The Whole World Is My Crematorium Chapter 102

Chapter 102

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The world knew about Qingyan but there were very few people who could witness Qingyan with their own eyes. Just now, in the ‘Dream of Golden Millet’ everyone had seen Qingyan burn down Pangu Mountain and they also had seen it transform into a cyan dragon and recognize its master. Now that the divine fire from the dream suddenly appeared in front of them, everyone’s attention turned to Qingyan and Xiao Du.

“Taking his blood, jumping off the cliff…” Lin Wulian murmured, “Could it be that your brother is…!”

Xiao Du glanced at Lin Wulian; Lin Wulian felt cold all over and could barely stand. Gu Hang stretched out his hand to support him and said, “Soul loss, stealing Qingyan, it seems that Xuanle Sect and Xingtian Sect have done a lot of things in cooperation.”

Gu Hang’s carefully chosen words placed the blame on Xingtian Sect. Li Yanzhi, standing behind Xiao Du, wanted to step forward to refute. Xiao Du raised his hand to stop him and said, “Even if the loss of souls is the work of Xingtian Sect, what can you do?”

Meng Chi’s eye twitched when she heard this and she reminded Xiao Du in a low voice: “My Lord, the young lord has spent a lot of effort to direct the reputation of Xingtian Sect on the right path. Isn’t it bad for you to say that?”

Xiao Du paused, then changed his words: “Soul loss has nothing to do with Xingtian Sect.” He didn’t care what others thought of him and Xingtian Sect, but he had to worry about Xiao Yuan’s thoughts. “What you said about ‘stealing Qingyan’ – Qingyan is mine. What’s wrong with returning it to its rightful master?”

“Don’t you dare lie here!” After returning from the dream realm, Qian Sang’s expression was extremely weird, “Qingyan belongs to the Pavilion Master, how could it be yours!”

Xiao Du smiled, “Did I lie about it? You know it in your heart.”

Qian Sang stared at Xiao Du with a deadly stare, his lips trembling slightly, “You, you are…”

Xiao Du suddenly said, “Ah Yu, come here.”

Lin Wulian raised his head abruptly: “He is really here!”

At some point the young man next to Shen Qianyan had changed his appearance. After the disciples of Yunjian Pavilion saw him, they pointed at him and shouted, “Xiao Yuan is here!”

The name ‘Xiao Yuan’ was not unfamiliar to those present. A few years ago, they heard that the young master of Yunjian Pavilion and a casual cultivator named Xiao Yuan had decided to marry in secret. After Xiao Yuan’s death, Gu Louyin was demonized, defected from his shimen, attacked his masters and killed in all four directions at Yunjian Pavilion. Not long ago, they received an order from Yunjian Pavilion to kill Xiao Yuan. Many people were curious about this Xiao Yuan that could overturn Yunjian Pavilion and even the entire realm of cultivation. Now that they saw Xiao Yuan with their own eyes, they could understand: regardless of his cultivation base, taking into account his face alone it was no wonder that Gu Louyin of Yunjian Pavilion would be obsessed with him like that.

Under everyone’s gaze, Xiao Yuan came to Xiao Du’s side and asked, “What?”

“Do you remember this Elder Qian,” Xiao Du said, clenching Xiao Yuan’s shoulder, “When he was at the Xiao’s house, he had to respectfully call you ‘little young master’ when he saw you.”

Xiao Yuan glanced at Qian Sang carelessly, as if looking at an irrelevant watchdog, “Doesn’t ring a bell.”

Qian Sang, humiliated, couldn’t bear it, “What kind of ‘eldest young master’ and ‘little young master’, he will definitely die under my sword today!”

At Qian Sang’s order, the disciples of Yunjian Pavilion and their followers started attacking. Xingtian Sect and Xuanle Sect immediately confronted them. The scene became chaotic and the remaining neutral parties were at a loss and tried to avoid the battle. Li Yanzhi faced Qian Sang. Shen Qianyan and Meng Chi were two against one but their fight with Gu Hang was already lost.

Xiao Yuan removed Xiao Du’s hand from his shoulder and said, “Are you not going in?”

Xiao Du said lazily: “Don’t worry, let’s watch the show first.”

Just when Shen Qianyan and Meng Chi both were thrown back, a figure dressed in white stood in front of them, and the long sword was unsheathed, blocking Gu Hang’s sword.

The white clothes looked like snow and the silver hair looked like frost. Meng Chi clutched her chest, looked at Gu Louyin’s cold face and couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief: he was worthy of the one who defeated her Venerable Lord.

When he saw his nominal son, Gu Hang’s expression remained the same. “Perhaps you shouldn’t have been born at all,” he said.

Gu Louyin’s expression was calm; he did not answer, holding the sword firmly in his hand. He turned his eyes slightly and said to the two women behind him, “Stay away.”

Seeing this scene, Xiao Du smiled and said, “The hero comes to save the beauties.”

Xiao Yuan said coolly: “Is it fun to stir up trouble? If you have the energy, why don’t you yourself go in.”

Xiao Du didn’t feel embarrassed at all, “If I go, who will protect you?”

“I don’t need anyone to protect me.”

Gu Louyin and Gu Hang seemed to be evenly matched and it was difficult to tell the outcome for a while. The powerful sword aura surrounded the two of them and no one dared to approach. Gu Louyin’s movements were extremely fast and Xiao Yuan could hardly see anything but he was not worried – he believed Gu Louyin didn’t need him to worry.

Swords have no eyes, and the people who originally wanted to watch the battle from aside were caught in the fight and had to protect themselves. They set up a barrier, hiding behind it, not daring to make a sound. Xiao Yuan said, “The show needs to be more lively to look good.”

Xiao Du understood what he meant and said to Qingyan, “Go ahead.”

The cyan dragon transformed from the cyan flame hovered over the barrier, staring at the people there. The dragon’s whiskers were long, its claws strong, and under its breath everything alive paled.

Xiao Yuan came to the barrier and said with a smile: “If you don’t make a choice now, I’m afraid you won’t have a chance in the future even if you want to.”

A young dharma cultivator said sadly: “We are here just to drink the wedding wine.”

Looking at the clothes of the dharma cultivator, Xiao Yuan said, “Is the distinguished sir a member of Taihang Sect? I remember that the first rule of Taihang Sect is ‘be righteous and eliminate violence’? Just now, the distinguished sir saw in his dream what Yunjian Pavilion did. Shouldn’t you act?”

The dharma cultivator said weakly, “The sect rules are just written for others to see, how can they be taken seriously?”

“That is not right.” An older, white-haired female sword cultivator said, “There is no certainty about right and wrong and what we see in our dreams may not be true. Until the truth is known, we will stay impartial, so what is wrong with that?”

“That’s right.” Xiao Du said, “Take your pick between choosing a side voluntarily or being forced to choose.”

The female swordsman said angrily: “You young people, what do you know about martial ethics!”

Xiao Yuan glanced at the ray of ghostly light and said, “Ah, shidi is here.”

As soon as he said that, a young man in black clothes fell from the sky, followed by Shen Fugui and Cai Xunnian, who were still wearing the wedding clothes, each carrying a dim lamp in their hands. Someone recognized these lamps and shouted, “It’s a soul-attracting lamp!”

After those three people, hundreds of people followed. To be precise, they were not people but souls separated from people and their every move was controlled by the soul-attracting lamps.

For a while, shouts of ”shidi“, ”shizhi“, ”shijie“, ”dage“, ”me” at others could be heard. Someone rushed out of the barrier and ran towards the remnant soul but was blocked by the young man in black clothes.

Mu Yingyang held Duya in his hand and said coldly: “My Shixiong hasn’t finished speaking yet, where are you running to?”

Compared to Mu Yingyang, Cai Xunnian’s tone was much kinder. “These souls were brought back by Xingtian Sect from Pangu Mountain. If you want to get them back, you’d better not fight against Master Xiao.”

Shen Fugui followed the words of his shimei: “Otherwise, if the cyan dragon breathes a mouthful of fire, they will all be burned to ashes.”

Everyone looked at each other, no one dared to move. In the end, it was the seemingly cowardly dharma cultivator who was the first to rush to Yunjian Pavilion, “For the sake of my master’s remnant soul, I will fight with the dog thieves of Yunjian Pavilion!”

Lin Wulian’s gaze always followed Xiao Yuan. He was firmly protected by his fellow disciples. Seeing more and more people rushing out of the barrier and joining the fight against Yunjian Pavilion, he knew the situation was bad and screamed to Gu Hang fighting Gu Louyin: “Master, we’re outnumbered, if you want to shoot the man, shoot the horse first!”

To catch the thief, you have to catch the thief boss. With a steep turn of the sword blade, Gu Hang quickly broke away from the sword formation and attacked in Xiao Du’s direction. Xiao Du looked up and was about to respond when he realized that something was wrong and his expression suddenly changed.

Gu Hang’s goal was not himself, he was heading towards Xiao Yuan.

Both Gu Hang and Lin Wulian knew very well that Xiao Yuan was the core of everything. If they captured him, neither Gu Louyin nor Xiao Du would dare to act rashly and would only be at their mercy.


“Young lord!”

“Master Xiao!”

Although it all happened suddenly, Xiao Yuan was not unprepared. With a wave of Bihai Chaoshen, a gust of violent wind slowed down Gu Hang’s sword speed. Xiao Yuan’s body was as light as a swallow. He stepped on Bihai Chaosheng and avoided the sword, waved his fan to summon water blades and hit Gu Hang directly.

Gu Hang was Gu Hang after all and turned to avoid the water blades. Xiao Yuan’s attack was unsuccessful and he wanted to repeat it. Gu Louyin was the first to come to him, followed by Xiao Du and Mu Yingyang.

In terms of distance, Xiao Du was closest to him. Xiao Yuan said in surprise: “How come you are so fast, even faster than ge?”

Something flickered in Gu Louyin’s eyes, “It’s fine if you’re okay.”

In addition to Gu Louyin, Xiao Du and Mu Yingyang, even Shen Qianyan, Meng Chi and the others rushed over.

Shen Qianyan asked, “Is Master Xiao okay?”

Xiao Yuan was flattered: “I’m touched that you guys are like this, but it makes me look like cr*p. I obviously could have handled Gu Hang for a while.”

Shen Qianyan said, “I can’t take this risk.”

Meng Chi agreed: “If something happens to you, these men will think of nothing else.”

Xiao Yuan: “…Blame me.”

Gu Louyin looked at Gu Hang and his hand holding the sword clenched. “Protect him,” he said to the others.

Xiao Du narrowed his eyes in displeasure: “Who are you teaching to do things?”

Gu Louyin didn’t talk nonsense anymore and went forward with his sword. Xiao Du snorted coldly, summoned Qingyan and asked it to stay at Xiao Yuan’s side, while he himself descended to deliver a blow to Gu Hang.

Gu Hang was beaten back a little by his blow. Xiao Du said to Gu Louyin, “There’s nothing of your business here.”

Even fighting one against one, Gu Hang still couldn’t take advantage of Gu Louyin. Now that there was Xiao Du as well, Gu Hang knew that he had lost and the other disciples of Yunjian Pavilion were also at a disadvantage and defeated. In the past, Yunjian Pavilion’s biggest advantage laid in their swords tempered by Qingyan. Now that advantage no longer existed. Everyone in Xuanle Sect and Xingtian Sect had a Qingyan forged weapon in their hands. Even so, Gu Hang still didn’t mean to back down.

Could it be that he still had some big trick hidden?

Xiao Yuan stared at Gu Hang, unblinking, trying to see through his intentions. Gu Hang’s natal sword was frozen by Gu Louyin again. This time he did not break free but turned over, fell to the ground and slowly spread out his palm.

Xiao Yuan caught a flash of light and suddenly understood. At the moment Gu Hang moved, the fully unfolded Bihai Chaosheng obstructed his hand.

“It’s the ancient mirror,” Xiao Yuan said calmly, “the ancient mirror is in his hand.”

Once reflected in the ancient mirror, a soul would be plundered by it. Gu Louyin said, “Break his hands first.”

Xiao Du said coldly: “It’s not your turn to give orders.”

Xiao Yuan said, “Ge, listen to Gu Louyin.”

Xiao Du nodded reluctantly, “Okay.”

Xiao Du had to be careful when he struck again, but Gu Hang also had similar concerns. The people who protected Lin Wulian were either dead or wounded. Seeing that he was about to be captured by Xingtian Sect, Gu Hang had to be distracted to save him.

“Master!” Lin Wulian said in a trembling voice, “Shidi, Shishu, all of them…”

Gu Hang said, “I know.”

“What shall we do…”

Gu Hang stretched out his hand: “Hold on to me, I’ll take you away.”

Lin Wulian’s eyes darkened, “Okay.”

There was a sudden flash of blood red in front of him, and Gu Hang didn’t even notice the pain before he heard the sound of flesh falling to the ground. He lowered his head very slowly and saw an empty place below his right shoulder.

So fast; it was so fast that he didn’t notice it. It could only be someone beside him who had cut off his right arm.

Gu Hang’s face, always expressionless, finally distorted.

Holding the bloody sword in his hand, Lin Wulian smiled slightly at Gu Hang, a bit flirtatiously, “Master.”

“You are not him.” Gu Hang resisted losing control. He thought of something and looked aside. He remembered that Xiao Yuan had a technique to change his face.

But Xiao Yuan stood between Gu Louyin and Xiao Du, looking at him with interest.


A sword shadow flashed in front of him, and this time, the sword pierced his chest.

Gu Hang staggered back, his expression blank.

Ordinary people’s swords couldn’t cause fatal injuries to him at all. Who was it, who was it……

But this question could only be answered in the afterlife. Gu Hang fell to the ground like any mortal man, his right shoulder bleeding profusely and his left hand empty.

After a tremulous silence, Xiao Yuan said, “Dead?”

‘Lin Wulian’ said, “Temporarily dead. But his body and his soul are still there, and taking into account Gu Hang’s style, nine out of ten chance he has a back up plan.”

Mu Yingyang stared at him: “Who the hell are you?”

Xiao Yuan said, “He is my father-in-law.”

Mu Yingyang raised his eyes and stared even more intently, “Father-in-law…?”

Gu Louyin asked, “Why are you here?”

The other Gu Hang restored his appearance and said, “Master Xiao asked me to do this.”

“Let Gu Hang die at the hands of his beloved disciple at the last moment?” Xiao Du said playfully, “as expected of my Ah Yu.”

Xiao Yuan shook his head, “Unfortunately, Gu Hang didn’t believe it.”

Xiao Du asked, “Where is the real Lin Wulian?”

“I hid him and I still have some accounts to settle with him.“ Xiao Yuan stopped in front of Gu Hang’s corpse, “Xiao Qingyan, come and eat.”

The cyan dragon opened its jaws, spewed out a cloud of flames and burned Gu Hang’s corpse together with the ancient mirror that could take people’s souls to ashes.

Gu Louyin stared at the burning cyan flame, remembered what he had seen in his dream and asked Gu Hang, “Have you entered the ‘Dream of Golden Millet’?”

“No, Master Xiao asked me to seal my spiritual knowledge, lest I fall into a dream and can’t get out.” Gu Hang said, “What happened?”

Gu Louyin said calmly: “Nothing.”

Xiao Yuan looked at Gu Louyin and silently took his hand.

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