The Whole Cultivation World Wants To Revive The Venerable Chapter 38

Chapter 38

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Li Fenglan was taken aback by the answer of “Tianmian Palace”.

Speaking about this, Ling Buyan had already treated Li Fenglan’s wound.

He cast a cleansing spell to clean up Li Fenglan’s blood-soaked sleeves, then sat up straight again and said, “In a few days, the beasts will gather outside the barrier of Tianmian Palace. According to Jiang Yichang, it means that the cultivators who are not in retreat in Tianmian Palace should take advantage of this time to leave the palace to deal with the beasts that are still gathering, in case there are too many beasts and would break the barrier of the mountain.” 

This time Li Fenglan’s expression also changed. After all, he was probably the person in the world who understood the power of the beast tide the most…

“I see, then when the time comes—” Li Fenglan had just finished speaking when another figure appeared by the door.

Before Li Fenglan could see his face clearly, the sound of a paper fan being opened could be heard.

“Shi Zhi, just follow me.” A person standing by the door said with a smile.

Shi Zhi…

There was only one person in this world who can call himself Shi Zhi, and that was Mo Shenyu. He had not been in the sect all year round, but this time the matter was of great importance. All the cultivators in Tianmian Palace who were not in retreat would participate in it. Of course, Mo Shenyu couldn’t run away.

He had been notified in detail just now.

After saying this, Mo Shenyu finally waved his fan and walked into the room.

Although Miguang Mountain was not as severe as snowy Meizhou, it was spring all year round. In Li Fenglan’s opinion, the movement of Mo Shenyu shaking the folding fan was really contrived to the extreme.

In the five years under the veiled hat, Li Fenglan had completely forgotten about “expression management”.

At this moment, the words “Are you kidding me” were almost directly written on Li Fenglan’s face.

Mo Shenyu, who saw what he was thinking, sat on another empty chair and waved his fan and said, “I’m not kidding. According to the arrangement of the sect, your master will stay in the sect, and you will be handed over to Shi Shu for the time being.” 

Hearing this, Ling Buyan also nodded.

And Li Fenglan couldn’t help being a little disappointed.

It turned out that according to Jiang Yichang’s arrangement, one of the major and minor groups of Tianmian Palace would be left in the sect to guard the barrier just in case. The rest of the people scattered in all directions were to surround the ominous beasts that were rushing to Tianmian Palace.

Although Mo Shenyu doesn’t live in Miguang Mountain, he and Li Fenglan can barely be regarded as having a relationship.

Now that Li Ling Buyan was staying in the sect, Li Fenglan and Mo Shenyu naturally had to act together.

“Why, Shi Zhi, do you not trust me?” Seeing Li Fenglan’s reluctance, Mo Shenyu was not unhappy, but was very interested in his reaction.

Thinking of “Tianmian Daosheng”, it was said that “Li Fenglan” died accidentally when he was alone with Mo Shenyu. Li Fenglan nodded sincerely and said, “That’s right.”

Li Fenglan in “Tianmian Daosheng” was just a cannon fodder, and the novel did not detail what the “accident” was. But combined with what happened now, the more Li Fenglan thought about it, the more he felt that the accident in the original book should have happened at this time.

Although his cultivation was already higher than that of the original owner, Li Fenglan was still a little apprehensive.

Mo Shenyu smiled and said: “You really don’t give Shi Shu face.”

Li Fenglan was always thinking about the “accidental death” of the original owner, but this was a plot in the novel after all, so he couldn’t reveal it.

Besides, the original owner really died simply because of the beast, so it should have nothing to do with Mo Shenyu.

After Mo Shenyu laughed, Li Fenglan finally asked: “Then Shi Shu, when are we going to leave?”

Mo Shenyu turned to look at the sun outside, and said to Li Fenglan: “Right now.”

Miguang Mountain was at the edge of Tianmian Palace, Li Fenglan also looked out at the same time.

He found that there were flying swords flying across the sky from time to time, and it was obvious that people had already set off one after another.

“Okay.” Li Fenglan also stood up, “Then let’s go.”

Although Cheng Huang didn’t understand what Li Fenglan said just now, seeing him get up and look like he was going to leave, the little guy who was still under the covers just now rushed out immediately, and hugged Li Fenglan’s thigh.

“Woooooo~” There were tears in its icy blue eyes.

Seeing Cheng Huang like this, Li Fenglan unexpectedly guessed what it meant again – Cheng Huang thought that it just bit his master and was rejected by his master.

Seeing this, Li Fenglan hugged Cheng Huang and said, “I’m going outside Tianmian Palace, you can’t follow this time. You can stay in Miguang Mountain and stay with master.” 

Cheng Huang: “…”

Not knowing whether it was an illusion, Li Fenglan actually felt that Cheng Huang seemed to be a lot smarter recently.

For example, it should have understood that just now, that he was having him stay with Ling Buyan.

Cheng Huang’s icy blue eyes were instantly filled with resistance.

But before it, an ancient beast that lived without dignity, could express its opinion, Ling Buyan came over and grabbed Cheng Huang by the back of his neck, and lifted it up.

Ling Buyan scratched Cheng Huang’s head, and said with a smile, “You stay here, don’t run around.”

Cheng Huang also shrank his neck accordingly.

Seeing this, Mo Shenyu finally noticed Cheng Huang: “Hahaha Cheng Huang, an ancient beast, why is he raised by my Shi Zhi, just like a puppy?” 

The next moment, Cheng Huang turned around and walked towards Mo Shenyu gritting his teeth.

Li Fenglan: “…”

He became more and more sure that Cheng Huang seemed to have really become smarter.

Cheng Huang was affected by the tide of ferocious beasts just now, and became a downright dangerous person.

So this time, Ling Buyan directly threw Cheng Huang into the space where the Yaozheng Bell was.

After solving this little trouble, he walked to the cliff of Miguang Mountain and sent Li Fenglan away from the sect.

At this time, Mo Shenyu went to the Sect Medical Hall to get some healing elixir. Generally speaking, cultivators would go to the medical hall to get the elixir in advance when they leave the sect to practice or do other things. However, due to the existence of Ling Buyan, Li Fenglan can completely omit this step.

“Do you still have the Qiankun bag I gave you earlier?” At this moment, Ling Buyan completely had the four big characters “caring for you” written on his face. Seeing how the other party was worried about him, Li Fenglan couldn’t help being moved.

Although Ling Buyan liked to let him learn independently, it was completely different from Qiu Wanyou who taught him how to use a sword in his previous life.

But in other respects, Ling Buyan was extremely careful.

“Hold it all the time.” Although Li Fenglan was also a little nervous, he still pretended to be calm and said, “Don’t worry, don’t forget who I am.” 

Hearing this, Ling Buyan also smiled.

When facing others, the identity of “Li Fuyue” was Li Fenglan’s shackles.

But in front of Ling Buyan, this identity seemed to be a secret that could be shared.

After talking about it last time, Li Fenglan suddenly felt a lot more relaxed.

“Of course I won’t forget,” Ling Buyan said half-jokingly, “Then watch your Shi Shu and don’t let him make trouble.” “

Of course.” Li Fenglan laughed.

As soon as the two of them said this, Mo Shenyu, who had just gone to the medical hall, returned to Miguang Mountain.

Hearing the conversation between senior brother and Shi Zhi, Mo Shenyu pretended to be angry and said: “So I went out, and you actually spoke ill of me.” 

Then he jumped off the flying sword, and then exchanged pleasantries with senior brother Ling Buyan, and asked Li Fenglan to set off together.

Li Fenglan who stepped on the flying sword saw that from the moment he left Miguang Mountain, Ling Buyan was standing on the edge of the cliff and watching him silently.

Until he flew over another mountain and he couldn’t see Ling Buyan’s figure at all, the other party still stood there without looking away.

Li Fenglan couldn’t help feeling a warm feeling in his heart.

This was the first time in his life that he clearly felt that there were still people in the world who cared about him…

Li Fenglan didn’t realize that the corner of his mouth raised a small arc quietly.

“What are you thinking about, Shi Zhi?”

Li Fenglan didn’t realize that he was smiling, but Mo Shenyu, who was holding the sword beside him, saw it.

The man approached Li Fenglan, and half-jokingly said: “What? Did my Shi Zhi become addicted to raising beasts? Are you that happy to see the beast now?” 

While talking, Mo Shenyu waved his folding fan again.

“It’s nothing.” Li Fenglan hurriedly became serious. At this moment, he suddenly thought of something and asked, “Ah——by the way, Shi Shu, I was actually thinking just now. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of the matters between yourself and my Master.”

Whether it’s in the cultivation world or in the mortal world, the juniors were always curious about the stories of their elders.

Therefore, after listening to Li Fenglan’s words, Mo Shenyu was not surprised.

He paused, and really thought about it carefully: “…What happened before?”

After a while, Mo Shenyu shook his fan and said, “My master was an old man with average aptitude. His disciples were all average. If I were them, I might as well not cultivate and live happily in the mortal world for the rest of my life. By the way, I came late, and I had never seen any of them except your master.” 

Sure enough… Mo Shenyu’s daily practice persuasion still came.

Li Fenglan ignored his last words and nodded as if he was very interested.

In fact, he had heard some of this story before.

It was said that before Ling Buyan entered Tianmian Palace, he was already a casual cultivator with a high level of cultivation. After arriving at Tianmian Palace, he chose a hill at random and cultivated inside. In the following hundreds of years, his senior brothers and sisters also died one after another, either because of fierce beasts, or because they failed to cross the tribulation.

This was the most common thing in the cultivation world.

“I came to Tianmian Palace when I was about five or six years old.” Mo Shenyu said.

Hearing this, Li Fenglan finally asked something he had been curious about for a long time: “I remember my Shi Shu also had a heavenly spiritual root, why did you stay at Miguang Mountain at that time? After all, the Senior Ancestor…” 

“He was already dying at that time, right?” Having said this, Mo Shenyu laughed again.

Li Fenglan: “…”

Your master was about to die, why are you so happy?

The words were rough but the rationale was not rough, his and Ling Buyan’s master, had not seen any improvement in their cultivation base for many years, and they were almost exhausted a thousand years ago.

Ling Buyan was a casual cultivator with a high level of cultivation. He didn’t need anyone to teach him. It’s not surprising that he joined a dying cultivator.

But Mo Shenyu was very talented. Even in Tianmian Palace, there must be many people who wanted to accept him as a disciple so he couldn’t figure out why he stayed at Miguang Mountain.

“I’m not really interested in self-cultivation, and I just cultivate to increase my lifespan and enjoy the world more. Isn’t that good without the supervision of a master?” Mo Shenyu said with a look of reason.

“…So that’s how it is.”

Mo Shenyu’s explanation was really inexplicable at first glance, but it didn’t feel out of place when it was applied to him.

After Mo Shenyu came to Miguang Mountain, within a few hundred years, his master really died, and he got his wish, living a life without anyone looking after him.

“So when you first entered the sect, you wanted to go to the mortal world.” Li Fenglan couldn’t help but say.

Hearing his Shi Zhi’s words, Mo Shenyu didn’t speak, but raised his eyebrows with a smile.

Li Fenglan didn’t know where he was going this time. After leaving the range of Tianmian Palace, Mo Shenyu sped up his speed a little, and flew in front of Li Fenglan to show him the way.

But looking at the back of the man in brocade clothes, Li Fenglan thought—no matter how you look at it, Mo Shenyu and Ling Buyan were just two ordinary sect brothers with a normal relationship, neither salty nor indifferent.

Moreover, these two people seemed to be more casual, and they didn’t look like people who would fight with each other to the point of life and death because of something.

So why did they die together?

While the sword rushed to the destination, Li Fenglan recalled the plot again.


He reorganized the plot of Mo Shenyu’s apostasy, fighting with Ling Buyan, and then dying together, Li Fenglan suddenly remembered an important point that he had been neglecting before.

——The last thing Mo Shenyu did before his apostasy was to go to Xieguang Tower to snatch his natal spirit sword and “finished karma”.

Could it be… Mo Shenyu had something to do with his own rebirth?

But he was less than a thousand years old. If there was a relationship, what kind of relationship could it be?

Li Fenglan was fascinated thinking about the problem.

By the time he noticed the surrounding environment, he and Mo Shenyu had come to the sky above an extremely prosperous city in the mortal world.

“Where is this?” Li Fenglan couldn’t help asking, “If I remember correctly, ferocious beasts generally don’t appear in cities, right? We should go to places where there are few people and stop them…” 

“That’s right,” Mo Shenyu closed his fan with a “snap”, and at the same time slowly lowered the flying sword’s height.

After he landed, he said: “There is a canyon outside the city, and it is best to block the beast there. But I think the beast will arrive here in about five or six hours. It is useless for us to wait outside anyway. Why don’t Shi Shu take you to the city to have fun?”

Li Fenglan: …

Have fun.

Can a cultivator really say these words!

Before Li Fenglan could utter the words of refusal, Mo Shenyu took his arm and walked quickly towards the city with him.

“Wait, wait, Shi Shu, we are here to deal with business!” Li Fenglan couldn’t help reminding.

Now that Tianmian Palace had reached the moment of life and death, Mo Shenyu can actually do this kind of thing?

Although after the last life, Li Fenglan no longer had any feelings for the cultivation world and Tianmian Palace, the matter of the tide of ferocious beasts was of great importance, and it had something to do with his obsession, so he naturally didn’t want to hide behind others.

And Mo Shenyu… really didn’t care at all.

Li Fenglan really admired him from the bottom of his heart.

But he was a bit late after all, when Li Fenglan finished speaking, the two had already arrived in the city.

There were regulations in Tianmian Palace that disciples cannot casually reveal their identities in front of ordinary people, and Li Fenglan did not want to use spiritual power either. So his resistance was futile, and he was taken to a restaurant by Mo Shenyu before he took two steps.

“Shi Zhi, don’t worry, I remember this ‘business’ better than you. But it’s still early, so let’s have a meal here first, and then work after dinner, isn’t that just right?” Mo Shenyu supported Li Fenglan with both hands then with a light touch on his shoulder, he pushed him onto the stool.

There was no other option. Li Fenglan didn’t know where the “canyon” Mo Shenyu mentioned was. He couldn’t go there alone, so he could only sigh softly, and sit here with Mo Shenyu.

It was also at this time that Li Fenglan finally realized that there seemed to be something wrong with this restaurant.

“Shi Shu…” Li Fenglan looked at Mo Shenyu who was ordering food, and asked hesitantly, “The waiter in this restaurant…why do they all dress like this?

Before Li Fenglan cultivated, he lived in the mortal world for 17 years. Places like restaurants, Li Fenglan had been to many.

But in his impression, there seemed to be nothing like this one.

All the waiters in the shop were dressed very gorgeously, and many of them even wore makeup.

Li Fenglan really found this place strange no matter how he looked at it.

Before Mo Shenyu could answer Li Fenglan’s question, a “shop waiter” standing not far from him suddenly laughed.

“Young man, what did you call me just now?” The “shop waiter” who was wearing a smoky powder gown came over and stood beside Li Fenglan and said.

And Mo Shenyu, who was still ordering just now, put down the things in his hands, opened his folding fan and looked at Li Fenglan with a half-smile.

“Ah?” Li Fenglan instinctively felt that he had said something wrong, but for a while he couldn’t figure out what was wrong, “I, I didn’t call you.” He said with some embarrassment.

At this time, the young man standing beside Li Fenglan also saw his appearance clearly.

This time in the lower realm, Li Fenglan directly tied his long hair with a white ribbon for convenience. But Li Fenglan, who thought that his face had been seen by Qiu Wanyou and the others anyway, did not wear a veiled hat.

At this moment, his entire face was exposed.

Because of the entanglement, Li Fenglan’s slender eyebrows frowned slightly, and his eyes, which were always somewhat foggy, looked more and more beautiful, like a cold pool in autumn.

These eyes alone were out of tune with the noisy environment around them.

At this time, not only the young man was stunned, but even Mo Shenyu, who had seen Li Fenglan’s appearance long ago.

The smile on the man’s face froze for a moment, he looked at Li Fenglan, and subconsciously picked up the teacup on the table and took a big sip.

After drinking the cup of cold tea, Mo Shenyu returned to his previous state. He raised his head and said to the boy with a smile, “My Shi Zhi calls you ‘Shop’s waiter.”

——For some reason, Mo Shenyu didn’t want others to see Li Fenglan’s appearance. So seeing the boy staring at Li Fenglan without speaking, he just reminded him.

“Oh…oh.” The boy was still in a daze.

But at this time, other people who did not see Li Fenglan’s appearance could hear Mo Shenyu’s words clearly.

In an instant, everyone in the restaurant, whether it was the “shop waiter” with heavy makeup or other customers, laughed.

“Hahahaha, young man, how can you call us ‘Shop’s waiter’?” 

“…It seemed that this white-clothed young man had come to this kind of place for the first time.” 

“Hey, it’s the first time I’ve been called that. “

Although he still didn’t understand what happened, Li Fenglan, who had never been ridiculed by so many people, blushed instantly.

Anyway, a person who was thousands of years old, how can he still be like this!

Because of embarrassment, Li Fenglan’s two hands that were originally on the table subconsciously clenched together.

Seeing his embarrassed appearance, the boy who came here just now finally turned around and interrupted the people behind: “Don’t laugh, our young man looks young, it’s his first time here, of course he doesn’t understand.”

Over three thousand years old, Li Fenglan blushed even more.

After the laughter at the back stopped, the boy approached Li Fenglan and said, “Young man, don’t be angry, our place is actually a Gongzi shop, and everyone is like this.” 

Gongzi shop?

Li Fenglan nodded half understanding.

He quietly picked up the tea in his hand and sipped it, and at the same time, he quickly searched for what “Gongzi shop” was in his mind.

Seeing the young man talking to Li Fenglan, Mo Shenyu’s mood became a little bit worse for no reason.

After he ordered the food, he waved his hand to let the other party leave.

After a long time, Li Fenglan finally remembered what “Gongzi shop” was!

Ahhh, this is too embarrassing!

Li Fenglan, who had been obedient for thousands of years, recently had a little idea of ​​not following the rules, and tried to practice it.

But this did not mean that he wanted to come to a Gongzi shop!

Leaving aside the so-called cultivation world and sect rules, Li Fenglan was not allowed to come to this kind of place just because of his seventeen years of life in the mortal world.

He didn’t say anything, but his face became redder after only a moment.

Li Fenglan couldn’t help but put the cold back of his hand on his cheek, and after noticing the smile on the face of the person opposite, he finally pretended to be calm and said: “Uh…Shi Shu, if I remember correctly, the Gongzi shop seems to be that kind of place, why don’t we go first? You can go to other restaurants to eat.”

“What kind of place?” Unexpectedly, Mo Shenyu asked, pretending not to understand.

Li Fenglan could see that the other party seemed to be deliberately teasing him, but he did feel a little uncomfortable here.

After a short silence, he said: “…that is, a place that is not suitable for cultivators.”

Seeing that Li Fenglan stopped talking, Mo Shenyu added: “En, a place homosexuals likes to go. Shi Zhi, do you mind?”

After speaking, he stretched out his hand and gently picked a strand of Li Fenglan’s long hair with a fan.

Mo Shenyu was asking himself if he minded that he was a homosexual?

“Of course not,” Li Fenglan hesitated and said, “This is Shi Shu’s business, of course I don’t mind it.”

He just felt that there seemed to be too many homosexuals around him…

Seeing Li Fenglan finish speaking just now, after that sentence, it became quiet. Mo Shenyu looked at his Shi Zhi and added: “And I’m also the type that likes someone like you, a junior homosexual who looks easy to bully.” 

Li Fenglan: ! ! !

“Shi Shu, don’t, don’t joke.”

Mo Shenyu took a sip of tea and said with a smile: “I’m not joking.”

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