The Sword Named No Way Out Chapter 76

Chapter 76

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Tianmen Pass.

The cold wind howled, sweeping across the vast northern ice plains, carrying swirling snowflakes that disappeared at the end of the horizon. Four divine birds pulled a long carriage, breaking through the cold clouds and thunderously landing at the foot of the glacier, instantly splashing up a towering snow mist that rushed in all directions.

As the door opened, Yuchi Xiao was immediately pushed back several steps by the strong wind, gritting his teeth and asking, “What are we doing here?”

There was no answer from behind.

Yuchi Xiao turned around, only to see Xu Shuangce gazing at Gong Wei in his arms. After a long while, he bent down to plant a kiss on his forehead, then gently brushed his hair behind his ears, letting him lean back on the soft cushion behind the table and fall asleep. Only then did Xu Shuangce rise and step out of the huge carriage, with doors closing one after another behind him.

“…,” Yuchi Xiao looked at the cold profile of the Cangyang Sect Master, unable to hold back anymore and asked, “Sect Master Xu, you must be enjoying my discomfort, right?”

Xu Shuangce replied calmly, “Xianzhi*, you’re overthinking.”
* honorific for younger generation nephew

After looking around, the vast expanse of the ice plain reflected in his eyes, and after a while, he finally pointed in a direction against the cold wind, “Over there.”

The Blood River Carriage couldn’t approach areas with too thin spiritual energy. The two of them traversed more than four hundred miles, and soon their footprints were covered by snow again.

As dawn approached, traces of the last battle finally began to appear along the way. Glaciers, sawed off halfway, stood abruptly under the sky, and the vast snowy plains were riddled with knife and axe marks. Yuchi Xiao couldn’t help but stop in his tracks, dizzy from the spectacular sight. “This… this is where you destroyed the World-Ending Soldier Puppet last time?”

Xu Shuangce stopped and said, “Yes.”

Yuchi Xiao was astonished. “Is the path back to the present hidden here?!”

“More precisely, it’s not a path, it’s a person.”

Yuchi Xiao was full of doubts, only to see Xu Shuangce turn slightly and ask out of the blue, “Have you ever wondered where the souls of the cultivators who ‘died’ like Zhangsun Chengfeng over the years went?”

Yuchi Xiao was stunned, then suddenly realized, “――They weren’t killed by the Realm Lord personally, so they couldn’t return to the mortal realm…”

“Right. They are still alive in the present, but unfortunately died in the dream. Their souls can only temporarily reside in the corner between the present and the dream, unable to go anywhere. But that doesn’t mean they can escape calamity. If the dream collapses, they will vanish along with us; conversely, if we end the dream and return to the mortal realm, they can also come back with us.”

“Except for one soul… that is not so obedient.” Xu Shuangce’s tone shifted, showing a hint of mockery in his eyes. “This person is well-versed in ghost cultivation techniques and knows that he is in a dream. He was extremely unwilling to die at the moment of death. He has both the ability and the reason, so his soul is likely nowhere to be found, still attached to his own bones.”

Yuchi Xiao asked incredulously, “Who?”

Xu Shuangce’s gaze lowered, staring at the ground under his feet from a high vantage point, and uttered three words, “Du Kaixun.”

At once, Yuchi Xiao remembered who this person was. Then Xu Shuangce suddenly pressed down with both hands, and spiritual power roared out, causing the ground to collapse!

The frozen soil was forcibly cracked open by spiritual power, and the hard boulders were lifted and thrown into the distance. The ground shook, the glaciers rumbled, and Yuchi Xiao was forced to retreat several steps, only to see Xu Shuangce sweep his sleeves and lift up the massive black frozen rock, throwing it out several miles away. A deep pit of over a thousand feet was dug under his feet.


Xu Shuangce stopped and took a breath, and Yuchi Xiao immediately rushed forward against the ice and snow, shouting loudly, “Sect Master Xu! You only have half a golden core left, so it’s better to conserve your strength! Let the younger generation do the digging; at least it’ll be faster!”


Xu Shuangce turned his head to look at the young master of the Yejinmen, sizing him up for a moment, and then slightly tilted his body with satisfaction, saying kindly, “Xianzhi, your filial piety is commendable.”

Yuchi Xiao then stepped forward and stood at the edge of the deep pit, rolled up his sleeves without hesitation, and poured spiritual power into the deep pit under his feet with a loud shout, “Ha—”

As spiritual power continued to increase bit by bit, the millennium-old black stone at the bottom of the pit was finally slightly moved. After a few moments, a roughly half-room-sized boulder was finally levered open, swaying and lifted into the air, followed by a thunderous boom!

The rock fell back into the pit, raising a large cloud of dust and smoke, and never moved again.

Yuchi Xiao was panting heavily, leaning on his knees and staring at the deep pit. After a long while, he slowly turned his head to look at Xu Shuangce, his pupils trembling uncontrollably.

Xu Shuangce said, “The spiritual energy here is thin, and our spiritual power is suppressed, so it’s normal to have only two or three points of strength left.”


“But Xianzhi still needs to work diligently,” after a pause, Xu Shuangce added with kindness.

The entire ice plain kept trembling, and after several hours, another deep pit was dug out in the originally concave basin. Xu Shuangce raised his hand and moved the thousand-jin heavy boulder from the bottom of the pit, and suddenly, a strong thunderous roar erupted from deep beneath his feet.

Finally dug through!

The bottom of the huge pit directly penetrated the deep rift where the World-ending Soldier Pupper was buried, and below the rift was the molten lava core of the earth. A nearly tangible aura of darkness gushed out, like a black dragon soaring into the sky, lingering for half a stick of incense before dispersing, revealing the bottomless true face.

Xu Shuangce pressed his palm to the ground and said in a deep voice, “The Guiyuan does not look back, life and death are like day and night. Rise!”

This was the second time Yuchi Xiao heard Xu Shuangce chant this summoning spell for the dead. The first time was in the mortuary of the Twenty-Eight Corpses in Linjiang City, where they were asking the true culprit who killed them – but now, compared to then, everything was different.

He didn’t have time to feel sentimental. He saw the same scene as in the mortuary, as if an invisible rope was tethering the bones in the bottomless abyss. A figure in a gray robe, shrouded in rolling Yin Qi, emerged from the ground, then slowly raised its head, revealing a pale face.

In that instant, Yuchi Xiao blurted out, “Lord Iron Sect Master?”

Then he realized he was wrong – although the handsome features were somewhat similar, the face before him was clearly more distinct, with a more sinister expression, and deep within his eyes lurked a hint of madness and paranoia.

Xu Shuangce stood firm against the wind, saying word by word, “Du… Kai… Xun.”


The dead spirit in the gray robe smiled, his voice deeper than Changsun Chengfeng’s, “I’ve been waiting for you for a long time, I thought you wouldn’t come… Sect Master Xu.”

Du Kaixun had actually been waiting here all along!

Yuchi Xiao’s mind was shaken, and he stood there stunned.

“It’s finally the day to see the esteemed Sect Master of Cangyang in such a sorry state, truly a thousand emotions.” Du Kaixun looked at the two living people up and down, smiling. “Have you finally decided to make a deal with me, Sect Master Xu?”

Yuchi Xiao instinctively asked, “What… what deal?”

Xu Shuangce didn’t answer him, but stared directly at Du Kaixun above, saying, “You were the only one in this dream with partial memories of reality.”

Du Kaixun remained calm, “Yes, I was.”

“Because the butterfly dies and the dream is born technique grants you partial immunity.” 


“Why?” Xu Shuangce asked.

Du Kaixun’s smile deepened, and he said slowly, “Because no one knows that I once tried to steal Gong Wei’s right eye in reality. Although I failed as well, at that time I touched a faint golden blood… “

From the first year of Taiyi to the twenty-eighth year of Taiyi, the dream was basically a replay of the reality- the Du Kaixun in the dream had been sent to the Immortal Alliance for abusing Bai Xian, just like the Du Kaixun in reality

But the Du Kaixun in reality was locked up in Tui’e, where he met Gong Wei, who had just descended into the world, with a mysterious demeanor and was shunned by everyone. He found that Gong Wei’s weird right pupil seemed extraordinary, so he boldly attempted to steal it. Of course, he was knocked out with a single blow from Gong Wei’s palm.

Coincidentally, at that moment, the tip of the knife scraped Gong Wei’s eye socket, and a faint trace of golden blood got onto Du Kaixun’s fingertips. Du Kaixun himself was shocked, with his fingers split open and bleeding profusely, he licked off the blood from his fingertips along with Gong Wei’s blood.

No one expected the divine power contained in the faint trace of blood from Gong Wei, which later made Du Kaixun the only fortunate one in the dream.

“You inadvertently became the only link between reality and the dream.” Xu Shuangce stared at Du Kaixun and said in a calm tone of statement, “So your soul can freely shuttle between reality and the dream.”

Du Kaixun said, “Yes, but only the soul, not the body.”

“What if you return to your original body?”

“As soon as I move my body, time in reality will immediately start to flow again. The Mirror Immortal on the Ascension Immortal Platform will be pierced through the heart without any help. The dream will instantly collapse, and none of you will be saved.”

Xu Shuangce fell silent for a moment, and Du Kaixun’s soul looked at him with pity in mid-air, “So I can’t help you pull out the ‘No Way Out’ sword inserted in the Mirror Immortal’s heart on the Ascension Immortal Platform.”

The cold wind whistled between the two of them, like a sharp cry, disappearing into the distance.


After an unknown amount of time, Xu Shuangce finally moved from the shadow, revealing eyes that were slightly red yet calm. “Can your soul help me bring back a spell, bringing the Ascension Immortal Platform from reality?”

Yuchi Xiao’s doubtful gaze moved back and forth between the two of them – a spell?

He had no idea what these two were playing at, but there was a heavy and desolate atmosphere in the air, pressing him down so heavily that he dared not even breathe.

“Sect Master Xu,” Du Kaixun smiled, with a hint of hidden sadness in his smile, as if he had already anticipated Xu Shuangce’s choice today. “The reason why my soul has been waiting here all along is because I knew that when the situation became irreparable, you would think of sending that spell to the Ascension Immortal Platform in reality…”

After a pause, he took a deep breath, as if he had finally made up his mind about something. “As an exchange, I need you to help me draw an identical set of spells.”

Xu Shuangce wasn’t surprised at all. “One for you, and one for whom?”

Even Du Kaixun’s soul seemed to tremble slightly. “…Changsun Chengfeng.”

As this name came out, a highly complex light flashed in his eyes, mixed with deep resentment, unwillingness, and bitterness, ultimately turning into a heavy sense of helplessness.

He hoarsely said, “Changsun Chengfeng was pierced through the chest by the Mirror Immortal’s sword on the Ascension Immortal Platform, with only the last breath remaining. Once he returns to reality, he’s destined to die. If he dies, Bai Xian… won’t be able to live on.” 

Xu Shuangce remained silent, gazing at him quietly. Du Kaixun’s soul wrapped in the gray robe, he seemed like someone who had never experienced happiness, like a lonely soul wandering between heaven and earth, forgotten by everyone, even his murmurs were hoarse, “I hate Bai Xian. I really hate him. But what can I do? He’s the only thing in this world that belongs entirely to me, even his heart once belonged to me.” 

He opened his mouth, trembling, “…I really hate him so much.” 

Xu Shuangce stepped forward, brushing his sleeve over Du Kaixun’s open palm. Spiritual energy immediately condensed into two shimmering golden talismans, one inscribed with “Changsun”, directly melding into Du Kaixun’s soul and disappearing; the other inscribed with “Du”, floated gently into Du Kaixun’s palm, tightly gripped by him.

Xu Shuangce said, “Stick it on your brother’s mortal body’s heart.”

Du Kaixun asked, “And yours?”

Xu Shuangce lowered his eyes, brushing his sleeve again – this time, two talismans formed, one with “Xu,” also floating into Du Kaixun’s hand; the other one, directly pasted onto the back of Xu Shuangce’s right hand, was a small fox drawn with cinnabar.

With just a few strokes, vivid and lifelike, adorable, as if every stroke of it was filled with unspoken love, it instantly entered Xu Shuangce’s flesh and blood.

“—-Wait,” Yuchi Xiao seemed to sense something, suddenly stepping forward, trembling as he asked, “What are you sending back to reality with those talismans? What are they for? Could it be…”

Xu Shuangce glanced at him, but didn’t answer, turning to Du Kaixun. “These talismans are one time use and only effective for fatal injuries. If one attempt fails, there will be no second chance.”

Du Kaixun closed his eyes and nodded.

No one spoke, only the cold wind sobbed, lifting Xu Shuangce’s hair and robe sleeves. After a while, Du Kaixun opened his eyes in mid-air, looked at him, smiled, and said, “Sect Master Xu, I never thought we would eventually have this day of mutual understanding.”

Xu Shuangce took a half step back, his face calm. “Brother Du, take care.”

Du Kaixun’s soul bowed deeply to him and then disappeared into the vast world.

“…Sect Master Xu?” Yuchi Xiao finally heard his own voice, a deep and ominous premonition gripping his heart. “What are you two doing? What are those talismans for? What do you mean by only effective for fatal injuries? You…”

“Yuchi Yuanju,” Xu Shuangce said.

Yuchi Xiao froze in place as if his throat had been squeezed.

“Everyone makes mistakes in their lives, some harm themselves, some harm others, and some harm the ones they love. Once the harm is done, talking about turning back is futile. We can only do everything we can to bear it.”

Xu Shuangce turned around with his hands behind his back. Yuchi Xiao was already tall, but the Sect Master of Cangyang was even taller, standing there with an undisguised calmness and unquestionable authority: “Even if it costs our lives.”

“…..” Yuchi Xiao stared at Xu Shuangce, his pupils slightly trembling, a sense of foreboding gripping his heart tightly. “What is the name of that talisman?”


The Extreme North Icefield trembled incessantly, and the sky seemed to be torn apart suddenly. A black hole collapsed with a loud roar, and a strong hurricane from reality swept across the land in an instant!

Yuchi Xiao watched in horror as Xu Shuangce opened his mouth, but the words were drowned out in the roar, yet the shape of his lips was clearly reflected in his eyes.

In an instant, Yuchi Xiao’s pupils dilated sharply, and the last trace of color drained from his face.

As the earth collapsed and the sky collapsed, the flood of destruction covered the vast ice field, creating a magnificent scene.

The final moment had finally arrived.

Facing the wind and snow, Xu Shuangce walked step by step towards the edge of the cliff. Gong Wei had awakened at some point, standing at the highest point in front of him. Layers of soft crimson aura spread from him to the heavens and the earth, like silk, like mist, dazzling and luminous, using the last bit of divine power to delay the destruction of the world as much as possible.

He was like the last needle in the sea of ​​heavens, but his back looked so lonely and unattainable.

With slightly red eyes, Yuchi Xiao stopped a dozen steps away, turning his head away.

Xu Shuangce stepped forward and stopped beside Gong Wei. He saw Gong Wei turn his head and smile, his eyes as red as blood, pure and gentle. “I’m going to send you off.”

Before him was the boundless gray-white earth and the sky filled with snow, Xu Shuangce stared at the god in front of him, as if he wanted to imprint the soft tips of his eyelashes and the curve of his lips, intact, into his soul, forever untouched by reincarnation and time. “…Gong Wei,” he finally asked hoarsely, “did it hurt when you were pierced through by the ‘No Way Out’ sword?”

Gong Wei thought for a moment and said, “Maybe it hurt at the time. But it doesn’t matter, I’ve forgotten.”

Xu Shuangce’s tone carried a barely noticeable tremor as he asked, “Why would you forget?”

“Maybe because the beautiful dreams before death always make people happy!” Gong Wei looked down at the roaring world beneath his feet, the smile in his eyes deepening. “And being able to see you by my side in my last moments, it doesn’t really hurt that much.”

―― He always forgave so easily, like a sweet dream that felt unreal, gently enveloping everyone. In his dreams, only good things happened, and all sadness, disappointment, pain, and calamity were shielded by his gentle yet powerful presence.

He was like the highest blessing bestowed upon reality by the heavens.

Finally, the sky over the extreme north couldn’t hold on any longer. With thunderous roars, it collapsed, and then, like a defeated army retreating in defeat, countless large and small pieces of the sky fell with a resounding crash. The black hole extended for thousands of miles, swiftly sweeping towards this side from the end of the horizon.

The crimson aura that filled the heavens and the earth gradually disappeared, and Gong Wei finally stopped making his last effort. He raised his hand and grasped the hilt of the Bai Tai Shou Sword, his robes fluttering in the wind and snow.

His voice was calm and peaceful. “I’m going to bid you farewell, Xu Bai.”

Xu Shuangce gazed at his god, nodded after a moment, and trembled as he smiled faintly. “…Gong Wei.”


Gong Wei looked up at him and was immediately embraced tightly in the arms with a scent of sandalwood, as if Xu Shuangce wanted to merge his whole being into his bones and blood. Xu Shuangce’s hand wrapped around the back of his head, gently stroking the hair on his forehead, tremblingly whispering in his ear:

“I’m sorry.”

Gong Wei’s eyes widened.

The next moment, a sharp pain pierced into his right eye like lightning, and blood spurted out.

“…Xu Bai?” Gong Wei exclaimed in astonishment, then roared angrily, echoing through the universe: “Xu Bai――!”

The most magnificent, and tragic and strange illusion in the world – the butterfly dies and the dream is born was lifted at this moment.

The blizzard surged back into the sky, the earth collapsed and shattered, and time and space were suspended and torn apart by invisible giant hands, turning into fragments like a torrential hurricane.

Countless spiritual lights rose from the ground, which were the souls of the cultivators being swept into the vast void. At the same time, everyone left the dream world at the same time –

Forty-four years of time, suddenly resumed its flow with a bang.

In reality, on the Ascension Immortal Platform.

The two suspended willow leaf blades fell to the ground with a clang, catching Mu Duozhu off guard, and he fell to his knees with a thud.

The rigid Yuchi Xiao convulsed violently, then suddenly spewed out a large mouthful of blood mixed with flesh and collapsed heavily to the ground.

In the underground palace of Bai Yu Jing, Ying Kai appeared at the edge of the remaining array of the Heavenly Dao, with a look of shock still lingering in his eyes.

Changsun Chengfeng, who was dying by the golden pillar, exhaled his last breath. No one noticed that a talisman with the word “Du” had appeared on his chest, flashing with dazzling golden light, and the sword wound through his chest disappeared without a trace, leaving no mark behind.

“…Bai…Bai Xian?” He gasped for breath, staggering to his feet. His mind blanked in the midst of intense coughing, instinctively looking around. “Bai Xian!”

――Thousands of miles away, in Julu City. Bai Xian’s distant soul had not returned yet. His body stood quietly in front of the Changsun family’s courtyard, the worried expression from the last moment before the pause of reality still frozen in his eyes.

He couldn’t see the translucent gray-white figure of Du Kaixun in the air, nor could he see the sudden appearance of a sword wound on Du Kaixun’s chest, piercing through, decisive and deadly, followed by the gradual disappearance of his soul.

“I hate you…. so much,” Du Kaixun hoarsely said, for the last time holding Bai Xian’s still body tightly in his arms, hot tears streaming down his cheeks, dripping into Bai Xian’s hair, yet no one could perceive it.

“You will live with my hatred forever, and you will forget a person named Du Kaixun ever existed in your life…”

“…In this way, you can live your life away from pain and fear.”

Unseen by anyone, the seal in Bai Xian’s heart flashed, the final command given by the master to the servant.

The soul rushed back, and Bai Xian’s still body suddenly trembled, taking a long breath, instinctively raising his eyes.

“Second Young Master?” He subconsciously looked around, feeling as if he had just heard a familiar voice in his ear, but then his movements stopped, and a sudden confusion arose in his heart.

Who was Second Young Master?

Was there a… second young master in the Changsun family…?

Bai Xian’s heart suddenly ached, as if he had forgotten something important out of the blue. But he didn’t know what he had forgotten, trembling, he raised one hand and pressed it against his chest.

In the void above his head, Du Kaixun closed his eyes.

The soul disintegrated into countless sparks of light, and the wind carried away the last trace of warmth remaining in the world.

The wind surged across the sky and the earth, bringing back all the souls that had been separated from reality for many years, covering every corner of the earth.

The various schools, every cultivator from every major sect, all suddenly revived from their stillness. Some were bewildered, some were astonished, some found it hard to believe. Until several breaths later, cries of overwhelming joy erupted from the skies all over: “I’m back!” “I’ve truly, truly returned!” “I haven’t died, I haven’t died!” 


The clamor converged into a torrent, spreading in all directions. On the Ascension Immortal Platform, Gong Wei suddenly opened his eyes in disbelief. 

The next moment, his chest suddenly turned cold, and helplessly, following inertia, something pierced through it! 


Gong Wei gasped and lowered his head, only to see the bloody sword being forcefully pulled out of his chest, and then the wound miraculously healed without leaving a trace. Originally, his chest, which should have been pierced through front and back, flashed with a golden character, extremely familiar, surprisingly a “Xu”.

Immediately after, the cinnabar-drawn little fox on Xu Shuangce’s right hand flashed, and a similar sword wound pierced through the heart of Cangyang Sect Master, with blood spurting into the sky!


The No Way Out sword fell from his hand, and Xu Shuangce knelt in front of Gong Wei, his blood soaking through his layered robes, quickly forming a pool of blood beneath his knees.

“…” Gong Wei opened his mouth, but his ears were ringing, and he couldn’t even hear his own voice. “Xu Bai…?”

Xu Shuangce stared at him, gasping heavily, and smiled faintly. “…So, it hurts like this.”

Gong Wei closed his eyes, then opened them again, as if falling into a ridiculous nightmare. He wanted to say, “How could you always take the place of others without permission? How could you die without saying goodbye? How could you let Qu Xie and Northern Wall return to reality, when the Heavenly Dao has not been completely destroyed, and the fires of the end of the world are imminent? Who in this world will stop the ambitions of the Ghost Crown Prince?” But countless confused thoughts turned into a bitter surge that choked his throat.

He trembled and only managed to utter two words: “…Xu Bai…”

Xu Shuangce’s cold hand pressed against the back of Gong Wei’s neck, forcefully pulling him into his blood-stained embrace.

“I’m sorry,” his voice was unusually slow and hoarse due to the intense pain, saying, “A person cannot lose his god, no matter what the cost… No matter what the cost.”

Suddenly, Gong Wei felt something, and his pupils suddenly contracted. “You don’t–“

But it was too late.

With a splatter, flesh and blood squeezed, Xu Shuangce’s right hand reached into his own chest, and a large amount of blood gushed out. Despite the unimaginable pain, he convulsed all over, but his actions were decisive. In the midst of the blood, he exerted force, forcibly cutting out a dazzling pearl.

――That was his Golden Core.

Then he raised his palm and crushed the immensely powerful Golden Core to pieces!

An endless stream of spiritual power instantly descended, and the light flowed through Gong Wei’s scarred body like a spring. All the wounds, large and small, left behind were immediately healed, the pain vanished, and his extremely weak primordial spirit quickly recovered, returning to its peak in an instant!

“I have always loved you, like a mortal defying the gods in his heart…”

Xu Shuangce knelt on the ground, leaning over Gong Wei’s embrace, his voice gradually weakening, as the cold wind swept across Gong Wei’s pale and cold profile, howling into the distance:

“I’m sorry, it would be better if you never understood that feeling.”

Xu Shuangce’s forehead gently fell on Gong Wei’s shoulder, and his breath stopped.


After who knows how long, it seemed like a moment and also like millions of years, Gong Wei slowly raised his hand and hugged Xu Shuangce’s cold body.

“…It’s too late,” he hoarsely said, “I understand now.”

Layers of terrifying blood-red aura burst out from him, and his divine power broke through the clouds, as if causing a hurricane on the Ascension Immortal Platform, countless cracks spread from him as the center, “crack!” in an instant, covering the vast ground of the entire platform.

In the distance, Mu Duozhu gasped and turned his head, Liu Xuzhi widened his eyes in astonishment, and Yuchi Xiao struggled to squeeze out a voice: “…Gong Wei?”

In front of everyone’s eyes, Gong Wei raised his hand, and his voice shook the mountains: “Bai Tai Shou–“

The red star in the sky flashed.

At the same time, deep in the underground palace, in front of the Heavenly Dao Array, the Ghost Crown Prince Qu Xie’s face changed slightly. Only to see the Bai Tai Shou sword unsheathed from his hand, and a splash of blood from his palm turned into a blood-red meteor, flying towards the Ascension Immortal Platform.

With a crisp sound, the divine sword came through the air, firmly grasped in Gong Wei’s palm, and then swung back with force.


An unprecedented arc of shock swept along the ground, destroying cities and forts, splitting the entire Ascension Immortal Platform in half in the tremor, and giant rocks cascaded down.

“Qu Xie, come out and meet your death–“

In the underground palace, the Ghost Crown Prince raised his head, and a furious Bai Tai Shou sword gleamed in his eyes!

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