The Shadow Guard is also the White Moonlight [Rebirth] Chapter 85

Chapter 85

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“Let’s not talk about Ah Nian’s pulse for now. What I mean is, I’ve never favored any palace maids in the palace. How could someone become pregnant with my child?” Chu Zhaoyi’s face changed drastically upon hearing about the pregnancy.

“My meaning is that Lord Fu is the one who is pregnant. I’m afraid my previous explanation may have caused a misunderstanding, but it’s not any of the palace maids,” Physician Xu clarified.

Chu Zhaoyi remained silent, still puzzled.

He glanced at his little royal uncle not far away, whose expression wasn’t any clearer.

Seeing the two lords remaining silent, Physician Xu continued, “In other words, Lord. Fu has discovered something unusual with his body. He has visited two different civilian clinics recently. The first visit was three months ago, and the most recent one was just a few days ago. The conclusion is that he is currently four months pregnant, and his physical structure is slightly different from an ordinary man. While it’s extremely rare for a man to become pregnant, it’s not without precedent.”

Chu Zhaoyi took some time to process the information and gradually emerged from his state of complete bewilderment.

His expression transitioned from one of neutrality to sheer astonishment and disbelief.

“Could you repeat that?” he asked.

“It’s absolutely true. Lord Fu is indeed pregnant,” Physician Xu repeated. “Lord Fu should be aware of it himself. Some time ago, he visited a clinic and inquired about terminating the pregnancy, but he eventually obtained some medications to sustain it… When I mentioned this, I recalled hearing earlier that Lord Fu had mentioned during his visit that his master despises such situations and wanted to get rid of the child. Your Majesty, please forgive my bluntness in the following words.”

Chu Zhaoyi’s tone shifted from being completely flat to a hint of excitement. His lips curled involuntarily, and his dragon robes couldn’t contain his excited hands, which were nervously fidgeting under the table. He completely ignored the earlier statement that Fu Nian wanted to get rid of the child. “Go on.”

Physician Xu sighed and wore an expression that seemed to say, “You shouldn’t be so happy.” “Lord Fu mentioned that you detest the idea of a man being pregnant. If you knew, you would probably take measures to terminate the child or send Lord Fu away. Adding to the fact that discussing a male pregnancy is extremely sensitive, he wanted to send the child away in advance. Earlier, when I saw Lord Fu, his physical appearance hadn’t changed significantly, but according to the physician at the clinic, his abdominal region was visibly rounded. I’d like to advise you—”

Before Physician Xu could finish his sentence, Ze Wang interjected, “Your Majesty, although the idea of a man being pregnant is indeed unusual and difficult to accept, you can’t act in such a way! Lord Fu has been by your side for many years, and regardless of your feelings, you can’t take such extreme actions!”

“I haven’t!” Chu Zhaoyi had never imagined that things would take such a dramatic turn. “When did I say I wanted to take such extreme measures?”

After shouting, Chu Zhaoyi took a moment to recall Fu Nian’s recent strange behaviors.

First, he had hidden the erotic paintings that he had never shown any interest in before… At that time, he had indeed mentioned that the male pregnancy depicted in those books was disgusting.

Later, he asked him about his attitude towards an imperial heir… At that time, he had said that he despised children and that the royal lineage could continue through collateral branches.

“I must have misunderstood… misspoke,” Chu Zhaoyi said after shouting, and he suddenly appeared somewhat regretful.

Afterward, Chu Zhaoyi noticed his little royal uncle’s gaze becoming even sharper.

“Physician Xu, let’s talk privately,” Chu Zhaoyi said, then couldn’t contain his excitement and hurriedly stood up, walking briskly toward the exit of the study.

Once in a secluded corner, after he’d calmed down from his initial excitement, Chu Zhaoyi settled down to listen attentively to Physician Xu.

“It should have been four months ago when Ah Nian’s arm was broken by the Imperial Guards. During this period, he became aware of the situation. But how could I have guessed that… If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have allowed him to leave the palace and find that old man, and he wouldn’t have suffered such severe burns. I would have taken care of things much sooner,” Chu Zhaoyi answered honestly when questioned by the physician.

After his response, he couldn’t help but feel a bit frustrated.

It wasn’t frustration directed at Fu Nian, but rather frustration at his own sluggishness.

If Fu Nian was indeed pregnant, he had carried the burden of this secret for quite some time. From the inexplicable pain to the fear upon learning the truth, he had borne it all alone while also fulfilling his duties as a Shadow Guard, staying up late and waking up early to handle the daily trivial matters in the palace.

In the biting cold, Chu Zhaoyi listened earnestly to Physician Xu’s lengthy explanation, continuously reflecting on his own words and how to phrase his upcoming meeting with Fu Nian.

After returning from the Ministry of Punishments, Fu Nian saw that the lights were still on in the study. He headed to his own room, intending to remove the bandages wrapped around his abdomen. Suddenly, a knock at the door echoed from outside.

Fu Nian hastily put on his lightweight armor and went to open the door.

Seeing that it was Physician Xu, Fu Nian breathed a sigh of relief. “Please come in. Why are you visiting so late?”

“Lord Fu, I’m here to check your pulse,” Physician Xu explained. “The recent records of your pulse patterns were lost by a young medicine child who was playing around, and I need to compile a report for His Majesty tomorrow. That’s why I came to visit so late to update your records.”

“Alright,” Fu Nian said, inviting the physician to sit across from him. He extended his hand as requested.

As he watched Physician Xu checking his pulse and scribbling on a piece of paper, Fu Nian suddenly heard him say, “Lord Fu, why haven’t you told the Emperor about your pregnancy?”

Fu Nian was taken aback. “What?”

He suspected he had misheard. After all, during his previous visit, the palace physician had failed to notice anything unusual and had even dismissed the idea of pregnancy following Fu Nian’s words.

How had his medical skills suddenly improved so dramatically?

“You are over four months pregnant, and you are aware of it. Previously, you consulted and obtained medicine from a civilian clinic in the capital,” Physician Xu continued.

He panicked instantly and interrupted, “How do you know?”

“I’m acquainted with that physician, and your physical signs are quite distinctive. Just from our brief interaction, I knew it was you,” the physician explained. He glanced at Fu Nian’s prosthetic limb and his well-built physique. “I’ve just informed His Majesty. He said—”

Fu Nian didn’t wait for Physician Xu to finish speaking; he heard the words “informed His Majesty.”

In an instant, he leaped up from his seat. “I must go.” Then, he rushed out of the room.

“Lord Fu, please—”

“Gao Gonggong, hurry…”

His first instinct was to run.

That was the only escape plan he could think of.

The voices behind him gradually faded, and Fu Nian finally stopped on the rooftop.

The narrow gap under the eaves was too small for him to enter.

How had Chu Zhaoyi found out…

His heart raced, and his mind was filled with thoughts of what to do next.

Chu Zhaoyi detested the peculiar concept of male pregnancy and disliked children. If he were to discover…

In the past, Chu Zhaoyi’s severe methods for dealing with traitors, including ruthless extermination, were just the basics. Fu Nian had witnessed all of it firsthand, sometimes even becoming the executioner himself.

Although he wasn’t a traitor.

Fu Nian didn’t have time to dwell on this further. He surveyed his surroundings and sought the nearest exit from the palace.

He needed to find a place to hide and send a message to Chu Zhaoyi, discussing how to handle this unwelcome child.

The cracks he used to slip through were now barely passable, and even moving swiftly across the rooftops wasn’t particularly agile.

Suddenly, Fu Nian noticed the sounds of Shadow Guards moving in the southeast direction.

There were also movements in the southwest.

Fu Nian quickly lowered himself, attempting to discreetly observe their actions.

However, as soon as he crouched down, his attention was diverted by the violent commotion inside his belly.

“Don’t make noise!” Fu Nian hissed softly, addressing the unexpected turmoil inside him. “At least not now! Ancestor, please, I beg you!”

However, his reprimand seemed to have the opposite effect.

His sudden outburst only intensified the struggles and protests coming from his belly. The baby inside was kicking vigorously.

Fu Nian dared not move recklessly, afraid that any sudden jumps or struggles might provoke further agitation from the baby. He had no choice but to wait quietly until the baby tired itself out.

Suddenly, Fu Nian felt someone approaching from behind.

He realized that he had underestimated his situation and was about to stand up to resume his escape. However, the baby inside him protested once again.

In his moment of hesitation, an arm swiftly encircled his chest from behind, restraining his movements and pulling him backward forcefully.


Fu Nian thought he was about to fall onto the cold stone pavement or shingles, however, instead of the expected pain, he felt the touch of warm clothing and the sensation of strong muscles.

It was soft, not painful at all, and the baby inside him didn’t seem to be affected.

“Fu Nian!” came a deep, gravelly voice from behind, with a hint of annoyance. “Why are you running?”

Lying against the warm chest, pinned from the front, and unable to move, Fu Nian felt like a captured wildcat, struggling helplessly to kick his legs in an attempt to break free.

So fierce… it seemed like someone was angry…

It’s over…

With this thought in mind, Fu Nian’s limbs flailed even more vigorously.

However, his hands were immediately captured and forcefully lifted over his head.

“Ah Nian!” Chu Zhaoyi controlled Fu Nian’s wrists with one hand and held him firmly against his chest with the other. “The physician has already spoken. You… You’ve known for so long, why did you run around like this? Do you think I’m going to eat you?”

The commotion in his belly and the dual pressure on his body gradually made Fu Nian give up struggling. He obediently leaned against Chu Zhaoyi.

Once he stopped struggling, the restraints on his wrists loosened.

Chu Zhaoyi didn’t speak right away. Instead, he began to unfasten Fu Nian’s armor with his hands, then slipped under his clothes.


Fu Nian hadn’t finished his sentence when he felt the tight cloth binding his abdomen being unraveled. He could breathe more easily, and the little one inside him stopped stirring.

“Fu Nian, you—” Chu Zhaoyi had originally heard from the physician that Fu Nian might have used strips of cloth to conceal his pregnancy, making it almost impossible to detect. He had his doubts since it seemed unbearable for anyone to tightly bind their abdomen, especially when pregnant and needing to move freely.


Chu Zhaoyi pulled out the crumpled fabric, took several deep breaths to suppress his urge to yell, and leaned in to whisper in Fu Nian’s ear, “Are you stupid? Can’t you take care of your own body? Why didn’t you say anything?”

After hearing this, Fu Nian suddenly turned his head. Even though his body was immobilized, he stared straight into Chu Zhaoyi’s eyes, his eye sockets and the corners of his lips trembling slightly, and his voice changing, “You were the one who said it first, that this kind of thing is disgusting, and you dislike children. I’ve been hiding it all this time to spare your feelings!”

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