The Tyrant’s Cannon Fodder Male Empress Chapter 25

Chapter 25

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“Your Highness is not wrong,” Xue Yao calmly said, “It’s just that everything has its pros and cons. His Majesty’s favor towards Your Highness and the Seventh Prince has brought not only glory but also the attention of other concubines and even the Empress. What does Your Highness think about this?”

Consort Xi furrowed her brow slightly. “Precisely because of that, I must be cautious and hold onto this favor. Otherwise, the flames of envy can easily consume both of us, mother and son.”

“The flames of envy are fueled by His Majesty’s partiality towards Your Highness. If this favor gradually diminishes, those flames will naturally die out. Your character is kind and you bear no ill will towards anyone. Even in the treacherous harem, if someone wishes to harm you, there will be significant risks involved. No one would risk their life to oppose a fallen concubine. If you choose to gracefully step down, you may face ridicule and scorn, but there will be no threat to your life.”

Consort Xi was momentarily stunned A hint of amazement appeared in her eyes as she whispered, “Others say my son is an extraordinary prodigy, but today I’ve truly witnessed what a prodigy is! Did you come up with these words yourself, or did someone teach you?”

“Your praise is too kind,” Xue Yao said, feeling a bit embarrassed.

Consort Xi’s son was a true prodigy, while Xue Yao was merely a top student.

In the previous life, he lived for over twenty years, blessed with good looks, outstanding grades, and talents in various sports. He even collected confessions from class beauties and campus belles. He certainly faced jealousy and provocation from certain groups in school, which provided him with plenty of insights.

Although Consort Xi was amazed by Xue Yao’s genius, she still didn’t fully agree with his thoughts. Instead, she said, “Old Seventh won’t even turn four for another two months, and he has a long future ahead. Even if I want to step down, I should take advantage of my youth in order to secure a better future for Old Seventh. If I’m fortunate enough to see him reach adulthood and secure a prosperous fiefdom for him, I’ll be content to reside in the Cold Palace in peace.”

Her words made Xue Yao’s heart race.

Unexpectedly, at just nineteen years of age, Consort Xi had already planned her future.

It wasn’t until the Emperor’s unexpected demise that Consort Xi fell from power completely.

As for her son, Prince Ning, the estate he received was indeed one of the most prosperous in the entire empire.

But what good was that now?

When the new Emperor ascended the throne, military authority, estates, and even noble titles were revoked at will.

First, Consort Xi hadn’t expected the Emperor to pass away so soon.

Second, at this time, everyone assumed that the Eldest Prince would definitely ascend to the throne. As atrue gentleman, it seemed impossible for the Eldest Prince to hold grudges against the favored consort of Father Emperor.

If Xue Yao didn’t know the fates of the characters that would follow, he would undoubtedly think the same as Consort Xi.

How could one think of stepping down while in the prime of life? In that case, she and her son would be at the mercy of others for the rest of their lives.

Consort Xi wasn’t foolish. She just hadn’t read the novel, lacking a divine perspective.

“Your vision, Your Highness, surpasses mine,” Xue Yao affirmed Consort Xi’s thoughts without flattery.

To persuade someone, it was crucial to acknowledge their viewpoint first and then help fill the gaps in their perspective rather than outright oppose it. This made it easier for them to accept your point of view.

Achieving your own goals should be the top priority. There was no need to flaunt your wisdom over others.

“If I hadn’t come across some insider information, I wouldn’t have dared to propose such an unusual suggestion to Your Highness,” Xue Yao got straight to the point, “The Emperor plans to embark on a royal tour to Bashu in the near future. Considering the perilous Road to Shu, His Majesty intends to requisition the commoners’ help to construct the Road to Shu and build a temporary palace there.”

Consort Xi was skeptical. “Where did this insider information come from? A royal tour isn’t a state affair. If His Majesty were truly interested, we, the concubines, should have heard of it first.”

“I’m sorry, Your Highness, but I can’t reveal the source of the information. My Xue family has produced two high-ranking officials of the second rank in the past, so we have diverse channels of information. The true purpose of the Emperor’s upcoming tour is to intimidate the Prince of Pingyi in Shu. Repairing the official road is not for leisurely excursions but for preparations in case of military action!”

Consort Xi paused, deep in thought, her expression changing.

She gazed at Xue Yao in confusion. “If the Emperor truly has such intentions, how can I, a concubine, possibly dissuade him from his tour?”

Xue Yao’s eyes lit up as he responded immediately, “I don’t expect Your Highness to dissuade His Majesty from his intentions. I simply hope you decline the invitation to accompany him on the tour, avoiding the Emperor’s use of touring as an excuse to build the road and palace.”

“Why?” Consort Xi grew more bewildered as she thought. “Are you afraid that the Prince of Pingyi will hold a grudge against me?”

“The Prince of Pingyi understands the Emperor’s intentions better than anyone. Your danger no longer concerns him.” Xue Yao looked at Consort Xi with a compassionate gaze. “The Road to Shu is incredibly treacherous. You, coming from a foreign land, might not be aware of it. Have you heard of Jianmen Pass?”

Back in the day, Jiang Wei held this pass against all odds, making it impassable for thousands. It was a route where even supplies could hardly be transported. If the common people were forced to carry construction materials one step at a time, risking their lives to open up the cliffs, it would not be long before they rise up in anger!

“The common people don’t know the true purpose behind the Emperor’s construction of the Road to Shu. They might believe it’s to take Your Highness on a sightseeing tour, draining the treasury and labor of the people. These grievances might end up on your shoulders.”

Consort Xi’s complexion drained of color in an instant as she comprehended everything.

If the Road to Shu was as difficult to construct as Xue Yao described, she might become a notorious figure in history, mentioned alongside Daji and Bao Si!

The inner chamber fell into silence.

Observing Consort Xi’s pallid face, Xue Yao refrained from offering comforting words.

She needed to understand the gravity of the situation.

After a while, Consort Xi gazed at Xue Yao with a sense of resignation. “Your foresight truly surpasses mine, a woman confined within the palace. I never expected this level of danger.”

“Your Highness, you flatter me. I’ve only heard rumors, not my own deductions.”

In reality, the future was plainly written in the novel.

How many people could truly plan strategies and make decisive decisions for distant victories?

The future was filled with too many uncertainties. Without reaching that point, one would never know what might happen.

After a brief contemplation, Consort Xi calmly said, “The time is almost here. You should go to the school, A’Yao. I entrust Old Seventh to you. As for the royal tour, I need to think it over. It might be hard to avoid.”

Just before leaving, Xue Yao softly reminded, “Although it’s not my place to meddle in Your Highness’ personal matters, I would like to ask you to be cautious of the attendants around you.”

“I will take care of it. You need not worry.”

When Xue Yao went to the bedroom to accompany the Seventh Prince to school, he happened to overhear Yiqiu speaking ill of him to the little prince.

“If he truly cared for our young lord, he wouldn’t have led the way to break our lord’s favorite wooden horse!”

Yiqiu fed red date soup to the Seventh Prince while attempting to influence him. “This servant has selected a line of noble and virtuous boys for Your Highness. They are older than Xue Yao, have read more books, and are taller and stronger than Xue Yao. They can protect Your Highness.”

Xue Yao rolled his eyes in frustration outside the door.

Was the Third Prince someone that could be stopped by an older and taller reader-in-waiting?

Besides Xue Yao, who would dare oppose Consort Tong?

Inside the bedroom, even the Seventh Prince couldn’t bear to listen any longer. “Is there anyone… Is there anyone…”

Xue Yao reminded himself in his heart, “Is there anyone more loyal than Yaoyao?”

The Seventh Prince, with 0 telepathic connection, loudly countered, “Is there anyone sillier than Yaoyao?”

Silly Yayao: “……”

Well, that was quite a clever way to counter that argument. Yiqiu probably couldn’t deny it now, could he?

Better end his relationship with this chubby cub.

You’ll never get to drink Want Want milk anymore!

For several consecutive days, the Third Prince didn’t come to the school to stir up trouble.

The Fifth and Sixth Princes believed that Third Brother was intimidated by Old Seventh, so they treated Old Seventh as a hero, praising his bravery and invincibility every day.

They praised this chubby cub so much that he became swollen with pride and demanded double portions of milk every day!

While practicing calligraphy, Xue Yao was startled by a large bug that suddenly landed on his hand, causing him to fling his brush.

The Seventh Prince, sitting nearby, cast a sidelong glance at the bug on Yaoyao’s hand. The chubby cub displayed a trace of disdain, followed by an angry little growl directed at the bug.

The bug flew away.

“Hmph.” Brave Seventh Prince had once again achieved a feat, proudly awaiting Yaoyao’s praise with his chubby cheeks.

Xue Yao: “……”

The bug just happened to fly away. It wasn’t scared off by you!

However, the Seventh Prince didn’t see it that way. Frustrated by the delayed acknowledgment, he cast a fierce gaze at Silly Yaoyao and impatiently wiggled his chubby legs.

“Your Highness is so amazing,” Xue Yao reluctantly conceded.

The Seventh Prince, triumphing over evil once more, puffed up his chest and his chubby belly.

Because the young lord had “made a name for himself in one battle,” the Seventh Prince’s palace maids and attendants felt quite proud. Even when feeding him, they couldn’t help but boast a little.

They said, “Our Seventh Prince possesses the demeanor of a royal and the spirit of a great general. Who knows, in the future, he might lead troops on behalf of the Emperor to defeat the Wokou pirates!”

Xue Yao couldn’t help but chuckle as he listened.

These palace maids’ ambitions couldn’t keep up with Prince Ning’s abilities. Did this Long Aotian cub need to lead troops on behalf of the Emperor once he grew up?

After all, he aimed to become the Emperor himself!

However, the palace maids misinterpreted the meaning behind Xue Yao’s suppressed laughter. They thought he was looking down on the Seventh Prince. One by one, they became indignant on his behalf, their faces turning various shades of red and white as they professed their loyalty. They demanded, “What are you laughing at?”

Xue Yao still wanted to laugh: When the Seventh Prince was being bullied by the Third Prince, where were all of you to step in?

The palace maids, seeing the mocking expression on a mere kid’s face, grew even more incensed. They turned around and complained to the Seventh Prince, telling him that Xue Yao disrespected their master!

A well-fed Seventh Prince was starting to feel drowsy. He looked up at Xue Yao with an expressionless face.

Xue Yao: “……”

The palace maids, noticing that His Highness seemed displeased, waited eagerly to see Xue Yao get scolded.

Showing off in front of His Highness and Her Highness, inflating his ego!

Now, he was going to be scolded by His Highness!

The Seventh Prince hopped off his little stool, walked up to Xue Yao, and, with an imposing demeanor, stared him down.

Xue Yao thought the chubby cub had truly been instigated and was about to explain when the Seventh Prince suddenly buried his chubby face in Xue Yao’s armpit and mumbled, “Is Your Highness sleepy?”

Xue Yao: “……”

It turned out he was sleepy and looking to nap with him.

The palace maids were nearly infuriated. When Xue Yao wasn’t around, His Highness would ask the closest palace maid for a cuddle when he wanted to sleep. Now, with all the favor bestowed upon Xue Yao, they had nothing.

The gazes of the palace maids made Xue Yao feel quite uneasy. He glanced at the chubby ball in his arms, feeling like he was wearing a sign that read “Spoiled Queen of the Harem.”


These past few days, Consort Xi had been praying, hoping that all the insider information Xue Yao had mentioned was just rumors.

Even if it was true, the Emperor should invite the Empress to accompany him on the royal tour. It couldn’t be that he’d only take her, right?

However, what was destined to happen did happen.

On this day, after the morning court, the Emperor came to Consort Xi’s palace with a beaming smile and asked, “Beloved Consort, have you ever heard about the beauty of Bashu?”

Consort Xi’s face turned pale in an instant.

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