The Sword Named No Way Out Chapter 31

Chapter 31

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— Secret Communication of Yin and Yang Chaos Great Mantra

Most of the Daoist secret scrolls are ancient, but this grand Daoist mantra only surfaced a few decades ago.

Originally developed by a small sect called “Overcome Ghost Gate” in Beiling for the purpose of developing forbidden techniques, later, to cover up the evidence, the sect leader burned all the scrolls with fire. But what no one expected was that at that time, the young Gong Wei, out of sheer boredom, had already secretly read through the entire cartload of bamboo slips, memorized them in a flash, and then transcribed the tens of thousands of characters of scriptures again. The entire Overcome Ghost Gate was convicted and imprisoned as a result, and this grand Daoist mantra was compiled by Ying Kai into a book, stored away, and listed as one of the highest-level forbidden techniques known only to a few major families of the Immortal Alliance.

Law Flower Immortal was restless since childhood. When he played madly, he could demolish Chengshu Palace with Little Sword Sect Master, but when he sat down quietly, he could study the entire scripture seriously. He deciphered many ancient lost Daoist secret scriptures during his lifetime, but never took on any disciples, only because he shared some with Yuchi Rui for fun. Sixteen years ago, when he ascended to the Immortal Ascension Platform, he died, and the entire Daoist community lost a living dictionary. Many hidden scriptures were completely lost from then on, including all the music scores of this “Secret Communication of Yin and Yang Chaos Great Mantra.”

“…” Gong Wei blinked and said, “You misunderstood.”

He was about to turn around, but suddenly felt a sharp pain in his throat. The tip of the gouchen sword was pressed against his throat, forcing him not to move a millimeter.

“Xiang…Xiao…Yuan,” Yuchi Xiao said softly behind him, word by word, “Do you want to explain things to me here, or do you want me to take you back to Cangyang Sect and explain it in front of Sect Master Xu?”

Xu Shuangce.

As soon as Gong Wei heard these three words, a chill ran down his spine, and the hint of lingering cunning in his tone disappeared: “You really misunderstood. What forbidden technique? I just happened to wander in because I got lost…”

“Did Law Flower Immortal really become a startled corpse?”


Yuchi Xiao lowered his head slightly and whispered in his ear, “Is it because of an old friend’s wandering corpse that Alliance Leader Ying and Sword Sect Master lost their hands, or is it because they encountered you, who seem harmless but actually know the Yin-Yang forbidden technique inside out?”

From Yuchi Xiao’s angle, he could only see half of Gong Wei’s profile. The youth’s face looked flustered, seeming innocent and weak, hastily trying to explain something—but then his words got stuck.


After two seconds of silence, Gong Wei sighed helplessly, and his expression relaxed.

“Forget it, I can’t even come up with an excuse.” He scratched his head, struggling to think, “What do you want to hear? You tell me, and I’ll tell you.”

Yuchi Xiao’s expression changed slightly, and he firmly gripped the hilt of his sword: “Where did you learn the forbidden technique of communicating with Yin and Yang?”

Gong Wei said, “I secretly read the scriptures at Cangyang Sect—besides, you wouldn’t believe me anyway.”

“How much are you involved in the incident of the wandering corpses in Ding Xian Ling?”

Gong Wei lazily replied, “Do you think I have anything to do with it? If you think I do, then I do.”


Yuchi Xiao’s hand holding the sword tightened, but he saw the young man in front of him smile. There was a strange sense of elegance and innocence mixed in the black and white corners of his eyes. He said, “Young Hero, if I were you, I wouldn’t ask questions like this.”

“I would first dislocate the limbs of ‘Xiang Xiaoyuan’ and bring him in front of everyone, preferably with Changsun Chengfeng present—Changsun Chengfeng is skilled in mechanical traps, and the Iron Sect has many new, cruel, and traceless torture instruments. Then, invite the person who hates illusions the most, Xu Shuangce. With Sect Master Xu present, under the scrutiny of the three halls, even an iron man would be forced to spill the beans.”

“I wouldn’t be like you, deliberately diverting everyone’s attention, and then pressing the sword against the suspect’s neck so cautiously, afraid of just scratching the skin. I wouldn’t ask gentle, roundabout questions like ‘where did you learn the forbidden technique’ or ‘are you involved with the wandering corpses’, because that’s just too weak.”

Gong Wei turned his head slightly, and because of this movement, the sharp edge of the immortal sword finally touched his neck, causing fresh blood to gush out instantly, reflecting in the suddenly contracted pupils of Yuchi Xiao.

He smiled and said, “I would ask straightforwardly, are you still the outer disciple Xiang Xiaoyuan of Cangyang Sect? Or have you already—”

Yuchi Xiao exclaimed, “What are you doing!” 

He tried to reach for his sword, but Gong Wei firmly grasped it and held it at his throat. Despite their struggle, Yuchi Xiao couldn’t break free. The young man smiled gently yet cruelly and said, “Or perhaps you have already been possessed and become the legendary Grand Elder of the Punishment Hall, Gong Zhiyu?”


The sword hilt hit the ground, and Yuchi Xiao finally forcibly opened Gong Wei’s hand, which was dripping with blood. He interrupted sharply, “I told you to shut up!”

“You’re too weak, Young Master Yuchi.” Gong Wei looked up at him from bottom to top, with a hint of pity in his eyes, “You don’t even dare to chop off one of my hands first, or stab me twice. What answer do you expect from me?”

Subtle threads of hidden crimson emerged from the depths of his right pupil like a vortex, but Yuchi Xiao didn’t notice. The scar on the young man’s neck resembled shattered white porcelain, with droplets of blood snaking down along the neckline, creating a startling contrast in hues, until they disappeared into the depths of his collarbone.

Yuchi Xiao didn’t know where his embarrassment and anger came from, burning his temples so much that they throbbed, and he blurted out, “Do you think I dare not?! I just don’t—I—”

The dim candlelight flickered on both sides of the copper wall, and suddenly, a figure flashed at the end of the tomb passage, caught subconsciously in his peripheral vision.

Yuchi Xiao’s heart skipped a beat, and his angry roar came to an abrupt halt.

The instinct honed through years of life and death saved him at this moment. Yuchi Xiao didn’t directly look up but reflexively turned his sword sideways, immediately reflecting the figure of the approaching person on the blade.

It stood quietly there, dressed in white funeral clothes, slender and thin, slightly taller than Xiang Xiaoyuan. Although expressionless, the slightly tilted head posture somehow exuded a naive and innocent air, as if untouched by the worldly matters.


Yuchi Xiao’s hand trembled slightly. He tried not to make any sound as he tilted the blade a little more, casting a glaring light on its eyes—

Its right eye was as red as blood.

“What’s wrong?” Gong Wei had already sensed something abnormal and asked softly, maintaining the motion of looking back he had just made.

Yuchi Xiao’s Adam’s apple slid violently up and down. “Leave.”

Gong Wei: “?”

“Don’t make a sound, don’t turn around, don’t look directly at it.” Yuchi Xiao covered Gong Wei’s eyes with his hand, his voice hoarse. “I can’t hold it off for long. Go back up immediately and find Iron Sect Master. Go quickly!”

But for some reason, Gong Wei didn’t move. “—Is it Law Flower Immortal?”

The tense atmosphere of the standoff had already explained everything.

If it was the soul seizing and reincarnation, the corpse shouldn’t have reacted, and Yuchi Xiao’s questioning just now naturally got its answer. But now it was too late to say anything. Yuchi Xiao stared at the reflection on the sword, not even daring to blink. “Why haven’t you left yet?!”

Gong Wei asked, “Are his eyes red?”


Gong Wei emphasized, “Are his eyes red?”

Yuchi Xiao squeezed out a few words from his clenched teeth, “Yes, why?!”

Everyone knew that Law Flower Immortal’s illusion technique was in his right eye. If the power was still there, it meant the golden core was still intact. Even if it turned into a skeleton, it would not be easy to deal with.

Gong Wei sighed and said, “Okay.”

He raised his hand to brush away Yuchi Xiao’s hand covering his eyes, turned around, and smiled, “Alliance Leader Ying and Sword Sect Master couldn’t bear to slaughter the remains of old friends, but I can.”

Behind him, Yuchi Xiao was startled, but it was too late to stop him. The hilt of the sword was already empty in his palm.

Gong Wei held the Gouchen Sword in his hand, and the extremely domineering spiritual power caused the sword to burst into a crimson golden light, reflecting his beautiful and ruthless face.

The next moment, he leaped forward, his figure ghostly, and the sword slashed down at Law Flower Immortal’s head!


The copper wall exploded, and the sword light cascaded like a waterfall. Yuchi Xiao saw a scene he had never imagined in his life. Every sword strike of “Xiang Xiaoyuan” carried a torrential golden light, and Law Flower Immortal dared not face its edge head-on. In the blink of an eye, he retreated to the end of the tomb passage, where the long bronze steps behind him collapsed with a loud roar!

Chunks of copper and iron flew like a pouring rain, halting Yuchi Xiao’s momentum.

The corpse instantly fell into the next underground palace passage, but Gong Wei’s killing intent had already arisen. He flew down and, in mid-air, pinched the pale face of the corpse with his fingers, laughing, “Strange…”

Everyone in the world knew that the Sect Master of Cangyang had an anger that couldn’t dissipate, and Law Flower Immortal had been slain. Xu Shuangce, known for his ruthlessness in his lifetime, was thought by Gong Wei that if his body could be pieced together in one piece, it would be fortunate. However, it was unexpected that now it appeared lifelike, with all its limbs intact. So, what exactly did Xu Shuangce slay?”

Before he could even think, he had landed abruptly from mid-air. The next moment, the corpse suddenly raised its hand, and Gong Wei dodged aside. In the darkness, a cold light broke through the air, surprisingly a sword.

With a crisp sound, the hilt was firmly gripped by the corpse’s hand, and then it swung down.

The collision of the two swords produced an earth-shattering roar, shaking the entire tomb passage!

The power of this sword was overwhelming, and Yuchi Xiao leaped down amidst the intense shock, shouting, “Xiang Xiaoyuan!”

The surging spiritual power was like millions of sharp blades, and the smoke obscured all sight. Even someone with slightly weaker cultivation would absolutely not survive here, and might even be torn apart by the hurricane-like sword light.

An inexplicable fear surged from the depths of Yuchi Xiao’s heart to his limbs and bones. In an instant, he forgot everything and rushed forward. At this moment, the smoke suddenly cleared.

Only to see Gong Wei holding the Gouchen Sword, forcibly blocking the earth-shattering sword strike of Law Flower Immortal, and the surrounding copper walls had turned into rubble!

Yuchi Xiao’s pupils contracted, for a moment he thought he was dreaming: “…Xiang Xiaoyuan?”

—Immediately after, he saw “Xiang Xiaoyuan” staring at the corpse of Law Flower Immortal, a smirk playing at the corner of his lips.

This young man was indeed worthy of being recognized in the martial world for his unparalleled appearance. It seemed that until this moment, that terrifying beauty had finally emerged from beneath the surface:

“What are you?” He softly asked the corpse.

Before the words fell, his right hand held the sword while his left hand moved like lightning, with a loud crack, his two fingers dug out Law Flower Immortal’s right eyeball!

Blood sprayed, splattering all around, and the corpse, though devoid of sensation, suddenly bowed down. But Gong Wei showed no mercy. With a squeeze of his fingers, he crushed the blood-red eyeball and tossed it aside!

Blood and remnants flew onto the wall with his motion, forming an arc.

As if rapidly drained of spiritual power, the corpse weakly released its grip and knelt down, the sword it had summoned fell to the ground with a clatter. Immediately, Gong Wei didn’t even pause for a moment. With a sweeping motion of the Gouchen Sword, Law Flower Immortal’s head, trailing a line of blood, flew straight up!


The head spun in mid-air and fell to the ground, the headless corpse swayed a few times before collapsing heavily at Gong Wei’s feet, emitting a dull thud.

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