The Sword Named No Way Out Chapter 69

Chapter 69

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Xu Shuangce’s forehead was smooth, his nose straight, and his lips thin, casting deep contours on his profile in the darkness of the night.

His breath brushed against Gong Wei’s hair, and it took a long time before he slowly said, “The origins of emotions are unknown; how could one remember the exact year and day.”

But Gong Wei disagreed as soon as he heard this. “How could you not remember the exact year and day? I remember very clearly the scene when I first saw you.”

Xu Shuangce responded, “At that time, you were just a child, without any romantic notions. It doesn’t count.”

Gong Wei retorted, “Why doesn’t it count? Isn’t liking someone about wanting to be with them, wanting to protect them, wanting to give them all the good things in the world, and letting them live their life free from troubles and worries?”

Xu Shuangce didn’t answer immediately. From the sound of his breathing, it seemed like he chuckled briefly.

Puzzled, Gong Wei raised his head and asked, “Am I wrong?”

“You’re absolutely right,” Xu Shuangce replied.

Satisfied with the response, Gong Wei buried his head back into the bedding, nestled against Xu Shuangce’s neck. After pondering for a moment, he suddenly said, “But there’s one thing I’ve been thinking about, and I just can’t understand.”

“What is it?”

Xu Shuangce mentally prepared himself to accept any non-human questions. He slightly lowered his head, allowing him to see Gong Wei’s eyelashes and the tip of his nose from above. The graceful curve of his long eyelashes, like ink strokes, shimmered faintly in the night.

Gong Wei asked, “When one falls in love with someone, shouldn’t it be accompanied by the joys of spring and the beauty of the moon, surrounded by flowers and colorful scenery?”


“Then why is it that every time I see you, besides feeling joy, I also feel a bit of sadness and worry?”

Xu Shuangce was unexpectedly stunned.

“… ” It felt as if a tidal wave had engulfed his senses at that moment. He opened his mouth to speak, but his throat seemed to be blocked by something sour, hot, and bitter. “We… people… are capable of such feelings,” he finally said after a long pause.

“When people meet and interact with each other, if there is not only joy but also a lot of worries, sadness, jealousy, and dissatisfaction, then it’s a deeper emotion than just liking someone. It’s a feeling that will linger until death.”

He leaned his head against Gong Wei’s hair, his voice hoarse. “That’s the kind of feeling I have for you.”

Gong Wei smiled and said, “Then I must feel the same way about you!”

But Xu Shuangce closed his eyes, shook his head, and no one could hear the sigh in his voice. “I’d rather you never know what that feeling is like.”

That night, Gong Wei was half asleep and half awake, intermittently speaking to Xu Shuangce, as if he wanted to finish everything he hadn’t had a chance to say for sixteen years in one breath. He particularly liked to mention the experiences of his childhood when Xu Shuangce took him down the mountain to play. That year, when Ying Kai was busy, and didn’t have much time to look after him, Xu Shuangce would occasionally take him away from Tui’e, to the bustling markets of the mortal world to buy sweets and fruits. Gong Wei enjoyed the lively atmosphere of the marketplace. About three or five times, he would get so caught up in playing that he forgot about the time and couldn’t rush back to Tui’e. Then Xu Shuangce would have to find an inn and get a room for him to sleep in — actually, it was just a way to arrange for him to sleep. In the middle of the night, when he woke up thirsty, he could always see Sect Master Xu meditating in the room, bathed in the soft moonlight, his handsome face looking like an emotionless marble statue.

He only witnessed Xu Shuangce’s anger once. It was on the evening of the Qixi Festival in the Qinhuai River, with lantern-lit boats drifting on the river. The pedestrians on both banks were bustling, and the young Gong Wei was a little too excited. He got lost in the crowd, and when he came back to his senses, he found himself on a broken bridge, surrounded by a hundred ghosts. He was stunned for a moment, before he could scream or howl, he saw sword lights sweeping across the sky, and the ghosts disappeared in an instant. Next, he saw Xu Shuangce coming quickly, with an angry look on his face.

Before he could call out to Xu Bai, he was tightly hugged.

“I was scared by you,” Gong Wei, already half asleep, closed his eyes contentedly, rubbing against Xu Shuangce’s chin. “The skins in the river were quite interesting. Your expression was scarier than the night of a hundred ghosts. What were you thinking at that time?”

Xu Shuangce replied lightly, “I was thinking that I must never lose you again.”

Gong Wei smiled, making a praising sound in his throat, and said, “No wonder I haven’t been lost since then.”

―― Have I really not lost you again?

Xu Shuangce’s arm wrapped around Gong Wei’s side, his palm pressing lightly against his left chest, where sixteen years ago, he had been pierced by a sword on the Ascension Immortal Platform.

His gaze passed through the gap in the curtains, towards the corner of the inner room, where there hung a series of murals — a vivid portrayal of a little fox playing the suona, adorable and lifelike, but beneath it sprayed a stream of old blood.

Sixteen years ago, in the forbidden hall, that night of mourning for the dead, that crazy, desperate, heart-wrenching self, seemed to appear again in the void, vividly and painfully.

Xu Shuangce withdrew his gaze, and Gong Wei was already half asleep, still not satisfied in his sleepiness. “You used to get angry whenever I wanted to kiss you…”

Before he could finish his sentence, he heard a rustling sound, and then the cool but soft lips pressed against his, forcing him to swallow the unfinished words.

Their lips intertwined, emotions entangled, even their teeth were swallowed up, and the silver threads that were not swallowed moistened the corners of their lips.

Gong Wei was pressed into the soft, mist-like bedding, forced to tilt his head to receive this desperate and painful kiss, until the air in his lungs was almost squeezed out, and Xu Shuangce finally released him slightly, then pressed him tightly against his chest.

Their intense heartbeats melded into one, Gong Wei gasped, his eyes wide open, and he heard Xu Shuangce say hoarsely, “I won’t lose you again.”

Even if bloodshed was destined to happen again in the future, and slaughter would return.

It was nothing more than facing death together.


Another loud rumble echoed above Linnan, tearing through the darkest part of the dawn.

Yuchi Xiao, the young master of the Yejinmen, strode through the corridor with a serious expression, his robe fluttering in the wind. A disciple of Tui’e followed behind him, barely able to keep up with his pace, stumbling to a stop outside the closed study room, breathless:

“Reporting to the Alliance Leader! The young master of the Yejinmen has urgent matters to discuss!”

“Alliance Leader Ying!” Yuchi Xiao bowed with his sword, loudly proclaiming, “The sky above the Yejinmen has collapsed, and the Sword Sect has been invaded by demonic winds. Sword Sect Master is under the influence of an illusion and is currently unconscious!”

Both of them heard footsteps behind them and stopped in the corridor.

Ying Kai hoarsely said, “Illusions?” 

Yuchi Xiao turned back in astonishment.

In the dim light of dawn, they saw Ying Kai soaked all over, his face pale, and bloodshot eyes. But he seemed calm, with his lips naturally downturned, tightly holding the Mountain Ocean Order in his hand.

The disciple of Tui’e also widened his eyes in astonishment, thinking to himself that the Alliance Leader had been in the study all night. When did he come out? Why didn’t the inner attendants follow him?

“An illusion?” Ying Kai asked in the same tone.

“…Yes.” Yuchi Xiao immediately lowered his head and said, “It’s because of my insufficient cultivation that I couldn’t push away Sword Sect Master in time. The sky hole has already closed, but Sword Sect Master is still unconscious with a high fever, and he kept mumbling incoherently last night…” Ying Kai interrupted him, “The Ascension Immortal Platform?”

Yuchi Xiao was surprised. “Yes! Many words were unclear, but the words ‘Ascension Immortal Platform’ were repeatedly mentioned. How did the Alliance Leader know?”

Ying Kai made a sound of acknowledgment but didn’t answer.

He showed no emotion on his face, as if staring at the floating dust in the air. After a moment, he lifted his foot and said calmly, “Let’s go, it’s time to take a look.”

The disciple of Tui’e had been respectfully bowing his head, but just as Ying Kai passed by, he suddenly caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of his eye and slightly paused.

The always neat and self-disciplined Ying Kai had a few dark red spots on his robe and boots.

Wasn’t there only this red soil in front of the Ascension Immortal Platform on Mount Dai?

His doubt flashed by, and he only saw Ying Kai saying nothing. After a moment, he soared into the dark gray sky.


A gust of wind swept from the sky to the earth, in front of the Forbidden Hall of Cangyang Mountain, the gray-white mountain forest swayed gently, emitting a roaring sound like the tide.

Inside the inner chamber, Xu Shuangce withdrew his hand, which had been pressing on Gong Wei’s brow chakra for six consecutive hours.

Despite continuously infusing a large amount of pure spiritual power for six hours, even the greatest cultivator would inevitably feel exhausted, but he did not show it.

Gong Wei’s pale face finally showed a hint of color, and Xu Shuangce silently rubbed his cold lips. After a while, he silently got up from the bed, but his sleeve was suddenly caught.

Turning his head, Xu Shuangce saw Gong Wei lying in the messy bed with his eyes closed, softly asking, “….Where are you going?”

After a moment of silence, Xu Shuangce whispered, “The rain has stopped. I’m going to pick a peach blossom for you.”

A faint smile seemed to appear at the corner of Gong Wei’s lips.

Bending down to kiss his earlobe, Xu Shuangce then got up and walked out of the inner chamber slowly. In an instant, the golden light of the prohibition appeared in the main hall, then disappeared among the jade tiles and glazed tiles.

It was already noon, but the sky was still dim and gray, as if it hadn’t fully brightened yet. Xu Shuangce’s outer robe was neat as he walked down the steps in front of the hall. Wen Xiuyang had been kneeling and waiting for a long time, with a Tui’e disciple kneeling behind him, holding up an object made of white gold and green jade, which turned out to be the Tui’e Alliance Leader’s seal!

Once the Alliance Leader’s seal was revealed, no one in the world of cultivation dared to disobey. The Tui’e disciple lowered his head and spoke passionately, “Reporting to Sect Master Xu! Last night, the sky collapsed above Yejinmen, and demonic winds appeared…”

The nonchalant interruption came from above: “I know.”


The disciple was stunned, and he saw the ivory-colored robe of the Cangyang Master brushing past him. Without stopping his footsteps, Xu Shuangce walked straight towards the distant mountain forest.

Wen Xiuyang maintained a calm expression, not showing any reaction. The Tui’e disciple remained bewildered, kneeling in place without daring to move. After a while, the figure of Sect Master Xu finally returned slowly from the mountain forest, with the imposing No Way Out Divine Sword hanging from his waist, but he was holding a peach blossom in his long and slender hand.

As Cangyang Master flicked the peach blossom, his robe swept through the pine waves and mist. The scene seemed ethereal and divine, but the Tui’e disciple felt a chill rising from his lungs, a kind of reverence that naturally arose when facing a superior figure. “…Sect, Sect Master Xu…”

Xu Shuangce didn’t look at anyone. He walked up the steps and returned to the sleeping chamber, with the doors closing behind him in sequence.

The two of them remained kneeling for another quarter of an hour before the doors opened again. Sect Master Xu’s upright figure finally appeared before them, and the peach blossom, soaked with dew, was nowhere to be seen in his hand.

He asked, “What is it?”

The Tui’e disciple dared not speak loudly now, “Last… last night, the sky collapsed above Yejinmen, and the Sword Sect was invaded by demonic winds. The Alliance Leader has already gone to see, and there are important matters to discuss with Sect Master Xu. The Alliance Leader is waiting for you at Yejinmen…”

Before he could finish, Xu Shuangce had already passed by him, saying calmly, “Let’s go.”

Is it that simple?

The Tui’e disciple had prepared himself for eloquent speeches and prolonged kneeling, but hearing this, he could hardly believe his ears. He hurriedly got up and followed.


Yejinmen was located in Linnan, one of the six great families of the Immortal Alliance, with many great masters. The continuous buildings stood against the mountain, and a vast white cloud stone platform was opened halfway up the mountain facing the lake. Temples, main halls, pavilions, and mansions were scattered all over, magnificent and majestic.

Perhaps because the Sword Sect Master was unconscious, there was an atmosphere of unease over Yejinmen. The disciples on both sides of the square bowed their heads and stood silently with their swords. The young master Yuchi Xiao had long been waiting on the broad Yunshi steps in front of the main hall. Seeing Xu Shuangce land gracefully, he bowed with his sword, “Sect Master Xu.”

“Where are the people?”

“The Sword Sect Master is still unconscious, and the Alliance Leader is also helpless.”

Xu Shuangce took back his sword, “Lead the way.”

Somehow, Yuchi Xiao looked up at Xu Shuangce hesitantly, then turned around and said, “Please.”

After entering the main hall and turning two curved corridors, they reached the inner chamber. Yuchi Xiao stood still and made a gesture of invitation, but unexpectedly, Xu Shuangce did not immediately push open the door and enter. Instead, he stood with his hands behind his back, and his dark eyes glanced at Yuchi Xiao, unexpectedly asking, “Did you have something to say to me just now?”

Yuchi Xiao didn’t expect Xu Shuangce to be so sharp and was stunned for a moment, “I…”

Between the young master of the Yejinmen and the foremost figure in the world, there was always an indescribable jealousy and subtle confrontation, like a young and powerful lion sharpening its claws in secret, yet on the surface, it had to submit to the leadership of the ruling lion. 

He hesitated for a moment, but ultimately, his intuition and consideration of the current situation prevailed. He lowered his head and said, “When I went to Tui’e today…” 

At that moment, the door was opened, revealing the tired yet calm figure of Ying Kai. “Has Shuang Ce arrived?” 

Yuchi Xiao’s words abruptly halted.

Ying Kai said, “Come in, I have something to ask you.” Then he turned to Yuchi Xiao and ordered gently but firmly, “Do not leave anyone within a radius of one hundred meters, all must retreat. You should also go down and rest first.”

Yuchi Xiao bowed and saluted before stepping back.

Passing through two folding screens in the inner chamber, they saw Yuchi Rui lying unconscious on the bed, with several acupuncture needles inserted into various vital points on his head. It was unclear whether he was still immersed in a hallucination, as his muscles were extremely tense, his eyebrows tightly furrowed, like a trapped beast struggling to break free.

Ying Kai stood by the bedside and said, “Mu Duozhu personally came to see him, and I also administered acupuncture, but to no avail.”

Xu Shuangce asked, “Did you call me here to see his hallucinations?”

Without turning around, Ying Kai finally spoke slowly after a long silence:

“The Ascension Immortal Platform? I have already seen it.”

Although he had a premonition all the way, Xu Shuangce still abruptly closed his eyes when he heard it.

The large room fell silent, with the two of them standing there, one behind the other, about half a meter apart, and neither spoke.

Incense smoke wafted up from Jin Rui’s head, and only the sound of their breathing could be heard in the room. After a while, Ying Kai said, “Shuangce.”


“If you had a friend who hated the world, harbored deep grudges, and was heavily burdened with killing karma, disregarding medicine and morality, committing countless sins. Do you think he should die?”


Xu Shuangce’s Adam’s apple rolled up and down, and he finally hoarsely uttered a word, “Should.”

Ying Kai, with his back to him, couldn’t see his expression. For a moment, it seemed as if the Alliance Leader’s figure was frozen, as if even his breathing and heartbeat had stopped, and his entire body remained motionless. Gradually, his shoulders began to tremble, the frequency becoming more and more pronounced, more and more difficult to control, and more and more difficult to restrain.

This was simply unprecedented.

Ying Kai had never shown such a look in front of anyone in his life. He seemed on the verge of collapse, as if he were about to collapse, or burst out with some emotion regardless of everything, but he gritted his teeth tightly, forcibly straightening his spine.

“Ying Kai? Are you…”

Xu Shuangce was interrupted.

Ying Kai finally turned around, his complexion calm again, except for the densely packed bloodshot eyes, there was no sign of what he had just experienced.

He smiled slightly, with a hint of exhaustion and weariness in his smile, as well as a hint of strangeness. Then he threw the bronze wedge box that had been tightly clenched in his hand in front of Xu Shuangce:

“Is this the truth you’ve been hiding from me, God of the Northern Wall?”

—-God of the Northern Wall.

The words fell heavily, as if they had made a silent roar.

Xu Shuangce’s already pale face turned even paler, as if he wanted to explain something, but he had nothing to say. He could only spit out two words, “Ying Kai…”

Ying Kai sternly shouted, “Stop!”

Xu Shuangce’s footsteps stopped in their tracks, and the hand holding the sword couldn’t help but tremble slightly.

The air in the room became oppressively heavy, as if it would erupt at any moment. Ying Kai’s chest heaved violently as he stared at Xu Shuangce’s sword hand. “What do you still want to do at this point?! Put down the sword!”

Xu Shuangce muttered in a low voice to defend himself, “I did not intend to resist…”

But before he could finish, with a clear clang, Mountain Ocean Order was unsheathed, and Ying Kai’s tense voice interrupted him, “Give me the sword!”

The room was filled with a strong smell of gunpowder, as if it could erupt at any moment. 

Xu Shuangce hesitated repeatedly, but finally he unfastened the sword, handing it over to Ying Kai.

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