The Tyrant’s Cannon Fodder Male Empress Chapter 30

Chapter 30

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Noble Lady Yi originally thought that Consort Xi would be horrified and quickly demand her for evidence.

However, when Consort Xi heard the name of the spy, her expression didn’t change much.

She just had a blank look and remained silent.

Noble Lady Yi didn’t rush to speak. She just waited for her to process the information.

Consort Xi lowered her eyes to the teacup, haunted by memories of Chunfang taking the blame for her in front of the Empress that day.

Previously, Xue Yao warned her to be cautious of Chunfang. She thought that even if it were true, Chunfang might have been coerced and tempted by Consort Tong, leading to a momentary lapse in judgment.

She also thought of sincerely trying to win Chunfang back.

Now, Noble Lady Yi came to tell her that before she entered the palace, Chunfang belonged to Consort Tong.

So, was Chunfang’s loyalty false from the beginning?

Upon careful reflection, the reason she offended the Empress that day was because she chose the wrong color for her clothing.

And that day, Chunfang had picked out three palace outfits for her, all in the same color palette.

Was it intentional?

Consort Xi suddenly let out a bitter laugh.

Even the self-victimization was premeditated. Chunfang intentionally framed her, taking a beating herself, and effortlessly becoming her confidante.

Taken aback by her sudden laughter, Noble Lady Yi hastily explained in a low voice, “Your Highness, I speak the absolute truth. You must be cautious of that girl named Chunfang. Old Fourth has…”

“I know you haven’t deceived me.” Consort Xi regained her composure, took a deep breath, and looked at Noble Lady Yi with a melancholic expression. “I just feel weary. Is there anyone trustworthy in this harem?”

Noble Lady Yi was momentarily stunned, then she realized that Consort Xi was confiding in her.

After careful consideration, she earnestly replied, “You and I both have sons, don’t we? Flesh that falls from our own bodies is ultimately our responsibility. I often hear Old Fourth say that Old Seventh is an extraordinary prodigy. He will surely accomplish great things in the future, what do you have to worry about?”

“I don’t desire any great achievements,” Consort Xi sighed. “I only hope for a worry-free life for him, whether it’s through land grants or establishing his own estate, the farther from this palace, the better.”

Noble Lady Yi’s eyes welled up, her voice trembling as she said, “To put it plainly, Your Highness, your maternal heart is just like mine. It’s just that I’ve been useless, causing my son to grow up enduring hardships and humiliation. I can endure the suffering, but seeing him at such a young age… I don’t know when this kind of life will end.”

Consort Xi looked at Noble Lady Yi with compassion and reassured her, “Since you are willing to confide in me, I won’t refuse anything I can do to help.”

Noble Lady Yi’s heart leaped with joy. She wiped away her tears with a handkerchief and looked up at Consort Xi. “I do have a request, Your Highness. I don’t possess the ethereal beauty you do, and I’m already nearing my thirties. If I don’t receive occasional favor from His Majesty, my son and I will have no hope in this lifetime. So, I…”

Seeing her blushing and struggling to speak, Consort Xi gently chuckled. “I understand what you mean. His Majesty is sentimental, but he has been preoccupied with state affairs, neglecting you. I’ll find opportunities to remind him a few times, and he will surely remember you.”

“Thank you for your kindness, but…”

“Is there something else?”

Noble Lady Yi clenched her teeth and whispered, “A few days ago, the Emperor asked me if I wanted to accompany him on a tour to Bashu. After I make my decision, please convey it to him for me.”

Consort Xi’s face turned pale, as if struck by lightning.

Worried that she might become jealous or resentful, Noble Lady Yi quickly got up and knelt before Consort Xi. “Your Highness, I’m no longer in my prime, and the Emperor may not favor me. But if I can accompany you and the Emperor on the tour, that level of favor would suffice for my son and me to live a decent life for the next few years. I beg Your Highness to have pity on us. I promise to wholeheartedly serve you throughout the journey!”

Consort Xi was greatly surprised, remaining in her chair and forgetting to help her up.

Seeing her silence, Noble Lady Yi knew there was no hope and began to sob quietly in despair.

“Sister, please get up.” Consort Xi snapped back to reality, quickly helping her to her feet, her mind still in a daze.

How could the Emperor allow an obscure Noble Lady to accompany him on a tour?

Consort Xi had initially worried about not being able to avoid it, but she hadn’t expected Noble Lady Yi to be so determined, actively seeking the opportunity to join the imperial tour.

“Sister, do you mean you want to accompany His Highness on the tour to Bashu?” Consort Xi cautiously asked.

“I’ve dreamt of it,” Noble Lady Yi replied tearfully, “The Emperor asked me himself.”

“I understand,” Consort Xi softly asked with a guilty conscience, “Do you… want me to convey to the Emperor that you’re willing to accompany the tour?”

A glimmer of hope reignited in Noble Lady Yi’s eyes. “Your Highness, are you willing to grant my request? This is the last hope for me and my son!”

Consort Xi’s heart trembled.

She was naturally kind-hearted. Though she knew that Noble Lady Yi’s disclosure was a ploy to use her, she couldn’t bear to see her and her Fourth Prince getting involved in this murky situation without a clear reason.

She and Old Seventh had enjoyed imperial favor and borne some ill repute for the Emperor, but in the end, the Emperor had always protected them.

The haggard appearance of Noble Lady Yi clearly indicated a lifetime of suffering. If…

“Do you truly wish to accompany the tour?” Consort Xi couldn’t bring herself to agree outright and instead began to caution the woman, “The journey to Bashu is treacherous, so the Road to Shu… must be first construction. It will take at least three or four years before it’s passable.”

“I’ve waited for over a decade. What are a few more years to me? I only seek Your Highness’ approval!” Noble Lady Yi had entered the palace at the age of eight, unaware of the life outside the palace and the difficulties of mountainous roads.

In her eyes, the palace was quick to rebuild new halls, and urgent projects were completed in seven or eight months. What was a mountain road construction in comparison?

Consort Xi stopped warning her and asked, “Does your son know about this?”

If Noble Lady Yi insisted on going, she wouldn’t obstruct her. She only hoped that the mother and son could discuss it thoroughly and make a decision together, without later directing their grievances toward her.

Consort Xi had already committed a major taboo by trying to evade the Emperor’s ambitions and couldn’t share this secret with other consorts.

Noble Lady Yi didn’t understand why she suddenly inquired about her Old Fourth but thought for a moment and honestly replied, “I informed him long ago, and he hopes I can gain Your Highness’ consent.”

“This has nothing to do with me,” Consort Xi spoke expressionlessly. “Remember, the Emperor sought your opinion, and you and your son have discussed it. I can convey your decision, but it doesn’t mean I approve of it. Remember, this is your own choice.”

Startled by her sudden aloofness, Noble Lady Yi nodded blankly and said, “Yes, it’s my own decision. I’m grateful for Your Highness to convey it to His Majesty.”


After returning to her residence, Xue Yao couldn’t get the image of the Eldest Prince passionately educating the Third Prince out of his mind. It was effectively persuasive.

He had only heard the phrase “nodding like pounding garlic”. This was the first time he had seen someone hit others like they were pounding garlic!

And then there was the icy expression of the Eldest Prince, which swiftly turned cheerful after a kiss from the chubby cub.

Truly… unforgettable.

Back when he was reading the novel, his mind had been filled with Long Aotian Prince Ning, so memories of the Eldest Prince were rather scarce.

He vaguely recalled that the Eldest Prince had been appointed as the Crown Prince around the age of twenty, but a few years later, he was dethroned due to a failed reform.

The last appearance of the deposed Crown Prince had been on the eve of the Emperor’s impending demise.

At that time, the Emperor had personally led a campaign and perhaps got carried away during the final decisive battle. He pursued the enemy with his vanguard cavalry and fell into an ambush, receiving a stray arrow, which left him trapped in a perilous situation.

The deposed Crown Prince had also accompanied the expedition. Upon learning that Father Emperor was besieged, he wanted to mobilize troops to rescue him.

However, the commander of the forces was Consort Tong’s older brother. The siblings conspired together, waiting for the Emperor to falter. There was no way they would provide troops to the deposed Crown Prince.

The deposed Crown Prince had pleaded and begged relentlessly but, in the end, he secretly led the Emperor’s personal guards, totaling six hundred and eighty men, to stage a daring night raid.

Over six hundred elite warriors fought desperately, advancing and covering the retreat, engaging in a bloody battle throughout the night, and rescuing the besieged Emperor from the midst of tens of thousands of enemy troops.

By daybreak, only a little over a hundred of the guards returned alive.

The deposed Crown Prince had been struck by several arrows. After delivering the Emperor safely back to camp, he was found lifeless on his horse, still clutching his war spear at the moment of death.

Sadly, the Emperor couldn’t be saved in the end, as his wound became infected, leading to his demise.

The deposed Crown Prince sacrificed his life in vain, and the Empress lost her son, causing a sudden upheaval in the Great Qi court.

Upon hearing about his older brother’s death, the Second Prince disappeared that very night. It was later revealed that he had left to become a wandering monk.

It seemed as though fate favored Consort Tong. She collaborated with her elder brother, controlled the court, successfully altered the will, suppressed criticism from court officials, and placed the Third Prince on the throne.

This period of time in the novel marked one of the darkest moments in the male protagonist’s life.

Prince Ning was only in his early teens at the time. Due to his Mother Consort being shamed by countless people in the palace, his days were extremely difficult. His main sources of support were the deposed Crown Prince, who cherished him, and the relatively reliable Father Emperor.

However, the deposed Crown Prince passed away, followed by the demise of Father Emperor, and the mysterious Second Brother vanished from the world.

The young Prince Ning felt as if his world had collapsed, forming the foundation for his initial descent into darkness.

When Xue Yao first read this storyline, he was quite excited, thinking that the laid-back male protagonist would finally have to stand up for himself.

However, now, being immersed in it, he contemplated the future. Without the Eldest Prince to beat up the Third Prince, what kind of life would Xue Yao and the chubby cub lead?

It was a dilemma!

Xue Yao hoped that when the Second Prince embarked on his spiritual journey, he would take both him and little Prince Ning along.

Just as he was thinking about it, he pushed open the door and entered the eastern bedroom.

After closing the door, he suddenly heard a “click” from inside the room.

Startled, Xue Yao turned around and saw Xue Qiong, wide-eyed, standing by the bed.

The two brothers locked eyes in silence.

Xue Qiong, acting as if nothing had happened, was getting ready to leave.

Xue Yao raised his hand to block his path and asked coldly, “Why did you come to my bedroom?”

“I came to play with you, is that not allowed?” Xue Qiong responded confidently.

Xue Yao glanced at the portion of his hidden chest that had been dragged out from under his bed and realized that Xue Qiong must have been trying to break the lock on his chest.

“Are you trying to steal my stuff?” Xue Yao stared unwaveringly at the boy who was a head taller than himself.

“Steal your stuff? What kind of hidden things are you keeping?” Xue Qiong glared at Xue Yao. “The colorful things you burned in the copper basin two days ago, what were they? Tell me honestly, or I’ll go get the Old Madam to search your chest!”

Xue Yao was taken aback. How did this kid know he had been secretly burning things in his room?

He had been burning food packaging from the exchange. The doors and windows had been tightly closed, so it shouldn’t have been possible for anyone to find out!

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