The Sword Named No Way Out Chapter 9

Chapter 9

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In his previous life, Gong Wei was known for his cheerful disposition and good temper among the common people, but his mood had never been as complicated as it was now.

What could be worse than being stabbed to death by an archenemy? Being desecrated after death by that same enemy, and the whole world knowing that your corpse had been desecrated.

What could be worse than being desecrated? After the desecration, the enemy still couldn’t let it go, personally breaking into the Gate of Guiyuan and descending into the Yellow Springs, wanting to drag your soul out and torment it again; only after confirming that your soul had completely dissipated and couldn’t even reincarnate, would he finally feel at ease and return home…

Xu Shuangce was facing away from him, so Gong Wei couldn’t see his expression.

He remained silent for a moment before speaking, his voice inexplicably hoarse: “I want to find the twenty-eight recently deceased souls from Linjiang City in the past half month. Where are their souls?”

To their surprise, the ghost judge was taken aback. “Linjiang City? Have there been recent deaths in Linjiang City in the past half month?”

Gong Wei thought to himself that this judge must have been drinking ghost wine. As expected, Xu Shuangce also couldn’t be bothered to waste time with it and simply ordered, “Enough talk, bring me the Book of Life and Death.”

The ghost judge hurriedly commanded the skeletons, “Hurry up and go!”

The Gate of Guiyuan had twelve mansions, each with a ghost judge stationed at the entrance to the Yellow Springs every month, serving as a transit station for souls passing from life to death. The last time Xu Shuangce swept through all twelve mansions, it was fair and just, and no one was late or left behind; the current ghost judge in front of him was relatively unfortunate, facing the Sect Master Xu from Cangyang Mountain alone, and could be considered extremely unlucky.

Soon, the skeletons hurried back, carrying a thick yellow-paper book. The ghost judge struggled to take out his law rod from his massive body and pointed it at the book, saying, “Open!”

Nine-nine eighty one golden scrolls unfolded from the void with a swish, falling down and forming eighty-one dazzling waterfalls of light!

Breaking through Guiyuan shortens one’s lifespan. Gong Wei risked it all to secretly follow Xu Shuangce down here, all for this moment — to find the soul of the little demon through the Book of Life and Death. If the little demon hasn’t crossed the Bridge yet, they’ll try to pull them back into their original body. If they’ve already been reincarnated, they at least want to know where they’ve been reincarnated to and whether they’re doing well.

However, when he looked closely, he was completely stunned.

—Eighty-one scrolls were completely empty, not a single word.

There were no births, no deaths—there was a blank in the records of the underworld for the past half month!

“…What’s going on?” Xu Shuangce furrowed his long eyebrows.

The ghost judge inexplicably asked back, “Immortal Lord, what’s going on?”

“Why is the Book of Life and Death completely blank?”

The ghost judge confidently replied, “A blank means there are no births or deaths. The records can’t be wrong!”

Xu Shuangce’s brows furrowed even tighter, and after a moment, he said, “Sixteen years ago, when I went down to the Yellow Springs to find the soul of the Law Flower Immortal, you said the deceased wasn’t in the Book of Life and Death, which meant that his soul had completely dissipated and couldn’t even enter reincarnation. Does that mean that all the deceased in the world have dissipated and can’t enter reincarnation?”

The ghost judge defended himself, “But the Book of Life and Death can’t be wrong…”

Suddenly, Gong Wei had a foreboding feeling.

Xu Shuangce obviously also thought of the same thing and immediately interrupted him, “Bring out all the records from sixteen years ago until now, go!”

The skeletons hurriedly ran back, and soon returned carrying a large stack of yellow-paper books. The ghost judge once again took out his law rod and pointed it at the books, and instantly, a sky filled amount of golden scrolls unfolded, majestic and solemn—

However, Gong Wei’s pupils contracted in disbelief.

All the records of births and deaths in the mortal realm had abruptly stopped in the twenty-eighth year of Taiyi.

Starting from sixteen years ago, or more precisely, from the day he died under the No Way Out Sword—there had been no births, no deaths recorded in the Book of Life and Death!

If the previous chill was just a feeling, then at this moment, it was truly chilling to the bone. Gong Wei subconsciously looked at Xu Shuangce, only to see his thin lips tightly pressed together, his face pale, and the tendons of his hand gripping the No Way Out Sword protruding. After a long while, he finally said, “With countless beings in the world, how could there be no births or deaths for sixteen years?”

The ghost judge confidently repeated, “No births, no deaths, the Book of Life and Death can’t be wrong!”


“No births, no deaths, the Book of Life and Death can’t be wrong!” The ghost judge emphasized with a heavier tone, repeating several times, and laughed heartily, “No births, no deaths, the Book of Life and Death can’t be wrong—”

Its expression clearly began to become abnormal, as if all its senses were only enough to support its normal questioning to this point, and all the ghosts chorused together, “Life and death in the book, without a single mistake—”

“Life and death in the book, without a single mistake—”

The sound waves converged into a torrent, rushing down the Three Rivers and washing over the bleak black stones on both sides of the Lethe. Ravens flew up in alarm, flapping their wings to obscure the sky tainted by gloomy blood ash, shrouding the Yellow Springs in darkness.

“Life and death in the book, without a single mistake—”

The echoes resounded, reaching the heavens, and the earth trembled violently in the terrifying resonance.

“Life and death in the book, without a single mistake—”

The skeletons grinned widely, and the ghosts were ecstatic. The ghost judge seemed to have completely forgotten everything, foolishly falling backward. The sea-like Yin fire swayed and flickered, suddenly transforming into countless crimson petals, rolling up like giant waves.

—It was the peach blossoms that appeared when the souls of the twenty-eight deceased in the mortuary disappeared!

It was supposed to be a scene of crimson clouds filling the sky, but at this moment, it was filled with indescribable eeriness and gloominess. In the next moment, the peach blossoms stirred up towering waves that were more ferocious and vast than before, engulfing the entire Guiyuan! 

Gong Wei grabbed onto the rock in front of him, but it was futile. It was as if he had been punched in the face, with his vision darkening and his ears ringing. Suddenly, he was thrown backwards, and the hurricane whistled past his ears— 


He fell to his knees on the hard ground, his knees throbbing with pain. His vision spun, and waves of nausea surged through his brain. Suddenly, a nightmarish voice came from above: “Who’s there?” 

Gong Wei’s slender back straightened up, slowly lifting his head. 

Indeed, before him had reverted to the dim mortuary of the medical hall. The twenty-eight coffins were still open and placed there, and not far away, Xu Shuangce’s gaze was as cold as snow, staring down at him. He said, “Come out.” 


The air seemed to freeze. 

Gong Wei crawled forward on his knees, his face as pale as paper, his lips trembling. “Sect Mas—Master, spare me, I’m just…” He then vomited! 

This performance was at least partially genuine—Gong Wei’s body had always been robust, and in his previous life, he wouldn’t have even broken a sweat during a three-day tour of the underworld. But the physique of the little demon was too weak. When the soul was detached from the Guiyuan, it inevitably suffered some impact, and getting close to Xu Shuangce made his chest twitch violently, causing his vision to blacken due to lack of air. 

In truth, he couldn’t vomit anything out; his throat spasmed and retched dryly. Suddenly, his throat felt cool as it was lifted by the hilt of the No Way Out Sword. 

Xu Shuangce leaned down, forcing Gong Wei to look up at his cold black eyes, instantly extinguishing any desire to vomit. 

—Xu Shuangce had a cleanliness obsession and was extremely strict. 

If he dared to vomit on the No Way Out Sword scabbard, the body of the little demon would be torn to pieces today. 

“Xiang Xiaoyuan,” Xu Shuangce said slowly and clearly. 

Gong Wei maintained this posture, his widened eyes reflected on the white-gold sword scabbard due to his fear.

“What does the ghost cultivator chasing you want to obtain?” Xu Shuangce stared into his pupils and asked slowly, “If it’s the Law Flower Immortal, then who are you?”

“…Sect Master, please spare me…” The voice of “Xiang Xiaoyuan” sounded bewildered, with a trembling tone. “I didn’t mean to, I won’t dare anymore, please spare me, Master…”

Outside the door came urgent footsteps, but Xu Shuangce ignored them, squinting as he asked, “Did you just follow me into the Gate of Guiyuan?”

“I…I…I didn’t…see anything…”

Xu Shuangce’s tone grew heavier. “What did you see?!”


The door was forcefully pushed open, and Yuchi Xiao quickly crossed the threshold, only to see the scene in front of him, and exclaimed, “Sect Master Xu, spare us! Xiang Xiaoyuan is injured and can’t move, so we left him here by negligence. It’s not intentional disobedience to you! Please forgive us, Sect Master!”

—The tense atmosphere was suddenly broken.

Xu Shuangce glanced at Yuchi Xiao inexplicably, finally took a deep breath, straightened up, and released his grip on “Xiang Xiaoyuan”.

Gong Wei didn’t care about anything else and immediately rushed towards Yuchi Xiao, his wound bleeding and shaking, which startled Yuchi Xiao. He quickly signaled him to hide behind himself.

“What’s the matter?” Xu Shuangce asked.

Yuchi Xiao actually found out halfway that he had lost the little demon and came back to find him. However, he didn’t dare to mention it again and quickly tried to divert Xu Shuangce’s attention. “Reporting…Sect Master, I heard the sound of ghosts and guessed that Sect Master Xu opened the gate of the Yellow Springs, so I hurried over. I don’t know if Sect Master has found anything in the Gate of Guiyuan…”



Xu Shuangce said lightly, “Nothing was found.”

Yuchi Xiao persisted, “Really? It seems that clarifying this matter will take some time. Then I…may I take my leave first?”

Xu Shuangce didn’t even bother to answer.

Yuchi Xiao was afraid of displeasing him and quickly pulled Gong Wei, dragging him out of the room.

Gong Wei stumbled across the threshold, and outside the mortuary’s barrier, the daylight was bright. He was pulled by Yuchi Xiao’s collar, turned his head to look back into the room, and saw Xu Shuangce standing among rows of coffins, his silhouette as straight and lonely as a sword.

“Gong Wei,” suddenly he spoke.

Gong Wei’s heart tightened, but he only saw Xu Shuangce staring at the dim, heavy air in front of him, as if speaking to a nonexistent ghost in the void, each word extremely calm and clear:

“If you deceive me again, you will regret daring to die back then.”

With a click, the carved door closed, leaving the mortuary in dense darkness.


“What were you thinking? Why didn’t you hurry out? Why did you stay in that room? Are you itching to die?” Yuchi Xiao scolded as he grabbed Gong Wei’s collar.

Gong Wei weakly held his head. “I’m injured, I can’t walk fast, and you ran ahead without waiting for me… Ouch!” 

Perceiving Gong Wei’s weak state, Yuchi Xiao gave him a rough knock on the head. “If you continue like this, I’ll really stop caring about you! You dare to disobey Sect Master Xu’s orders? Are you tired of living?” 

Returning to the inn, it was already evening. Gong Wei was both thirsty and tired. He originally wanted to retort, saying that he didn’t dare to expect the young hero to cover for him, but seeing how he had covered for him despite his injuries, he thought better of it. After all, he had to rely on the young hero to summon his uncle from the Sword Sect to save his life from Sect Master Xu’s clutches. So, he immediately shamefully put on a different expression, with a face full of gratitude. “Young hero, you are truly a good person. Please don’t bother with me, you are my savior… my benefactor…”

Yuchi Xiao was creeped out by his gratitude and said, “Shut up! It’s too fake!”

Gong Wei replied, “Hey! Always nitpicking!”

Yuchi Xiao suddenly stopped in his tracks, his tall figure blocking the corridor of the inn. Glancing around and seeing no one else, he said seriously, “There’s something I haven’t had a chance to ask you about.”


“When you confronted the ghost cultivator outside the Wangye’s Mansion, how did you control ‘Suqing’?”

Gong Wei pretended to be confused. “Who’s Suqing?”

“In the younger generation of the One Men, Two Zun, Three Zong, and Four Saints, I rank in the top three in terms of combat power. Below me is Sect Master Xu’s outer disciple, Wen Xiuyang, and below him is Meng Yunfei. Although Yunfei’s ‘Suqing’ sword is not as powerful as his Shun Xian ancient qin, it is still one of the famous immortal swords in this world. How did you a small demon be able to take the sword from his hands?”

Yuchi Xiao was at least a head taller than Gong Wei, with thick eyebrows and eyes as cold as stars. He furrowed his brows slightly and stared straight at him.


Gong Wei remained silent for a moment, then closed his eyes and said, “You’ve mistaken something.” 

Yuchi Xiao furrowed his brows and said, “What’s peculiar about you behind the scenes? I couldn’t possibly see—” 

His words abruptly stopped as he saw Gong Wei open his eyes, his right eye glaringly red as blood!

“You’re mistaken,” Gong Wei said softly.

Sound, light, consciousness, all were swiftly drawn away. Yuchi Xiao felt like he had suddenly plunged into an endless abyss, the plummet making his mind blank, with only boundless gusts of wind whistling past his ears. Gong Wei’s smiling, beautiful face seemed to grow more distant above him, until there was a silent roar—


Yuchi Xiao staggered suddenly, caught by Gong Wei with one hand. “Young Master? What’s wrong with you?”

It was the inn corridor before him, the time for dinner approaching, with the sounds of waiters running about downstairs. Gong Wei’s concerned gaze was within arm’s reach, his eyes clear and distinct.

Yuchi Xiao’s consciousness was slightly hazy, as if he had just lost something suddenly, yet it felt like nothing had happened at all; he had already completely forgotten about what had happened at the gates of the Wangye’s Mansion. Subconsciously, he forcefully closed his eyes, and upon reopening them, he only saw Gong Wei smiling again, the young and elegant figure appearing as if not of this world.

He teased, “Young Master, be careful.”

Yuchi Xiao’s heart thumped suddenly, struggling back a half step, unable to speak for a moment.

“—You,” he said urgently, “What are you doing getting so close!”

The distance between them was suddenly widened, and Gong Wei didn’t mind, innocently supporting himself. “Just helping you up.”

As he moved, there was a faint fragrance wafting from between his sleeves, like the first light of dawn entering the world. But Yuchi Xiao wasn’t sure if it was his imagination, only subconsciously forcing himself to look away, hastily waving his hand, “I’m going back to my room, you go rest.”

Gong Wei smiled in agreement.

Yuchi Xiao turned and left, but after taking a few steps, he remembered something and deliberately stared at the ground, saying sternly, “—If you don’t want to die, then don’t provoke Sect Master Xu!”

Gong Wei: “Yeah, got it!”

Before his words had even fallen, Yuchi Xiao rushed back to his room, as if fleeing, and slammed the door shut with a bang.

“?” Gong Wei shrugged, “Weird.”


Finally sending away Young Hero Yuchi, Gong Wei felt dry and aching all over. Rubbing his neck, he returned to his room, where he immediately drank a large glass of water, then collapsed on the bed, letting out a long sigh of relief.

When Yuchi Xiao had first arrived, he had refused offers to stay at the Wangye’s Mansion or local sects, instead paying for a quiet spot in an out-of-the-way inn. This was a wise move; at least it could avoid the constant visits and attempts at closeness from local sects and wandering cultivators. With the door closed, he could enjoy some peace and quiet, with no noise disturbing him.

Gong Wei looked up at the inn’s ceiling, pushing the strange thoughts of Young Master Yuchi out of his mind. His brain was filled with countless thoughts, sometimes pondering the mysterious life and death records that had been blank for sixteen years, sometimes thinking about how Xu Shuangce had single-handedly cleared the twelve mansions of the Gate of Guiyuan in the past, and sometimes wondering who would dare to use his name and sword to kill people all over the place… After a chaotic moment of thinking, he gradually calmed down, and an uncontrollable thought emerged:

Did I deceive Xu Shuangce?

But twenty years ago, it was he who wanted to enter the Thousand Mirrors Realm himself. How could the events in the illusion be called deception?

Deep down, Gong Wei felt wronged. Turning over in bed, he thought that when he first met Xu Shuangce, this person’s temper was still very good, not as cold and ruthless as later on. In the days when he was just picked up by Ying Kai from the peach forest of Cangyang Mountain, Xu Shuangce often came to the Immortal Alliance’s Chengshu Palace as a guest. Every time he came, he brought snacks to eat, books to read, and taught him how to write. Once, he even gave him a small suona to play with.

Those were probably the most harmonious years between them.

However, good times never lasted. As he grew older, many of his “strange and non-human” behaviors did not gradually fade with time, but became more abrupt and obvious. He still liked to eat flowers, imitate the behavior of those around him, and his eerie blood-red right pupil would occasionally appear; Xu Shuangce seemed to sense something keenly and gradually became colder and more distant towards him, and many subtle cracks emerged between them.

But Gong Wei didn’t mind.

From a young age, Gong Wei had an incredibly good temper, filled with curiosity, friendliness, and tolerance towards everyone he met, as if nothing in this world could truly anger him. He was especially close to Xu Shuangce. Although he never understood where he had offended Sect Master Xu, he never felt dissatisfied with the other party’s coldness, at most just feeling puzzled.

—Until that accident happened.

Gong Wei had an assassination attempt due to certain circumstances, and Ying Kai, in his anger, decided to eradicate the corrupt practices of various noble families. Thus, he ordered the establishment of the Great Punishment Hall throughout the world and appointed Gong Wei as its Grand Elder.

At that time, Gong Wei’s mental state was not fully developed yet, and he could barely manage himself, let alone others. Therefore, Ying Kai’s original intention was to personally supervise the Great Punishment Hall, but he also wanted Gong Wei to learn various affairs by following him. This way, when he interacted with the children of various prominent families in the future, at least he would have a status that made people dare not offend him, so as not to suffer any hidden losses.

The idea itself was good, but unexpectedly, this decision met with strong opposition from Sect Master Xu, unlike anything before.

That day, Xu Shuangce came to the Immortal Alliance, and a fierce dispute erupted at Chengshu Palace between Ying Kai. Coincidentally, Gong Wei happily ran to present a treasure to Xu Shuangce, catching every word of their argument, including the extremely hurtful words that Xu Shuangce had never said in front of him before.

It was the first time in Gong Wei’s life that he felt angry.

It was the first conflict between him and Xu Shuangce.


This conflict came quickly and went quickly as well because Xu, who was usually firm, unusually yielded — he left without a word, not even retaliating.

It was fortunate that he didn’t retaliate; the conflict didn’t escalate to a direct confrontation from the beginning.

In the following years, there were continuous frictions between Cangyang Sect and Gong Wei, and various unpleasant incidents were repeatedly triggered. No matter how Ying Kai tried to mediate, it was futile. The discord between Xu Shuangce and Gong Wei eventually became widely known.


—If it weren’t for the Thousand Mirrors Realm, perhaps this state of major conflicts without end and constant minor frictions would have continued indefinitely, and the opportunity that made them irreconcilable would not have arisen.

But unfortunately, Sect Master Xu was fated to face this calamity.

Twenty years ago, when Xu Shuangce broke through to the mid-stage of the Immortalization Realm, he had to enter the illusionary world of the Thousand Mirrors Realm to overcome his obstacles, in order to advance further to the later stage of the Immortalization Realm.

Throughout the world, only Gong Wei could completely control the Thousand Mirrors Realm, this ancient artifact. Therefore, Ying Kai had no choice but to repeatedly instruct Gong Wei, strictly ordering him to escort Xu Shuangce throughout the process, without fail:

“…Sect Master of Cangyang Sect has many obstacles related to killing. If these obstacles are not removed, it will be difficult for him to ascend. Conversely, it is feared that innocent lives may be harmed… When the illusionary world of the Thousand Mirrors Realm reaches its peak, it can cause people to be reborn and experience life and death. A hundred years in the illusionary world is just a moment in reality. Therefore, after you let Sect Master of Cangyang Sect enter the illusionary world, let him be reborn as the son of a distinguished family or a hero of his generation. When he has killed tens of thousands on the battlefield, his merits will be fulfilled, and at that time, he can return from the illusionary world with all obstacles removed…”

It was no secret that Xu Shuangce had many obstacles related to killing. Some said that if it weren’t for this, he would have ascended long ago.

For cultivators to achieve the Great Dao, they must overcome various obstacles in their fate — some have obstacles related to emotions, some to the mind, and the most difficult to overcome is the obstacle related to killing. Cultivators with killing obstacles in their fate are mostly powerful, but few of them have a good ending in history because most of them go astray when the killing obstacles descend. Some kill their own spouses, some slaughter their sects, and some have their minds twisted for a long time, eventually becoming demons devoid of the seven emotions and six desires.

Xu Shuangce, in order to suppress the killing obstacle, practiced the Heartless Dao since childhood. His talent was unparalleled, and he ascended to the Immortalization Realm within a hundred years. But if he didn’t find a way to completely solve the killing obstacle, he would never be able to ascend. What’s even more terrifying is that the higher his cultivation, the harder it is to overcome the obstacle. If he goes astray and indulges in killing, it’s feared that thousands or even tens of thousands of people will suffer.

Of course, Ying Kai couldn’t let him indulge in killing in the real world. He could only send him into the Thousand Mirrors Realm, where under the guidance and protection of the illusionary world, he could vent his terrifying killing desires.

“I did solve his killing obstacle.” Gong Wei rested his head on his hand, mumbled drowsily, “I followed him in the illusionary world, working hard and running around, but as soon as he returned to the real world, he beat and scolded me, even asking me to pay with my life — how did it become my fault?”

He yawned, gradually closing his eyelids, drifting into a restless sleep.


The sleep was extremely restless, and he seemed to have had many dreams, all fragmented pieces. He saw battlefields filled with smoke and blood, layers of dead bodies piled up like small mountains, a young general in silver armor curled up in a trench, tightly covering his eyes with one hand, blood continuously flowing from his palm down his arm, his shoulders trembling with pain.

Gong Wei carefully tiptoed through the blood and flesh on the ground, approached the general, bent down to look at him for a while, and touched the protruding bones of his fingers covering his eyes. It felt interesting, and he couldn’t help but laugh softly.

The general tilted his head back warily, “Who’s there?”

The wind carried rust and blood in the air, sweeping towards the distant chaotic horizon, besides this, there was silence.

“… ” After a long time, the general’s cracked lips moved slightly, hoarsely asking, “Are you… a ghost?”

In the blink of an eye, there were green mountains, blue waters, and smoke rising from farmhouses, with chickens and dogs barking. The rope on the well creaked as it turned, drawing up a bucket of water, and Gong Wei lifted it out, leaving only half a bucket. He tore a piece of cloth, dipped it in water, and gently wiped the naked chest of the general, the crisscrossing flesh and blood quickly staining the half-bucket of water a light red.

He didn’t mind, poured out the water, and was about to fetch more, but his wrist was suddenly caught.

The sound of rustling came, it was from the man in front of him who had his eyes covered. He untied a golden ring from his right wrist and then fumbled to fasten it above his left elbow.

The design of the golden ring was very rare, with three spiral waves connected end to end, forming an irregular circular shape, and intricately carved with dense and exquisite symbols.

“—I’ve been wearing it since I can remember, but I’ve forgotten where it came from,” the man’s voice was very low but pleasant, he said, “Thank you for saving my life.”

Gong Wei tilted his head to look at him, then glanced at the golden ring on his arm, seeming very curious, and after a while, he smiled.

With the passage of time, the scenes changed again. It seemed like he was drifting in and out of dreams, seeing the changes of the world and sudden occurrences, as well as pillars of red light and flashes of blood.

Finally, what shattered the illusionary world was a majestic sword light, like flames piercing through the cold night, lightning breaking through the fog, and the icy sword edge appearing before his eyes in an instant; the furious face of Sect Master Xu appeared behind the sword light, each word filled with killing intent:

“How dare you kill my wife, today I’ll make you pay with your life, Gong Wei—!!”

Gong Wei suddenly opened his eyes, drenched in cold sweat, his clothes soaked through.

Outside the window, the daylight was bright, it was already noon of the next day.

Knock knock knock, came the knocking on the door from outside, a clear and gentle voice sounded, “Young Master Xiang? Are you alright?”

It was Meng Yunfei.

“…” Gong Wei momentarily didn’t know what was going on, sat dazed for a moment, until Meng Yunfei called out several times without response and started knocking urgently, he finally woke up as if from a dream, “I’m fine, I…”

With a bang, the door opened, Meng Yunfei’s face turned pale as he burst into the room, only to see Gong Wei sitting upright on the bed, his tense expression suddenly relaxed, “Forgive me! I thought—”

Fortunately, he swallowed back the words “I thought something had happened to you.”

Gong Wei was only wearing a white undershirt, his black hair in disarray, holding the blanket with a bewildered look on his face. Meng Yunfei couldn’t help but feel a bit embarrassed, coughed and asked, “Young Master Xiang, are you okay? Are you ill?”

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