The Sword Named No Way Out Chapter 41

Chapter 41

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“Sigh, who would’ve known that the monster would suddenly pounce out of the cage, if it weren’t for that child rushing up and pushing the Second Young Master away…”

“Both hands and feet broken, lungs crushed, the entire right side of the body completely destroyed, what a tragedy!”

“I wonder how long that miraculous medicine can sustain his life?”

“So pitiful, he’s so beautiful…”

By the bedside, bandages soaked through with blood were piled high, fragments of internal organs stained the blanket, emitting an indescribable smell. The young Bai Xian was nestled in the bed, the right side of his body strangely sunken under the covers, as if there was no longer an abdominal cavity. Where his right arm and leg should be, they bent in a horrifying shape.

“No matter what kind of elixir or miraculous medicine, as long as it can sustain his life, I will make sure to obtain it. Thank you for saving my brother’s life. If you have any wishes, you can tell me now…”

The young master of the Iron Sect stood by the sickbed, saying something, but Bai Xian wasn’t listening. The corners of the child’s eyes still retained tears from the pain, staring wide-eyed in confusion, his gaze shifting to the youth standing behind the sect master.

Changsun family’s Second Young Master, Du Kaixun.

Although he was only two years older than Bai Xian, he was much taller and sturdier than the slender Bai Xian. The inherent madness and cruelty could not be discerned from his handsome features. From his appearance alone, his bright and spirited brows and eyes, and his deep, distinct contours even seemed to attract girls, showing the appearance of a dashing young man in the future.

Perhaps sensing Bai Xian’s timid gaze, he smirked, his lips curling up.

The iron sect master said, “I’ve inquired. They said you entered the Changsun family three years ago during the great famine, and your parents and family were no longer there. Do you have any other wishes? Whatever it is, I can…”

“It’s okay,” Bai Xian said softly.

He lowered his head under the iron sect master’s gaze, trying hard to curl up, but his small, broken body couldn’t manage it.

“It’s… it was Second Young Master who gave me something to eat, otherwise I would have… starved to death.”

He swallowed his saliva, wanting to say something but couldn’t. After a while, all he could stubbornly repeat was:

“It’s okay.”

From the moment he stepped into the gates of the Changsun family, his life no longer belonged to himself, even if he were to be crushed into powder, or ground into flesh by the monster, it didn’t matter.

Changsun Chengfeng fell into silence, raising his hand to gently touch the soft black hair of the child, and whispered, “Rest well.”

The door opened and closed, and the room filled with a strong smell of blood and medicine finally quieted down.

Bai Xian laid alone on the bed, staring blankly at the curtains with wide eyes.


At this moment, the sound of the door opening suddenly resounded again, and light extended from the crack into the room. Du Kaixun left and returned, slipping into the room under Bai Xian’s suddenly brightened gaze. He circled the sickbed with his hands behind his back, then stopped and smiled, “Don’t listen to my brother.”

“Second Young Master…”

“You won’t survive.” Du Kaixun ruthlessly interrupted him.

Perhaps already resigned to his fate, Bai Xian didn’t react much, just watched as the light in his eyes gradually dimmed, and after a while, he pursed his pale, tender lips.

Du Kaixun found a chair to sit on, observing him from a high vantage point. It seemed that through his incomplete and miserable appearance, he discovered something more interesting inside. Suddenly, he asked, “Do you want to live?”

Bai Xian raised his head blankly.

“Are you willing to do anything for me?”

“…” The light in Bai Xian’s eyes that had not yet faded, gradually brightened inch by inch.

Du Kaixun’s smile deepened. Leaning in close to Bai Xian’s ear, as if sharing an incredible secret between playmates, his voice trembling with excitement, he whispered softly, word by word:

“When I condense the soldier threads, I’ll turn you into a soldier.”

“So you won’t feel pain, won’t die, and will always be by my side, loyal to me.”

“You’ll always love me, unchanging for eternity.”

That love must never be violated, just like the master’s command over the soldiers, supreme and eternal.

“—Didn’t you say you liked me and swore never to leave me?”

In front of the Punishment Hall, the sunlight was painfully bright. Du Kaixun, now an adult, had a more stretched-out silhouette, but the hostility in his smile was even harder to conceal. He walked around with his hands behind his back, under the gaze of everyone, and stopped in front of Bai Xian’s horrified eyes, laughing, “Then cut out your heart and let me see it.”

Everyone was stunned, and the Grand Elder of the Punishment Hall stood up and shouted, “Du Kaixun!”

“What’s wrong?” Du Kaixun looked down at Bai Xian’s pale face, his smile becoming increasingly fierce, “I told you to cut out your heart, didn’t you hear?”

Please, please don’t do this.

My heart is my last flesh and blood. If you cut out my heart, I will die. Please, please don’t do this—

However, commands represented absolute control, representing no resistance. Bai Xian watched helplessly as his hand, inch by inch, lifted, trembling, reaching towards his chest, the immense despair and disbelief making his ears buzz. In a daze, he heard someone trying to stop him, someone scolding, the Grand Elder rushing over, grabbing his hand trying to stop him from tearing out his own heart, but still unable to completely prevent it, Bai Xian’s hand still struggling, inch by inch, towards his chest!

“It must be the Word Spirit!” Someone realized, “This kid dares to use Word Spirit to force the servant to dig out his heart!”

“This is too much, how could he be so excessive?!” “No, Grand Elder Gong! We must find a way to make that Du kid stop!” “Quick, quick!”

Some cultivators couldn’t care less and drew their swords directly at Du Kaixun, who was being held down by everyone: “Why don’t you let go?!”

But the next moment, Du Kaixun laughed. He allowed several icy sword points to be pointed at his throat, as if this scene had sparked an even more intense bloodthirstiness in him.

“No, I want to see his heart.” Du Kaixun said, smiling word by word, “Killing me won’t help. Come on.”

The voices around him seemed to explode like a pot of boiling oil, with angry accusations and roars almost overturning the roof. However, Bai Xian couldn’t hear anything anymore. Gong Wei, relying solely on brute force, couldn’t pry open his hand. He also dared not directly use spiritual power to shatter bones or simply cut it off with a knife. The force was so great that even blood seeped out from under his fingernails, he turned back urgently, “Come and help me pry open his hand, quickly!”

You shouldn’t hurt yourself for me, Grand Elder Gong.

It’s useless.

Bai Xian’s fingertips had already pressed into the flesh of his chest, and his last bit of strength could only make his pale lips move a few times. Just then, there was a loud bang!

The door burst open, and a familiar figure entered on a flying sword, the powerful aura shaking everyone, and someone exclaimed, “Iron Sect Master!”

Looking for the sound, Bai Xian’s pupils suddenly contracted.

The young Changsun Chengfeng’s face was cold, landing and standing up, without saying a word, he quickly stepped forward and pressed down on Bai Xian, a glimmer of light flashing from his fingertip as it entered Bai Xian’s spine.

Du Kaixun suddenly realized what had happened, and suddenly broke free from everyone’s grasp, “Stop!”

But before he could finish his sentence, everyone only saw Changsun Chengfeng’s wrist turn, and at the same time, a crisp sound came from the back of Bai Xian’s body—


Du Kaixun was furious, “No!”

It was as if some kind of forbidden switch had finally been flipped. Bai Xian let go in response, slumping backward, and hot tears finally streamed down his cheeks!

Du Kaixun was still roaring in anger, the surrounding voices buzzing, fading into a distant background.

He caught a whiff of the faint woody scent in Iron Sect Master’s embrace, and suddenly his mind became particularly quiet, like the vast plain after heavy snowfall, the entire world drifting further and further away from his side until it became faint and indistinct points of light.

“You no longer belong to him,” the gentle and calm voice of Changsun Chengfeng sounded in his ear.

“He’s not worthy.”

“You have no more relationship with him.”

Bai Xian opened his serene eyes.

In the hall of the Golden Ship Sky Pavilion, the mirrored floor was vast and gleaming, reflecting the huge purple light formation magnificently. He sat cross-legged on the formation, and not far away, Changsun Chengfeng immediately stepped forward, frowning and asking, “How is it?”

Mu Duozhu withdrew the last bit of spiritual power used for detection from Bai Xian’s neck. After the thick purple light thread condensed from the spirit power completely disappeared, he stood up and said, “All the soldier threads in Bai Daoist Spiritual Master’s body, including the meridians, bones, and joints, are intact and complete. It seems that the soldier threads extracted from the remains of Law Flower Immortal’s body have nothing to do with Bai Daoist Spiritual Master. They should have been refined later.”

He couldn’t help but frown, with doubts in his voice, “That Du Kaixun actually didn’t die. This matter is very strange.”

Changsun Chengfeng looked at Bai Xian in front of him, his expression complicated. “The Alliance Leader and the others are still waiting outside for the results, so I’ll go first.” Mu Duozhu politely bowed, “Bai Daoist Spiritual Master, I have offended you a lot today, please don’t take it to heart.”

Bai Xian bowed politely in return.

After Mu Duozhu left, the hall of the Sky Pavilion returned to silence. The circular formation emitted a faint glow, casting Changsun Chengfeng’s expression in dimness. After a long while, he finally breathed a sigh of relief, kneeling in front of Bai Xian, picking up the right hand that had fallen beside him.

There was only a thread connecting that hand to the severed wrist. Changsun Chengfeng personally reconnected it. There was a faint mechanical sound at the severed joint, and only a shallow red mark remained on the damaged skin. After a while, that mark gradually disappeared.

The injury left no traces on the surface of the soldier’s body. As long as he closed his eyes, didn’t look, didn’t think, didn’t remember, it was as if the horrific past of being tortured and dismembered had never happened.

“Don’t hurt yourself like this again next time,” Changsun Chengfeng said softly, “I’m not the one who made this body, so I can’t completely restore the bones and body.”

Bai Xian looked at him silently, without saying a word.

Changsun Chengfeng picked up the robe from the ground, draped it carefully over Bai Xian in this half-kneeling posture, his expression gentle, serious, and focused, as if wrapping up a rare treasure, “Don’t be afraid, Bai Xian.”

After a pause, he added, “I won’t let you suffer any harm again.”

Bai Xian whispered softly, “It’s okay…”

The faint purple light dispersed faintly, like a dream. Bai Xian’s beautiful face seemed unreal in this light, looking deeply at Changsun Chengfeng, as if seeing through him into a distant and elusive time.

“It’s okay, I chose to do this myself.”

He closed his eyes, listening to the sound of his heartbeat in his chest, and whispered softly, “…Lord Iron Sect Master.”


“Are the soldier threads intact in Bai Daoist Spiritual Master’s body?” Ying Kai emphasized the tone again and confirmed.

Mu Duozhu bowed and said, “Indeed so. Except for a flesh heart, Bai Xian’s bones, joints, meridians, and internal organs have all been mechanized, and there is no shortage of soldier threads throughout his body. It seems that the soldier threads planted in the body of Law Flower Immortal are indeed created by Du Kaixun later.”

He turned to Xu Shuangce, with a hint of teasing in his expression, “You’ve traveled thousands of miles to the ice field and still couldn’t kill Du Kaixun. Sect Master Xu, even you also have moments of failure?”

Unexpectedly, Xu Shuangce did not answer him, and neither did Ying Kai.

The golden ship slowly moved forward, and the wind on the terrace whistled. The two grandmasters stood by the railing, and Ying Kai’s thick eyebrows furrowed tighter as he said slowly, “With the separation of body and head, pierced through the heart by a sword, there is no chance of survival, even if he turns himself into a soldier. “

Pausing for a moment, he asked, “Shuangce, do you remember the ghost cultivator from Linjiang City?”

Xu Shuangce asked, “What about it?”

“When you threw Du Kaixun’s head off the cliff, the ghost cultivator from Linjiang City didn’t have a head under his hood; Du Kaixun wanted Gong Zhiyu’s right eye during his lifetime and Gong Zhiyu’s corpse after death. The ghost cultivator from Linjiang City also killed people everywhere and was related to Law Flower Immortal. He could provide a body for Du Kaixun to seize and be reborn.” Ying Kai’s brows furrowed tighter, “There are too many connections, which are indeed suspicious. The word ‘coincidence’ alone cannot explain it. – Do you think it’s possible that after Du Kaixun’s death, he turned himself into the ghost cultivator from Linjiang City?”

Mu Duozhu exclaimed, “Ghost cultivator?”

But Xu Shuangce fell silent for a moment and shook his head, “Only those with profound cultivation before death can become ghost cultivators after death. Although this child’s talent is amazing, he was not even an adult at the time of his death, so the possibility of him becoming a ghost cultivator is slim. Instead…” 

He abruptly stopped speaking, and Mu Duozhu asked, “Instead what?”

Xu Shuangce remained silent.

Ying Kai seemed somewhat helpless. “I understand what you mean. You still insist that the ghost cultivator from Linjiang City is the reincarnation of Law Flower Immortal, right?”

This argument had occurred once before after they left Linjiang City. Xu Shuangce insisted that the ghost cultivator was related to Gong Wei. Because of this, Ying Kai specifically made a trip to Ding Xian Ling to inspect Gong Wei’s remains, which ultimately led to the catastrophe of the subsequent massacre.

But from the current situation, as Ying Kai said, the suspicion on Du Kaixun’s part was much greater than that on Law Flower Immortal’s.

Xu Shuangce fell silent for a moment, then suddenly asked, “Ying Kai.”

“What is it?”

“Do you think Gong Zhiyu had both good and evil souls before he died?”

Ying Kai and Mu Duozhu were both taken aback, then chuckled simultaneously. Mu Duozhu shook his head and said, “Leaving aside the fact that it’s like someone being born with two heads, you, me, and Brother Ying all personally inspected his soul when Law Flower Immortal was young. If there were any anomalies, wouldn’t we have noticed them decades ago? Brother Xu, even if you don’t trust the two of us, you should trust yourself, right?”

Xu Shuangce did not respond to Mu Duozhu. His eyes still seemed dark and calm at first glance, but upon closer inspection, one would notice a hint of dispersion deep in his pupils, as if he had suddenly plunged into a long dream.

Ying Kai couldn’t help but ask, “Shuangce?”


Xu Shuangce’s gaze seemed to be fixed on a vague point in the air. After a while, he suddenly whispered, “Sometimes I wonder… could it be that after Gong Zhiyu’s death, we all fell into a huge illusion?”

Both of them were startled, and Ying Kai frowned and asked, “Why would you think that?”

Dressed in black armor, Xu Shuangce’s handsome and indifferent face appeared even colder in the sunlight. His black eyes were like two deep wells, and his thin lips were tightly sealed, not saying a word.

“That should be impossible, Shuangce.” Ying Kai pondered for a moment, then said slowly, “Among the three great illusions in the world, only the ‘Mirror of Yin and Yang’ can use the power of the Thousand Mirror Realm artifact to construct a completely new illusion world. However, it does not have the ability to encompass all of us grandmasters within it. Moreover, distinguishing between reality and illusion is very simple. Don’t you remember that ironclad rule? – There is no illusion within an illusion, unless it is created by the person constructing the illusion.”

“For example, when you were in the Thousand Mirror Realm illusion world, only Gong Zhiyu could use illusions, and the beings in the mirror were unaware of the existence of illusions. If you look at the present situation where illusions from various schools are still present, you can see that this world is not an illusion world, but a real one. Besides, why would you have such strange thoughts?”

Both of them stared at him intently, but Xu Shuangce seemed completely unresponsive, suddenly asking, “Then are we in a dream?”

Ying Kai was puzzled. “What?”

“Could it be that I had a dream, and everyone in the world is just a creation of the dream?”

Mu Duozhu finally couldn’t listen anymore, rolled up his sleeves, and flexed his wrist, politely saying, “Brother Xu, if you are truly troubled by this, I am willing to lend you a helping hand with the force of thunder, and your confusion will be immediately resolved…”

Ying Kai hurriedly stopped him and asked Xu Shuangce, “Do you really think like that?”


“In recent years, you have been increasingly secluded in Cangyang Mountain, perhaps due to a stagnation in cultivation, leading to excessive contemplation. After the matter with the soldier threads is resolved, why don’t you come and stay in Tui’e for a while? Brother Mu and I can help you sort out your meridians. How about it?”

Xu Shuangce did not respond. After a while, he lowered his eyelashes, exhaled, and said, “No need. I was just overthinking.”

Ying Kai, who had traveled with Xu Shuangce in their youth, knew well that his friend’s will was firm and difficult to persuade, sometimes even showing signs of stubbornness. He could only temporarily suppress his anxiety and reluctantly nodded.

At this moment, a disciple emerged, hurried forward, and bowed respectfully, “Lord Medicine sect Master, a message has come from the Ice Pavilion, saying that ninety percent of the soldier threads in the remains of Law Flower Immortal have been extracted. It should be completely extracted in half an hour. What are your instructions?”

If Du Kaixun truly wanted the remains of Law Flower Immortal, and there was a method unknown to others to infiltrate Ding Xian Ling, then the best course of action would naturally be to move the remains to Tui’e and have Ying Kai personally supervise them – Ying Kai was about to say something when suddenly, the bead curtain connecting the terrace to the attic was lifted, and Changsun Chengfeng stepped in:

“May I ask if the remains of the Immortal are indeed sealed inside the Ice Pavilion?”

Mu Duozhu exclaimed , “Ah, what is the Grand Wisdom of the Iron Sect Master?”

The fierceness that was once present on Changsun Chengfeng’s body had disappeared, and his amiable and friendly demeanor returned to his handsome face. With his hands tucked into his sleeves, he smiled and said, “I have a method, quite perilous, but perhaps it can help trace the current whereabouts of Duke Kaixun.”

Ying Kai asked suspiciously, “What method?”


Ice Pavilion, Concealed Corpse Formation.

Gong Wei stood beside his own bones on the ice bed, feeling lost and confused.

His mind was in a mess, with countless thoughts swirling around. It seemed like he instinctively grasped something, but upon careful consideration, he couldn’t grasp anything, leaving him blank and bewildered.

After some time passed, the bone-chilling cold in the concealed corpse pavilion finally woke him up slowly. Gong Wei stiffened as he covered the corpse again with the burial clothes, feeling restless and not daring to look at it anymore. He couldn’t even explain where that inexplicable desire to escape came from, turning around to leave the hall.

Unexpectedly, at this moment, footsteps suddenly came from outside the door, with Ying Kai’s voice getting closer: “Chengfeng, you said this method is dangerous, but where exactly is the danger?”

Someone is coming!

Gong Wei paused, unable to decide whether to stay in place or rush out to call his senior brother. Within those short few breaths, several pairs of footsteps approached the door of the concealed corpse pavilion. Fortunately, the two disciples guarding the door had regained their composure and saluted one after another, “Greetings, Alliance Leader, greetings, Sect Master Xu!”

Xu Shuangce?!

Gong Wei’s hand trembled. Before he could react, his body had already turned to look around. Unfortunately, the circular hall was empty, without even a screen to hide behind. There was a carved window in the distant corner, and Gong Wei rushed over to take a look, only to find it locked!

What to do, to hide or not?

Outside the door, the disciples continued to greet five or six times, gathering all the grandmasters of the world together. In his anxiety, Gong Wei’s mind was in chaos. Suddenly, he glanced back and his gaze froze.

Underneath the ice bed, between the base and the floor, there was a narrow and concealed gap, less than half a foot wide.

The door creaked open, and several pairs of feet entered in succession.

“Although I don’t know how Du Kaixun managed to plant the soldiers’ thread into the golden coffin, the possibility of him infiltrating Ding Xian Ling is slim.” Changsun Chengfeng walked to the ice bed and stood still, examining the situation where the soldiers’ thread had been pulled out, then turned around and said, “This means he cannot manipulate his puppets from close range. It is highly probable that he pre-set a clear and complete set of instructions in the consciousness of the Law Flower Immortal through the soldiers thread.”

“For example, ‘come to me’?” Ying Kai frowned and asked.

“That’s my guess. At the same time, there should be specific instructions on his own hiding place.” Changsun Chengfeng said, “So as long as we figure out what instructions he gave to Law Flower Immortal, we will know his intentions and his current whereabouts.”

Under the ice bed, “Xiang Xiaoyuan,” with his rare heavy yin physique, perfectly merged into this icy corpse pavilion. Gong Wei pressed himself against the ground, his gaze fixed on a pair of silk boots with white faces and black soles beside him.

That was Xu Shuangce.

Whether it was his illusion or not, the Lord of Cangyang seemed to stand closer to the ice coffin, giving him a sense of imminent oppression.

Ying Kai asked, “How can we know what instructions he gave to… to this corpse puppet?”

“Previous leaders of the Iron Sect Master could infuse their spirits into mechanical soldiers, sensing the consciousness they once possessed through the soldiers thread. If Law Flower Immortal were still alive, this method would be simple and feasible, and I would not hesitate to do it. However, the danger now lies in the fact that Law Flower Immortal has already passed away. Sensing the dead with one’s spirit is extremely risky and is no different from forcibly entering the realm of ghosts.”

“Therefore, we need a grandmaster with extremely high cultivation and a powerful spirit to infuse spiritual power into the soldiers thread inside the body of Law Flower Immortal. By using their own spirit to ‘clear the way’ for me, I can show everyone the images left by Du Kaixun in the consciousness of Law Flower Immortal.” At this point, Changsun Chengfeng paused and looked around, “I am incapable, still below the Immortalization Realm, and dare not recklessly cross the boundary between life and death. Which grandmaster is willing to take the risk of damaging their spirit for me?”

Directly crossing the boundary between yin and yang, even a slight injury to the spirit is akin to being on the brink of death.

Everyone looked at each other, Mu Duozhu took a few small steps back, politely saying, “How could I dare to intervene in front of all the grandmasters?”

Yuchi Rui had been looking at the body on the ice bed, his gaze somewhat sad. At this moment, he took out some five-spice peanuts he often ate from his sleeve, intending to gently place a few by the corpse’s hand. However, upon hearing the conversation, he froze, blinked his eyes in confusion, and suddenly pointed at Xu Shuangce, “—Why doesn’t he go?”

In fact, since entering this concealed corpse pavilion, everyone had been secretly wary of Xu Shuangce suddenly destroying the corpse. But unexpectedly, Xu Shuangce remained silent, not reacting at all.

It wasn’t until Yuchi Rui mentioned him that he finally sighed and said lightly, “I’ll do it.”

However, Yuchi Rui’s consistent principle was to oppose Xu Shuangce – if Xu Shuangce supported something, he would oppose it, and vice versa. If Xu Shuangce wanted to do something, he would rush to do it first, and if Xu Shuangce didn’t want to do something, there was no way he would do it. So upon seeing this scene, he immediately changed his mind, “No, I’ll do it.”

Changsun Chengfeng: “…”

Mu Duozhu: “…”

Ying Kai sighed and rubbed his forehead, then turned to Xu Shuangce, speaking in a gentle but non-negotiable tone, “Changsheng, it is not advisable for a cultivator in the early stages of the Immortalization Realm to take such risks.” Then, under Yuchi Rui’s indignant stare, he turned to Xu Shuangce again, saying, “Don’t you have a… a disciple who has been implanted with the soldiers thread, with his spiritual veins damaged inch by inch, requiring large amounts of spiritual power to be infused daily?”

Everyone looked at Xu Shuangce, whose expression remained unchanged, “What about it?”

“If your primordial spirit is harmed, wouldn’t it impede the disciple’s treatment? Therefore, it’s best for me to handle it personally.” Ying Kai turned to Iron Sect Master, his tone gentle but not open to refusal. “Chengfeng, you may use your skills freely, and I’ll use my primordial spirit to pave the way for you.”

“What?” Yuchi Rui loosened his grip, raising his head in opposition, “How can this be allowed?”

Three or four peanuts in his hand rolled along the edge of the ice bed and dropped into the corner on one side of the corpse’s head, then slipped through the tiny cracks between the ice bricks.

Patter, patter, patter.

Lying flat under everyone’s feet, Gong Wei remained expressionless, watching as the peanuts continuously leaked from above, dropping one by one onto the ground in front of him.

“Chengfeng has always been cautious in his actions, there shouldn’t be too much risk. I’ve decided on this matter.” Ying Kai finally couldn’t help but lower his voice to reprimand, “―― Changsheng, you dropped your snacks on the floor again!”

Changsun Chengfeng said, “Although there is a risk, there is no other choice at the moment. We can only take this risky move.” He couldn’t help but sigh, “If such a calamity occurs in the clan, it is indeed my fault for not managing the family properly, and I cannot escape blame for it―― sigh! If seventeen years ago, Sect Master Xu hadn’t failed to kill Du Kaixuan, and truly killed him in the far north, how could such a misfortune happen now!”

Under the ice bed, Gong Wei’s eyelids suddenly twitched.

Seventeen years ago, did Xu Shuangce try to kill Du Kaixuan?

The far north is thousands of miles away from Cangyang Mountain, why would he do such a thing?

Just as he was lost in thought, suddenly came the cold voice of Mu Duozhu, “Sword Sect Master? May I ask what you’re doing?”

Both Gong Wei underground and Yuchi Rui on the ground froze simultaneously.

“On the Golden Ship, it is strictly forbidden to discard filth. Do you know that last time when Liu Xuzhi came, he threw four grape skins, and his disciple Meng Yunfei had to pay four thousand taels of silver to redeem him?” 

The surroundings fell into silence for a moment, then Ying Kai trembled and said, “Brother Mu, you’re being too harsh… Changsheng, pick them up quickly!”

Yuchi Rui muttered in response, then noticed that all the peanuts had fallen through the cracks in the ice bricks. Without saying a word, he got down on the ground and reached under the ice bed to pick them up.

Gong Wei: “?!?”

The air seemed to solidify.

Gong Wei: “……”

Yuchi Rui: “……”

The two, one lying under the coffin and the other kneeling beside it, stared at each other blankly, their expressions bewildered, and for a moment there was a tense silence.

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