The Shadow Guard is also the White Moonlight [Rebirth] Chapter 81

Chapter 81

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“…,” Fu Nian lowered his head, intentionally avoiding the burning gaze directed at him.

How could this have happened? He silently asked himself.

He had wanted to say something to Chu Zhaoyi, but each time he tried, he had failed.

After standing still for a while, Fu Nian suddenly rushed towards Chu Zhaoyi, who was sitting on the bed, and opened his arms, tightly embracing the broad back.

He wasn’t very good at speaking, nor was he skilled at expressing his emotions through words. The white jade-colored prosthetic limb left a deep imprint on his back, and Fu Nian held on tightly, refusing to let go.

In the silence, Fu Nian felt warmth against his lower back.

It was positioned just right in the small of his back.

The moment his waist was touched, Fu Nian couldn’t help but shudder slightly and loosened his grip on Chu Zhaoyi’s back, allowing a bit of space.

“Ah Nian?”

Chu Zhaoyi’s voice was very gentle, like a breeze brushing over his ears, tingling to the depths of his heart.

“I’m sorry, it was impolite of me to embrace you without permission,” Fu Nian said, but the hand on Chu Zhaoyi’s back actually tightened, showing no signs of self-awareness regarding his lack of etiquette.

This was the first time he had initiated such a hug with Chu Zhaoyi while he was conscious.

The warmth was comforting, the scent of incense on his clothing was pleasant, and there was the skin beneath his collar…

“Over these years, it was my negligence and stubbornness that led to me leaving without permission, causing you to suffer…” After a long pause, Fu Nian finally managed to organize his thoughts and hesitantly began speaking. However, before he could finish, the hand on his waist suddenly exerted more pressure.

In the second half of his sentence, Fu Nian couldn’t help but grit his teeth, but he still couldn’t control himself and let out a faint sob.

“There’s no need for apologies. We were both at fault in the past, so for all the time we have left in this lifetime, we should redeem ourselves to each other, entangle ourselves, and not part until death…”

“…,” Fu Nian had just wanted to respond, but before he could say anything, a warm breath gently brushed against his lips.

The scent of herbs was strong.

The soft and skillful tongue first explored the area around his lips, and once it received consent, it slyly pried open the gap between his teeth, launching a relentless invasion into the deeper recesses of his mouth.

Attending to every sensitive nerve, it guided him into a shared descent.

This was the first time Fu Nian had been kissed with such pure intentions, and the technique was primarily aimed at pleasing him.

In the past, Chu Zhaoyi had only taken the initiative to request a kiss when they were emotionally entangled, and even then, it had been brief.

“Chu…” After a moment of catching his breath, Fu Nian still hadn’t managed to utter a word, and the profound, lingering kiss once again came forward, even more domineering this time, seizing his breath.

The tongue was very agile, and coupled with occasional light nibbling, soon Fu Nian’s vision began to blur. His limbs also gradually lost their strength, and the arms that were originally tightly wrapped around Chu Zhaoyi’s back turned weakly and pushed between the narrow gap between them.

Before his weak hands could push a few times, they were suddenly grabbed and reversed behind him.

The prosthetic limb was slender, and one hand could easily restrain his upper body.

Fu Nian couldn’t move, but he couldn’t escape the intense kiss in front of him either.

He was starting to suffocate…

His hands were immobilized, and Fu Nian could only slightly twist his suppressed body, protesting that he needed to breathe.

However, Chu Zhaoyi paid no attention to his protests.

“Let go…” Fu Nian’s cheeks turned red due to the difficulty in breathing, and he whimpered softly in protest.

He was really starting to suffocate…

As his restrained hands gradually lost strength, Fu Nian stopped struggling.

Even if Chu Zhaoyi really wanted him to die, he shouldn’t have any complaints.

Thinking like this, Fu Nian gradually felt his breath being cut off, and the feeling of drowsiness from lack of oxygen spread throughout his body.


Without warning, it felt like something in his brain exploded, like a burst of white fireworks, occupying all his thinking abilities.

His body involuntarily stiffened, and he felt light as if floating.

“——!” Fu Nian gritted his teeth, forced to accept this unfamiliar yet pleasurable sensation.

In an instant, the right to breathe was returned to him, but the feeling of being weightless still lingered.

Fu Nian unconsciously gasped for breath, unable to think and unable to see what was in front of him.

What is this… It took a long time to regain a slight sense of gravity lying on the couch, gradually recovering the ability to think.

His vision gradually cleared. Before Fu Nian could utter a word, he only saw Chu Zhaoyi grabbing his collar, like a wild beast hunting its prey, fiercely pulling it in the opposite direction.

Immediately afterward, the fine kisses first attached to his protruding Adam’s apple, gently licking the delicate skin, and then suddenly biting lightly.

Fu Nian gritted his teeth.

He couldn’t speak, and every time he tried to make a sound, only meaningless syllables came out of his mouth.

When did Chu Zhaoyi learn these things…?

He didn’t have time to think; he could only try to accept this unfamiliar sensation as smoothly as possible.

The soft kisses gradually moved downward, and when he felt the scattered kisses lingering on his right thigh, Fu Nian struggled to raise his head.

Although there was a prosthetic limb on his right thigh, the abruptly ending flesh and bone were still very obvious.

Hidden beneath clothing for years, the skin was fair and smooth, with a few scars that only added to its beauty.

Fu Nian looked at Chu Zhaoyi in astonishment, who was devoutly kissing his prosthetic limb.

It was as if he were savoring a delicious fruit, and each bite was extremely meticulous.

In the past, even when they slept together, Chu Zhaoyi didn’t like to see his prosthetic limb.

Although he had never said anything to express disgust, Fu Nian understood that most people found his prosthetic limb disgusting and strange. Over time, Fu Nian would instinctively hide his prosthetic limb in front of Chu Zhaoyi and only use his intact limbs to touch him.

“Don’t… don’t look,” Fu Nian subconsciously tried to retract his right leg’s prosthetic limb, but it was forcefully pulled back.

“Why?” Chu Zhaoyi didn’t give him a chance to hide, his gaze still fixed on the incomplete prosthetic limb.

The more you’re told not to look, the more you want to look.

The fair skin, after being kissed, had a faint reddish tinge and a subtle luster. The bite marks oozed blood, indicating the beast’s actions.

“It’s… it’s unsightly—”

“Clearly, it’s quite beautiful.” Chu Zhaoyi interrupted him. After speaking, he bent down again and lightly kissed the skin at the site of the prosthetic limb, the corner of his lips curling up slightly as he looked up at Fu Nian.

Praise was showered upon the damaged parts of the body, and the blood throughout his whole body seemed to rush to his cheeks.

This baseless shame prompted Fu Nian to instinctively pull his leg back.

However, the more he avoided, the more fervent the kisses on his prosthetic limb became.

Chu Zhaoyi even deliberately made sounds that made one’s face turn red and heart race.

Unable to hide, Fu Nian decided not to look and grabbed the blanket, turning his head to bury it in the bedding.

But even with his eyes covered, the sensation on his body was even more sensitive than when he could see.

Realizing this, Fu Nian hurriedly tried to move the blanket away.

However, before he could do so, warm palms suddenly covered his eyes.

“Since you don’t want to look, why don’t I help you cover them?” A demonic whisper suddenly sounded next to his ear.

Fu Nian had no time to resist, and his eyes were suddenly bound by an inescapable restraint, completely depriving him of his vision.

His hands were also somehow restrained, and he couldn’t break free.

His clothes were still hanging on him, and Fu Nian became anxious, fearing that Chu Zhaoyi might impulsively see his smooth abdomen.

“Sir, I’m not feeling well today, I can’t let you—”

Fu Nian didn’t finish speaking before he bit his lips.

Today, it seemed that Chu Zhaoyi intended to silence him. Although he didn’t say it explicitly, his actions completely prevented Fu Nian from uttering meaningful words.

“It’s okay, Ah Nian, if you don’t want to, I won’t force you.”

When his senses had a gap, Fu Nian faintly heard Chu Zhaoyi’s ethereal voice gradually entering his ears, making everything feel unreal.

“But last time, Ah Nian said that my speaking would make you angry, so I’ll clear my name today…”

Fu Nian couldn’t clearly hear the voices that followed.

He only felt the reality of every nerve in his body.

Chu Zhaoyi didn’t ask for reasons, and he genuinely didn’t force him to do anything.

However, the more it was like this, the more terrified Fu Nian became. Although he couldn’t see, he could always sense what Chu Zhaoyi was doing, and it made him feel more and more anxious. 

In the past, only he would kneel before Chu Zhaoyi like this…

“Why won’t you make a sound?”

“Ah Nian?”

“…Is there something wrong with your husband?”


With gritted teeth, Fu Nian continued to hear Chu Zhaoyi calling his name in a state of restraint.

It started with gentle inquiries, but then the questioning became more oppressive. Afterward, it turned into demanding questions with increasing intensity.

Throughout, he remained silent, apprehensively enduring the unusual intimacy and cruelty intertwined with Chu Zhaoyi’s actions.

Suddenly, the restraint on his eyes was lifted. 

His eye sockets were noticeably red, either from the fabric pressing against them or for some other reason. His eyes were filled with bloodshot veins and glistening tears.

“Ah Nian…” Chu Zhaoyi looked at Fu Nian, who looked thoroughly tormented, and was momentarily at a loss for words.

Last time, Fu Nian had been like this, enduring everything silently, except for occasionally cursing Chu Zhaoyi. But he had persevered and kept quiet.

This time was no different. Many times, Chu Zhaoyi could clearly hear him grumbling in his throat, but he continued to keep silent.

As time went on, Chu Zhaoyi couldn’t restrain himself any longer. He became a bit rougher, hoping to make Fu Nian speak.

Unexpectedly, when he uncovered Fu Nian’s eyes, tears had already started flowing, but he still clenched his teeth.

Fu Nian took a while to compose himself and whispered, “Before, didn’t you always want me to be quiet?”

He then turned his head and used the blanket to hide the tears at the corner of his eyes.

“You’ve said many times before that you not only don’t want to see this face but also don’t want to hear any sound. Whenever I made a sound in the sleeping palace, you would reprimand me,” Fu Nian continued, “Just now, you covered my face and eyes…”

“Now you’re forcing me to speak…”

“No, Ah Nian,” Chu Zhaoyi hadn’t expected Fu Nian to think like this, and he was flustered for a moment.

He shouldn’t have been so rough on Ah Nian earlier.

But seeing Ah Nian trying to evade, unable to resist his orders, and the mixed expressions of fear and pleasure, as well as the soft groaning, he couldn’t help but be a bit rougher.

Chu Zhaoyi lowered his head and looked at the bruises and fresh bloodstains on Fu Nian’s body.

He could swear that earlier, he had only lost control slightly.

Just slightly.

Chu Zhaoyi hadn’t figured out how to apologize yet, when he heard Fu Nian’s subdued voice, filled with a touch of a sob, apologizing, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you, didn’t mean to lose control, I shouldn’t have in your mouth…”

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