The Sword Named No Way Out Chapter 61

Chapter 61

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The massive Blood River Carriage swept across the sky above Cangyang Mountain, with countless disciples kneeling like tides along the way, respectfully welcoming the return of their sect master, their voices echoing through the sky.

At the same time, in Xuanji Hall, Wen Xiuyang strode out of the high threshold, but only saw that the Blood River Carriage in the sky did not stop at all. It flew directly over the heads of the disciples guarding the hall and flew towards the deep mountain Forbidden Hall with long-lasting vigor.

Sheng Bo hurriedly came upon hearing the news, “Where is the sect master going? Why don’t you…”

But his words abruptly stopped.

In the distant sky, as the Blood River Carriage passed over the Forbidden Hall, a familiar figure descended from the sky, with ivory-patterned golden robes fluttering—it was Xu Shuangce.

And in his arms, he carried another figure of a young man. The face was not clear from a distance, and it disappeared in the direction of the Forbidden Hall in an instant.


Sheng Bo saw his own face, equally astonished to the point of blankness, from Wen Xiuyang’s eyes. Both of them seemed to realize something and were stunned into silence for a long time.


The doors of the hall opened with a bang, and crimson gauze flew around. Xu Shuangce stepped into the inner room, threw Gong Wei onto the bed, and with a sweep of his hand, the twelve huge whale bone doors behind him closed layer by layer.

When the last door closed, every inch of the roof, walls, jade pillars, and even every inch of floor seam lit up with densely packed runes, which then silently disappeared—these were the most severe and ruthless imprisonment spells.

Since many years ago when he ascended the throne in the hall, Xu Shuangce personally carved these runes into the bricks and stones, making it difficult for even immortals to escape.

Gong Wei was like a bird trapped in a cage, unaware of anything, and the huge emptiness of spiritual veins made him even a little confused. “Xu Bai…”

Then his forehead was pressed down by Xu Shuangce’s long slender finger, and spiritual power was poured into his spirit ocean.

But it was still not enough.

Xu Shuangce was so stingy that this bit of spiritual power could only temporarily relieve his thirst but could not completely satisfy the stronger demand when the golden core just started to operate.

Gong Wei sat up from the cloud-like high bed and hugged Xu Shuangce’s waist. He dragged his tone like a spoiled child, “I feel uncomfortable…”

“No,” Xu Shuangce said in a low voice.

Ignoring Xu Shuangce’s words, Gong Wei pressed his forehead against his chest, and his clear eyes seemed to contain two pools of water. “Xu Bai……?”

A merciless answer came from above his head, without a hint of pity, without even a change in tone, “No.”

Gong Wei became anxious. While maintaining this posture, he lifted his head, and his chin rested on Xu Shuangce’s chest. He looked up with clear eyes, “….Why not?”

In a daze, he couldn’t see Xu Shuangce’s eyes clearly. He could only feel Xu Shuangce’s fingers sliding down his cheek, following the neckline into the collar of his clothes, and stopping at the edge of his right shoulder clavicle after rubbing for a long time.

With a slight sting, the crimson inscription flashed and disappeared into the transparent skin.

However, that was just the first stroke. Gong Wei futilely turned his head, then immediately felt Xu Shuangce leaning over his ear, his voice light yet cruel: “Because it’s not time yet.” 

—–When is the time? 

Gong Wei widened his eyes in confusion, then was overwhelmed by drowsiness as Xu Shuangce brushed his hand over, engulfing him in sleep.

He seemed to have had many dreams in his sleep, filled with hot and chaotic fragments, but he couldn’t remember anything when he woke up. Until night fell, and the bright moon passed through the layers of light gauze over the hall, the figure in the bed finally moved, awakened by a new round of burning desire.

The curtains of the bed swayed like flowing water. First, a soft light foot came out, and then Gong Wei, like a flexible fish, silently emerged.

Xu Shuangce’s upright sitting figure was like a banished immortal under the moon, high and unblemished. Gong Wei leaned over in front of him, seemingly curious about where the sandalwood scent came from. He leaned closer to the cuff of the Cangyang Sect master’s robe and sniffed carefully; after a while, he followed the cuff with his nose, and with the tip of his teeth, he picked up the belt and gently pulled it, thus loosening the ivory-colored outer robe.

The robe loosened and silently spread on the ground.

Xu Shuangce remained unmoved, like a deep and beautiful statue. However, due to the change in posture, Gong Wei’s upper body almost completely disappeared into his embrace. Tilting his head, he rubbed his nose gently against Xu Shuangce’s long neck.

“Xu Bai,” he said affectionately and vaguely, “Is it time yet?”

The next moment, he was like a drifting peach blossom, brushed away from his neck.

Xu Shuangce pressed him onto his knee, one hand wrapped around his shoulder, and slipped into the neckline of his soft nightgown. With his fingertips, he injected threads of spiritual power into the center of his eyebrows and spirit ocean, once again temporarily calming the restless spiritual veins throughout his body.

“Not yet,” Xu Shuangce said in a low and clear voice. The second crimson stroke disappeared beneath the clavicle, in the same position as the first stroke, but Gong Wei was still unaware, still rubbing his head against his leg, “Xu Bai…”

Xu Shuangce’s hand emerged from his clothes, covering his eyes heavily. “Sleep a little longer.”

Sunrise and sunset, moonrise and moonset. In a half-awake state, Gong Wei had already blurred the passage of time, and even forgot which night it was. Every time he woke up, he was trapped in this magnificent bedroom. Xu Shuangce would either meditate and adjust his breath or handle affairs. When he saw Gong Wei awake, he would wave his hand, point his finger to force Gong Wei’s head to tilt up, and then inject a small amount of spiritual power.

Gong Wei kissed him, rubbed against him, entwined around him like a sweet and soft dream, but the cold and restrained face of the Cangyang Sect master never showed any change. Every time, he would leave a slight prick on Gong Wei’s right clavicle, but no matter how Gong Wei lowered his head, he could not see that position, nor did he know what the strokes of characters meant.

“When can we dual cultivate?” Gong Wei asked as he rubbed against Xu Shuangce’s ear.

Xu Shuangce remained unmoved. “Wait a little longer.”

“Why do we have to wait?”

The Cangyang Sect master did not answer. If Gong Wei pressed too urgently, he would feel the slightly cool fingertips gently brushing the tips of his eyelashes, and then drowsiness would sweep over him, unwillingly falling asleep in Xu Shuangce’s arms.

He was so light, like a precious treasure that had been lost and recovered over the years.

The flow of spiritual power was intermittent, but the golden core still operated, and the thirst and emptiness only increased day by day.

Every time Gong Wei woke up, he became more entangled, and every time he was injected with a small amount of spiritual power, he exchanged it for greater desire and dissatisfaction. He nuzzled and cuddled against Xu Shuangce all day long. The strokes under his right clavicle gradually formed into a word. With time, it stirred his spirit more clearly, igniting greater desires like flames.

He finally faintly felt that it was some kind of mark left by Xu Shuangce on him.

But why did it have to be like this? Gong Wei thought dazedly.

Didn’t I already agree to dual cultivate with him willingly?

Finally, one late night, Gong Wei woke up from a chaotic dream and saw Xu Shuangce sleeping beside him, his sharp phoenix eyes tightly closed, breathing steadily and deeply.

Gong Wei peeked at him from under the warm covers, and the moonlight outlined Xu Shuangce’s cold and sharp eyebrows, the sharp corners of his eyes, the straight bridge of his nose, and thin lips. His face looked quite young, but there was a cold, restrained, and unemotional quality between his eyebrows, making people feel fearful.

Gong Wei tilted his head for a moment, licked his lips, and sneaked under the covers. In the dark, warm, and intimate space, he did not know what he was doing. Suddenly, Xu Shuangce opened his eyes, stretched out his hand, and forcibly pulled him out of the covers.

“What are you doing?” he asked hoarsely.

Gong Wei laid prostrate on Xu Shuangce’s chest, his lips slightly red, his expression ignorant yet innocent.

The bedroom was grand and magnificent, but the bed was surrounded by layers of curtains, creating a small space, where even their breaths could be heard clearly. Gong Wei’s white satin nightgown had slipped halfway off his shoulder, revealing a shoulder that seemed to glow like a transparent moonlight. Then, as he moved, the moonlight gradually approached Xu Shuangce’s chest:

“Xu Bai,” his voice was as light as a whisper, as if revealing a secret, “You….”

The next moment, Xu Shuangce grabbed his hair, forcing him to tilt his head back. Before Gong Wei could struggle, everything spun around him, and his throat was pressed firmly into the soft pillow.

“Do you know,” Xu Shuangce said in his ear, “this is the last stroke.”

As soon as the words were spoken, Gong Wei felt a sudden stab beneath his right clavicle. The crimson strokes pierced into his flesh and penetrated his soul, causing him to cry out in pain.

—The pain had not completely dissipated, yet an urgent desire that had never existed before surged up.

It should have been the instinctual need for spiritual power when the spiritual veins were empty, but it was faintly mixed with something else inexplicable. Gong Wei felt like his soul was being scorched by some unknown fire, struggling to focus his gaze but seeing nothing clearly, only tremblingly pleading, “Xu… Xu Bai…”

But Xu Shuangce looked down at him from above, suddenly asking, “What kind of person can become Dao companions?”

Dao companions?

Gong Wei was confused, vaguely feeling that Xu Bai had asked this question before, as if it was when he was punished to clean the Xuanji Hall’s white jade steps.

He tried hard to recall his answer at the time, but his thoughts became soft and sticky: “Matching horoscopes… compatible…”

Xu Shuangce’s response was light but ruthless, “Wrong.”

“Social status…”


“…Yin and Yang complement each other, reputable families…”

“All wrong.”

Gong Wei reached out to hook Xu Bai’s neck, but before he could move, his wrist was seized and pressed back onto the pillow. He could only struggle and rub futilely, his nightgown becoming more and more disheveled, “Xu Bai…”

Xu Shuangce pressed him tightly against the soft bed, his dark eyes unmoved.

Gong Wei’s futile attempts to please him made him feel extremely wronged, tears gathering in his eyes, trembling as if they were about to overflow, “But I’m not a person, I don’t know.”

Finally, Xu Shuangce slightly loosened one hand, and the pad of his thumb gently wiped away the tears from Gong Wei’s wet eyes, whispering softly, “Think carefully.”


The flames of desire licked at every part of his body, and Gong Wei finally became desperate. He tried his best to lift his head to kiss the corner of Xu Shuangce’s lips. Xu Shuangce tilted his head slightly to avoid it, and Gong Wei’s hurried kiss fell on his throat instead, awkward and without any skill, his words trembling and incomprehensible, “I don’t know… I only like you.”

Xu Shuangce’s breathing finally steadied.

Gong Wei murmured softly against his throat, “I only like you.”

Unable to focus his gaze, Gong Wei couldn’t see Xu Shuangce’s expression clearly, but he felt his grip suddenly tighten on his side, his five fingers pinching into the flesh like shackles; his gaze also became very deep, as if he wanted to open his mouth and tear him apart, devouring him completely, yet also as if he wanted to press him into his arms, embedding him into his flesh, so close that even their hearts could not be separated.

“Is that so,” Xu Shuangce’s expression, however, had an unusual calmness. Finally, he lowered his head and said lightly, “I believe it will be like this in the future.”

The chaotic impulse made Gong Wei’s thoughts sluggish, subconsciously lifting his head to kiss those cold and indifferent lips.

Xu Shuangce seemed to smile, but the darkness blurred all details, only hearing him ask softly, “Do you know what dual cultivation is about?” Gong Wei nodded, hesitated for a moment, and then seemed to shake his head again, his voice dragging on for a long time, “Xu Bai…”

Then he was muffled.

Gong Wei struggled silently, unable to make any noise, feeling only the robe being methodically stripped away.

Xu Shuangce whispered in his ear, each word clear, “Call me Master.”

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