The Sword Named No Way Out Chapter 86

Chapter 86

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At that moment, as the earth-shattering tremor subsided, the collapse of the main gate of the Ghost Crown Prince’s temple unexpectedly halted. Then, a terrifying force began emanating from within, slowly lifting the sunken structure. Thousands of giant beams on the verge of breaking emitted sharp creaks as they were pressed and rubbed against each other.

It was the Ghost Crown Prince, using his divine power to forcibly restore the majestic hall!

Gong Wei pushed Yuchi Rui aside with a palm and shouted, “Go, to the drawbridge!”

Xu Shuangce, Gong Wei, and Yuchi Rui dragged the soul-capturing rope of Xuan Jinghe, streaking through the blood-red sky like shooting stars. At this critical moment, they returned to the drawbridge in an instant. Most of the countless demons and evil spirits had dispersed in the strong tremor, and the remaining number was not enough to stop them anymore. Gong Wei, the lightest and fastest of them all, tore through the dense array of demons like a knife, cutting out a bloody path!

Yuchi Rui followed closely behind Gong Wei, while Xu Shuangce brought up the rear, the three divine swords trailing magnificent energy, and in the blink of an eye, they rushed onto the slender drawbridge between heaven and earth.

At the end of the drawbridge ahead, there were faint sounds of fighting behind the blood-colored clouds, which was the human realm.

Gong Wei breathed a sigh of relief and tossed the blood-soaked long sword into the air, shouting in the raging wind, “How is Xuan Jinghe?”

Yuchi Rui turned his head and looked back. “Still a living soul!”

If it was still a living soul, it meant his body had not died, and the mutual life and death curse had not been activated. Therefore, the divine body of the Ghost Crown Prince should not have been destroyed—when the temple collapsed just now, Qu Xie must have made a decisive move at the critical moment, at a great cost, to save Xuan Jinghe’s dying body from any harm.

Qu Xie was born a god. Even if his divine body was destroyed, his divine soul would still exist, but his power would be greatly weakened. The nature of an evil god destined him to pursue power greatly, so as long as there was a chance, he would do everything possible to maintain the vitality of Xuan Jinghe’s body on the blood pool altar.

But for Xuan Jinghe himself, being alive might not necessarily be a good thing. If he died, at least he could take advantage of the current situation where the Ghost Crown Prince was unable to split his soul to immediately reincarnate, without worrying about being forcibly detained by the Ghost Crown Prince when his soul passed through the reincarnation platform in the future.

Gong Wei rushed forward without looking back, comforting Xuan Jinghe against the wind, “Don’t worry, as long as you’re alive, there’s hope! We’ll find a way to help you regain your body and reclaim your divine position!”

Xuan Jinghe, dancing in the wind, was finally able to speak, forcibly facing Xu Shuangce’s expressionless face, “Thank you very much, Lord Mirror. But I’m facing a small problem right now…”

Gong Wei: “I know! We’re almost in the human realm! Shuangce, do you have the Soul Storage Bottle? Jinghe’s soul can’t be exposed to light!”

Yuchi Rui skillfully reached into his pocket again. “I have it!”

Xuan Jinghe finally breathed a sigh of relief and said eagerly, “Great. Please put me into the bottle quickly.”


Gong Wei turned his head to look.

Yuchi Rui held one end of the soul-capturing rope, with the other end tied to Xuan Jinghe’s left ankle. The almost weightless soul swayed and whistled like a kite. Xu Shuangce at the end of the team looked at each other helplessly, their eyes locked in a standoff.

“Although I don’t mind, I don’t think it’s very respectful to Senior East Heaven!” Xuan Jinghe apologized in the raging wind.

Xu Shuangce: “…”

Gong Wei couldn’t bear to look and covered his eyes. Yuchi Rui quickly threw out the Soul Storage Bottle, and in one fell swoop, he sealed the soul of the Western God, who had been flying kites for half a day, into it.

At this moment, the four rushed to the end of the drawbridge, breaking through the blood-red eerie clouds, and the worldly gun smoke greeted them head-on. From afar came the earth-shattering roar of the soldier puppet ready to destroy the world.

They had finally reached the human realm!


In the sky above Linjiang City, a huge fire dragon descended and instantly buried half the city in flames!

Bai Xian swung his sword heavily at the back of the giant’s head, and the giant suddenly turned around and swung his sword back. At the same time, Changsun Chengfeng flicked his sleeves, throwing out hundreds of golden talismans into the air, which instantly transformed into mechanical soldiers with booming sounds. These small soldiers were over ten feet tall, but compared to the giant, they were still tiny like insects. They swarmed up from all directions, clinging tightly to the giant’s arms, thighs, and cheeks, and then exploded violently.

The chain explosions were magnificent, instantly clearing out most of Changsun Chengfeng’s belongings.

The mechanical soldiers were left with dozens of holes all over their bodies, and countless parts flew out, pouring down towards the ground like rain. The giant roared as he staggered backward, his burning double swords slashing towards Bai Xian!

At that moment, dozens of cultivators pounced on Bai Xian at the same time, but none were faster than Changsun Chengfeng. When he rushed up, he almost brought out an afterimage, embracing Bai Xian and rushing forward like lightning, narrowly dodging the giant’s first sword, but the second one followed closely behind—

In everyone’s terrified eyes, a raging flame was reflected. They saw the giant blade about to chop at Changsun Chengfeng’s back.

Just then, a crack suddenly tore open in the void beneath everyone’s feet.

Gong Wei rushed back from the end of the Yellow Springs to reality, swiftly and brightly like a shooting star. A sword light rose from the ground, and with earth-shaking force, it severed the arm of the mechanical soldier!

At that moment, time seemed to stretch infinitely long, and everyone’s pupils dilated sharply. Changsun Chengfeng’s astonished expression froze in their eyes.

The world-ending soldier fell backward, its arm broken from the shoulder, flying into the air, and its mechanical parts exploded everywhere. The thousand-ton giant sword slipped from its hand.

Then, the severed arm streaked across the sky, falling thousands of miles away, and crashed down on Dai Mountain with a loud rumble!

“Grand Elder Gong!” “Law Flower Immortal!”…

Everyone shouted excitedly as if they had seen a lifesaving straw.

Gong Wei was very pleased to see such a scene where everyone was vying for affection. He waved his hand modestly. However, at this moment, the expressions of the cultivators changed from excitement to horror, and several exclamations rang out simultaneously: “Law Flower Immortal, quickly get out of the way!” “Law Flower Immortal, be careful!”

—They saw the giant’s huge body falling backward, and its back crashed into vast mountains and pine forests. Now, seeing Gong Wei, it’s rage was no different from seeing the Buqi Sword, the remaining right arm of the giant suddenly plunged into the ground, and its mouth opened towards Gong Wei’s direction in the sky, deeply inhaling.

Air currents from all directions were drawn into its mouth, and then a terrifying firelight flashed deep in its throat.


A black fire dragon spurted out, instantly reflected in Gong Wei’s eyes.

However, the next moment, a figure appeared beside Gong Wei out of thin air, holding a sword vertically in front of him. The fire dragon collided with the sword edge and was split into two halves, turning into a surging torrent!

Mu Duozhu trembled and said, “Sect Master Xu…Xu?”

That cold but familiar face was exceptionally conspicuous in the torrent of flames—it was Xu Shuangce, who had died on the Ascension Immortal Platform three days ago!

All the cultivators of the Xuanmen Hundred Schools had never been so ecstatic to welcome Xu Shuangce’s arrival, and even his usually terrifyingly cold face suddenly became extremely pleasing to the eye.

The fire dragon was split open by the sword’s blade, dispersing into the sky invisibly; the World-Ending Giant roared as it stood up, and the second burst of flames accompanied the giant blade, but Bai Tai Shou’s resplendent brilliance intercepted the attack, erupting into a dazzling burst of light that covered the sky and earth!

It was as if at the dawn of creation, the world trembled under the magnificent scene. The World-Ending Giant unleashed a massive stream of fire with all its might, and with each swing of its thousand-ton giant blade, it stirred up a raging hurricane. The heat and light were incomparable, even the sun paled in comparison, and any mountains, rivers, or cities it touched turned to ashes.

But Xu Shuangce and Gong Wei approached simultaneously from the left and right, No Way Out interweaving their sword lights with Bai Tai Shou’s, each sword unleashing a skyward curtain of light, forcefully severing the fire dragon and tearing apart the invisible hurricane!

Unlike the young god Gong Wei, mortals such as East Heaven, Northern Wall, and Xijing needed to accumulate merit before ascending. Merit was countless battle experiences paid for with flesh and blood, so their reflexes and speed during life-and-death struggles were unparalleled. The World-Ending Giant’s body had been blown apart by most of its mechanical organs, and it was already uncontrollably furious. In the final blow, it leaped into the sky, its only remaining right hand bypassing Xu Shuangce to grab Gong Wei, but was blocked by Xu Shuangce in front of him, who swung his sword heavily!

Xu Shuangce raised a torrent of energy, forcefully meeting the attack head-on, blocking the World-Ending Giant’s entire assault with one sword.

A white light engulfed the entire world, and for a moment, the sky and earth seemed to quiet down. In that grand collision of divine power, one can only see Gong Wei surpass Xu Shuangce, like a sharp blade cutting through the void, landing squarely on the World-Ending Giant’s forehead. His eyes opened, clear as blood, and his youthful voice pierced the sky, “Northern Hope Heaven’s Wolf—”

Beyond the nine heavens, the red star flashed.

Countless thunderbolts descended from the sky, and Bai Tai Shou stabbed heavily into the giant’s forehead!

The thunder pierced through the World-Ending Giant’s head, entering through the brow and exiting through the back of its skull, shattering its diamond-like head into millions of pieces!

The arms, legs, torso, abdomen… Its massive body disintegrated into millions of mechanical parts, exploding and rushing into the sky. 

The scene was so grand and magnificent that it was difficult to describe; it was akin to the creation of heaven and earth, causing the entire sky to tremble and roar! 

Xu Shuangce held Gong Wei tightly in his arms and swiftly descended from the sky to the ground. Yuchi Rui, braving the intense airflow, flew over on his sword, his robes billowing behind him. He asked with a hoarse voice, “Are you injured?” 

Xu Shuangce lowered his head and asked, “How are you?”

Gong Wei raised his head quickly from where he had buried it in his shoulder, scanning his entire body, and successfully found a scratch on the back of his left hand. He proudly pointed it out to Xu Shuangce.

Yuchi Rui: “…”

Xu Shuangce reached out and wiped it away, and the scraped wound disappeared without a trace in the divine light, leaving no mark at all. “Next time you’re injured, you have to tell me immediately.”

Yuchi Rui said coldly, “It’ll heal right away if you don’t say anything?”

At this moment, the mechanical parts in the sky suddenly stopped, as if someone forcibly paused their trajectory, even the raging flames stopped.

“What’s going on?” “What is it trying to do?” “Could it be… it’s not dead yet?”

The cultivators of the Xuanmen Schools were just barely landing, and seeing this scene, they exclaimed in astonishment, even Gong Wei’s expression changed slightly when he saw it: “Ying Kai is controlling it.”

Yuchi Rui exclaimed in surprise, “But didn’t the soldier puppet die?!”

Gong Wei said, “It’s not that easy. The World-Ending Giant’s divine power comes from Northern Wall’s evil thoughts. As long as the evil thoughts exist, the soldier puppet won’t die. It’s just a matter of how much divine power is expended to control it.”

Yuchi Rui was speechless for a moment, and after a while, he stiffly said, “Then what can we do? Go up to the heavens and kill Ying… kill Northern Wall?”

“No need for that trouble.” Gong Wei looked solemnly at the sky. “He’s already descended.” Yuchi Rui looked up.

Above the sky, the clouds spun faster and faster, resembling a vast whirlpool on the ocean’s surface. At the center of the whirlpool, a giant gate opened, pouring down countless clear lights, and the celestial god in black and silver swords appeared in everyone’s sight.

It was the Upper God Northern Wall, Ying Kai!

Xu Shuangce pulled Gong Wei behind him. “Be careful!”

Before the words had finished, he had already leaped into the air, wielding his sword to charge into the clouds, aiming directly for Ying Kai’s face!

With a clang, the two swords clashed fiercely, and an infinite surge of energy rolled through the sky like thunder.

Xu Shuangce had returned to his position as Eastern Heaven. This scene was like the reenactment of the War of Annihilation nine thousand years ago—two Upper Gods battled fiercely, with no clear winner, until the azure sky was stained with golden blood. However, this time, Ying Kai clearly did not want to fight Xu Shuangce. Several attempts to bypass him and rush towards the human realm were all thwarted by Xu Shuangce. Every collision of the two divine swords caused huge lightning bolts to burst forth, like a surging sea of thunder and lightning in the clouds.


Mountain Ocean Order was once again firmly held by Xu Shuangce. Ying Kai stared at Xu Shuangce’s eyes from a close distance. “You know I don’t want to fight you. Move aside!”

Xu Shuangce gave him a simple three-word response: “You wanna try?”


Ying Kai closed his eyes for a moment, then opened them again, saying lightly, “Alright, as you wish.”

Immediately, he sheathed his sword and quickly retreated. With a swipe of his foot, Mountain Ocean Order made a deep scratch on the ground as he shouted, “Release!”

As soon as the word fell, it turned into a divine decree, and Xu Shuangce was too late to stop it—

Hundreds of millions of mechanical parts suspended in mid-air suddenly scattered, like countless meteors with long tails, flying towards various corners of the Central Plains.

Rivers, lakes, mountains, plains, cities, villages… Those mechanical parts of various sizes and shapes fell into forests, rivers, and more directly onto market streets or residential yards, disappearing from the sight of the many cultivators present.

Mu Duozhu murmured, “What is he… trying to do?”

Changsun Chengfeng, who was familiar with all kinds of mechanisms, suddenly had a bad premonition and shouted, “Don’t just stand there! Send orders to the major families and sects to immediately clear the local towns and bring the nearby people into the Xuanmen for shelter, quickly!”

Some cultivators immediately flew off to send out orders, while others stood still in shock. “Bring… ordinary people into the Xuanmen? How can that be possible?!”

“Why aren’t you moving?!” Changsun Chengfeng, who was always gentle, suddenly changed his tone, his voice stern, “Hurry up! It’s going to ignite soon!”

Ying Kai issued a divine decree, then immediately decided not to linger in battle anymore and turned to retreat back to the Heavenly Gate. However, as he turned around, he abruptly halted his steps. In front of him, there was a conspicuous figure in crimson—a figure belonging to Gong Wei!

With his hands behind his back, the youth stood calmly in the wind, his robes fluttering gently. “Senior Brother.”

Ying Kai suddenly stopped in his tracks.

After a moment, he lowered his gaze and gave a brief smile. “I am no longer your Senior Brother. That was just a beautiful dream.”

But Gong Wei tilted his head slightly upwards, looking at him calmly, as if he were still the boy who used to run after his Senior Brother. “Was The butterfly dies and the dream is born that I wove for myself also your beautiful dream, Senior Brother?”


Ying Kai fell silent, saying nothing.

Gong Wei sheathed his sword and pointed the scabbard tip at the ground. “Look at this mortal realm.”

―― Following his gesture, Dai Mountain Immortal Alliance was no more, and Linjiang had fallen into a sea of fire. Continuous city walls and large buildings collapsed, and the land was filled with cries and smoke.

“Do you find joy in seeing all this?” Gong Wei looked at him, asking earnestly, “Compared to the Senior Brother in the dream, which one makes you happier?”

Ying Kai’s right hand, gripping the sword, involuntarily dropped down. After a long silence, he took a deep breath and said hoarsely, “Ah Wei, thank you for giving Senior Brother so many years of beautiful dreams. If I could choose to never wake up from the dream back then, I…”

He suddenly felt something, but it was too late to turn around.

A lightning bolt-like strike came from behind, and Ying Kai only had time to hurriedly draw his sword. His whole person was heavily blasted thousands of miles away!

Gong Wei: “…”

Yuchi Rui: “…”

Xuan Jinghe: “…”

The cold sword light filled the sky, casting blank expressions on everyone’s faces.

Xu Shuangce said coldly, “Can’t wait until it is done before calling him Ah Wei?” Then, with a flick of his sleeve, he swiftly traversed the distance and sent a world-shaking sword strike towards the Upper God Northern Wall!

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