The Whole Cultivation World Wants To Revive The Venerable Chapter 10

Chapter 10

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Li Fuyue’s injuries were worse than Ning Qingmo thought, and he had reached his limit at that time.

He was just about to say something, but the next moment he fell directly into Ning Qingmo’s arms.

In an instant, a plum smell drifted to Ning Qingmo.

When the man came to his senses, Li Fuyue had already fainted in his arms, subconsciously muttering: “Qingmo, don’t worry… With me here, Cheng Huang will definitely not hurt anyone…”

Hearing his name, Cheng Huang rubbed against Li Fuyue’s neck aggrievedly.

“En, I know.” Ning Qingmo whispered in his ear.

Hearing these words, Li Fuyue finally fell into a deep sleep with peace of mind.

Ning Qingmo couldn’t help but look down at Li Fuyue.

A sword cultivator, who was in a state of qi deviation, will lose his mind, be brutal and bloodthirsty, and even the qi on the natal spirit sword will become turbid.

At this time, Li Fenglan didn’t go crazy, he looked no different from before.

They had known each other for thousands of years, but Ning Qingmo had never seen such a fragile Li Fuyue.

Especially in the last hundred years, Li Fuyue had already become a symbol of the highest strength in the cultivation world.

He had learned how to pretend to be strong.

Ning Qingmo was famous in the cultivation world for his flair. Whenever he met Li Fuyue, he couldn’t help but tease him and see him blush.

But at this moment, the flustered person was replaced by Ning Qingmo.

He subconsciously hugged Li Fuyue, ignored the little fox who kept baring his teeth at him, and walked into the house facing the wind and snow.

Along the way, his heart beated faster and faster.

Of course Ning Qingmo knew what this feeling meant, but the more experienced this man was, the less he would care about such emotions.

So much that Ning Qingmo was best at deceiving and playing with emotions—this is something Li Fuyue never knew.

The man gently put Li Fuyue on the bed, and tucked the quilt for him very gently.

“Woo——” Cheng Huang, who followed him into the room, kept baring his teeth at Ning Qingmo. The man glanced at it lightly, then suddenly stretched out his hand to pinch the back of Cheng Huang’s neck and lifted it up.

Cheng Huang was more seriously injured than Li Fuyue, and after being lifted up by Ning Qingmo, he could only bare his teeth at him like an ordinary fox.

“Ancient ferocious beast?” Ning Qingmo smiled disdainfully, then let go of his hand and let it fall heavily to the ground.


The man in the blue brocade robe just opened the door and walked out. Cheng Huang whimpered and jumped onto the bed, nestling against Li Fuyue’s neck.

One person and one beast cuddled up to sleep like this, it looked a bit pitiful from a distance.

After walking out the door, the smile on Ning Qingmo’s face disappeared, and he took out a sound transmission talisman from his qiankun bag.

Little Daoist, you shouldn’t trust me.

There was actually no difference between me and those people…

Ning Qingmo believed that Li Fuyue did intend to control Cheng Huang so that he would not hurt others.

But at the same time, he thought—even if Li Fuyue said that as long as he was there, Cheng Huang would not hurt anyone, ferocious beasts are inherently evil, how can a cultivator control this?

It was only a matter of time before the ancient ferocious beast would do harm to the world.

If Li Fuyue went mad again, Li Fuyue wouldn’t even be able to control himself.

Everything he did was for the cultivation world.

Ning Qingmo convinced himself this. He took a deep breath, closed his eyes and activated the sound transmission talisman, and transmitted Li Fuyue’s movements to the people from Xuanqing Sect.

Ning Qingmo ended his memories. When he made that decision, he thought that the story between himself and Li Fuyue would end here.

Before this, Ning Qingmo always felt that the relationship between himself and Li Fuyue was as flat as water and dispensable.

And Li Fuyue was just one of his thousands of friends.

But he never expected that from that day on, their real entanglement officially began.

After more than a thousand years, Ning Qingmo finally knew that Li Fuyue really casted a spell on Cheng Huang, making it unable to attack humans.

On the cliff of Tianmian Palace, Ning Qingmo’s heart became more and more chaotic.

His betrayal in the past can no longer be at ease.

He even couldn’t help thinking—were the other crimes Li Fuyue was charged with really as people said?

Ning Qingmo was in a state of confusion. Another string of the pipa in his arms broke, and a piercing scream fell, and a trace of blood oozed from the corner of his mouth.

All the experts present looked at each other in blank dismay. They didn’t know why Ning Qingmo had such a big reaction after hearing this sentence.

Only Meng Linzhou gave him a cold look and said, “What? Is Immortal Ning afraid?”


For a while, Li Fenglan was a little confused about what kind of brain circuit this rebel disciple had.

When everyone’s eyes fell on him, Meng Linzhou said disdainfully: “Wasn’t it your people who besieged my master and this beast? Yet he once regarded you as a friend.”


Hearing this word, Li Fenglan almost laughed out loud.

He had indeed regarded Ning Qingmo as a friend.

As for Ning Qingmo…they had known each other for thousands of years, and of course their feelings were not all fake.

However, Li Fenglan overlooked one thing – he only had one friend like Ning Qingmo, but the other party had friends all over the world, and he was just one of them!

Today, he lost this one for profit, but there were dozens of hundreds of them around, which was completely a profit-making business for Ning Qingmo.

Simple, he was really too simple back then.

This was the result of listening too much to his master’s words and not leaving the sect before forming his nascent soul.

While Li Fenglan was thinking wildly, the rebel disciple continued to mock and ridicule Ning Qingmo.

“Now that you heard the existence of the ‘Dingyan spell’, you realized that you had misunderstood him, vomiting blood and breaking the string. Are you afraid that Master will turn into a ghost and come to claim your life in the middle of the night?”

“Immortal Meng!” This time, even Jiang Yichang, the head of the sect, couldn’t help but scold him.

Meng Linzhou’s mouth really didn’t have a door.

The disciples of the Law Hall were all stunned.

They could no longer tell whether Meng Linzhou was speaking for his master or scolding him.

Logically speaking, seeing Meng Linzhou angry with Jiang Yichang, he should be happy.

But now Li Fenglan’s mind was full of thoughts – this rebel disciple actually cursed himself to become a ghost?

Meng Linzhou glanced at the head of the sect, but did not stop because of Jiang Yichang’s scolding.

He suddenly smiled and said: “That’s right, I’m afraid I misunderstood you. After all, my master Li Fuyue…has already perished for many years, and he doesn’t even have the qualifications to be a ghost.”

Li Fenglan: …

This unlucky disciple, he really can talk.

If teacher really turned into a ghost, you would be the first person to be strangled to death!

Li Fenglan saw that the expressions of everyone on the cliff were not very good.

Only his own master was still watching the rebel disciple’s performance with great interest.

… So this is the “coming out of the dust” mentioned in “Tianmian Daosheng”?

Ning Qingmo was silent for a long time, and one of his hands slowly fell from the qin.

Losing the cover of his sleeves, Li Fenglan finally saw—it turned out that not only the strings of the qin were split, but even the body of the qin was cracked with a long gap.

The powerful man who had switched to the ruthless dao sighed. He looked at Meng Linzhou and shook his head slightly.

The man looked down at the pipa in his arms again, and said calmly: “It’s not that I’m afraid of the ghost taking my life, but I feel ashamed.”

I feel ashamed.

He said these words very seriously.

Although Ning Qingmo had left Xuanqing sect, he was once a legend in this sect after all, and he had many old friends there.

Hearing what Ning Qingmo said, another Xuanqing Sect cultivator who came to seal Cheng Huang just now couldn’t help but say: “I know that Immortal Ning and Li Fuyue were good friends, at the beginning…the matter of Cheng Huang may have been misunderstood but so what? If he hadn’t released 300 ferocious beasts with his own hands, how could there be a misunderstanding that day! And splitting the underworld river—”

“Immortal Lord.” Jiang Yichang interrupted him.

“So… sorry.” The cultivator of Xuanqing Sect finally remembered that he was still in the territory of Tianmian Palace, so he couldn’t scold him too much.

Ning Qingmo remained silent.

As for Li Fenglan, it was as if he didn’t hear anyone detailing his crimes, all his attention fell on the pipa.

The cracks on the pipa were getting bigger and bigger, Ning Qingmo couldn’t help stretching out his hand to slide across these cracks, trying to repair it with spiritual power.

Even though Ning Qingmo tried hard to cover it up, Li Fenglan still found something strange about this pipa—

it turned out that inside the body of the pipa, there was a powerful aura that circulated continuously.

Li Fuyue and Ning Qingmo had visited no less than twenty secret places together.

In one of the secret realms, there was engraved a method of nourishing the soul.

At the beginning, both Li Fuyue and Ning Qingmo felt that this exercise was very tasteless.

——Only cultivators of the Ruthless dao can practice it, and it can only raise other people’s souls, and they must be remnant souls.

They glanced at it and left in a hurry.

However, now Li Fenglan discovered that the aura in Ning Qingmo’s pipa was actually operating according to that technique!

The other party turned to the Ruthless Dao, which happened to meet the requirements of the practice.

As the cracks on the pipa became bigger and bigger, Li Fenglan also sensed a wisp of his own remnant soul…

” Aww——” Seemingly echoing his own thoughts, Cheng Huang, who had become listless after being caught by the net, suddenly turned towards Ning Qingmo and howled.

Obviously, it smelled a familiar smell.

The answer was already obvious, Ning Qingmo changed to the Ruthless Dao just for this exercise.

And he practiced this exercise in order to keep Li Fuyue’s remnant soul.

Li Fenglan couldn’t help but sneer in his heart.

Ning Qingmo, what on earth are you trying to figure out?

Could it be that he had been acting for so long that he even deceived himself.

Fortunately, Ning Qingmo only had a remnant soul there, and no one else noticed its existence.

Hearing Cheng Huang’s howl, everyone turned their attention to it, to prevent it from going mad and breaking through the confinement.

At this moment, Ling Buyan suddenly smiled as if he had discovered something interesting.

“Fenglan,” he stretched out his hand and pointed at Ning Qingmo lightly, then asked, “Do you know what’s inside that pipa?”

No way!

An alarm sounded in Li Fenglan’s heart instantly.

Could it be that Ling Buyan really had such supernatural powers?

“No, I don’t know.” Li Fenglan really wanted to reach out his hand to cover his master’s mouth rebelliously.

Master, shouldn’t you be a person who doesn’t cause too much trouble when watching the excitement?

The prayer in Li Fenglan’s heart was not fulfilled, and Ling Buyan asked and answered, “There is a remnant soul in it.”

Seeing that Li Fenglan didn’t answer, Ling Bujin didn’t let him go.

It seems that he intended to teach his disciple something here.

“Whose do you think the remnant soul belongs to?”

Li Fenglan: …

It is me.

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