The Sword Named No Way Out Chapter 54

Chapter 54

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“Dai Mountain, Tui’e.” With a loud clang, someone couldn’t bear it any longer and dropped their teacup, angrily saying, “Alliance Leader Ying was obviously ambushed on the Golden Ship. Why did they ‘invite’ all of us to Dai Mountain in the middle of the night?!”

The side hall was packed with about twenty sect masters, men and women of all ages and sizes, most of the prominent figures of the Immortal Alliance were present, and the rest were on their way due to the pressure from the Sword Sect.

After waiting for most of the night, the person everyone was waiting for finally showed up. Several displeased clan leaders couldn’t wait to speak up, “I just went to bed, and suddenly, I was ‘invited’ by the Young Master of the Yejinmen personally to Tui’e. Those who know know that the Alliance Leader is in trouble, but those who don’t might think that the Immortal Alliance is coming after us with swords!” “Not to mention, even if Ying Chenyuan is really in trouble, the Immortal Alliance can’t just treat us all as suspects, can they?” “Exactly! Who knows what they’re up to! What if someone takes advantage of this situation and holds the Alliance Leader hostage, using us as leverage?!”

Changsun Chengfeng, sitting at the east end, put down his teacup heavily for the third time tonight. “Ahem!”

However, three times seemed to be the limit. Although the deterrent effect of the first two times was quite significant, it wasn’t as effective the third time. The buzzing discussions stopped for only a few breaths, then intensified. A clan leader, who appeared to be of an advanced age, stood up and slammed the table, “No, we must go out and see the Alliance Leader immediately! Otherwise, if someone treacherous kidnaps him, won’t we be manipulated for nothing?!”

He was the clan master of one of the six major families, and his prestigious status immediately gained the agreement of several people around him. “Exactly!” “Let us out!”

About four or five people stood up simultaneously, about to walk out, clearly intending to see whether Ying Kai had survived. Amidst the commotion, Changsun Chengfeng was about to stand up and reprimand them when suddenly—


The Divine Sword Rakshasa Tower plunged into the ground, causing cracks to spread across the floor instantly. A tall figure in golden armor and brown robes stood at the door, emitting a compelling aura—it was the Sword Sect Master.

Men of the Yuchi family were naturally born with high brow bones, and especially, the eyes of Yuchi Changsheng were exceptionally sharp, like knives. Everyone was startled under his cold and sharp gaze, and even the clan masters of the six major families subconsciously fell silent, feeling a chill creeping up their spines.

He said coldly, “Whoever can withstand this sword, please come forward.”

There was not a single response from the surroundings, and all the restless footsteps discreetly retreated to their seats.

At that moment, the night sky suddenly split open with a meteor. Through the wide-open doors behind Yuchi Changsheng, a magnificent chariot pulled by four divine birds appeared, trailing a brilliant tail of light as it descended rapidly towards Tui’e, then—boom! It landed steadily amidst the circular aura.

“Cang, Cangyang Sect Master!”

Instantly, everyone in the hall regained their senses, quickly standing up. They saw the doors swing wide open, and Xu Shuangce descended the steps with large strides, followed by a slender youth in crimson robes stumbling behind him, his left arm firmly grasped by Xu Shuangce.

Everyone exclaimed, “Sect Master Xu!” “Greetings, Sect Master Xu!”

Xu Shuangce showed no signs of any abnormalities; he was still the imposing Cangyang Sect Master. He stood firm, his gaze sweeping over every respectful and fearful face in the hall, a hint of mockery gleaming in his eyes.

But unexpectedly, he remained silent and ignored everyone present. Instead, he turned to the youth behind him and whispered, “Master will visit Alliance Leader Ying, you wait here for me for  a bit.”

—Both his calm and gentle tone and his self-reference as “master” were like heavy cannons being fired overhead, instantly stunning everyone in the hall.

Gong Wei dared not look at the shocked gazes from all directions, and obediently nodded. Xu Shuangce then released his arm and patted his shoulder, “Go and play.”

Yuchi Changsheng: “…”

Gong Wei: “…”

Amidst the countless astonished gazes around him, Xu Shuangce turned around, his hair and robe fluttering, and walked along the corridor towards the inner hall of Tui’e.

After a while, Yuchi Changsheng’s gaze slowly turned towards Gong Wei. His face was always devoid of expression, but his widened eyes clearly spelled out the word “astonishment.”

Gong Wei covered his face weakly and said, “Music Saint and Young Master Meng are seriously injured in the carriage. Shouldn’t we… call for help first?”


The door to the inner chamber creaked open, and Mu Duozhu stepped aside, saying, “That’s how the situation unfolded. Currently, I can still barely control his three souls and seven spirits, but I truly can’t find the cause of his sudden violent agitation of the primordial spirit… If it was indeed caused by foul play, then the perpetrator’s skills must exceed my knowledge and training as the current leader of the medical sect. It’s truly hard to imagine.” 

Xu Shuangce stepped over the threshold, halting his steps. 

Ying Kai laid flat on the bed, the blood flowing from his seven orifices had already been wiped clean, but even in his unconscious state, he furrowed his brows tightly, as if enduring some kind of pain. 

“Iron Sect Master can’t explain it clearly, and has already handed over many affairs on the side of the Sand Sea Great Rift Valley to his disciples. He voluntarily came to the Immortal Alliance as a hostage until Alliance Leader Ying wakes up and identifies the culprit,” Mu Duozhu sighed. “But whether there is a culprit in this matter is still uncertain. I find myself at a loss…”

“Understood.” Xu Shuangce paused and said, “You may go now. Treat Liu Xuzhi as soon as possible.”

Mu Duozhu nodded understandingly and bowed, “I’ll leave it to Sect Master Xu.”

With that, he stepped out of the room and gently closed the door behind him.

With a soft click, only Ying Kai, unconscious, and Xu Shuangce remained in the room.

Suddenly appearing on Yanchuntai, the ghostly figure had caused consecutive heavy injuries on the Music Saint and his disciple. Ying Kai, who was unconscious with blood flowing from his seven orifices, and the corpse puppet had suddenly attacked only at this moment… All these consecutive incidents vaguely pointed to the same answer.

The mastermind behind the scenes had already revealed itself, but the crucial truth was still missing a piece of the puzzle.

—Ying Kai’s life and death were still hanging in the balance. Now was not the time to search for that missing piece of the puzzle.

Xu Shuangce let out a sigh, temporarily pushing down the tumultuous thoughts that had been boiling inside him all the way.

First, he brushed his right arm with his hand, and the stabbed wound healed with the infusion of spiritual power, leaving only a faint scar on the skin beneath his clothes. Then, he placed his two fingers together and pressed them against Ying Kai’s brow, attempting to infuse spiritual power into him.

Unexpectedly, at this moment, Ying Kai’s eyelids trembled, and he suddenly opened his eyes!

Even Xu Shuangce was surprised for a moment, before he could ask, he saw Ying Kai, ignoring the dizziness, sit up straight, his eyes bloodshot as he stared straight at him, hoarsely uttering a word, “Xu—”


Xu Shuangce’s brow furrowed, and in that instant, he saw unfamiliarity, hostility, and fear in Ying Kai’s eyes!

The room fell silent for a moment, and Xu Shuangce finally hesitated, “…Ying Kai?”

As if suddenly awakened by this word, Ying Kai shivered, tightly closed his eyes, and after a few breaths, when he opened them again, he had returned to normal. He let out a long breath, exhaling hot air with a rusty smell, and hoarsely said, “Shuang… Shuangce.”

Xu Shuangce stared at him intently, “What’s wrong with you?”

Ying Kai seemed to be in a very confused state, his gaze wandering and his expression dazed. After a while, he said, “I seemed to have had a dream. I— ” His voice suddenly stopped, and Xu Shuangce stared at him and asked, “What did you dream about?”


Ying Kai’s Adam’s apple visibly bobbed as he swallowed saliva.

“A lot… a lot of blood, many people dead, and no matter what I shouted, no one heard me. Then it got very hot around me, as if I was being roasted by h*llfire for a long, long time.” Exhausted, he raised his head, “But none of that was real, right?”

—A lot of blood, many people dead.

Could it be the most terrifying memory in Liu Xuzhi’s Mirror Art, Ascension Immortal Platform!

Why would two people thousands of miles apart see it at the same time?!

Xu Shuangce’s heart seemed to plummet into a cold abyss, but there was no hint of any abnormality on his face. He faced Ying Kai’s gaze head-on, showing no signs of the shock and suspicion in his heart, calmly saying, “A dream is just a dream.”


Xu Shuangce’s tone was flat and unquestionable, “Just a dream.”

Ying Kai subconsciously nodded, pondered for a moment, and finally sighed with relief, “You’re right.”

After a pause, he murmured to himself, “Just a dream… I should have listened to you.”

No one saw the nails under Xu Shuangce’s robe deeply cutting into his fingertips.

Yes, they had been friends since they were young, traveling the world together, bound by life and death—how could Ying Kai not believe it if Xu Shuangce decisively denied it?

Ying Kai rubbed his temples and said, “I suddenly fainted this time. I don’t know if it was due to an ambush or some reason of my own, and I dreamed of some… ridiculous scenes.”

He vaguely avoided mentioning what the “ridiculous scenes” were, looked up at Xu Shuangce, and the strangeness and wariness he had when he first woke up had completely disappeared, replaced by the trust and familiarity between old friends, “This matter is quite strange. Do you have any clues, Shuangce?”

However, Xu Shuangce avoided his gaze, “Law Flower Immortal’s corpse has escaped, with a piece of thread hidden in his heart.”

Ying Kai instantly threw away the last shred of doubt about the dream, completely disregarding it, “What did you say?!”

He flipped the covers and rushed out, but Xu Shuangce moved faster, grabbing him, “You can’t go out.”


Ying Kai’s greatest fear was the secret of the startled corpse leaking out, which would not only cause trouble in the mortal world but also implicate immortal sects. He struggled to break free, but Xu Shuangce’s grip was steady, and his voice was calm, “This matter has clues now, and the truth will soon come to light, but I need your cooperation.”

Ying Kai was astonished, “Co-cooperation with what?”


Half an hour later, the door was pushed open.

The dispirited Liu Xuzhi was supported by two disciples of the Medical Sect. Personally sending Mu Duozhu out of the door, the residual soul damage from the Mirror Art made him speak in a somewhat disoriented manner, “Thank you, Brother Mu, thank you. My disciple was able to survive all thanks to you. When he wakes up, I’ll definitely come to thank you personally. Your great kindness cannot be repaid…”

Mu Duozhu wore a tired expression, “A physician who saves lives out of compassion need not mention kindness.”

Liu Xuzhi was greatly moved, “Brother Mu is truly an example for us all!”

Mu Duozhu humbly replied, “It’s only natural. The fee is 20,000 gold coins, payable in full.”


As Liu Xuzhi’s hand loosened, his folding fan fell to the ground with a clatter. After a while, he struggled to say, “…Why has the fee increased by fifty percent compared to last year?”

“What? Fifty percent?”


Mu Duozhu was even more surprised than him, “Last year it was silver, this year it’s gold, and it’s only increased by fifty percent?”

With a thud, disciples from the Medical Sect rushed over in panic, “Lord Music Saint!” “Lord Music Saint, are you alright?!”

Mu Duozhu adjusted his robe calmly, raised his head proudly, and walked away with his hands behind his back.

At that moment, the door at the end of the distant corridor suddenly creaked open, and a figure in ivory-white robes stepped out, it was none other than Xu Shuangce. Mu Duozhu’s heart skipped a beat, forgetting about the fee, he hurriedly stepped forward and asked urgently, “Brother Xu! How is Alliance Leader Ying?”

Even Music Saint, who was just regaining consciousness, looked over, but Xu Shuangce shook his head slightly and said calmly, “His primordial spirit is stable, but he hasn’t woken up yet.”

Mu Duozhu’s expression changed instantly, “He hasn’t woken up yet?”

According to the rules of the Immortal Alliance, if the leader was attacked, the principal figures of these powerful families couldn’t easily leave Dai Mountain. But for Mu Duozhu, this wasn’t the main point. The key was that even Sect Master Xu’s intervention hadn’t been able to wake Ying Kai up. What could they do next? Would Ying Kai’s life and death be left to fate?

Xu Shuangce nodded towards the direction of the side hall, and asked calmly, “How are the others reacting?”

Mu Duozhu frowned and said with a worried expression, “Only Iron Sect is somewhat cooperative, the other female sect masters are reasonable, but the rest of those pampered old fellows are more or less uncooperative. The ones who are making the most noise are being suppressed by the Sword Sect…”

“Inform the Sword Sect that no one is allowed to leave Dai Mountain, anyone who violates this will be treated as a suspect.”

Mu Duozhu quickly agreed. Just as Xu Shuangce turned to leave, Mu Duozhu hurriedly followed behind, “Where are you going, Brother Xu? Can I…”

Xu Shuangce glanced back at him, his dark eyes seemed to be covered in frost, Mu Duozhu immediately stopped in his tracks.

“Brother Mu, I’m going to find my beloved disciple. Do you also want to go and find my beloved disciple too?”


Mu Duozhu remained silent, watching as Xu Shuangce walked away along the bluestone corridor.


Although Gong Wei was allowed to wander around, he actually had nowhere to go. Liu Xuzhi and Meng Yunfei were hurriedly carried away by disciples of the Medical Sect for treatment, and Yuchi Rui had to stay in the side hall to guard those important figures. Left alone, he was filled with worry for Ying Kai, unable to help, and wanting to find a place to rest but filled with restless thoughts, so he decided to wander aimlessly in the night.

Following the familiar corridors and bridges of Dai Mountain, he soon looked up and saw a vast building in the moonlit night, surprisingly arriving at the Punishment Hall.

Lost in countless chaotic thoughts, he suddenly forgot everything, just staring blankly at the familiar deep red gate, feeling indescribable emotions in his heart.

After a long while, he finally climbed the steps and gently pushed open the door.

The Punishment Hall had been abandoned since his death, the hanging archway was quiet and desolate, and the courtyard was empty without a soul. Snow-white peach blossoms fell gently in the moonlight, covering the entire courtyard. Gong Wei walked along the vacant houses, his shadow elongated by the moonlight, like a ghost passing through the rows of blue stone pillars along the corridor.

It seemed that Ying Kai had ordered someone to sweep regularly, and the wind chime he had played with countless times still hung quietly under the eaves, its silver surface still shining brightly, reflecting the cold moonlight. However, when Gong Wei reached out to shake it, he found that it no longer made any sound. Upon closer inspection, he couldn’t figure out what the problem was, perhaps the mechanism inside was broken.

After all, it had been sixteen years, too long.

He sighed with melancholy, about to turn and leave, when suddenly, a cold scent of sandalwood wafted over from behind.

Then a pair of hands reached over his neck, grasping the wind chime, and flicked a small piece of silver from between the cracks, causing a crisp sound to ring out.

“It’s stuck.” came the calm voice of Xu Shuangce from behind, “You have to flick it out each time.”


Xu Shuangce’s features were finely chiseled, as if sculpted, appearing like an exiled immortal under the moonlight, quietly gazing at the silver wind chimes. 

Gong Wei knew he couldn’t explain why he had wandered here, but unexpectedly, Xu Shuangce didn’t ask anything either. As the sound of the bell gradually quieted down, Gong Wei couldn’t help but discreetly cough, casually changing the subject, “Master, why did you come so quickly? Is the Alliance Leader… is he alright now?” 



Gong Wei’s heart skipped a beat, and Xu Shuangce’s gaze finally left the wind chimes, glancing at him, “He’s awake. Don’t tell anyone.” 

Gong Wei asked suspiciously, “Why?” 

Xu Shuangce didn’t answer that question. He turned and walked down the corridor steps, and Gong Wei involuntarily followed. 

The courtyard was tranquil, with bamboo shadows swaying gently. It was too quiet here, with moonlight covering the old buildings like a veil of blue silk. The corridors were deep, and the past prosperity and laughter seemed to fade away like fallen flowers and flowing water, disappearing from the void and returning to silence. 

Xu Shuangce’s robe brushed against the wide stone steps as he stood in the courtyard, suddenly reaching his hand backward. 

Gong Wei hesitated for a moment before extending his left hand into the open palm. It was then firmly grasped by Xu Shuangce’s cold and powerful fingers, pulling him forward half a step to stand beside him. The two stood side by side under the moonlight. Xu Shuangce’s fingertips caressed the faint golden “Xu” on his wrist for a while before he unexpectedly asked, “Do you know where this is?” 

“—-The Punishment Hall.” Before Gong Wei could answer, Xu Shuangce whispered again, “I often come here after Law Flower Immortal’s death.” 

Gong Wei’s heart couldn’t help but stir slightly as he turned his head to look at the wind chimes quietly hanging under the eaves.

Continuing on, as if sensing his gaze, the silver bell inexplicably started ringing, emitting a crisp sound without any wind. From the void came the sound of hurried footsteps, and a young figure in deep red robes sprinted from the depths of the corridor, two small golden coins at his waist jingling. From somewhere came the urgent cries of attendants, “Immortal Master! Immortal Master, please be careful!”

It was a Recall Technique.

In places where the deceased often lingered during their lifetime, if strong emotional imprints were left behind, there was a small chance that through recall technique, scenes from those days could be recreated.

Gong Wei turned to look at Xu Shuangce, only to see him focused on the young immortal master down the corridor, his face calm and serene, with a glimmer of softness and sorrow flickering in his eyes.

“Xu Bai hasn’t come to see me yet,” Gong Wei heard his past self say, leaning on the railing with his chin resting on his hands, lightly tapping the wind chime with two fingers, making it sway and ring.

The attendant’s footsteps caught up, but because there was no strong emotional turmoil, he couldn’t leave his figure in the recall spell. Gong Wei only heard the hesitant voice of persuasion, “Immortal Master…”

―― The Cangyang Sect Master won’t come, everyone knows that. The brief and intense dispute in the study at Tui’e had spread throughout the Immortal Alliance. On the day the Punishment Hall was established, all the prestigious families had sent gifts, but the Cangyang Sect remained silent, and Sect Master Xu didn’t even show his face.

Xu Shuangce had already severed ties with him.

Everyone in the world knew, except Gong Wei himself.

With slender hands supporting his chin, the young immortal master looked at the moon passing overhead and finally made up his mind. He lightly jumped off the railing.

“Xu Bai must be too busy,” he said cheerfully, “I’ll go find him myself!”

The night wind carried peach blossoms across the courtyard, and the figure of the Immortal Master disappeared with a whoosh, the scene in the recall spell changing quietly.

A cluster of crimson clouds swept over the wall of the Punishment Hall and silently landed on the ground. The boy, acting like a thief, looked around cautiously before heaving a sigh of relief and brushing his scattered hair behind his ear. “The Cangyang Sect actually forbids me from going up the mountain, how stingy!”

He reached out and plucked a silver light-scrolling down from mid-air, muttering to himself, “Today is another day without seeing Xu Bai. I’ll go tomorrow.”

“Today, Xu Bai didn’t play with me either. He said he was busy, what does that mean?”

“Today, I was driven away by that little rascal Wen Xiuyang! Outrageous!”

“Today, I entered the Xuanji Hall, but Xu Bai wasn’t there… Why isn’t he here even this late?”

The number of times increased, but the frequency of additions decreased. Most of the time, the boy was surrounded by a group of young cultivators, lively and cheerful, coming and going. Occasionally, he would sit alone under the moonlight, his slender figure elongated, shifting from west to east as the constellations changed.

“Today is another day without seeing Xu Bai,” he said, supporting his chin, softly.

Finally, one day, when the Immortal Master returned from the wall, his face was pale with cold, a prominent wound visible beneath his right eye, dried blood conspicuous on his cheek. He quickly cast a blood-warming spell on himself, shivering as he hugged his arms, barely warming up. “The cold prison of Cangyang Mountain is truly as notorious as they say. Luckily, I escaped quickly!”

Under the moonlight, his robes were disheveled, and his black hair fell over half of his face, giving him a slightly disheveled appearance. As he reached out to pull out the scroll from mid-air once again, his fingers, cracked and frozen, stopped halfway, his eyes reflecting pages upon pages of characters.

Finally, as if realizing something, he sighed hoarsely, muttering to himself, “…Xu Bai really doesn’t want to see me, does he?”

“What’s the point of me being like this?”

With a wave of his hand, he turned and walked towards the dormitory, never looking back, the silver light of the scroll dissipating into the air.

That scroll, filled with characters, never appeared again.

From that late night onwards, the appearance and stature of the Immortal Master underwent subtle changes. He began to grow taller, gradually moving away from the realm of youth, exuding a mixture of youth and maturity. He remained lively and fond of revelry, but his features no longer exhibited the immaturity of youth, as if time had finally settled on him, leaving behind a hint of stability and melancholy.

Time passed, seasons changed, and the bustling courtyard gradually returned to emptiness, silent and desolate.

Leaning against the stone table under the peach tree, the Immortal Master draped his outer robe over his shoulders, a bandage on his left shoulder revealing traces of blood. Just back from slaying beasts in the distant north, he was still filled with blood, his face showing signs of fatigue. The peach blossom wine in his cup had already spilled half, his slender fingers soaked in wine, reflecting the faint moonlight.

Gong Wei suddenly felt his wrist being tightly grabbed. He turned his head to see Xu Shuangce gripping his fingers tightly, almost trembling, as he stared intently at the figure leaning under the moonlight in the courtyard.

“Sigh…” the figure deeply sighed, dissipating into the fluttering peach blossoms as soon as the breath left his lips.

“I miss Xu Bai.”

Xu Shuangce tilted his head back towards the sky, closing his eyes without saying a word.

In the recall realm, seventeen years ago, the Law Flower Immortal Master drained his cold wine in one gulp, staggering to his feet, his robe sleeves brushing over the scattered petals on the ground as he gradually disappeared into the depths of the corridor.


The night was as cool as water, and all was silent.

Gong Wei stood still in place, a strange and overwhelming sense of unfamiliar sadness washing over him.

He didn’t know where this feeling came from, nor why it emerged, but he could only gaze up at Xu Shuangce, whose silhouette, the world’s foremost, appeared stiff and cold under the moonlight. His nose cast a shadow on his cheeks, and Gong Wei couldn’t discern why he was closing his eyes so tightly.

The recall realm faded away, and that silhouette never appeared again.

After a long while, Xu Shuangce finally moved, slowly opening his eyes and lowering his head to gaze at Gong Wei.


During their eye contact, Gong Wei suddenly felt a strange impulse, wanting to shout out Xu Bai’s name.

He felt that even if he were discovered, it wouldn’t matter. Xu Shuangce might be displeased, but… he wouldn’t kill him. This foolish and absurd confidence somehow filled his chest, almost making him blurt out the familiar address—

Xu Bai, why did you know that the wind chime’s paddle was stuck?

Have you ever thought of me?

Do… do you still hate me?

“…,” Gong Wei stared at the pair of dark, brooding eyes in front of him for a long time, his throat finally twitching, and he quickly averted his gaze.

“Master,” he heard his own suppressed voice whisper softly.

The five fingers gripping his wrist seemed to tighten even more, and Xu Shuangce’s gaze became terrifyingly bright, his thin lips pressed tightly together, as if he were restraining something. They stood side by side like this, facing each other, as if time had passed for many long years yet also just a fleeting moment. Xu Shuangce finally withdrew his gaze, deeply exhaling a hot breath tinged with the taste of blood.

He nodded slightly and said, “Let’s go.”

Gong Wei felt his wrist being released slightly, but it wasn’t let go completely. Xu Shuangce continued to hold his hand, leading him through the desolate courtyard towards the dark red gates of the night, while also flicking his sleeve to dispel the recall spell in the void.

At this moment, Gong Wei’s peripheral vision suddenly caught something, and he stopped abruptly, peering into the distance.

Xu Shuangce also stopped, following his gaze towards the depths of the courtyard. There stood a row of houses with white walls and gray tiles, likely temporary residences for the children of the Punishment Hall’s noble families. The faint light of the recall spell had not yet dissipated. Seventeen years ago, all the doors and windows were closed except for one window, which revealed a pale, handsome but sinister face.

Xu Shuangce’s expression changed slightly.

It was Du Kaixun.

He had always left too hastily, and this was the first time he had noticed this detail in the distance.

Gong Wei turned to look at him, indicating his curiosity to go and take a look. Xu Shuangce then pulled him forward, and they instantly approached. Through the carved window lattice, they saw the clean and simple room, with nothing but a bed. Seventeen years ago, Du Kaixun stood straight by the window, staring at the cold white moon outside, his eyes seemingly carrying a hook, like a shadowy statue.

Gong Wei leaned on the window lattice, observing intently, and softly exclaimed, “What is he doing?”

The generation of the recall realm was stringent. It had to appear on the scene with strong emotional imprints to be captured and recorded. Why did the Law Flower Immortal Master leave behind so many residual images? It was because of his childish nature. No matter what emotion he felt, it was always intense. But what about Du Kaixun?

Was he just daydreaming?

Xu Shuangce scrutinized him from top to bottom, and suddenly, from this unusual expression, he sensed something familiar.

This expression, seeming to be detached from reality, detached from the surrounding world, as if “seeing” and “listening” to invisible scenes in the air, he had seen it on another person—Gong Wei.

When Du Kaixun’s state suddenly changed, as if he had awakened from a dream, he staggered back several steps and bent over. He leaned on his knees, breathing heavily, his body involuntarily trembling, before finally managing to squeeze out a few words from the trembling:

“Why… why is this happening…”

What did he see?

Xu Shuangce’s brows furrowed tightly, and suddenly, clear “cracking” sounds came from inside the room. It was Du Kaixun’s teeth grinding together, emitting a sharp, hateful sound: “It doesn’t belong to me…”

He gradually raised his head, his face twisted to the extreme, his eyes gleaming coldly in the shadow, gritting his teeth word by word:

“If it doesn’t belong to me anymore, then let it shatter, let it shatter into mud!”

With the last word, his spiritual power burst from his fingertips, and he swiftly drew a strange and complex rune in the air with his blood!

Xu Shuangce exerted force and pulled Gong Wei back half a step, raising his hand to block in front of him.

But for some reason, after the rune was drawn with blood, it didn’t light up. Du Kaixun gritted his teeth even harder, more blood oozing from his fingertips. He drew the rune eight or nine times in a row, but none of them lit up!

“What is that?” Gong Wei asked in surprise.

This obscure and strange rune was so unfamiliar that even Xu Shuangce had never seen it in any Daoist scripture or secret scroll. Du Kaixun’s movements became faster and his expression more sinister, as if he were a mad, devouring beast. Blood left crisscrossing traces in the air, but they all disappeared in an instant, no matter how furious and frenzied he became!


Du Kaixun knelt heavily on the ground, his fist pounding on the ground, leaving four distinct bloodstains from his shattered finger bones.

Reluctance and despair engulfed him like a black tide rising to the surface, tearing his mind apart and thundering in his ears like a deafening roar. He stared fixedly at the ground beneath his knees, his eyes wide with shock, his whole body trembling violently. A drop of blood-tinged tear fell with a plop onto the cracked floor. 

—At that moment, the symbol above his head finally lit up. 

The blood-red curse reflected in the eyes of Xu Shuangce and Gong Wei simultaneously, malevolent and ominous. It glowed for several breaths before gradually fading away and disappearing, as if it had never appeared at all. 

But Dukai Xun, with his head bowed, remained oblivious. 

He pressed his forehead against the floor, his trembling body taking a long time to barely calm down. It seemed as if the boiling sea of emotions had finally been covered by a more desolate darkness of despair. His blood-stained hands clenched into fists, pressed against his temples, before slowly relaxing. 

“It’s mine…” he murmured sorrowfully. 

“…It’s mine…” 

The sob finally escaped his lips like air breaking through ice. He didn’t lift his head for a long time, until the faint light of retrospection gradually faded away, and the remnants of seventeen years ago vanished with it. The cold moon hung high in the sky, and the old buildings returned to their emptiness and quietness. 


The recall spell had completely disappeared, and they were back in the reality of the Punishment Hall. 

The wind rustled through the treetops, and the wind chimes under the eaves in the distance tinkled. The two of them stood side by side in front of the row of houses. Gong Wei seemed to still be immersed in the scene just now, and it took him a while to come back to his senses. “What does it mean?” 

Xu Shuangce felt as if something was about to emerge, but with his mind in turmoil, he couldn’t make sense of it. After pondering for a moment, he pulled Gong Wei’s hand. “Let’s go back first. We need to check on Liu Xuzhi. We still need him for the Tianmen Pass incident.” 

Gong Wei took a few steps as he was pulled along, but he kept looking back. The old, dilapidated house stood quietly in the dark night, and the resentment and curses of seventeen years ago seemed like a fleeting dream, disappearing into the passage of time without waking, even the rightful owner remained unaware. 

“What broke?” Gong Wei couldn’t help but wonder as they walked. “Has it already broken?” 

“The curse has taken effect, so it must have broken,” Xu Shuangce replied. 

Gong Wei asked, “But if something breaks, why hasn’t anyone noticed?” 

“Perhaps because…” 

Xu Shuangce’s answer suddenly halted along with his footsteps. 

Why would something break and yet never be noticed? 

Naturally, it’s because someone had repaired it before it was discovered.

Ding Xian Ling, Yanchuntai, Tianmen pass, suddenly appearing in Penglai Palace, the ghost cultivator, the Law Flower Immortal Puppet rising from the coffin, the world-ending mechanism giant buried deep in the earth…

The last piece of the puzzle finally slammed into place, and the elusive fragments were strung together at this moment. The key to the mastermind behind the scenes actually laid in the words spoken seventeen years ago—

“If it doesn’t belong to me, then let it shatter into mud!”

“Master?” Palace asked in confusion.


Suddenly, Xu Shuangce whispered softly, “I know what’s going on with the mastermind behind the scenes.”

Gong Wei felt puzzled. “What’s going on?”

But he didn’t get an immediate answer. He only felt a weight on his shoulders as Xu Shuangce’s hand pressed down on him, and a circular aura rose from the ground beneath them:

“We must take Liu Xuzhi with us and return to Tianmen Pass immediately. We need to help the mastermind behind the scenes with something. Once it’s done, the truth will naturally come to light.”

Help with what?

Gong Wei couldn’t quite grasp it, but he saw Xu Shuangce reaching out to him, wrapping his arm around his shoulder, and taking a step forward, shrink to inch—

The surroundings rushed backward like the wind, and in an instant, they were back in Tuo’e. About twenty clan lords were still being held in a side hall. From afar, one could hear murmured discussions filled with suppressed anger: “It’s almost dawn, when will this end?” “Has Ying Chenyuan still not woken up? Can someone come and tell us what’s going on now?”

As Xu Shuangce landed, the wind ceased abruptly, and his strong arm wrapped around Gong Wei, who was plunging forward.

Then he raised his head, and in his eyes, the side hall buildings ahead were faintly illuminated by the pale blue light of the sky. His voice reverberated through the entire land of Tuo’e, exploding in everyone’s ears:


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