The Sword Named No Way Out Chapter 45

Chapter 45

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“When I took over as the Alliance Leader back then, I dispersed most of my primordial spirit to the barren and desolate places of the Immortal Alliance, in order to supplement the thin spiritual energy and maintain the balance of Yin and Yang, so as to prevent the local areas from being invaded by demons and evil spirits. Therefore, unless it’s a major event, I dare not easily withdraw my primordial spirit. Just now, it was only a hasty comparison that led to the identification of these several possible locations… Changsheng? Have you arrived?”

In the hall of the Sky Pavilion, Ying Kai paused, only to see a disciple of the Medical Sect respectfully lift the bead curtain, followed by the Sword Sect Master and his nephew walking in one after the other. For some reason, both of them seemed off, as if they had just had a dispute.

Ying Kai wondered, “What’s going on?”

The proud son of heaven, the young master of the Yejinmen, had a dark expression on his handsome face, and although Yuchi Rui always maintained a poker face, those familiar with him could sense a subtle unease in his eyes and brows. “Nothing,” he replied.

Xu Shuangce’s unassuming gaze glanced at Yuchi Xiao’s face, then closed his eyes in contemplation. After a moment, he opened his eyes and shifted his gaze, remaining silent.

Ying Kai was completely confused and thought that the head of the Yejinmen was just reprimanding his nephew, so he changed the subject, saying, “Changsheng, your timing is perfect. I was just telling everyone that there may be three possible locations for the battle with the soldiers threads in the illusion: Tianmeng Pass, Mohe Mountain, and the Sand Sea Great Rift Valley. Shuangce intends to personally investigate each one, but these three places are far away and difficult to reach. I think it’s better for everyone to search separately. If we can find the giant mechanism buried in the depths of the earth, we may be able to trace clues to Du Kaixun.”

After all, it was a matter of ascension, so it was normal for the great masters of each sect to be eager to investigate. However, Xu Shuangce was also so urgent. It was unclear whether he still harbored resentment against Du Kaixun for not eliminating him back then, or if the scene in the illusion had piqued his interest. It was truly out of character.

Yuchi Rui had always insisted on taking a contrary stance against Xu Shuangce over the years. He reflexively wanted to object, but upon second thought, there was no reason, either emotionally or logically, to oppose this suggestion. He hesitated for a moment before stuttering, “…Ah?”

Mu Duozhu’s gentle tone gave people a courteous feeling, “I dare not let Law Flower Immortal’s body stay on the Golden Ship for too long. Brother Ying, you should hurry and send him back to the Tui’e Funeral soon. The restoration of the Ding Xian Ling is a matter of urgency. I think you’d better not wander around.”

Ying Kai: “…”

“As for Mohe Mountain, it happens to be in the direction south of the Golden Ship’s route, so I will go there to investigate; the Sand Sea Rift Valley is northwest of Julu City, which is convenient for the Iron Sect Master. It’s also easy to dispatch disciples under the sect. What do you all think?”

Mu Duozhu looked at Changsun Chengfeng, and he also nodded in agreement, “Since this matter is inexorably linked to the previous generation of Iron Sect, I must not shirk my responsibility. I will set off to the Sand Sea Rift Valley.”

Since taking over as the Alliance Leader, Ying Kai had been busy with various matters, and the vigor and passion he had when he traveled the world in his youth were gone. He felt weighed down by heavy public duties, firmly pressed down by Tui’e. Originally, he was quite excited to personally take action this time, but he was pushed back by Mu Duozhu’s words. He sighed and said helplessly, “Then only Tianmeng Pass is left. This place is particularly far away and difficult to reach, and I can’t fly. Fortunately, it’s adjacent to the Saint Music Yanchuntai. I will send a message to Xu Zhi…”

“I’ll go,” Xu Shuangce suddenly said.

Before Ying Kai could say anything, Mu Duozhu tactfully said, “Brother Xu, your beloved… your disciple is still seriously injured and unconscious. He still needs a large amount of spiritual energy injected into him every day. If you leave, I’m afraid you can only leave him on the Golden Ship for me to take care of. As for the daily medical fees…”

As soon as the words “medical fees” were spoken, everyone was horrified, and coughing sounds echoed around the long table.

Xu Shuangce remained calm, “He will come with me.”

This Mu guy still had a little conscience left. Solemnly, he said, “Brother Xu, absolutely not! He is still seriously injured and unconscious. He cannot endure the long journey. Otherwise—”

Yuchi Rui slammed the table and stood up: “Exactly! No way!”

Mu Duozhu: “Pffft!”

Mu Duozhu had never received such enthusiastic support before and almost choked on his tea. Everyone turned to look at the Sword Sect Master at the same time, and Ying Kai asked in surprise, “Changsheng?”

“…,” Yuchi Rui swallowed hard under the shocked gazes of everyone, and calmly said, “I want to take Xiang Xiaoyuan back to Yejinmen.”

Upon hearing this, Yuchi Xiao thought he had misheard, “Uncle?”

Ying Kai also thought he had misheard, “Changsheng, although Xiang Xiaoyuan can’t leave the ship, he is still a disciple of the Cangyang Sect. How can he go back to the Yejinmen with you?”

Sitting aside, Xu Shuangce’s expression was half-mocking as he slowly said, “Xiang Xiaoyuan is a disciple of my Cangyang Sect. How can he go back to the Yejinmen with you?”


The poor Sword Sect Master, who was not good at speaking, was once again enveloped in helplessness. Facing the stares from all directions, his mind went blank, and it took him a while to forcefully squeeze out a sentence:

“Because he… he is engaged to my nephew and needs to go back to fulfill the marriage.” After a long silence, Yuchi Xiao tremblingly asked, “Uncle?!”

Ying Kai was also taken aback, “Shuangce, is this true?”

The subtle amusement in Xu Shuangce’s eyes finally completely disappeared, and he said lightly, “No.”

Yuchi Rui was almost driven to despair, “Xu Shuangce, you…”

“Half a month before the incident in Linjiang City, the Young Master of the Yejinmen personally went to Cangyang Sect to return the fate contract, which was the first time the engagement was broken off. On the eve of the incident at the Ding Xian Ling, my disciple presented the engagement token, the Qilin Pendant, to me, and I returned it to Yejinmen. This was the second time the engagement was broken off.”

Xu Shuangce picked up the teacup and continued, “The engagement between the children of noble families must first obtain the permission of the master, and then be reported to the Immortal Alliance. Today, in front of the Alliance Leader, I have decided to cancel this engagement, making it the third time. From now on, my disciple Xiang Xiaoyuan has nothing to do with the Yejinmen. Once spoken, words cannot be taken back, and all the sect masters present are witnesses.”

With that, he raised his hand. 

He spilled half a cup of tea on the wooden floor, reflecting on the pupils of everyone present. Xu Shuangce stood up and said from a high position, “I have something to discuss with Wen Xiuyang. I’ll step aside for a moment and come back later.”

No one reacted, only to see Xu Shuangce walking straight to the door, as if he had some important matter to attend to. Without waiting for a disciple from the Medical Sect to hurriedly come over, he lifted the curtain with his hand and disappeared outside the corridor.

Ying Kai turned back inexplicably, “Changsheng, what’s going on with you guys?”

Before he could finish his sentence, Yuchi Rui stepped forward in a hurry and grabbed his hand, “I have something to tell you.”


Yuchi Rui seemed to ignore the gazes of the other two as if they were monsters, and firmly and seriously strengthened his tone, “Let them leave quickly. I have something to tell you alone.”

Mu Duozhu: “…”

Changsun Chengfeng: “…”

Ying Kai squeezed out another word, “Huh?”


Xu Shuangce quickly walked through the corridor, turned the corner, and suddenly disappeared into thin air.

The next moment, he appeared on the same floor as the sickroom in the cabin, stopped his steps, and stood lightly on the empty white jade steps—


It was Xu Shuangce!

Gong Wei’s primordial spirit stirred, and suddenly opened his eyes, the hairs on his back standing up.

According to the plan, he had been hiding in the Sword Sect’s room, waiting for Changsheng to bring his senior brother to rescue him. But unexpectedly, after waiting for half a day, Changsheng didn’t bring Ying Kai, the great Buddha, but instead Xu Bai returned first. What exactly happened in the Sky Pavilion?

Could it be that Ying Kai and the others were following closely behind? What should he do now?

At this critical moment, there was no time for much thought. Gong Wei risked using an eavesdropping technique, and faintly heard the voices from the Sky Pavilion. It was indeed the calm voice of the Iron Sect Master, saying, “Since that’s the case, I will take leave with Bai Xian and go to the Sand Sea first. If there are any discoveries, we will contact you via sound transmission charms…”

Why were they still discussing matters when Xu Shuangce returned first!

Even if he ran as fast as he could now, Xu Shuangce had already sealed off the only passage from this level of the cabin to the Sky Pavilion, and was leisurely walking down the stairs.

Gong Wei’s heart felt indescribable. He quickly got up, pushed the door open, and stepped out lightly, his footsteps as light as a feather carried by the wind. In the blink of an eye, he skillfully traversed several complex corridors. At the same moment Xu Shuangce appeared at the end of the corridor, he had already rushed back to the room where he had awakened, pushed the door open, rushed in, took off his clothes and shoes in one go, and directly climbed onto the bed, pulling the outer robe over his head.

The faint sandalwood scent from the Cangyang Sect Master’s robe immediately filled the air.

At this moment, there was a click, and Xu Shuangce entered the room, walking in.

Gong Wei was completely wrapped in the white robe with black edges and gold trim, unable to see the situation outside, only feeling Xu Shuangce walking to the bedside and standing still.

Thump, thump.

He could only hear his own heartbeat pounding in his throat, as if it would burst out with every breath, and every moment suddenly became incredibly long.

Perhaps when people were nervous, they tended to have random thoughts. In the almost suffocating emptiness, countless stray thoughts that he hadn’t had time to consider suddenly emerged, appearing one after another in Gong Wei’s mind.

Why did Xu Bai want to kill Du Kaixun?

Why didn’t Xu Bai desecrate my flesh and bones?

Why did Xu Bai suddenly treat a low-ranking disciple, a little demon, so well, just because he didn’t want to see Xiang Xiaoyuan die?

And if he found out that I’m not Xiang Xiaoyuan, would he still… would he still want to kill me?

No one could see under the robe, Gong Wei’s fingers tightly gripped one corner of the robe, so hard that his knuckles turned white. In his mind, the vivid and brutal scars on his arm suddenly reappeared, a thought buried deep in his consciousness, as if pretending not to see it would make it go away, finally uncontrollably emerged—

Xu Shuangce did not desecrate my flesh and bones.

Why did the Peach Blossom Sea in front of the Xuanji Hall remain unfailing for sixteen years?

Suddenly, Gong Wei’s entire body stiffened, feeling a familiar hand resting on his temples through the robe, sliding down his cheek gently and irresistibly.

The surroundings were terrifyingly quiet. He heard Xu Shuangce bending down by his ear, gently saying through the layer of fabric, “Beloved disciple.”

“Master has already nullified the engagement with Yejinmen for you. From now on, you don’t need to worry about any outsiders bothering you.”

Gong Wei’s breath stopped, even his closed eyelids were stretched to the extreme.

But the next moment, he couldn’t help but relax.

There seemed to be a certain kind of magic in Xu Shuangce’s voice. With the last word falling, an irresistible drowsiness suddenly overwhelmed him.

His last bit of consciousness felt as if his body was floating, pressed against a strong embrace walking towards the door, and then he knew nothing.


Half an hour ago, on the deck.

Ying Kai frowned and asked, “Why does Bai Daoist Spiritual Master need to perform such a grand gesture?”

At the end of the deck, outside the Hidden Corpse Pavilion, Bai Xian bowed deeply, his forehead touching the ground, facing the direction of the body of iced Law Flower Immortal, and performed a bow. After standing up again, he bowed his head once more until he had completed the three bows and nine kowtows, then he stood up and took a deep breath.

“Seventeen years ago, in the Punishment Hall, Grand Elder Gong was injured to prevent me from being eviscerated. Since then, I wanted to come and thank him, but fate separated us, until now.” He lowered his head, “I have been resentful in my heart, and now my long-cherished wish is finally fulfilled.”

Ever since just now, Yuchi Changsheng had been following Ying Kai closely, several times wanting to speak but hesitating, but no one paid him any attention. Ying Kai sighed, “It’s just a minor matter, Bai Daoist Spiritual Master doesn’t need to worry too much.”

“In my life, only Iron Sect Master and Law Flower Immortal shed blood to save my insignificant body, and I will never forget their kindness.” Bai Xian paused for a moment, and said softly, “Unfortunately, good people don’t get good rewards.”

This was equivalent to openly criticizing the Cangyang Sect Master.

The expressions of everyone present were different for a while. Only Changsun Chengfeng’s eyes flickered slightly. He coughed and clasped his hands, “Since that’s the case, I will take Bai Xian to the Sand Sea Great Rift Valley first. If there are any discoveries, we will contact you via sound transmission charms.”

Ying Kai felt a bit gloomy, but he also clasped his hands and bid farewell to him and Bai Xian.

As Iron Sect Master and Bai Xian left the deck on their flying swords, Changsheng immediately grabbed Ying Kai’s sleeve, ignoring the dumbfounded gazes of the disciples of the Medical Sect in the distance, directly pushed open the door of the Hidden Corpse Pavilion, pushed Ying Kai in, and slammed the door shut behind him. From his actions, it seemed like he was about to burst, “I must take Xiang Xiaoyuan…”

Ying Kai scolded sternly, “Changsheng! Everyone has tolerated you several times today! You were so rude to both the Medical Sect and the Iron Sect just now, how can you—”

Changsheng interrupted, “Gong Wei has returned!!”

Before he could finish his sentence, Ying Kai’s face changed dramatically. Mountain Ocean Order Sword unsheathed itself and he turned around to look at the body on the ice bed in the center of the circular hall.

The body didn’t move, and everything was silent around it.

“He is Xiang Xiaoyuan!!” Only then did Changsheng manage to finish the second half of his sentence.

“….” Ying Kai turned back inch by inch, his expression as if he was questioning whether he was dreaming, “What did you say?”

Yuchi Changsheng, “Xiang Xiaoyuan fell into qi deviation, possessed by Gong Wei, and has been awake for over a month. Xu Shuangce doesn’t know yet! We can’t let him go to the Tianmen Pass!”

The succinct summary from the Sword Sect Master was like a cannonball, each word pounding Ying Kai’s head, and after a long while, he finally squeezed out a heartfelt question:

“Why didn’t you say so earlier?!”

Changsheng, full of shock, “It was clearly you guys who…”

Before Changsheng could finish, Ying Kai pushed the door and rushed out, waving to call a disciple of the Medical Sect, “Quickly go and invite Sect Master Xu. Tell him I suddenly have urgent matters to discuss with him and ask him to hurry—”

“Brother Ying?” At this moment, Mu Duozhu happened to come over, asking in doubt, “Are you looking for Brother Xu? Brother Xu just sent me a sound transmission charm, saying that he has taken his beloved disciple… taken his disciple off the ship to Tianmen Pass. What urgent matters do you have?”


Ying Kai slowly turned his head, locking eyes with Changsheng, and both of them wore expressions as if they had been struck by lightning.

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