displeasure evident. “The question of whether you knowingly courted danger or fell victim to its sinister gaze is of utmost seriousness. I ask you not to entertain any illusions of luck.”

Ge Qing’s face hardened, and she retorted, “We have paid you for your services, entrusting you with the task of resolving this predicament. Why should you concern yourselves with our mental state?”


“Xiaoli,” Chen Yang beckoned Mao Xiaoli to his side, adopting a gentle and friendly tone. “Before we can address any trouble, it is vital to comprehend the causes and effects. This directly affects the safety and well-being of all involved. Those demonic spirits are ruthless and have claimed numerous lives. If your concealment were to inadvertently lead us to underestimate the dangers at hand, it would be your lives that hang in the balance.”

Feng Yuan and the rest wore solemn expressions as they exchanged glances, eventually settling on Feng Yuan to voice their inquiry. “How does this concern us?”

“Demonic spirits are creatures that have transformed into demons through a series of fortuitous encounters and strayed from the righteous path. They commit vile acts in their quest for shortcuts, and their wicked nature is not easily dispelled. Such entity often cling to grudges and seek revenge. If you willingly provoked them, incurring their wrath, they will relentlessly pursue you no matter where you flee until they succeed in claiming your lives. Conversely, if you were merely targeted, the demonic spirits would choose to abandon its pursuit when faced with external obstacles.”

Becoming a demonic spirit was a daunting process, which made them value their own lives. Unless it was absolutely necessary, they would not recklessly risk their existence to hunt down humans. Unless an irreconcilable grudge was formed, they would not rest. Hence, Feng Yuan’s response carried immense weight in relation to their lives.

“Also,” Chen Yang deftly swiped his thumb across the screen, halting on a specific page before presenting the phone to everyone present, “Miyun Haunted House. I believe it was the temptation of this place that drew you to the town of Bulao during the Labor Day holiday.”

The faces of Feng Yuan and the others underwent a subtle transformation, betraying their unease at having their thoughts exposed.

Mao Xiaoli stood on her tiptoes, her curiosity piqued. “Miyun Haunted House? What is it?”

Swiftly grabbing the phone, she scrolled through the pages, then turned her gaze toward Ge Qing, Feng Yuan, and the other. She struggled to find the right words, ultimately shaking her head in frustration. “That’s what annoys me about people like you, who recklessly throw themselves into danger.”

Despite their youth, they showed no regard for the perils that lay ahead.

They were fond of engaging in various supernatural games and venturing into haunted houses, seeking thrills and excitement. But did they ever contemplate the consequences if they were to encounter actual de spirits? Vicious and unrelenting, such spirits would not rest until every single person met their demise.

Miyun Haunted House was a villa situated not far from Bulao Town in the Miyun District. It was one of the reputed “Ten Haunted Houses in the Capital City” circulated on the internet, yet its information remained scarce, described in only a few meager words. In comparison to other haunted houses, it lacked fame and recognition, fading into obscurity.

According to rumors, Miyun Haunted House had been abandoned for a decade and changed residents frequently. It exuded a sinister atmosphere, replete with extreme malevolence.

Feng Yuan forced a wry smile. “We understand we were mistaken.” Shaking his head with a heavy sigh, he lamented, “If only we had known that Lu Nan would meet such a fate, we would have never ventured to Bulao Town.” 

Lu Nan was the sole individual among the six who tragically lost his life. According to available records, he met his demise within his solitary apartment. Presently, all six individuals were considered privileged heirs, belonging to the affluent class.

Apart from residing in the dormitory, Lu Nan had rented an apartment in the city. He used to share it with his girlfriend, but unfortunately, she happened to be away when the incident occurred. The apartment, located on the twentieth floor, remained tightly secured behind locked doors. However, when he was discovered, his body appeared horribly disfigured, as if it had suffered the relentless gnawing of some ferocious creature.

The most terrifying revelation came from the forensic analysis, which determined that the bite marks were inflicted by human teeth. Moreover, Lu Nan’s skin had been gruesomely peeled away while he still drew breath, subjected to a macabre feast before meeting his demise.

It was an undeniably tragic and wretched end.

The more horrifying the manner of death, the more victims the demonic spirit had claimed, indicating its ferocious temperament and heightened strength.

Therefore, Chen Yang approached this assignment with utmost vigilance, refraining from any hint of complacency.

“In truth, it was Lu Nan who initially proposed our expedition to the haunted house in Bulao Town. Being from Miyun District, he had grown up hearing tales of the creepy haunted house in Bulao Town. He had always nurtured a curiosity and longing to visit. After conducting some research and finding it intriguing, little did we anticipate that Lu Nan would be the first to…”

Feng Yuan couldn’t bring himself to continue, visibly overwhelmed by a mix of sorrow and guilt concerning the loss of their companion.

“What did you come across inside that haunted house?”

“Nothing,” Feng Yuan asserted with conviction, “I mean it, we truly encountered nothing! That’s why we left feeling disheartened. It was a total waste of time. Also, during our stay in Bulao Town, not a single anomaly happened. We never imagined we would attract any demonic spirits.”

“Are you absolutely certain there wasn’t even the slightest hint of something amiss?”

Chen Yang was skeptic. Typically, there would be some indications of the supernatural.

Regardless of whether it was spirits, creatures, or wicked entities, they lacked patience when it came to inflicting harm. Usually, they preferred to intimidate their victims, exploiting their disarrayed state of mind as a gateway to infiltrate their beings.

“It’s coming back to me!” Ge Qing suddenly exclaimed, “I just recollected that as we were leaving, Lu Nan appeared extremely unsettled.”

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