The Tyrant’s Cannon Fodder Male Empress Chapter 72

Chapter 72

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Although Xue Yao had watched the Fifth Prince grow up, he only discovered today the discontent and resentment in his heart.

He originally thought that Consort Hui would not care about the Emperor’s neglect. After all, she was a bold and heroic woman.

Compared to the other imperial concubines, Consort Hui had always had a unique charm, but unfortunately, the Emperor didn’t appreciate it.

The Emperor liked alluring, easily evoking protective instincts, and beautiful women.

Of course, beauty was possibly the most important criterion. The enduring favor bestowed upon Consort Xi confirmed this.

Upon careful consideration, Xue Yao suspected that the royal offspring’s criteria for choosing a spouse might have some similarities to the rather obtuse Emperor’s.

In the novel, both the Crown Prince and the Fifth Prince’s primary consorts belonged to the dignified and proper type, resulting in rather subdued affections from these two princes toward their wives.

However, after the Third Prince usurped the throne, not only did he become an inept ruler, but he also favored a top courtesan he brought back from the south.

When fleeing from Long Aotian’s pursuit for his life, the Third Prince couldn’t bear to abandon that courtesan. His actions could almost be considered as deeply affectionate.

Xue Yao slyly turned his head to look at the chubby cub beside him. For the【Make the Cold-Blooded Tyrant’s Heart Flutter】quest, one should probably take a cue from the royal brothers’ taste in choosing a spouse. Find a beautiful, seductive, and seemingly fragile beauty to introduce to the Seventh Prince. It might just help him complete the quest and unlock the ultimale shopping malls!

Xue Yao’s mind flashed with thoughts of the Crown Princess’s reserved and dignified demeanor, wondering if she was the same in private when with the Crown Prince.

According to this pattern of selecting a spouse, the Crown Prince probably didn’t favor girls who were overly honest and conservative. His ideal would be for the Crown Princess to be relaxed and natural.

While Xue Yao daydreamed about the future love lives of the princes, Fourth Zhang had already begun the comprehensive trials for the Sixth Prince.

This round of trials took even longer than the ones for the Fifth Prince, involving several weapons. Fourth Zhang had the Sixth Prince attempt them three times.

The Sixth Prince’s face grew increasingly disappointed. In the midst of it, he softly asked Fourth Zhang, “Do I have no talent in any aspect?”

“Of course not, Your Highness, please don’t misunderstand,” Fourth Zhang reassured the Sixth Prince. Seeing him drenched in sweat, he suggested taking a break at the stone table beneath a tree.

“Your Highness’ techniques combine gentleness with strength, possessing a unique balance of yin and yang,” Fourth Zhang explained as they stood under the tree. “My training emphasizes a more rigid approach, which makes it difficult to assess your true talents.”

Xue Yao went outside the garden to request a basin of water and a cloth from a maidservant. Returning to the garden to wipe the princes’ sweat, just as he set down the basin, he saw the despondent expression on the Sixth Prince’s face.

“You don’t need to politely evade the issue.” The Sixth Prince lowered his head, self-reproach evident in his tone. “I know I have no talent in anything, be it studying or martial arts.”

The Fifth Prince shot him a glare. “What do you mean? If studying means no talent, then where does that leave me?”

The Sixth Prince turned away, gazing at the distant falling leaves. “Fifth Brother, your heart is set on equestrian and martial training, but I truly have given it my all.”

Xue Yao squeezed the cloth and approached the warm baby at the stone table, wiping the beads of sweat from his face, his heart heavy with empathy.

In the novel, the Sixth Prince had the closest relationship with Long Aotian. Due to the policy of reducing fiefdoms, the Sixth Prince’s manor was located in the capital and he was renowned as a handsome young lord in the city.

After reaching adulthood, aside from having a slightly better way with women than Long Aotian, he was crushed in virtually all other aspects.

Due to his obsession with swordsmanship, even after the Seventh Prince ascended to the throne, he often sought out Long Aotian for swordplay without restraint.

It was easy to imagine the future daily life of this warm baby, which consisted of either “challenging his younger brother and being defeated to tears” or “Film Emperor Long Aotian getting annoyed and intentionally pretending to lose.”

While they had an appearance of mutual victory and defeat, in reality, he was considered Long Aotian’s less skilled older brother when it came to martial arts.

Consequently, Xue Yao began to doubt if Fourth Zhang truly couldn’t identify the warm baby’s talent.

This situation was becoming rather awkward.

“I wasn’t merely giving you lip service,” Fourth Zhang earnestly denied. “Your Highness indeed possesses a talent for soft martial arts. Unfortunately, I have limited knowledge in this area. It would be best to invite an expert from a baguazhang school to provide guidance. Supplemented with the principles of tai chi, Your Highness will surely make progress.”

“Baguazhang?” The Sixth Prince’s eyes lit up with hope. “Is it a formidable martial art? Does it not require weapons?”

“It does involve weapons,” Fourth Zhang explained. “The most formidable weapon in this school’s martial arts is the Mandarin Duck Axes, also known as the Sun and Moon Universe Sword. It’s a weapon specialized for countering long weapons.”

“Mandarin Duck Axes?” The Sixth Prince looked at a long-axe-shaped weapon on the rack. “Is it that type of axe?”

“Not exactly.” The Fifth Prince, naturally martially inclined and knowledgeable about various weapons, immediately explained to the Sixth Prince, “The Sun and Moon Universe Sword is a dual yin-yang weapon, shaped like two crescent blades intertwined. The longer of the two crescent blades has a handle on the back, with four tips, nine edges, and thirteen points, designed to counter long weapons.”

Excited by this revelation, the Sixth Prince turned to Fourth Zhang. “Such a weapon still exists in the world? Why have I never seen it in the armory?”

Fourth Zhang hesitated, as if there were something he couldn’t quite say.

The Fifth Prince stepped in to explain, “It’s because Mandarin Duck Axes are often used for assassination. This weapon itself is exceptionally potent but has been frequently utilized by would-be assassins, giving it a somewhat unsavory reputation. Hence, the palace armory doesn’t have a specific inventory of such weapons, but they can be easily found in the market.”

The Sixth Prince hesitated, not out of concern for his pride, but rather the worry that training with such a weapon might tarnish the imperial reputation. “Unsavory reputation?”

Fourth Zhang clarified, “It could be classified as a type of covert weapon, but weapons themselves are neither honorable nor dishonorable.”

In truth, Fourth Zhang understood that the Sixth Prince, born into the imperial family, had particular preferences when it came to choosing weapons.

Although the Mandarin Duck Axes were associated with the baguazhang school, they held a lesser status in the martial world compared to traditional swords and blades due to their frequent use in assassinations.

“The ill reputation lies with those who misuse weapons, not with the weapons themselves,” the Fifth Prince said. “Covert weapons are not inherently dishonorable. Throughout history, there have been countless noble assassins. Can’t Jing Ke be considered a hero? And among the chivalrous figures of various eras, there were many experts skilled in covert weapons and devices! Sixth Brother, no need for excessive concern. Tomorrow, we’ll have a eunuch buy the finest Mandarin Duck Axes from the market for you to practice with. If you can master this weapon, you’ll be able to counter long weapons, and Eldest Brother might not even be your match.”

The Sixth Prince, invigorated by these words, declared enthusiastically, “I will excel in covert weapons and use them for righteous causes. I’ll be a hero!”

Fourth Zhang smiled and nodded. “Baguazhang is a soft martial art that combines yin and yang. It’s best supplemented with the principles of tai chi. Fortunately, I once transcribed this manual from a master, although I couldn’t quite grasp it myself. If Your Highness can learn it, you’ll certainly achieve greatness.”

“That’s fantastic!” The Sixth Prince was elated.

At that moment, the Seventh Prince, his face still resembling a bun, strolled past Fourth Zhang, but went unnoticed.

The two imperial princes cheerfully decided on their specialized weapons.

Before the sun set, Fourth Zhang began teaching the fundamentals of lightness techniques.

The Fifth and Sixth Princes listened with high spirits.

The Seventh Prince, still with his bun-like expression, once again sauntered past Fourth Zhang.

Still, no one called out to stop His Highness.

Xue Yao couldn’t bear to watch any longer, so he pulled back his chubby cub and asked Fourth Zhang in annoyance, “Old Zhang, you haven’t selected a weapon for the Seventh Prince yet.”

The Seventh Prince, who had strolled by twice with a look of dejection, nodded directly to Fourth Zhang.

“Oh, I almost forgot to mention.” Fourth Zhang smiled. “Your Highness has a rare all-around constitution, with limitless potential. You don’t need to confine yourself to a particular school of weaponry. It’s best to solidify the basics of all martial disciplines before adulthood and seek guidance from experts of each school separately.”

Xue Yao was highly satisfied with this suggestion. Being well-rounded was the standard configuration for a Long Aotian.

He had always worried that the fake Long Aotian cub could only surpass others in terms of weight, but now he saw hope in the Seventh Prince growing up to be a genuine Long Aotian. The old father was truly pleased.

After returning home that day, the Sixth Prince seemed to have opened some peculiar doors.

He began tinkering with “covert weapon mechanisms,” claiming it was part of his assassination training.

Surprisingly, his practice targets were his own Fifth and Seventh Brothers.

The next day, in the classroom, the Fifth Brother energetically leaped over the threshold, avoiding the traps set up by the Sixth Prince, who breathed a sigh of relief.

However, when the Seventh Prince casually stepped over the threshold, his shoe sole got stuck in glue.

“Success!” The Sixth Prince suddenly leaped out from behind the door, pointing at the Seventh Prince’s foot. “You’ve fallen for my covert weapon. The sole of your shoe is ruined!”

Seventh Prince: “? ? ?”

Xue Yao, on the side: “? ? ?”

Who was this mischievous rascal?

He was nothing like the warm baby he remembered!

With the assistance of Xue Yao and the attendants, the Seventh Prince managed to pull his shoe free. However, the adhesive residue on the sole proved difficult to clean, making it even more cumbersome to walk, as it was easier to lose a shoe than Cinderella.

“Your Highness,” Xue Yao protested sternly, “If you’re going to set traps, you should at least inform us to prepare for it, so that the Seventh Prince’s shoes wouldn’t be in such a sticky mess. It’s quite inconvenient to walk like this!”

The Seventh Prince glared angrily at his Sixth Brother. “If you informed in advance, your grandpa wouldn’t have fallen for it.”

The Sixth Prince disagreed with the request. “How can I notify you in advance about a covert weapon mechanism? Assassins strike when you’re least prepared. Getting caught is a loss on your part.”

The Seventh Prince’s frustration made him start to mutter angrily, glaring at his Sixth Brother.

The Sixth Prince patted the Seventh Prince’s shoulder. “If you’re scared, I’ll go and dismantle the other traps.”

“Who’s afraid?” The Seventh Prince squinted, his eyes fixed dangerously on his Sixth Brother. “Your son accepts the challenge.”

“Good. Then you’d better be cautious.”

The Seventh Prince disdainfully huffed and then walked over to the desk, taking a seat.

Suddenly, his posterior became glued to the chair, thanks to the adhesive left behind…

Round two. Fake Long Aotian, defeated!

“Your Highness!” Xue Yao fumed, “This glue is hard to clean!”

“There won’t be a next time.” The Seventh Prince, changing his clothes, shot a provocative look at his Sixth Brother. “You brought this upon yourself, so you’ll face the consequences.”

Xue Yao: “……”

Oh no, he used that line!

In the novel, it was Long Aotian’s warning during his counterattack!

The warm baby couldn’t risk it anymore!

His chubby cub was getting serious!

The serious Seventh Prince changed into fresh attire and returned to the classroom.

As he entered, eunuchs walked ahead of him.

Before taking a seat, he used his fingertips to check the chair.

Even when practicing calligraphy, he had the eunuch wipe the brush handle clean first.

He had become a careful Long Aotian, strategizing and winning from afar.

During the morning, the Seventh Prince fell for another trap.

During break time, palace maids brought pastries. The Seventh Prince took a bite…

There was a distinct “clink,” and the Seventh Prince discreetly spat out a copper coin hidden in the pastry.

The Sixth Prince, who had been biding his time all morning, immediately stood up and laughed, “Hahahahaha, Seventh Brother fell for it…”

The Seventh Prince tossed the pastry back onto the plate, finally unable to endure any longer, and turned to his Sixth Brother with his ultimate threat, “Your son will go tell Eldest Brother this afternoon!”

“…Hahaha, cough, cough…” The Sixth Prince got so frightened that he choked!

He grabbed his Seventh Brother’s arm urgently. “You can’t report to Eldest Brother. It was Fourth Zhang who had us practice!”

Xue Yao corrected the Sixth Prince’s misconception. “If it weren’t for your status, no one could set up such mechanisms within the palace! This is cheating!”

The Fifth Prince couldn’t stand by either. He turned to educate his younger brother. “Even if you can set traps as you please, you shouldn’t treat these means as your true strength. What’s crucial is your martial arts. Fourth Zhang had us practice martial arts. You’ve misunderstood his intent.”

The Sixth Prince thought for a moment and lowered his head in embarrassment. “I understand. I’ll go to Zhongcui Palace tomorrow to reflect on my mistakes.”

The Seventh Prince eyed his Sixth Brother and said, “Go there to reflect, and maybe Fourth Zhang will have to wait for your reflection for half a month before he can see Consort Hui.”

The Sixth Prince was indignant. “I only set up three traps. Do I deserve half a month of reflection? Is this an unforgivable sin?”

The Seventh Prince covered his chest with his hand, mimicking the tone Consort Xi usually used when she was disappointed after his mistakes. He threatened his Sixth Brother, “This mistress is terribly disappointed in you.”


Was this how Long Aotian counterattacked?

Xue Yao started to doubt the authenticity of his own Long Aotian again!

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