The Sword Named No Way Out Chapter 74

Chapter 74

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The confinement space seemed to have never existed, disappearing without a trace in midair.

Outside the hall, the sky kept trembling, the gloomy sky was riddled with holes, and large and small black holes continued to collapse. The celestial winds from the mortal realm swept across the land, turning millions of people into peach petals, while numerous cultivators from various sects and families struggled to recover their distant memories, causing chaos everywhere.

“What year is it? How did I end up here?”

“Weren’t we supposed to open the Heavenly Path? What happened to it?”

“The Ascension Immortal Platform… that, that demon has invaded the Ascension Immortal Platform! Where is he? Where?!”

The wind swept into the hall through the cracks in the windows. Yuchi Rui, lying on the bed in the inner room, tightly closed his eyes, struggling incessantly, seemingly about to wake up in extreme pain.

Ying Kai withdrew his gaze. “How much longer can the dream hold?”

“Not much longer. You need to hurry,” said the Ghost Crown Prince, glancing at the sky. “Remember, you must destroy The butterfly dies and the dream is born technique before the dream completely collapses, which is Gong Wei’s right eye. But that’s just the first step.”

Ying Kai asked, “What’s the second step?”

The Ghost Crown Prince countered, “Do you remember what happened on the Ascension Immortal Platform just before time paused in reality?”

Ying Kai suddenly realized something, his expression changing slightly.

“Yes, No Way Out is stuck in Gong Wei’s heart. Once time resumes, No Way Out will pierce through his chest in an instant—that’s the second step.” The Ghost Crown Prince spread his hands, polite and courteous. “It has to be done this way, so that Gong Wei in reality can truly die.”

Ying Kai’s gaze flickered slightly, and after a moment, he said softly, “Understood.”

The Ghost Crown Prince, seeing through all the subtle emotions in people’s hearts, sympathetically looked at him. “Can’t bear it anymore?”


Ying Kai didn’t answer, exhaling heavily after a while, avoiding eye contact, and said lightly, “He’s a creature of the heavens. Even if he dies, it’s just a temporary return to the earth and heaven. Why should I feel sorry for him?” The Ghost Crown Prince chuckled comfortingly, “It’s okay, I understand. Actually, I also find it a pity.”

Ying Kai questioned, “You?”

“Of course, after all, it’s such a perfect skin, and it’s been pierced with a transparent hole like that.” The Ghost Crown Prince expressed extreme regret, “Where can I find such a suitable skin to give to my master again?”

“….” Ying Kai’s brows furrowed tighter, and finally, he asked, “What did you do to Xuan Jinghe, and why does he need the skin?”

The Ghost Crown Prince didn’t answer, his eyes narrowing with a smile. “Guess?”

At this moment, the ground in the hall trembled again, and even stronger winds howled in from all sides. Inside the inner room, Yuchi Rui struggled even harder in his unconsciousness, his temples bulging with blue veins. Even the gold needles inserted into his skull were trembling uncontrollably.

“Ah, truly worthy of being the future Southern Emperor Qilin, he’s about to wake up.” The Ghost Crown Prince withdrew his gaze, saying, “I’d better step aside for now. Remember, only when all living beings are extinct in this world can all evils be extinguished, and the peaceful, perfect new world you seek can be established. Understand?”

Ying Kai closed his eyes, and after a while, he spoke in a low voice, each word heavy, “I understand.”

The Ghost Crown Prince’s handsome face always bore a three-point smile, no matter when, giving off a peculiar feeling of elegance mixed with cruelty. “Then I’ll wait for your good news, my ally.”

As the last word fell, his entire body turned into smoke, just like when he arrived, being sucked into the broken mirror fragment in Ying Kai’s arm, disappearing without a trace.

Ying Kai tightened his grip on No Way Out, closed his eyes, and then entered the inner room. He bent down and pulled out several gold needles from Yuchi Rui’s skull.

Almost at the same time, Yuchi Rui’s eyes widened suddenly, and he sat up abruptly, his chest heaving heavily as he gasped for breath. “Ying Kai! Gong Wei is on the Ascension Immortal Platform trying to kill you! Gong Wei—he—”

“Everything’s coming back to you?” Ying Kai asked gently.

Yuchi Rui suddenly stopped, stiffening in place. Countless memories of reality and illusions flashed through his mind, and after a long while, he finally hoarsely squeezed out a sentence, “Are we all in a dream?”

Ying Kai said, “To be precise, The butterfly dies and the dream is born is not an illusion, it’s a dream realm.”


In reality, the cruel and ruthless killer god, Gong Wei, who wreaked havoc on the Ascension Immortal Platform, and his dear friend, Gong Zhiyu, who had grown up together for so many years in the illusion, merged into one. This juxtaposition caused Yuchi Rui an unbearable headache. He clenched his fists tightly, his voice trembling as he asked, “Why does Gong Wei have to do this—”

Ying Kai didn’t explain much: “This is the price of forcefully opening the Heavenly Gate, it will inevitably incur the punishment of the heavens.”

Yuchi Rui murmured breathlessly, “…Punishment?”

He had a keen intuition since birth, sensing that something was subtly wrong, but his trust in Ying Kai over the years and the current turmoil in his mind prevented him from thinking too deeply. Ying Kai continued, “There’s no time now, we must destroy the core of The butterfly dies and the dream is born immediately. Otherwise, once the dream collapses completely, we will all perish along with Gong Wei.”


“Let’s go.” Ying Kai patted Yuchi Rui’s tense shoulders, “Xu Shuangce has been detained by me. We can’t delay any longer. We must immediately go to the Forbidden Hall of the Cangyang Sect and find Gong Wei.”

Ying Kai’s unprecedented seriousness made Yuchi Rui realize that this was not just a nightmare. He stumbled to his feet, picked up the divine sword Rakshasa Tower from the ground, but hesitated for a moment before standing still, asking, “Ying Kai.”

Ying Kai had already walked out of the inner room, but he turned back when he heard Yuchi Rui’s voice. “What is it?”

“… Gong Wei, will he die?” 

Yuchi Rui’s voice was strained and hesitant, and Ying Kai looked ahead for a moment before answering softly, “Only if we destroy the formation eye. Otherwise, no.”

Although in reality, it was a struggle for survival, and the anger of being deceived still lingered in Yuchi Rui’s heart, he couldn’t help but feel relieved at Ying Kai’s words, even though he didn’t know why.

He followed Ying Kai out of the hall, but as soon as he crossed the threshold, another thunderous roar resounded from above, and the sky in the direction of Dai Mountain began to collapse. In the distance, cries and screams echoed, creating chaos!

Ying Kai stood still, raising his hand in the open space.

Instantly, the godly power of Mountain Ocean Order surged forth. His divine consciousness, spread across the world, glowed with spiritual light. At the same time, his voice echoed through the various sects and families:

“The dream realm has ended, the sects and men have fallen, and today, we will all perish together!”

Yejinmen, Julu City, Yanchuntai, Tui’e, the enormous golden ship soaring into the sky… Tens of thousands of cultivators, dragged from the mortal world into the dream realm, turned their heads from all directions, their faces frozen in expressions of shock, confusion, and fear. Only the cold voice of the Alliance Leader echoed through the air:

“At this moment, we urgently need to destroy the formation eye. Whoever doesn’t want to perish, follow me to Mount Cangyang.”

The sound echoed far and wide, reverberating endlessly.

The wind lifted Ying Kai’s deep blue robe sleeves, his expression unreadable. “Let’s go.”

Yuchi Rui followed Ying Kai, one after the other, through the winding corridors outside the hall. Only when the two figures completely disappeared did the bushes behind them rustle slightly, and a silent stealth technique unraveled in mid-air.

No one saw a figure suddenly appear on the window sill of the sleeping hall, maintaining the motionless posture he had been in for the past few hours, his face pale from shock, and his pupils trembling slightly.

He was Yuchi Xiao, the young master of Yejinmen.

Cangyang Sect.


The wind carried a sharp whistle as it passed through the window lattice of the forbidden hall, knocking over the porcelain vase holding the peach blossoms.

Gong Wei knelt on one knee, his five fingers deeply embedded in his hair, the veins on the back of his fair hand protruding, his whole body trembling violently.

“Since you arrived at the Immortal Alliance half a year ago, you have continuously obstructed us from opening the Heavenly Gate. Who exactly are you?!” “To kill you all is not my desire. In the next life, you will all receive merits…” “What kind of duty requires you to slaughter so many people?” “I like you, Xu Shuangce. You can’t treat me like this!” …

Countless images and voices mingled together, swirling through his chaotic mind, ultimately manifesting as a piercing pain piercing through his chest— 

“Whoever hinders me shall die. Today, all the immortal sect shall be severed…” 

The surging divine power transformed into a sea of peaches covering the entire world, engulfing the last four frozen words before reality solidified: 

“The butterfly dies and the dream is born.” 


Gong Wei slammed his fist onto the ground, blood streaks seeping into the shattered crevices of the tiles. 

After a while, he spat out a mouthful of scorching blood, stood up again, his face as solemn as cold jade, showing no signs of weakness. He raised his hand hoarsely and said, “Bai Tai Shou.” 

The divine sword streaked across the sky, unsheathed with a clang, reflecting the blood-like cold light in Gong Wei’s eyes! 

At this moment, the majestic and imposing Cangyang Sect had already fallen into chaos. Countless cultivators were rushing from all directions of the vast dream realm, more and more people surging towards Cangyang Mountain. 

In front of the Forbidden Hall, Ying Kai halted his steps, looking at the silent and magnificent hall under the gloomy sky before him. 

Behind him were the masters of various sects, some solemn, some panicked, some filled with suspicion. The buzzing discussions finally fell into silence. Only then did Ying Kai speak, his voice not loud but piercing through every window lattice and brick crevice like an arrow:

“Gong Zhiyu.”

The mountains and forests roared, the sound of pine waves reverberating in the valleys.

As Ying Kai slowly unsheathed No Way Out, a clear whistle seemed to soar into the sky, and the chilling sword light reflected in his calm eyes:

“Give me your right eye as an exchange. When you are reborn in the world in thousands of years, you will see a perfect and new world.”

No one understood the profound meaning behind these words, but they saw Ying Kai suddenly swing his sword with full force.

In the moment when the light of No Way Out lit up, the prohibitive spells in the hall were automatically released. The spiritual power was as dazzling as flames, and the entire Forbidden Hall collapsed under the thunderous force!


The earth shook, boulders fell like waterfalls, and dust rose to the sky, obscuring the heavens. The blade of No Way Out was held up abruptly by another crimson longsword in mid-air!

The smoke was blown away by the wind, revealing a figure in a deep red robe, standing proudly in the wind. His clear and angular face was exactly the same as the young man who had walked up the stage covered in blood in memory. Everyone couldn’t help but pale at the same time.

“It’s really… the killer god!”

“Is it really the Law Flower Immortal Lord!”

“Gong Wei?!”

Gong Wei raised his eyes, a faint bloody light flickering in his right pupil, but his voice was soft and calm: “You’re wrong, Ying Kai. This world can never be perfect, and today, both you and I will die.”

The surrounding discussions were filled with fear, and the two swords twisted tightly, emitting a sharp friction sound. Ying Kai asked softly, “Have you finally remembered?”

Gong Wei looked at No Way Out and asked, “Where is Xu Shuangce?”

Ying Kai didn’t answer. At this moment, a familiar and hoarse voice came from behind, “….Gong Zhiyu…”

Gong Wei looked over and paused. It was Yuchi Rui.

“Are you really going to let us all perish?” Yuchi Rui tightly gripped the hilt of the Rakshasa Tower sword, trembling so violently that even the blade kept making cracking sounds. But his reddened eyes were fixed on Gong Wei. “Were all those years in the past just lies?”

Gong Wei remained silent for a moment before saying, “Yes, they were all lies.”


Gong Wei’s voice was as stable as ever, like ice: “Changsheng, I’m sorry.”

Yuchi Rui suddenly took a half step forward, but was stopped by Mu Duozhu. The doctor spoke solemnly, “If you only want to stop people from forcibly opening the Heavenly Gate, now that the Road to Heaven has been destroyed, we swear that no one will try again when we return. Is that okay?”

Gong Wei countered, “Today, I must kill the leader of the Immortal Alliance, Ying Kai, here. Who among you is willing to help me confront Ying Kai?”

Yuchi Rui’s anger was at its peak: “—Gong Zhiyu!”

Gong Wei emphasized, “Ying Kai’s ascension will bring about the end of the world. I must kill him here. Who is willing to help me?”

A cold wind swept through the crowd, some showing hesitation, but more showing shock and doubt. For a long time, no one moved.

One side was Ying Kai, who had presided over the Immortal Alliance for many years and was recognized as single-mindedly devoted to the world. On the other side was the killer god who was cruel and mysterious in origin, and who had once walked up the stage of Ascension Immortal Platform bathed in blood.

It’s natural to want to live, but before survival, ordinary people also have their basic sense of right and wrong and judgment.

“Look, this is the people you hate and the people I love.” Gong Wei gazed into Ying Kai’s eyes, exerting force bit by bit on Bai Tai Shou, forcibly lifting the blade of No Way Out, which was within reach: “The people in this world are the most vicious and the most kind, the most stupid and the most intelligent, the most afraid of death and the most resolute…”

With a clang, the sharp and clear sound resounded, and No Way Out was forcefully pushed back by Bai Tai Shou. Ying Kai retreated several steps in an instant, and Gong Wei swung his sword again, splitting the earth with a deep crack!

“I really like a phrase from you humans—’Though a thousand may fall, I will go forward.'”

Gong Wei stood against the wind, looking at all the cultivators present, and said lightly, “Come together.”

As soon as the words fell, Yuchi Rui couldn’t bear it any longer and slashed with the Rakshasa Tower sword!

Gong Wei moved swiftly, holding off more than ten strikes with sheer force, as two peerless divine weapons tore through the air, causing rocks and trees around to tumble down. More cultivators rushed forward, swords drawn, but Gong Wei maneuvered deftly amidst countless flashing blades and swirling spiritual energy. Just as several sword edges were about to strike his chest, before he could raise his sword to block, the Rakshasa Tower’s immense force swept in horizontally, scattering the others aside. Yuchi Rui erupted in a furious roar, “Get out of my way!” 

Gong Wei closed his eyes briefly, but it was just a momentary pause. 

In the next instant, the Rakshasa Tower came crashing down again. Clang! A deafening clash resounded as Bai Tai Shou intercepted it forcefully, bringing them face to face in an instant. A compassionate expression flickered on Gong Wei’s face as their swords met, “You’re not even willing to awaken your sword spirit…” 

Yuchi Rui’s pupils widened abruptly. 

Crimson spiritual energy ignited along Bai Tai Shou’s blade as he exerted force mercilessly, sending Yuchi Rui flying tens of yards away, crashing through rows of towering trees! 

“…Do you really want to fight me?” Gong Wei completed the latter part of his sentence slowly amidst the rising dust and smoke. 

More and more cultivators surged towards Cangyang Mountain, swords drawn. Gong Wei exhaled deeply, about to withdraw from the encirclement, when Ying Kai suddenly spoke up ahead, “Don’t you want to know where Xu Shuangce has gone?” 

Gong Wei’s figure halted abruptly. 

Ying Kai raised his hand, and at his fingertip, a faint but deep spatial rift appeared, “Right here.”

The Mustard Seed Jar!

Gong Wei’s expression changed suddenly, turning around forcibly, and pounced straight towards Ying Kai like lightning. “Give it to me!”

However, Ying Kai withdrew the temporal crack with a sweep of his sleeve. “You are a Realm Master. You can hide and wait until the dream realm collapses, but what about Xu Shuangce? Do you want to leave Xu Shuangce in the dream to die with you?”

No Way Out unsheathed in an instant, and the two swords clashed fiercely, sending waves of qi in all directions, forcing other approaching cultivators to retreat. Gong Wei’s spiritual power was almost depleted, relying solely on his endurance to withstand Ying Kai’s hundred moves. In the midst of the raging storm, blood sprayed from his arm, abdomen, and shoulder successively. Another sword strike aimed straight at his neck, leaving a long arc of blood on Gong Wei’s throat as he leaned back!

Gong Wei’s roar was like a roar filled with blood: “Ying Chenyuan!!”

“…,” Ying Kai stared at him, his eyes red, but his hoarse voice remained unmoved: “I’m sorry, Zhiyu. When you return to the world in a thousand years, if I am still alive, you can kill and mutilate as you want.”

He reached out two fingers towards Gong Wei’s right eye, and in an instant, the sharp tips of his fingers were close to his eyelashes—

Just then, a furious shout came from the side, it was the Gouchen Sword Art: “Ten Thousand Swords Return to Origin!!”

Golden brilliance enveloped the entire body in an instant. Ying Kai glanced at it and immediately recognized it as Yuchi Xiao, the young master of the Yejinmen.

In the blink of an eye, Ying Kai couldn’t react. With a loud bang, Yuchi Xiao used the sword’s body to slap Gong Wei out, smashing him against the mountain wall dozens of feet away!

This sudden change stunned Ying Kai.

Yuchi Xiao was full of anger, glaring at Gong Wei, and perhaps due to excessive anger, his hand holding the sword was trembling uncontrollably. “Where is Xiang Xiaoyuan?! Where did you take Xiang Xiaoyuan? Why did you deceive me?!”

Ying Kai immediately said, “You step back. You…”

However, as if the furious young master of the Yejinmen hadn’t heard anything, he strode past Ying Kai’s side and went straight towards Gong Wei, who was lying in the rubble in the distance. “You dare to deceive me, today I’ll take your life in exchange!”

The flaming golden sword swung down towards Gong Wei’s head, but Ying Kai didn’t stop him. “Stop!!”

—Once this sword strikes down, there will be no chance for the Formation Eye to break. The Realm Master will immediately use the Soul Departure Technique or the Golden Cicada Casting Off its Shell. The next newborn infant “Xiang Xiaoyuan” will emerge. The technique of ‘The butterfly dies and the dream is born’ cannot be undone.

Moreover, with the dream realm about to collapse, there is no time to find Gong Wei’s new body, let alone carve out the right eye of the new body. Everyone can only wait for death!

Ying Kai frowned, too late to consider many things, and quickly stepped forward to intercept Yuchi Xiao’s sword: “Wait a minute…”

It was too late for what was said to happen, as the sword of Gou Chen turned back in mid-air, unexpectedly striking Ying Kai from a difficult angle!

Several people in the distance exclaimed at the same time, “Yuchi Xiao?!” “Be careful, Alliance Leader!”


The incident happened too suddenly, and Ying Kai was caught off guard, raising his arm to block.

Yuchi Xiao had been waiting for this opportunity. With a single sword strike, he picked out something hidden in Ying Kai’s right arm’s flesh and blood, shining brightly and unmistakably, it was the mirror engraved with the character “Qu”!

The mirror spun in the air and was grabbed by Yuchi Xiao with a thunderous bang. He quickly retreated several steps, hoarse and hysterical, ignoring everything:

“Alliance Leader Ying colluded with the Ghost Crown Prince and wanted to forcibly open the Heavenly Gate, ascend and destroy the world. He has already trapped the Sect Master of the Cangyang Sect who knows the truth in the Mustard Seed Jar!”

“Mirror Immortal Gong Wei ascended to the Ascension Immortal Platform to eradicate the source of calamity, not to indiscriminately kill innocents. Bringing out the Sect Master of the Cangyang Sect will prove it!”

Every word spread throughout the astonished crowd like an explosion, shaking the air as if it were on fire. For a long time, Mu Duozhu trembled and squeezed out a few words, “What…what nonsense is this?”

Yuchi Xiao gritted his teeth, swung his hand, and slammed the mercury mirror engraved with the character “Qu” to the ground with a loud crash: “Look at this!”

Clang! The mirror fell to the ground and shattered into pieces.

Ying Kai couldn’t stop it in time and closed his eyes.

In the frozen silence, a cloud of smoke rose from the shattered fragments, gradually forming the figure of a young man in his late teens. He wore a black robe, his face handsome, his features deep and aggressive, and he held a blood-red, eerie thin sword in his hand—it was the Ghost Crown Prince Qu Xie, who had appeared in the resting hall of the Yejinmen.

“…,” Under the gaze of everyone, the Ghost Crown Prince lifted his hand to his forehead, full of helplessness. He sighed lazily with a prolonged tone: “It’s like capsizing a boat in a gutter.*”
*This expression is used figuratively to convey a situation where things have gone horribly wrong or turned out unexpectedly bad. It implies a sense of unfortunate or disastrous circumstances.

As if a basin of cold water were poured on a hot oil pan, the crowd erupted in an uproar: “What’s going on?” “Is what the young master of the Yejinmen said true?” “Who is he, the Ghost Crown Prince?!”

The crowd was in an uproar, and then the Ghost Crown Prince glanced sideways at Yuchi Xiao, his sword-wielding hand tendons protruding. Without a moment’s hesitation, he flew forward with a sword, aiming at the Young Master of the Yejinmen’s throat.

No one could have anticipated that he would act as soon as he spoke. In the distance, Yuchi Rui exclaimed, “No!”


It was actually two deafening clashes, but they were less than a hair’s breadth apart.

In the first sound, Yuchi Xiao rushed to intercept, but the formidable blood sword of the Gouchen Sword Art couldn’t match the terrifying sword. It immediately slipped out of his hand.

The second sound, the Bai Tai Shou behind him, boldly met the blood-colored sword edge, only half an inch away from Yuchi Xiao’s throat!

The scene seemed to freeze. Gong Wei stood tall with a sword in one hand, his gaze coldly fixed on the Ghost Crown Prince, while his other hand was raised to block in front of the stunned Yuchi Xiao.


The narrow escape left Yuchi Xiao’s mind blank. He forgot to even blink, only to see Gong Wei with his back facing him, each word carrying a chill: “Go behind me. This is no longer a situation you can handle.”

Two similar faces stared at each other, inches apart. The Ghost Crown Prince suddenly smirked, “Long time no see, Gong Wei. It feels like it was just yesterday… since you killed me last time.”

Gong Wei suddenly exerted force to push him back a few steps, coldly asking, “What did you do to Xuan Jinghe?”

The Ghost Crown Prince raised a finger and shook it, “You come up here and ask about Xuan Jinghe. Be careful not to turn the terrifying East Heaven God into qi deviation again—”

Before he finished speaking, he had already appeared in front of him like a ghost. Gong Wei, who knew his tricks well, counterattacked instantly. In an instant, sword qi burst open, uprooting rows of towering trees!

The Ghost Crown Prince was a god, but his body was thrown into the depths of the Yellow Springs. At this moment, he and Gong Wei were evenly matched. Not far away, Ying Kai frowned, ready to step forward with his sword, but his steps were forcibly stopped. In front of him was the sharp blade of the Rakshasa Tower.

Looking along the blade, Yuchi Rui gritted his teeth and stared at him, “Is what Gong Wei said true?”

Ying Kai didn’t answer, his gaze swept over the shocked and blank faces behind him, then turned back to Yuchi Xiao, “Do you believe him?”

Yuchi Rui angrily said, “He’s my brother. If I don’t believe him, who will?!”

Ying Kai said, “But in this world, you’ve only known each other for half a year, met only a few times, and fought once on the Ascension Immortal Platform, ending up with both sides wounded. Everything you’ve experienced in the dream realm over these years is false, and never existed.”

“Yes, it’s all false.” Just a moment ago, Gong Wei stood in this position and told Yuchi Rui the same thing without any mercy, using the same calm tone.

But this time, Yuchi Rui’s reaction was completely different. Full of grief and indignation, it turned into anger. “Shut up! If I think it’s true, then it’s true!!”

Ying Kai paused for a moment, not knowing whether to feel relieved or complicated. At this moment, Mu Duozhu’s hand also pressed on the sword, trembling as he asked, “Alliance Leader Ying, is that person really the Ghost Crown Prince? Do you have any difficulties?”

Ying Kai denied with a firm tone, “I have no difficulties.”

As soon as these words came out, the crowd began to stir, “Could it be…?” “Is he really the Ghost Crown Prince who started the war?” “Is what Grand Elder Gong said true?”

Ying Kai gripped the hilt of his sword and said slowly, “Whether it’s true or not doesn’t matter. What matters is—”


A heavy blow erupted from the ground. It was Mountain Ocean Order unsheathed, and with one strike, it forced the Rakshasa Tower to retreat.

Fierce spiritual power burned all over Ying Kai’s body, illuminating his calm eyes. “—What matters is, none of you are my match.”

Yuchi Rui flew back three feet, his heels cracking the stone ground, but he steadied himself forcefully. Two fingers swept across the sword, “Sword Out, Law Follows!”

As the sword technique was uttered, the Rakshasa Tower’s sword spirit soared, covered in layers of golden light. Yuchi Rui slashed towards Ying Kai with a powerful sword strike, much stronger than before. However, Ying Kai didn’t even counterattack. He directly dodged the threatening sword with a swift movement.

Mu Duozhu raised both hands and pointed forward. Two thin and sharp knives shot out, but they only cut off a piece of Ying Kai’s hem. In the next moment, Ying Kai dashed towards the battlefield, and in the blink of an eye, he appeared behind Gong Wei, who was fighting fiercely with the Ghost Crown Prince.

Yuchi Rui exclaimed, “Watch your back!”

In the instant when the words were spoken, Yuchi Rui had already flown forward with his sword. But it was too late:

Gong Wei swung his sword to repel the Ghost Crown Prince, completely ignoring what was behind him. Ying Kai’s sword slashed towards his neck; Yuchi Rui quickly threw his sword, and with a “clang!” sound, the Rakshasa Tower barely deflected Mountain Ocean Order.

Unexpectedly, Ying Kai just feinted a thrust, and his two fingers once again approached Gong Wei’s eyes!

The moment seemed infinitely long, and everyone’s shocked expressions seemed frozen. They only saw Ying Kai’s fingertips penetrating Gong Wei’s eye sockets, seemingly about to dig out his eyeballs.

But just at this critical moment, the air behind Ying Kai suddenly twisted violently, and then a terrifying force forcefully tore apart the space, causing a whirlwind to lift up the ivory-colored robes of the Cangyang Sect Master.

Yuchi Rui was about to say “Xu…”


Ying Kai’s eyebrows jumped, and the person behind him tightly grasped him. 

He had no time to defend himself, as a cold voice sounded behind him, word by word: “Ghost God No Way Out—”

The No Way Out Sword Spirit let out a clear whistle that pierced through the clouds, erupting with unimaginable majestic spiritual power. With a thunderous slash, Ying Kai was sent flying!

It was only after that Yuchi Rui uttered the last two words, “…Shuangce!”

Ying Kai was swept away hundreds of feet, his back crashing onto the rugged mountain rocks. The towering mountain wall instantly cracked, and then collapsed into countless pieces with a resounding crash.

The earth shook, the mountains trembled, and the air was filled with smoke and dust, echoing with continuous rumbling.

The Ghost Crown Prince quickly retreated several steps, holding the blood sword in front of him, staring incredulously at Xu Shuangce and then at Gong Wei. His gaze shifted back and forth between the two, and he couldn’t help but murmur, “…Could it be? Did I really hear it? Is it so effective?”

Xu Shuangce tightly gripped the No Way Out Sword, standing back to back with Gong Wei. They formed a triangle with the Ghost Crown Prince and Ying Kai, each facing one opponent. The Sect Master of the Cangyang Sect had never shown such a blood-soaked and heavily panting appearance in front of others before. In a hoarse voice, he asked, “Are you okay?”

Gong Wei tightly covered his right eye, blood seeping through his fingers. He shook his head to indicate that he was okay, then asked, “How did you break free from the Mustard Seed Jar? That treasure is impossible to…”

His voice trailed off, as if he sensed something unusual. Slowly releasing his hand, his puzzled gaze looked behind him.

―― Xu Shuangce was enveloped in a radiant layer of spiritual power, extremely firm, radiant, and supreme. The immense pressure forced the Ghost Crown Prince to retreat two more steps, and the violent spiritual flow reflected the shock in everyone’s eyes.

He detonated half of his own Golden Core.

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