The Sword Named No Way Out Chapter 59

Chapter 59

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The desiccated Golden Core, dormant for sixteen years, immediately began to crazily absorb the remaining spiritual power as the dharma image entered this body, causing Gong Wei to feel a slight dizziness. He closed his eyes and exhaled a hot breath of blood. At that moment, it felt as though thunder was rumbling overhead, rapidly approaching and exploding loudly in everyone’s ears.

The earth’s core could no longer withstand the colossal impact of the giant’s collision, and the accumulated snow and ice cascaded down like a rushing waterfall.

The glacier was collapsing.

Xu Shuangce rushed over and pulled Gong Wei up. “Quickly, let’s go!”

But a sinister blood sword was also closing in—it was the ghost cultivator!

In an instant, Gong Wei instinctively had a thought—Xu Bai is injured, I must protect him.

He broke free from Xu Shuangce, his hand backbones protruding, and instantly drew his sword, splitting the eerie ghost shadow into two halves. However, in the blink of an eye, the ghost cultivator turned to ashes, only to reappear in another direction. Two identical Bai Tai Shou swords clashed heavily, the force shattering the surrounding rocks into pieces!

Dizziness, thirst.

The severely desiccated Golden Core caused excruciating pain to his soul, but Gong Wei’s every sword was heavier and more ruthless than the last. Amidst the intertwining energies, he tore the ghost cultivator apart hundreds of times, almost instantly turning it to ashes each time it appeared. Gradually, its speed of appearance slowed down, and the time it needed to recover became longer. The crimson light under the hood flickered with anger. Finally, after being pierced through the chest by Gong Wei, the ghost cultivator didn’t turn to ashes. Instead, in the posture pinned by Bai Tai Shou, it thrust its sword towards Gong Wei’s eye!

At the same time, the world-ending soldier puppet behind them staggered to its feet.

Half of its head was gone, the injuries preventing it from maintaining balance. It could only futilely smash the mountain walls and use its damaged right arm to slam down towards Gong Wei’s head—Boom!

The steel-black shadow was forced to halt in mid-air because at the critical moment, Xu Shuangce, holding onto his sword with all his might, withstood the heavy blow with his body. A gush of hot blood spewed out.

Then, his injured right hand crossed over Gong Wei and, with lightning speed, plunged into the ghost cultivator’s chest!

This move was not only swift and relentless, but the ghost cultivator’s blood sword, aimed at Gong Wei’s right eye, stopped just inches away, its tip sparkling with blood.

The scene froze instantly. Xu Shuangce’s hand tightly gripped a sharp and hard bronze piece embedded in the ghost cultivator’s chest—a piece of the Mirror Realm.


The red light under the ghost cultivator’s hood completely stopped moving. It stared fixedly at Xu Shuangce, seemingly wanting to say something, but with all senses sealed, it couldn’t utter a word. It could only watch as Xu Shuangce suddenly exerted force with his fingers, and a crisp sound came from its chest: snap!

The Mirror shard deeply pierced Xu Shuangce’s palm. As blood soaked into the mirror’s surface, a low, cold, and indifferent teenage voice suddenly sounded in Xu Shuangce’s ear, as if coming from a distant place:

“If you love this mirror spirit so much, don’t let him kill you.”

Immediately after, the ghost cultivator turned into a blood-colored mist amidst the sharp wind, gathered into a vaguely humanoid form, and forcibly plunged into the Mirror fragment in Xu Shuangce’s hand, disappearing without a trace.

With a rumbling tremor accompanied by falling boulders, the world-ending soldier puppet behind them went completely berserk. In the chaos, Gong Wei could no longer support himself and was hit by a falling boulder, spitting out a mouthful of blood on the spot.

At this moment, there was no time to ponder the ghost cultivator’s words. Xu Shuangce swiftly followed, holding Gong Wei in his arms. “Quick, let’s go!”

“…Xu Bai,” the young man’s consciousness was hazy, lying in Xu Shuangce’s arms, tightly grasping his sleeve, and intermittently gasping, “Please don’t leave me behind, Xu Bai.”

Xu Shuangce didn’t answer, just hugged him tightly, pressing him so close that even his heartbeat was discernible. Then, amidst the intense shaking, he looked around. “Liu Xuzhi!”

There was no response.

“Liu Xu Zhi—!”

Another round of avalanches surged like a tide. Xu Shuangce used his body to shield Gong Wei, barely avoiding it. Suddenly, he saw behind the enraged giant soldier, a figure swiftly falling with the rocks, plummeting towards the abyss—it was the unconscious Liu Xuzhi.

This abyss led straight to the earth’s core. Even if he didn’t turn into minced meat upon impact, he would be crushed into a pulp by the rampant soldier. Xu Shuangce’s eyebrows furrowed, about to find a way to rescue Liu Xuzhi—just at this critical moment, a strand of world-ending soldier’s thread shot from afar, catching the falling Music Saint.

Immediately after, Liu Xuzhi was forcibly pulled out of the cliff, thrown into the air, and Xu Shuangce firmly caught him in front of him.

Looking into the distance along the soldier’s thread, it was Bai Xian on the other side of the cliff!

Xu Shuangce shielded Gong Wei with one hand and reached out to grab Liu Xuzhi with the other hand across the void. It was nearly impossible to control the sword in such a place. He let the No Way Out Sword’s edge cut deeply into his palm, using his own blood as fuel to forcefully control the sword, and sternly shouted at the opposite side, “Why haven’t you left yet?!”

Through the flying rubble and towering snow, Bai Xian stood at the edge of the earth’s core cliff. The last strand of light from Changsun Chengfeng was tightly connecting him and Du Kaixun. The ground under their feet was rapidly cracking and collapsing.

But Bai Xian showed no intention of leaving, just smiling and shaking his head. Xu Shuangce could only see him silently mouth the words:

“Thank you.”

Xu Shuangce’s pupils dilated suddenly. At the same time, his heart moved, and a talisman flew out from his sleeve, turning into a rope in mid-air and whistling towards the two on the other side.

But at this point, even fleeing with his sword required forcibly using blood, and the talisman’s power was weak. The rope was cut in half by the raging soldier puppet’s palm halfway through, disappearing instantly into fragments of light.

Without time to throw another talisman, the world-ending soldier puppet’s huge mouth opened, and from its bottomless throat, the terrifying black flame erupted once again—


The black fire spewed out like a giant dragon, the towering flames chasing after them relentlessly.

At this moment, even the slightest delay would turn them into charred bones in an instant.

Xu Shuangce was too busy to rescue Bai Xian and Du Kaixun on the opposite side. In an instant, he could only use his body to shield Gong Wei in his arms. No Way Out rose rapidly like a brilliant meteor, breaking through the peak crevice of the glacier, and the bone-chilling cold wind from the horizon immediately swept over them. 

With a thunderous roar that shook the mountains, a fire dragon soared into the sky, engulfing half of the sky in flames! 

Xu Shuangce retreated with both himself and his sword tens of miles away, then turned his head to look back at the glacier.

Xu Shuangce, along with his sword and the two youths, retreated dozens of miles away, then turned to look at the glacier.

The scene resembled a volcanic eruption. A massive stream of fire connected the sky and earth, melting the millennia-old snow on the peaks in an instant. Waves of snowwater surged with the mountains, roaring and rushing in all directions from the mountain tops, engulfing the vast ice fields beneath their feet in the blink of an eye.

The sprawling glacier could no longer bear the strain and collapsed inward, creating a huge basin with a radius of hundreds of miles.

Xu Shuangce took several steps back and managed to stabilize himself with great effort.

After leaving the earth’s core and coming outside, there was finally a faint trace of spiritual energy between heaven and earth. He quickly checked Gong Wei’s condition. The powerful Golden Core from his previous life was completely mismatched with the weak body of the young man now, especially after the shocking sword that split the soldier’s head. His spiritual power had been depleted to the limit, and he had fallen into a state of unconsciousness.

Xu Shuangce pressed his hot forehead against Gong Wei’s, exhaling a long stream of hot air. Just as he was about to summon the Blood River Carriage, suddenly the ground beneath his feet shook violently.

He looked up suddenly.

In the sunken basin in the distance, the world-ending soldier puppet actually broke through the ground, emerged from the fire, and let out a sharp roar!

Xu Shuangce’s expression changed. “Blood River Carriage!”

Four divine birds appeared from the void in the sky, their wings splattering blood in the deadly cold, and descended against the wind towards the ground. As soon as the carriage door opened, Xu Shuangce ushered Liu Xuzhi inside with a flick of his sleeve, then carried Gong Wei inside as well. At this moment, most of the giant’s remnants had crawled out, smashing the ice field with a punch, causing it to crack and collapse!

—Mountains crumbled, earth shook.

Amidst the terrifying roar, Xu Shuangce knelt half-knee at the carriage door, his bleeding palm gently caressing the side of Gong Wei’s face, a faint gleam flickering in his eyes, and finally he leaned down.

His thin lips pressed a kiss on the young man’s forehead.

The vast ice field cracked piece by piece, and the fatal sound of cracking ice quickly approached from all directions. Xu Shuangce gazed deeply at Gong Wei for a moment, then suddenly stood up and got out of the carriage. Behind him, the divine birds emitted a mournful scream, and amidst the biting cold, they took off forcefully.

As soon as the Blood River Carriage left the ground, huge cracks snaked towards their feet, and the earth split open into a rocky beach!

Xu Shuangce stood tall with his sword in his left hand, his whole body covered in wounds, his right arm bones cracked, blood soaking through his clothes and staining his robe, but his back remained straight without the slightest bend.

Black rainbow pierced the sun, and the sun disappeared.

The fierce wind and snow scraped across the ice field, and the world-ending soldier puppet in the distance staggered around, its left upper face shattered by Gong Wei’s sword. Only its right eye remained, staring accurately at Xu Shuangce, who was dozens of miles away, burning with thousands of years of suppressed hatred.

“Are you created by me?” Xu Shuangce murmured.

—Thousands of years ago, on the battlefield of extinction, as the “Supreme God of the North Wall,” I created you, allowing you to slaughter wildly and almost exterminate the world. Iron Sect’s Xuan Jinghe sealed you into the earth’s core at the cost of his life, then ascended to replace me as the god, becoming the Ghost Crown Prince’s Master.

Since then, I have been exiled and reincarnated in the real world, becoming Xu Shuangce, the master of the Cangyang Sect, after thousands of years. Meanwhile, you have been roasted by resentment in the depths of the earth, your body corroded by wind and frost, unable to escape for thousands of years.

Until the current Taiyi 28th year, when I slaughtered on the Ascension Immortal Platform, rivers of blood flowed, and as the Law Flower Immortal approached death, time was temporarily suspended, and the entire world was pulled into this false time and space.

Separated by countless years and changes, we finally meet again in this place.

“The Supreme God of the North Wall, cold and ruthless, arrogant and stubborn…”

Xu Shuangce slowly repeated the words of the folklore, scenes of blood and wailing from the battle of extinction appearing before his eyes.

“Since you shouldn’t have been born, today let me personally correct this mistake.” He gripped the sword in his hand tightly, and the last trace of spiritual power along the blade ignited a blazing white flame. Hoarsely, he said, “—Ghost God No Way Out.”

This was the first time in decades that the unparalleled sword spirit, No Way Out, had been summoned by its sword technique.

The powerful and unmatched sword spirit awoke in the hurricane, its dragon’s roar soaring into the sky, even illuminating the black rainbow piercing the sun brightly. The radiant sword spirit draped Xu Shuangce in a layer of golden armor, invincible and unstoppable, and it sliced off the soldier puppet’s right arm!

The sword light tore through the sky, thousands of tons of broken limbs erupted into the sky, and the surroundings shook with the force.

The soldier puppet let out a dying roar, its mountain-like remnants stirring up hurricanes, hurling Xu Shuangce to the top of the glacier. The thousand-meter ice peak crumbled like fragile glass, collapsing into a flat ground, followed by a terrifying avalanche rushing down.

Amidst the overwhelming impact, Xu Shuangce coughed up a mouthful of hot blood, his figure breaking through the ice field like a sharp blade, and in an instant, he was once again close to the world-ending soldier puppet.

No Way Out sword reflected in the giant bloodshot eye, and in the next instant, the majestic sword light pierced through the giant’s chest and abdomen! 

The momentum of the sword was not yet exhausted, illuminating the heavens and earth like lightning. 

The steel abdomen of the soldier puppet opened wide, and tens of thousands of mechanical parts exploded into the sky, raining down like a torrential downpour onto the plains. In an instant, it lost most of its abdominal machinery and went completely berserk in its dying moments, exerting all its strength to widen its gaping maw, reaching an unprecedented level. 

Snow and ice shards flew up like blades, accompanied by a piercing and ear-splitting whistle, all of which were sucked into its mouth. 

Then, all the divine power left over from thousands of years ago when the world was destroyed, turned into a giant flame that swept towards Xu Shuangce! 

Time seemed to suddenly freeze, and the intense light of the flames engulfed the entire world. 

Even the sensation of pain disappeared, as all spiritual power burned in this moment. No Way Out Sword was like the sharp edge of a flame wave, inching closer to the fatal throat of the world-destroying soldier puppet. 

Xu Shuangce’s nails on the grip of the sword cracked, his skin tore, and blood evaporated instantly in the flames. 

The most powerful golden core in the world trembled dangerously, on the verge of being destroyed— 

At this moment of utter destruction, a streak of indomitable brilliance streaked from the distant sky, revealing a cyan dragon, with a familiar figure drawing a sword on its back, roaring thunderously through the heavens: 

“Myriad gods Mountain Ocean Order—!”

Countless light spots converged from all corners of the Divine Continent, and the Sword Spirit of Mountain Ocean Order pierced through the rainbow, reaching its peak state, and at this moment, Ying Kai appeared, killing!

The cyan dragon dissipated into green light, and Ying Kai roared forward. Like a huge sword, he tore the sea of fire in half, and in an instant, he relieved Xu Shuangce, slicing off the world-ending soldier puppet’s head amidst the trembling earth!

Even the heavenly tribulation was nothing compared to this.

The explosion was so intense that the world seemed to suddenly fall into ancient silence.

In that bright white light, Xu Shuangce, covered in blood, was pushed backward by the impact; Ying Kai’s momentum had not dissipated, and with the head of the giant, he crashed into the glacier; while the headless body stood still for a moment before slowly and completely collapsing towards the ground.

It shattered the rock plates under the vast ice field, and the hill-like steel body, carrying thousands of tons of ice and snow, plummeted into the deep ravine.

At the same time.



From the depths of the earth, a dark and ominous tremor came from above, and the surrounding gravel fell more and more densely and urgently.

Bai Xian stood quietly at the edge of the cliff, the soldier thread of the luminous soldier puppet still tightly entwined between his fingers, as if touching his own and Changsun Chengfeng’s heartbeat.

A piece of gravel fell onto his shoulder, and Du Kaixun gently brushed it away with his blood-stained hand.

Suddenly, he heard Bai Xian whisper, “You just told Sect Master Xu that there was once a real world.”

His voice was uncertain and doubtful, and Du Kaixun hesitated for a moment before responding with a “Mmm,” asking gently, “What about it?”

Bai Xian looked down at the soldier puppet thread between his fingers, the light belonging to Changsun Chengfeng reflecting in his bewildered pupils. “In that real world, did you also kill Lord Chengfeng in this deep ravine?”

“….” Du Kaixun fell into silence, and after a while, he said, “No, he was too lucky. I couldn’t do it.”

Bai Xian seemed to burst with a glimmer of hope. “Then is he still alive?”

Long-lost restlessness and malice crawled densely over Du Kaixun’s heart again, like poisonous snakes entwining his whole body. He wanted to say, “How could that be possible? Although I failed to kill him in this deep ravine, he later went to the Ascension Immortal Platform. That terrifying disaster-prone Ascension Immortal Platform, even if he didn’t die, he’s almost—”

But for some reason, the words were pushed back by an inexplicable force when they reached his lips.

Du Kaixun hoarsely spoke the truth: “I don’t know.”

Bai Xian seemed to be a drowning man suddenly seeing a piece of driftwood, staring tightly into his eyes. “Then after I die here, will I completely die, or will I be able to return to that ‘real world’?”

A heavy sorrow suddenly gripped Du Kaixun’s throat.

He opened his mouth, wanting to at least tell a lie to give Bai Xian some false hope, but he was powerless. After a long time, he reached out and stroked Bai Xian’s cold face, using all his strength, but could only smile weakly.

Just then, the headless soldier puppet collapsed the dome, and the unprecedented avalanche finally surged down!

The entire cliff shattered and fell into the abyss. In that instant, Du Kaixun threw himself forward to shield Bai Xian’s entire body in his arms. The roaring wind swallowed their hearing, and they fell together into the depths of the earth—

Bai Xian’s pupils dilated to the limit, his gaze passing over Du Kaixun’s neck, over the surging snow and ice above his head.

The snow mist engulfed all visibility, and the world suddenly became very quiet. He heard his own naive voice from a distant void:

“Lord Iron Sect Master, Lord Iron Sect Master, why did you give me this name?”

A gentle male voice recited word by word, “The river flows around the fragrant garden, and the moon shines on the flower forest as if it were hail.”

“What does it mean?”

“It means that the moon shines on the flower forest, like snowflakes covering it like a thin veil.” The cultured and handsome man always seemed to carry a hint of a smile in his eyes as he spoke. “It means something very beautiful.”

The young Bai Xian hadn’t read many books, and he vaguely elongated the tone, “Oh—”

“Going against the heavens, doing things in reverse!” “Relying on your own talent, you dare to commit the great crime of refining living people into weapons?!” “We cannot let this scandal spread. We must find a solution, and we must find it quickly!”…

Inside the closed dungeon of the Changsun family, Bai Xian knelt on the ground, trying to curl himself into a small ball, listening to the elders’ successive rebukes from above. He seemed to have already sensed something from the words “solve,” “cover-up,” “scandal,” and so on, fear rising from his heart, unable to help but sneak a glance forward.

His master stood with his arms crossed, the shadows perfectly masking his hidden impatience and anxiety in his eyes, seemingly indifferent as he smiled faintly. “He agreed to become my soldier puppet himself. Is that not acceptable?”

The young man’s handsome face became more distinct in the flickering firelight, then paused, speaking in a seemingly even more indifferent tone: “Well, since you all object like this, then destroy this soldier puppet.”


The surroundings erupted like a frying oil pot, but Bai Xian couldn’t hear anything. Those words pierced his lungs like arrows in an instant, making it impossible for him to breathe in extreme fear. Suddenly, the heavy door behind him “bang!” was pushed open forcefully.

“Iron Sect Master!” “Lord Iron Sect Master!”

Bai Xian couldn’t even turn his head back. He only saw Changsun Chengfeng striding over from the side, his usually gentle and kind face never so cold, drawing his sword without a word, and driving it into the ground in front of Bai Xian with force!

“—Bai Xian is also my family’s disciple. Whoever wants to hurt him must first ask me.”

Changsun Chengfeng’s voice was not loud, but each word was clear and cold, and everyone in the dungeon held their breath in silence.

After several breaths, he sheathed his sword and helped Bai Xian up from the ground, saying softly, “Come with me.”

Bai Xian couldn’t remember how he walked out of the dungeon that day, but what remained deeply imprinted was the look of astonishment, confusion, and ultimately resentment in Du Kaixun’s eyes when he turned around, as well as the warm and powerful palm of Changsun Chengfeng.

It was from that day onward that a seed inadvertently fell into his heart and took root.

—When did the change begin to occur, exactly?

Many of those hidden glimmers of auspicious light in the passage of time have vanished without a trace.

In the aristocratic families, deep within their compounds, through winding corridors, memories wander. The cluster of tuberose under the eaves after the rain was picked from Lord Chengfeng’s courtyard. The piece of white jade inkstone on the table by the window was brought back by Lord Chengfeng from outside. The sword tassel hidden under the pillow was left behind by Lord Chengfeng the last time he went halfway. Every time he suffered torment and injustice from the Second Young Master, Lord Chengfeng would always come to his rescue in time, even when he was away from home.

Every time Lord Chengfeng returned, Bai Xian would run to hide in a corner behind the crowd to greet him, then sneak away when no one was paying attention. But occasionally, Lord Chengfeng would stand for a while after everyone had dispersed, beckoning Bai Xian out of the corner of the corridor, asking about his health, and warm fingertips pressing against his brow, infusing him with his own spiritual power.

There would be various pains and discomforts during the process of human weaponization, and infusing spiritual power would alleviate them, but his master rarely did so.

Because that seemed to be a “reward,” but no matter how hard Bai Xian tried, he could hardly satisfy his master.

“Why does everyone say you’re good? Are you going around making friends behind my back?”

“You’re obviously so stupid, what’s the difference between you and trash?”

Du Kaixun seemed to have two faces since birth. He was a perfect gentleman from a prestigious family, but also a cruel, irritable, and bloodthirsty tyrant. He spoke humorously, charmingly, and engagingly, but turned around to speak sharply and insultingly, and Bai Xian had to be extremely careful to avoid angering him, never knowing when his rare good mood would suddenly turn into terrifying rage.

“You’ve actually been obedient while I was in seclusion.” That day, Du Kaixun leaned against the door with his arms folded, lazily saying, “My spiritual power has advanced again.”

Bai Xian cautiously kept his mouth shut, respectfully keeping his gaze on the ground.

Of the two things, it was unclear which one suddenly improved Du Kaixun’s mood. He waved and said, “Come here.”

“…” Bai Xian cautiously took two steps forward, only to be grabbed by Du Kaixun’s hand without a word and pulled closer. “You want spiritual power, don’t you? Come here!”

Bai Xian was startled, before he could even react, his brow was firmly pressed by two fingers. But before Du Kaixun could start infusing spiritual power, he suddenly realized something, and his face turned stormy: “Someone gave you spiritual power before? Who?”

“S-Second Young Master…”

“Changsun Chengfeng?!” Bai Xian barely had time to explain, but he saw Du Kaixun’s eyes burning with anger, and with a fierce palm, he sent Bai Xian flying out of the door, shouting, “Whose possession are you?! Get lost!”

With a loud bang, Bai Xian fell into the snowy courtyard. “Second Young Master, I’m sorry! I—”

“Shut up!!”

Outside the door, heavy snow was falling. Bai Xian was in a sorry state and extremely panicked. He knelt on the ground and was about to crawl over to grab the door frame, but Du Kaixun pointed to stop him, leaving him kneeling in the snow.

The handsome face of the young man was twisted with anger. He paced back and forth in the room like a lion, took a sword from the wall, pulled it out of its sheath fiercely, then after a few breaths, he put it back into its sheath with a heavy clang and threw it on the ground. He then rushed into the inner room, took a whip from the weapon rack, and strode out of the door, glaring fiercely at Bai Xian. After a while, he vented his anger by smashing the steel whip behind him, then kicked Bai Xian backwards, causing a loud sound of his body breaking.

“You get out of here! Get out of the Changsun family!”

Bai Xian cried and gasped for breath, too scared to even get up. “I’m sorry, Second Young Master, I was wrong, I was wrong…”

Du Kaixun raised his hand to strike him down, “Get out!”

But the severe pain did not come as expected because Du Kaixun’s hand was stopped by someone from a distance, and then a familiar set of footsteps hurried over.

Bai Xian looked back in panic and saw Changsun Chengfeng approaching through the snow, delivering a heavy slap to his younger brother’s face!

The scene froze completely. Du Kaixun didn’t even lift his hand to cover his face, but stared straight at his older brother with bright eyes, a gaze that sent shivers down the spine.

Changsun Chengfeng, however, paid no attention. He reached out and examined Bai Xian’s deformed chest, his eyes suddenly becoming completely solemn, with a hint of chilling light flickering.

Bai Xian trembled, “Lo…Lord…Lord Iron Sect Master…”

Changsun Chengfeng said, “Come.”

Several Golden Core disciples were waiting nervously outside the courtyard. They only heard him say coldly, “The family law can no longer control the Second Young Master. Send him to the punishment hall and let Grand Elder Gong to discipline him.”

The eldest disciple thought he had misheard, “Lord Iron Sect Master?”

“Escort him away!” Changsun Chengfeng roared angrily.

The disciples hesitated for a moment, then hurriedly pulled Du Kaixun up, and forcibly dragged him out.

Bai Xian dared not raise his head. He could feel Du Kaixun getting further and further away, but those terrifying eyes were still fixed on his face. At this moment, a strong hand pulled him up from the snow and hugged him tightly.

“Don’t be afraid.” Changsun Chengfeng’s gentle and deep voice sounded above his head, “He won’t have a chance to harm you again.”

Thump, thump.

The frozen heartbeat slowly resumed its beating, louder and stronger, echoing in Bai Xian’s ears:

“Don’t be afraid, Bai Xian. I have lifted the total restraint on your spine, and he will never be able to control you like that again.”

“Don’t worry, I have issued a prohibition order to all those who know about it in the family, and no one will speak out.”

“Don’t be afraid, Bai Xian, you are no different from a living person in my heart.”

“You won’t die.” On that tearful night when the heart rendering curse came true, when he woke up from unconsciousness due to severe pain, he saw Changsun Chengfeng covered in blood, holding him tightly, weak in spirit with a pale gray face, but holding a glowing and bright soldier thread in his hand, as if he had grabbed the greatest treasure in the world, scarred but satisfied:

“Don’t be afraid, Bai Xian. I promised I would save you, and I will.”

――I will always protect you and keep you away from disaster and fear for your entire life.

Deep in the abyss, as they fell, the sound of rushing wind seemed to disappear.

Millions of years of accumulated snow were about to engulf them, filling Bai Xian’s pupils. At this moment, he heard Du Kaixun’s trembling voice in his ear, as if making a desperate promise:

“Don’t be afraid, you will definitely go back.”

This was the last oath before death arrived.

The roaring avalanche swallowed the two intertwined figures, rushing towards the depths of the earth.

Glaciers were leveled, basins collapsed, and rivers flowed backward into the plains.

The vast northern land buried everything.

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