The Sword Named No Way Out Chapter 82

Chapter 82

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The matter of reincarnation of Eastern Heaven to the mortal world has been settled.

Before descending to reality, Xu Shuangce visited Ying Kai once. Ying Kai was imprisoned within a suppressing array, enveloped by a huge golden light sphere. Unexpectedly, his expression was not one of hatred or despair; on the contrary, it was very calm. He already knew that Xu Shuangce intended to exchange destinies with him. He neither agreed nor opposed, simply saying, “You really don’t have to do this.”

Xu Shuangce replied, “I’m not doing this entirely for you, but more for myself.”

The two had fought fiercely against each other in the War of Annihilation, their blood even flooding Tianle. But now, strangely, they had both returned to peace, even displaying a hint of the tacit understanding they had in their youth. Ying Kai chuckled self-deprecatingly, shaking his head. “Do you know? Before, I was angry and disappointed, unable to bear the burden, always feeling unjust in front of the world. Now, although hated and reviled by everyone, my heart is calm and tranquil. I no longer care about those criticisms. If I were to be killed at this moment, I would probably be willing on my way to the afterlife!”

Xu Shuangce remained silent for a long time before shaking his head. “But I cannot accept that.”

Ying Kai wondered, “Why?”

“Do you remember the competition for the top spot back then?”

As they gazed at each other through the golden prison bars, Ying Kai realized something. “You… did you intentionally lose to me?”

After a moment, Xu Shuangce nodded lightly. “…”

Ying Kai smiled bitterly, but without any hint of blame. After a moment, he sighed, “No wonder you left the Cangyang Sect with the little fox immediately after that, refusing to stay no matter how I pleaded… so that’s it!”

Xu Shuangce shook his head slowly. “At that time, leaving was the only option I could think of. I thought it was the best way. For many years afterward, I tried to slow down your descent into darkness by doing nothing, but my only friend still ended up where he is today… Now I want to try the opposite approach, to actively do something, and see if the outcome will be different.”

“Ying Kai,” Xu Shuangce took a deep breath, lifting his eyes, and said solemnly, “I cultivate the Heart Dao. Everything I do comes from my heart, and I don’t need any of your feelings or opinions. Leaving the heavens is also the best choice for myself. When the killing barrier is all eradicated thousands of years later, and when you and I are once again welcomed by the Mirror Immortal at the gate of heaven, then I should be able to have a clear conscience.”

Inside and outside the array, it was quiet and still. Ying Kai looked at him, wanting to say something but hesitating.

Finally, Xu Shuangce nodded and turned to walk away. At that moment, he heard Ying Kai’s voice from behind, “Shuangce!”

Xu Shuangce slightly halted his steps.

“—-Although it’s a destiny exchange, I guess you won’t hand over your emotional obstacles to anyone else to resolve, right?”

From Ying Kai’s perspective, he could only see Xu Shuangce smile briefly, though the smile quickly vanished.

“Right,” he said. “Because I don’t intend to resolve them at all.”

With that, he turned back and walked out of the vast, dazzling prison.

Gong Wei waited outside, probably for a long time.

The vast sea of clouds stretched endlessly, making the silhouette of the young man seem a bit lonely. Xu Shuangce couldn’t help but lighten his steps, but from a distance, he saw Gong Wei’s ears twitch, accurately turning around to look at him, his eyes suddenly lighting up. “Xu Bai!”


Xu Shuangce stopped his steps, and in a moment, he made a gesture that would be considered very rude in the heavenly realm – he waved his hand at Gong Wei. However, Gong Wei didn’t mind at all. He ran towards Xu Shuangce like a little fox running towards its favorite person, stopping in front of Xu Shuangce, and asked, “Are you leaving now?”

Xu Shuangce looked at the black and white eyes in front of him and nodded.

Gong Wei looked a bit worried and sighed after a moment, “I don’t know why, but when I planned to reincarnate into the mortal world myself, I didn’t feel it was difficult at all, just felt calm. But now that I’m sending you off, I feel that the road ahead is difficult and my heart is restless… Do you have to go?”

Xu Shuangce’s tone was gentle yet distant, “What the fellow immortals said earlier is true. You are a heavenly god, and reincarnating into a human is prone to premature death and easily attracting evil spirits to disturb. When I was a mortal, I had karmic ties with Ying Kai’s obstacles, so it’s more appropriate for me to go.”

“….” Gong Wei lowered his eyes and, after a while, said sadly, “Xu Bai.”


“Why do I feel you’ve been distant lately? You don’t want to go drink peach wine with me, or play with me. Is there something bothering you?”

Xu Shuangce was slightly startled.

As the two looked at each other, the young man’s pupils were clear and transparent, while Xu Shuangce dared not look directly into his eyes.

There was a moment when an uncontrollable impulse surged in his heart, even raising his hand slightly towards Gong Wei, but in the end, he clenched his fist in his sleeve and forced himself to lower his arm bit by bit.

“No,” he turned his gaze away hoarsely, “I’m not upset at all.”

Gong Wei, who always believed whatever Xu Shuangce said, finally relaxed upon hearing this, a hint of a smile appearing in his eyes again. “Me neither. Every time I see you, I’m filled with joy, as if it’s spring breeze and flowers blooming, perhaps because of me liking you!”

Xu Shuangce closed his eyes heavily, repeating the words that had echoed in his mind countless times as if it were a curse.

“The little fox likes you.” “I like Xu Bai the most.” “Because I’m only Xu Bai’s little fox!”…

“Spring breeze and flowers blooming, perhaps because of my liking for you!”

“Isn’t what the mirror likes to do the most just imitating? You offer the most humble and sincere love, and the mirror reflects that love back unchanged.” The low, smiling voice of the Ghost Crown Prince emerged from the depths of his heart. “Eastern Heaven God, this is your greatest no way out in this life.”

“—No,” Xu Shuangce suddenly opened his eyes, his voice hurried as if he didn’t want to give himself any time to regret, “When I see you, it’s not like that.”

Gong Wei asked in confusion, “Xu Bai?”

“When I see you, besides being filled with joy, I also feel many worries, jealousies, fears, and grievances for no reason. Do you know why?”


Gong Wei was a little puzzled and then a bit confused, “Why?”

“When you understand, I can come back.” Xu Shuangce paused and then smiled briefly, “Or it doesn’t matter if you never understand, I’m willing to forever… forever hold onto these joys, worries, and fears until the end of my long life.”

His slender fingertips trembled slightly, brushed Gong Wei’s hair behind his ear, then turned and walked away without looking back, his fluttering robes quickly disappearing into the vast sea of clouds.

And Gong Wei stood there in confusion.

Xu Shuangce and Ying Kai exchanged destinies, reincarnated into reality, and disappeared from the heavenly realm.

Not long after, the Western Boundary God, Xuan Jinghe, known as the Ghost Crown Prince’s Master, who was revered by the world, also left the heavenly realm.

Gong Wei turned into a fluffy little fox and lingered in front of a mansion in the mortal world for a long time until he finally heard a loud baby cry from above: “Waaah…”

“Congratulations!” “It’s a boy!” “Congratulations to the main family for the new addition!”


In the War of Annihilation, innocent civilians who were killed can immediately reincarnate, but it doesn’t mean that the sins of killing go unpunished. Therefore, Ying Kai always reincarnates with congenital illnesses. Often, he doesn’t live past his youth before succumbing to premature death, continuing to repay the debt of lives taken from previous incarnations with sickness and suffering in each subsequent life.

Xu Shuangce fares somewhat better. Although he’s not born with congenital deficiencies, ordinary people with a destiny of killing usually meet tragic ends. Almost every life, they end up lonely and die prematurely. Every time he’s born and nears death, Gong Wei transforms into a little fox, clinging to his side. He has witnessed Xu Shuangce’s longest life as a chaotic war general, reigning over battlefields and killing countless enemies, only to be pierced by thousands of arrows, dying with unfulfilled vengeance.

Only in that life did Xu Shuangce seem to recall something. As the general neared death, seeing a fiery red fox weaving through the battlefield smoke and snuggling up to him, he subconsciously widened his eyes. Many distant memories suddenly flashed through his chaotic mind, murmuring, “….Are you Gong Wei?”

The little fox blinked, hot tears falling onto his hand.

“It’s… It’s nothing, don’t cry.” With his last bit of strength, the general lifted his scarred hand, leaving a trace of blood at the corner of the fox’s eye. “It doesn’t hurt at all, don’t cry.”

Then his hand fell.

The general couldn’t bear to close his eyes at death, still watching his little fox, but the light of life had completely disappeared from his pupils.

The enemy surged forward, wanting to behead him for merit, but they saw a fiery red fox appear beside the fallen general, emitting an extremely mournful scream!

Then, the young fox suddenly transformed into a crimson-robed youth, so magnificent that he was beyond description, terrifying everyone. With one hand holding the general and the other drawing his sword, he swept through the enemy with divine sword energy, instantly sending the entire enemy force flying!

That sword cleared out most of the battlefield. Then, the youth, still holding the deceased general, disappeared beneath the sky.

Gong Wei descended to the Twelve Halls of the Guiyuan, sitting by the No Way Out Bridge, tears dripping down. The ghost judge was so frightened that he ran to report to Xuan Jinghe, who hurriedly came out personally, asking with concern, “What worries you? Can I help?”

Gong Wei wiped his eyes and stopped crying. Sitting on the bridge for a while, he suddenly asked, “In this life, when can Xu Shuangce start cultivating immortality?” 

“…I’m afraid it will have to wait until nine thousand years later.” Xuan Jinghe had already checked the Book of Life and Death and hesitated, “Both the Eastern Heaven and the Northern Wall God is the same.”

Immortal fate is not something every person in every life can have. It’s normal for one in a hundred lifetimes to be able to cultivate immortality. Moreover, Xu Shuangce’s reincarnation is for the purpose of eradicating his karmic obstacles, making it even harder to form an immortal fate. Waiting for nine thousand years is already a reasonable estimate.

Gong Wei took a deep breath, as if he had finally made a decision: “Then let Xu Shuangce be born as a stillborn in all those nine thousand years.”

“Really?” Xuan Jinghe hesitated.

To be born as a stillborn means to specifically choose a newborn destined to die immediately after birth, or a fetus that cannot survive in the mother’s womb. This way, Xu Shuangce’s soul has to run back and forth to the reincarnation platform, but because they cannot live, they won’t suffer much in reality. In the life where he finally has immortal fate nine thousand years later, he will be born as a live baby and grow up.

Gong Wei nodded, his eyes slightly red again, choked up, “I won’t be able to see Xu Shuangce for nine thousand years.”

Xuan Jinghe didn’t know what to say, looking at this young deity by the No Way Out Bridge with pity.

――He was born powerful and gentle, with a heart as pure and kind as a child’s, yet now he’s so sad and lonely.

“I will return my essence to the world and sleep until the life where Xu Shuangce gains immortal fate.” Gong Wei jumped off the bridge, looking up with red eyes, instructing, “Nine thousand years later, you must remember to wake me up.”

Xuan Jinghe nodded solemnly.

Gong Wei cast one last glance toward the reincarnation platform, reluctantly leaving the Guiyuan.

Gong Wei is a deity born from the creation of heaven and earth, different from humans or gods. Only this method can help him get through the long and lonely nine thousand years, until the day of reunion.

Perhaps due to the Mirror Immortal’s return of the essence to the world, reality has been relatively stable for nine thousand years, with no major natural disasters, wars, or epidemics. The spiritual energy of heaven and earth gradually filled up again, and the occult sects, severed during the end of the world battle, were reviving. Cangyang Sect, Yejinmen, Julu City, Tui’e, Purple Golden Ship… the prestigious families have gradually developed over thousands of years, covering the entire country.

As the centuries passed, the words transformed with ancient texts, and accents changed with dynastic shifts. The end-of-the-world battle nine thousand years ago became a bizarre myth in the mouths and ears of generations.

When Gong Wei woke up from his slumber, he found himself taller, and the surrounding mortal world had become completely unfamiliar yet bustling.

“Why didn’t Xuan Jinghe come to wake me up?” The little young master in deep red robes walked through the market, hands behind his back, looking around, wondering, “Did he forget?”

Should he go down to the Guiyuan to find Xuan Jinghe and ask about the situation? Gong Wei was pondering when suddenly he heard a cry from the street vendor: “Kaiyuan Miscellaneous News ! Twenty copper coins for one copy!” “This autumn, Cangyang Sect is recruiting outer disciples. The latest insider information on the Changsun family’s internal conflicts!” “Kaiyuan Miscellaneous News special edition! The current master’s combat power comparison – Sword Sect edition! Don’t miss out!”

Gong Wei’s ears twitched. Cangyang Sect?

He summoned a copy of the Kaiyuan Miscellaneous News, casually flipped through a few pages, then waved his sleeve and returned it to the stunned street vendor. Then, he disappeared into the air –

His primordial spirit spread instantly throughout the heavens and the earth, and the dynamics of the major prestigious families converged from all directions, flooding into his mind.

After a thousand years of extinction, Cangyang Sect was rebuilt. The current sect master, Xu Shuangce, was recognized as the number one figure in the world. Born with a karmic obstacle, his heartless Dao had reached its peak, just a step away from ascension;

Dai Mountain Tui’e was the leader of the hundred schools of Xuanmen. The chief, Ying Chenyuan, was gentle, modest, and friendly. His cultivation was only half a step behind Xu Shuangce’s, also just a step away from ascension;

Yejinmen had produced two generations of Sword Sect Masters. The current head, Yuchi Changsheng, had just entered the Immortalization Realm. He was bold and straightforward, and his personal weapon was the divine sword, Rakshasa Tower;

Julu City’s Changsun family had produced the Sect Master of the Iron Sect, Changsun Chengfeng. He seemed to have a disagreement with his younger brother. Both of them possessed rare dual Yin and Yang primordial spirits, making them unrivaled in the world…

Suddenly, Gong Wei caught a certain term in his ears, and his mind trembled. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing and opened his eyes in disbelief –

The Heavenly Dao Path.

For thousands of years, no one had ascended. The hundred schools of Xuanmen were anxious and were discussing the construction of the Heavenly Dao Path. At the Ascension Immortal Platform event six months later, they planned to send the most likely candidate for ascension, Ying Kai, to forcefully open the Gate of Heaven.

—-They were going to send the Northern Wall God to forcibly open the Gate of Heaven!

What caused such a strong desire for ascension among the current hundred schools of Xuanmen?!

Gong Wei could hardly believe his ears. He abruptly stopped his steps toward Cangyang Sect, his figure soaring like an arrow, rushing uncontrollably toward Dai Mountain Tui’e.

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