The Sword Named No Way Out Chapter 27

Chapter 27

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A quarter of an hour ago.

Wen Xiuyang stood at the end of the stone steps, gesturing politely, “Young Master, forgive me for only sending you here.”

The sons of the Yuchi family were known for their resilience. Yuchi Xiao was hit by two sword lights and didn’t die. After spitting out some blood, he managed to get up. Just as he was about to walk towards the east, he suddenly stopped, “Brother Wen.”

“What is it?”

Yuchi Xiao seemed to ponder for a moment before saying, “Sect Master Xu holds a high position and outer disciples are indeed insignificant. But the Law Flower Immortal has passed away, and no one should become a substitute for the deceased. So in the future, I will still try my best to prevent this matter. If Brother Wen has the chance, I suggest you do the same.”

But Wen Xiuyang sneered, “Prevent?”

He suddenly changed the subject, “—I see you’re heading straight for Ding Xian Ling, aren’t you?”

Yuchi Xiao countered, “What else?”

“But if I’m not mistaken, Sword Sect Master clearly instructed you to pay respects at the Yejinmen and stay indoors, to ensure your own safety.”

Yuchi Xiao replied impatiently, “If your family’s Sect Master Xu were in trouble, could you rest assured to stay indoors at the Cangyang Sect?”

“I could.” Wen Xiuyang raised an eyebrow at him and said, “Young Master, I don’t know how the Yuchi Xiao family educates its disciples—your temperament probably wouldn’t have developed without some special treatment. But in the Cangyang Sect, we disciples will never question any decision of the Sect Master, even if the sky falls down.”

Yuchi Xiao was almost amused by him, “You’re really something…”

“Besides, it’s too late. Since sixteen years ago, it’s been clear that no one can persuade anyone.” Wen Xiuyang said lightly, “If you want to blame someone, blame why Xiang Xiaoyuan had to associate with Law Flower Immortal!”

Yuchi Xiao was speechless, shaking his head after a while, “Brother Wen, it seems we really can’t agree on anything. See you next time at the Cangyang Sect. I’m leaving!”

He turned around and left, while Wen Xiuyang shouted after him, “Young Master, if you want to seek death, feel free to come back in the future!”

At this moment, Yuchi Xiao just wanted to hurry to Ding Ling. He was ready to fly away on his sword, but upon hearing this, he couldn’t help but turn back, “Wen Xiuyang, you’re just…”

The next moment, he froze.

From the tree behind Wen Xiuyang, a figure silently descended, head facing the ground and feet towards the sky, his left hand gesturing for silence, while his right hand held a brick.

It was Gong Wei.

Yuchi Xiao: “…”

Wen Xiuyang: “?”

As the top disciple of the Cangyang Sect, Wen Xiuyang was extremely alert. In an instant, doubts arose in his mind. Just as he was about to turn back to look, Yuchi Xiao blurted out, “Brother Wen!!”

Wen Xiuyang instinctively paused.

The two stared at each other, and Yuchi Xiao quickly came up with an idea, “Brother Wen… what do you like to eat?”


From Wen Xiuyang’s expression, he probably thought his ears were malfunctioning, “What did you say?”

“I… I’m asking what you like to eat.” Yuchi Xiao didn’t know how to make a face, he blurted out, “Brother Wen, you see, we’ve known each other for a long time, there’s a bond between us, it’s only right to be generous. Next time I visit the Cangyang Sect, I’ll bring you a gift…”

Wen Xiuyang was probably so well-mannered that he didn’t roll his eyes on the spot, “Idiot.” Then he turned and walked away.

Yuchi Xiao: “No!!”

Wen Xiuyang: “?!”

All the tragedies happened in that instant.

Gong Wei, who had originally swung the brick to smash Wen Xiuyang’s head, suddenly flew over and couldn’t stop, hitting Wen Xiuyang’s face with the brick!

With a loud and horrific sound, Wen Xiuyang was thrown several meters away, falling on his back with his face up, blood gushing from his nose, and a clear brick mark on his unconscious handsome face.

Clang! The brick fell directly to the ground from Gong Wei’s hand.

Yuchi Xiao: “…………”

Gong Wei: “…………”

The atmosphere was as heavy as a funeral, the two stared at each other blankly, their expressions blank.

Then, the unconscious Wen Xiuyang on the ground twitched!

“Hahaha, Brother Wen, let’s call it quits here. Let’s make an appointment for another drink next time!!” Yuchi Xiao rushed up in one step, picked up the scabbard, and bang! Smashed it on Wen Xiuyang’s head again, causing him to fly up like a bullet, spitting out blood again, and finally stopped moving.

“…” Yuchi Xiao asked nervously, “Did he die?”

Gong Wei tentatively checked his breathing, “He, he’s not dead. At least he’s in the late Golden Core stage, how could he die?”

Wen Xiuyang, the top disciple of the Cangyang Sect and the outer disciple of Sect Master Xu, lay unconscious on the ground, face up, limbs spread out, with a clear red mark on his face, perfectly imprinted on his unconscious handsome face.

The two assailants looked at each other, then turned their gaze to the quiet gold brick on the ground. Yuchi Xiao swallowed his saliva, “What kind of artifact is this?”

Gong Wei said nervously, “Oh, it’s a piece from Sect Master Xu’s bedroom, hahaha.”

At that moment, he could almost see what Yuchi Xiao was thinking: Even a randomly pried gold brick from the bedroom contained such profound spiritual power, how powerful would Sect Master Xu himself be?!

At this moment, voices came from afar, surprisingly several patrol disciples, “What was that sound just now?” “Didn’t Brother Wen say he’d be back in a quarter?” “It seems like Sect Master is calling Junior Brother Xiang over.”…..

Yuchi Xiao’s first reaction was to run away, but Gong Wei suddenly rushed up and grabbed him desperately, “Young hero, wait! Take me with you!!”

Yuchi Xiao panicked, “Are you looking to die? I’m going to Ding Xian Ling!”

“How can we, close friends and dao companions, not face life and death together?!”

“Who the h*ll said we’re dao companions?!”

“If you’re not my dao companion, what are you doing specifically coming to see me?!”

“Who said I wanted to see you! I was just—”

“Huh?” A patrol disciple suddenly noticed something, “Seems like there’s someone over there?”

The two froze instantly, like they’d been struck by lightning.

In the next moment, the bushes rustled, and a patrol disciple walked towards them, “Ah, Junior Brother Xiang! What’s going on…”

Before he could finish his words, Yuchi Xiao suddenly grabbed Gong Wei, soared into the sky on his sword, and flew away like his butt was on fire.

“Ah! Brother Wen!” Behind them, chaos erupted, and shouts from the disciples could be heard from afar, “Brother Wen, wake up! Are you okay?!” “Someone, come quick!” “Help!!”

The chaos grew fainter and fainter until it turned into a tiny dot, and Yuchi Xiao and Gong Wei simultaneously retracted their stretched necks, their faces still showing traces of fear. Then they glared at each other in unison:

“Why are you here?”

“…” Gong Wei retorted angrily, “What else? Stay at Xuanji Hall and wait to die? By the way, why did you come to Cangyang Sect to act crazy?!”

Yuchi Xiao blurted out, “Isn’t it because…” but then stopped abruptly.

Gong Wei asked suspiciously, “Because of what?”

Yuchi Xiao’s expression was very strange, as if he wanted to say something but hesitated.

After a while, he averted his gaze and suddenly asked, “Has Sect Master Xu shown any strange behavior towards you these days?”

Gong Wei thought, Young hero, you really understand Sect Master Xu. His attitude isn’t just strange, it’s never normal for even a single moment. “Not really, why?”

Yuchi Xiao immediately denied, “It’s nothing.”

Then he hesitated and couldn’t help but ask, “Has Sect Master Xu ever said that he thinks you resemble Law Flower Immortal, or has he ever treated you as… that… substitute for Law Flower Immortal?”

The last two words were extremely difficult for him to say, and after saying them, he quickly looked at Gong Wei’s expression, unsure if he didn’t understand or if he understood too well.

“…” Gong Wei was dumbfounded, pointing at himself and asking, “Substitute?”

Yuchi Xiao nodded cautiously.

Gong Wei stared at him with a completely new expression, as if he had just seen a patient with hysteria, and finally asked from the bottom of his heart:

“And he still lets me live until now?!”

The entire Immortal Alliance knew about Sect Master Xu’s glorious record of killing and slaughtering, so Gong Wei held back his true thoughts. In fact, what he was thinking was: And he still lets me keep my whole body intact?!

“It’s not like that. Actually, since I came back from Peach Blossom Village, I’ve felt…” Yuchi Xiao stopped again, as if he didn’t know how to put it. After a long while, he sighed heavily and waved his hand, “Forget it, it’s good that you don’t understand.”

Gong Wei thought, If young disciples’ minds are similar to yours now, it might actually be a good thing that I don’t understand.

“But since you’ve come out, you absolutely can’t go back to Cangyang Sect now.” Yuchi Xiao thought for a moment and said, “I have to rush to Ding Xian Ling to support Lord Sword Sect Master. Only disciples are left to guard the Yejinmen. Even if someone sends you back, it won’t help. Sect Master Xu will probably come to demand answers in person. We’ll have to make arrangements for your whereabouts later. I think it’s better to find a cave to hide you for now. Anyway, until Sect Master Xu figures this out, you must stay away from him!”

At this point, Gong Wei immediately became spirited, “Don’t worry, I’ll follow you through fire and water, Young Hero!”

Yuchi Xiao decisively vetoed, “You’re not allowed to follow me! I said Ding Xian Ling is very dangerous!”

“Aren’t you going to Ding Xian Ling to find Sword Sect Master?”

“What does it have to do with you?”

“It’s definitely related to me!” Gong Wei grabbed Yuchi Xiao’s hand earnestly and said, “We’re dao companions, your uncle is my uncle—no, even closer than a real uncle! How can I stand by and watch our uncle get into danger without doing anything?!”

Yuchi Xiao blushed furiously, “Who is your uncle! Who said we’re dao companions?!”

The two wrestled on the Gouchen Sword, pulling each other’s faces and teeth. At this moment, the light ahead suddenly became intense, so bright that both of them saw nothing but white, and Yuchi Xiao suddenly turned his head to look.

He saw a huge and majestic Great Vehicle Seal formation, square-shaped and towering like a city wall, right in front of them. It was different from its previous appearance; it now looked like a transparent wall flowing with dazzling golden light, standing between heaven and earth, enveloping the vast Dai Mountain mountain range.

The Immortal Alliance was here!

Gong Wei immediately looked at the rare appearance of the Great Vehicle Seal imprint formation that hadn’t been seen for a hundred years and said, “Quick, change direction! Don’t—”

But his words were too slow compared to Yuchi Xiao’s actions.

Before the words “forcefully break through” could be spoken, Yuchi Xiao broke free and, without waiting to hear clearly, kicked Gong Wei into the air. He didn’t have time to react before Yuchi Xiao flew into the air with his Gouchen Sword, heading straight for the Dai Mountain area!

With a long whistling sound, Gong Wei fell freely towards the ground, blankly watching Yuchi Xiao rush towards the formation.

“…” Then he covered his eyes in horror, unable to bear to witness the inevitable bloody scene.

At that moment, someone rushed towards him like a shooting star from behind. With a precise grab in mid-air, the person caught Gong Wei and brought him onto another immortal sword.

From Gong Wei’s perspective, all he could see was the flowing black sleeves of the person, who then firmly held him in front and spoke with a concerned yet gentle voice, “Are you okay?”

This voice was unexpectedly familiar, and Gong Wei wondered for a moment before he could turn his head to see who it was. But before he could, he saw Yuchi Xiao riding his Gouchen Sword, charging towards the Dai Mountain area like a blazing golden flame. As expected, the earth-shattering—


The Great Vehicle Seal imprint formation had somehow turned into an impenetrable wall. Yuchi Xiao, who was supposed to pierce through it, crashed head-on into it, sending him flying out along with his sword!

“…” Gong Wei and the person behind him both turned their heads simultaneously, watching Yuchi Xiao draw a high arc in the sky, flying over their heads and crashing into the distant mountains, startling countless birds into flight.

After a while, Gong Wei managed to squeeze out a sentence, “…He’s not dead, right?”

The voice behind him was full of uncertainty, “…Probably not.”

Finally, Gong Wei had the chance to turn around and get a clear look at the person, but at the next moment, he froze.

It was a very beautiful-looking young man who appeared to be eighteen or nineteen years old, with a calm and composed demeanor. He wore white clothes with a black robe, exuding a gentle aura, and tied his jet-black long hair with a snowy white ribbon.

His attire was extremely simple overall, but at the end of the hair tie was embroidered a discreet and inconspicuous laurel leaf, embroidered with pure gold thread.

The appearance of a gold thread on a outfit indicated above the three zongs, and a direct lineage.

Finally, Gong Wei remembered why he had an impression of this person.

It happened half a year before his death. One day, the disciples’ murmurs spread throughout the entire Chengshu Palace: “Hey, hey, have you heard? The Sect Master of Iron Sect actually sent his own younger brother to Chengshu Palace!” “How big of a mess did he stir up?” “It is said that he abused family slaves, with extremely brutal methods, causing public criticism…” “Wait, isn’t it just a family slave?”

“Bai Xian is my servant. Naturally, I can treat him as I wish.”

In front of Chengshu Palace, a handsome young man in black clothes and purple sash stood with his hands behind his back, facing the gazes of everyone with an indifferent air, as if he was just taking a leisurely stroll. After a pause, he lazily said, “Although it’s unnecessary for outsiders to meddle, since even the Chengshu Palace has been alarmed, then I’ll make a concession.”

He turned his head and smiled, “Bai Xian, they want me to let you go.”

A slender figure kneeling in the backlight, looking fragile as if a gust of wind could break it, bowed its head deeply in deep and fearful submission.

“You once said you liked me and swore never to leave me, didn’t you?”

Under the gaze of everyone, the kneeling figure trembled, and visible despair almost overflowed with the trembling, “Please… don’t… don’t drive me away, Second Young Master…”

But the young man above laughed.

His features were very three-dimensional and profound. This smile, under normal circumstances, would be enough to make countless female disciples of the immortal sect blush. But at this moment, it carried a chilling and ruthless cruelty that made people shudder.

“Is that so?” He said with a smile.

“Then why don’t you cut open your chest and let me take a look at your heart?”

Gong Wei lowered his gaze and sighed silently.

“Are you a disciple of the Cangyang Sect? You’re causing quite a stir. Why did you come here?” The young man had a soft accent, so even his reprimand sounded gentle. Then he glanced at the distant mountain forest shrouded in haze. “This place is dangerous. You can’t stay here for long. Quickly follow me.” 

As he spoke, he turned the direction of his immortal sword downwards, but Gong Wei in front of him raised his head and asked, “Who are you?” 

The young man paused for a moment, realizing he hadn’t introduced himself in his haste. Surprisingly, he didn’t mind being addressed in such a manner by an ordinary outer disciple. He humbly bowed with clasped hands, performing a respectful gesture, and apologized, “I am a disciple of the Iron Sect, named Bai Xian.” 


The Iron Sect. 

It is said that among the One Men, Two Zun, and Three Zong, the Sword Sect undoubtedly ranks first with its unquestionable strength. Next comes Mu Duozhu of the Golden Boat Medical Sect, who possesses deep qualifications. Then there is the Iron Sect, led by Changsun Chengfeng, renowned for its mastery in military affairs, construction, and mechanical arts. 

The similarity between the Iron Sect and the Sword Sect lies in the fact that both were founded by unparalleled grandmasters of their time, who elevated their respective families to the position of one of the six major immortal families. After becoming a prestigious family, they recruited disciples widely, seeking exceptional talents and treasures of heaven and earth. Only then could they produce descendants who could rival their ancestors, thus passing down the title of “Three Zong” through their generations.

The Changsun family lived up to their reputation as a powerful force. Upon seeing the manifestation of the Great Vehicle Seal, they immediately dispatched a large number of people to rush over and set up a camp at the foot of Dai Mountain. Gong Wei followed Bai Xian as they landed on the ground with their swords, only to see Yuchi Xiao had already been respectfully brought back from the mountains by the Changsun family disciples. This earthly fortress was indeed not to be underestimated. After enduring two powerful attacks, one from Xu Shuangce’s sword light and another from the platinum Great Vehicle Seal, Yuchi Xiao hadn’t died yet. He rubbed his bruised forehead and weakly asked, “Isn’t the Great Vehicle Seal just a marker? How could it bounce me out like that?”

A man who looked about the same age as Yuchi Xiao, casually draped in a black robe with gold trim, stood nearby. With a handsome face and a gentle temperament, he sighed and said, “Nephew, it’s not like I didn’t warn you— the significance of the Great Vehicle Seal is to declare to the world that this place is under my control, and I bear the responsibility. Outsiders are not allowed to enter. You knew that the Ding Xian Ling was haunted, yet you still rushed in. You really…”

Bai Xian stepped forward, bowing deeply and raising the immortal sword above his head. “Lord Iron Sect Master.”

This man was none other than Changsun Chengfeng.

As soon as Yuchi Xiao saw Gong Wei, he quickly covered his face with both hands and turned away, but it was too late. Gong Wei stared at him dumbfounded for a while before cautiously confirming, “Young Hero, did you hit your face on a brick when you landed? This imprint on your face looks very much like the heroic demeanor of Wen Xiuyang being hit by a brick just now. Look at these angular marks…” Yuchi Xiao angrily retorted, “It was you who hit Wen Xiuyang with the brick! Don’t frame me!”

“Oh, I always knew this sword belonged to you.” Changsun Chengfeng personally helped Bai Xian up and then turned to Gong Wei. Seeing the color of his uniform, he was immediately surprised. “Isn’t this a disciple of the Cangyang Sect? How come you two are together? Elopement? Has Young Master Wen already been silenced?”

Before Yuchi Xiao could speak, Gong Wei, who had deeply experienced Changsun Chengfeng’s character in his previous life, promptly denied, “To be honest with Iron Sect Master, there is actually no relationship between us at all. This matter is complicated…”

“I understand, I understand, no need to explain.” Changsun Chengfeng said understandingly, “Sect Master Xu has always been at odds with the Sword Sect of Yuchi. How could he tolerate the affection between you two? But how can young people’s passionate feelings be restrained? Therefore, you silenced Wen Xiuyang, escaped from the Cangyang Sect, had no other way out, and had no relatives to rely on, so you had to come to the most dangerous place in the world. Just when you were desperate, you happened to encounter me, who descended like a godsend…”

Yuchi Xiao was stunned.

Gong Wei said decisively, “No, Iron Sect Master! There’s no such thing.” 

Bai Xian couldn’t help but interject, “Iron Sect Master, I also feel that the situation is not like this…” 

However, before he could finish speaking, a member of the Changsun family hurriedly approached from a distance, holding up a red talisman. “Reporting to the Iron Sect Master! The Sect Master of the Cangyang Sect has sent a transmission talisman from a thousand miles away, stating that the matter is of great importance. Please open and read it immediately!” 

While Gong Wei and Yuchi Xiao were still processing, Changsun Chengfeng had swiftly taken charge. He first took a deep breath on their behalf. 

Then he waved his hand, and the talisman burst open in mid-air. In the next moment, a dignified voice sounded, belonging to the disciple guarding the palace, Sheng Bo: “Reporting to the Iron Sect Master, a junior disciple named Xiang Xiaoyuan from the Cangyang Sect has gone missing. It is said that he was abducted by Yuchi Xiao of the Yejinmen. If encountered near Mount Dai, please capture him immediately and return him to the Cangyang Sect. Yuchi Xiao is to be executed on the spot.” 



Changsun Chengfeng was dumbfounded, turning his head back and forth, blinking at the two of them. 

Gong Wei’s expression changed as if by magic, immediately bowing sincerely and passionately saying, “Yes, Iron Sect Master, that’s exactly what you guessed. The lives of the two of us can only be entrusted to you!”

Changsun Chengfeng’s heart was immediately filled with righteousness, angrily saying, “How can Xu Shuangce do this? Who does he think he is! Can he stop sincere feelings between young people? Just because he’s a GrandS ect Master, does that mean he can do whatever he wants?”

Gong Wei applauded emotionally, “Iron Sect Master is absolutely right!”

“…” Yuchi Xiao murmured softly, “Your speed of changing sails is truly admirable, Xiang Xiaoyuan.”

Changsun Chengfeng reached out for the transmission symbol, dissatisfied, “Give me my sound-transmitting symbol. Tell Xu Shuangce that many things in this world are not under his control. Just because he has become a Grand Sect Master doesn’t mean he can command others at will! Anyway, he’s currently locked up in the Cangyang Sect and can’t come to Dai Mountain. Just tell him that these words are from me…”

At this moment, the voice of Sheng Bo, a disciple guarding the hall, came from the transmission symbol, “Furthermore.”

He paused, his tone calm:

“Sect Master Xu said, if Iron Sect Master has any objections, he will come to Dai Mountain in person to meet with you within an hour.”

Changsun Chengfeng’s movements froze in mid-air.

After a moment of silence, Changsun Chengfeng turned back, hands in his sleeves, with a sincere and loving expression on his face:

“Both of you, my dear nephews, listen to my advice. A union without the blessing of elders is incomplete. There must be a reason why Sect Master Xu opposes it. Why don’t you both return to your own families for now? Since Xu Shuangce can’t come to Dai Mountain while he’s locked up in Cangyang Sect, I’ll personally escort Xiang Xiaoyuan back to the Cangyang Sect…”

Yuchi Xiao blurted out, “Your sense of justice disappeared too quickly, sir!” 

Changsun Chengfeng couldn’t maintain his composure on his face. “It’s not that I’m afraid of Xu Shuangce. This is a different matter…” 

“It’s exactly the same matter! Are you so afraid that Sect Master Xu will come knocking on your door?!” 

Changsun Chengfeng: “It’s not that I’m not… ” 

“In fact, you also think that Sect Master Xu can do whatever he wants, right?!” 

Changsun Chengfeng half-opened his mouth, then finally sighed heavily, lamenting, “You young people who don’t know any better! Who isn’t afraid of Sect Master Xu? Have you ever seen another grandmaster in this world who is so ruthless and cruel, not only killing people but also desecrating corpses?!” 

An indescribable silence immediately enveloped the area. 

After a while, Gong Wei sighed softly, “I can’t refute that.” 

“So,” Changsun Chengfeng pointed back and forth between the two of them, saying firmly, “You two quickly return to the Cangyang Sect and report to Yejinmen. You are not allowed to approach here again. Since the Alliance Leader has invoked the Copper Wall Formation, it means the situation inside is already very dangerous. Later, Mu Duozhu of the Medical Sect will come to guard the outskirts of Mount Dai with me. Do you understand?” 

The territory of Mount Dai in the distance was already enveloped tightly by the golden light of the Copper Wall Formation, making it impossible to see what was happening inside. Yuchi Xiao urged anxiously, “No, I must go in immediately. My uncle is still trapped inside…” 

“Absolutely not! Ding Xian Ling is the burial ground of various major families!” Changsun Chengfeng interrupted him without hesitation. “Furthermore, if even Ying Kai and Yuchi Rui can’t handle it, what use would you two have going in? You have to trust your seniors a bit. Who is Yuchi Rui of the Sword Sect? He won’t die so easily—” 


Suddenly, a loud noise came from Mount Dai, as if the earth had cracked open, causing the mountain forests to tremble violently, and everyone staggered! 

Countless birds flew up in a frenzy, and Changsun Chengfeng staggered to support Bai Xian, looking shocked at the majestic Copper Wall Formation that was almost on the verge of igniting. After a long time, he said solemnly, “…D*mn.” 

Yuchi Xiao couldn’t stand it anymore, grabbed the Gouchen Sword, and a streak of crimson golden light soared up with the wind. “Let’s go!” 

“Wait!” Changsun Chengfeng snapped back to his senses, blocking him a half step away. “Wait patiently. You absolutely cannot go in!” 

Yuchi Xiao erupted in anger, “Why? I know Ding Xian Ling is a burial ground, but aren’t living people more important than dead ones?!” 

Changsun Chengfeng collected his thoughts, seeming a bit hesitant, but after a moment, he sighed. 

“Fifteen years ago, Ying Kai proposed that the major sects jointly build Ding Xian Ling. At the deepest level, four golden coffins were suppressed.” 

“If too many old acquaintances gather, one of the four coffins might awaken suddenly due to excessive joy.”

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