The Whole World Is My Crematorium Chapter 37

Chapter 37

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Meng Chi was so vague at first that Xiao Du thought the method to remove the Gu would be difficult, but it turned out that it was just a matter of exchanging hearts. He asked Meng Chi: “Are you certain you can do it?”

Meng Chi said cautiously: “Nine out of ten points, sure.”

Xiao Du was not satisfied, “And the final one point?”

“The process of exchanging hearts must rely on both participants’ spiritual power to stimulate their hearts.” Meng Chi said, “So for this matter to succeed, Xiao Yuan and the other person need to understand each other well and cooperate.”

“This is easy to do.” No one would be willing to give up their heart for no reason to exchange for a heart with Acacia Gu, but under the soul-possessing technique, one would be willing whether they wanted it or not.

Meng Chi said cautiously: “I understand what Your Lordship means but will Xiao Yuan agree?”

Xiao Du had always been a decisive person, but at this moment he didn’t dare to jump to conclusions. In the past, he didn’t have to consider the wishes of others. This kind of cautious, hesitant style was really not like him.

Xiao Du felt an inexplicable sense of frustration. He always looked down on people who were restrained when doing things. It was too much trouble to consider the feelings of other people when doing what he wanted to do, he had no patience to think about that. But since he encountered Xiao Yuan, he had uncontrollably become the kind of person he looked down upon. Two years ago, he noticed the first signs of the change in him and did not hesitate to push away the person who had changed him but did not carefully think about the real reason behind it.

He was afraid that from that time onwards, Xiao Yuan was already different from others in his heart. Yet, he stubbornly refused to recognize it and forced himself to cut off his special feelings for Xiao Yuan, arrogantly thinking that as long as he could be ruthless towards Xiao Yuan, he would still be who he was. Now Xiao Yuan turned out to be his closest relative but he was trying to get out of his grasp to the extent of hiding his identity. It was all his fault, his own self-inflicted retribution.

But anyways, when he finished dealing with his own retribution, he should be able to make Ah Yu, the only one he loved, stay with him willingly.


Xiao Du regained his senses and said, “Just find a way to get him to agree.”

Meng Chi didn’t dare to ask more and added: “There is another thing, the so-called “golden core connected to the heart”. After the heart exchange, the golden core and true qi cultivation base will also be affected.”

Xiao Du raised his eyes slightly, “It means I’d better find him someone with an extremely high cultivation base?”

“Being able to find someone like that is naturally beneficial to Xiao Yuan, but…” Who knows who would be so unlucky to be picked by Xiao Du.

Xiao Du looked into the room, a trace of imperceptible joy in his eyes, “I see, go and get ready.”

Meng Chi hesitated for a moment and asked, “Your Lordship, did you tell him about Xiao Rong?”

Xiao Du frowned, “Not yet.”

“Is Your Lordship not going to say anything?” Meng Chi sighed helplessly, “No matter what, you should apologize to him.”

“What’s the use of apologizing?” Xiao Du smiled and said slowly, “If I apologize, would it be as if I didn’t do the things in the past and he will just forgive everything?”

Meng Chi was speechless for a while but she couldn’t refute it.

“You can put aside the internal affairs of the sect for the time being,” Xiao Du said, “You are a rare person that Ah Yu doesn’t resent in Xingtian Sect. Take care of him.”

Meng Chi bowed and nodded.

Although his identity was revealed, Xiao Yuan still didn’t want to use his own body in Xingtian Sect. He had lived in Xingtian Sect for half a year and he knew many people, but he didn’t have the leisure to catch up with the others.

Meng Chi felt it was a great pity and said, “You don’t need to show me such a face.”

Xiao Yuan yawned and said carelessly: “Didn’t you say before that my temperament is not worthy of my face, so I’ve changed it to the one that is worthy.” He still used An Mu’s face, which he was so used to that it felt wrong to switch back to his own body.

Meng Chi smiled and said, “This face-changing technique is really wonderful. I also want to learn it. Can you teach me?”

“Yes, as long as you help me leave Xingtian Sect.”

Meng Chi shuddered, “Then forget it.” She had always liked Xiao Yuan and she would help if she could. Back then, she thought Xiao Yuan was really dead and cried. But she obviously couldn’t help with this matter. Xiao Du had just recovered his loss, and if she took Xiao Yuan away from him, her end might be even worse than Xiao Rong’s.

Xiao Yuan said listlessly: “No fun.”

Meng Chi thought for a while, and decided to say a few good words for the Venerable Lord who would not apologize: “The Venerable Lord is not putting you under house arrest. When the Gu in your body is removed, you can go wherever you want.”

Xiao Yuan asked, “Can you really remove the Acacia Gu?” Removing the Acacia Gu was the only reason for him to stay in Xingtian Sect and interact with these people.

Meng Chi said with certainty: “Yes, you can trust me.”

Xiao Yuan nodded, “Okay, I’ll wait.”

Seeing that Xiao Yuan no longer thought about running away, Meng Chi breathed a sigh of relief. Thinking about saying something that would make Xiao Yuan happy, she said, “Master Xiao, do you know about Gu Louyin’s demonization?”

“I know a bit.” Xiao Yuan glanced at her, “What’s the matter?”

Meng Chi smiled and said, “Then do you want to know the follow-up?”

Xiao Yuan was taken aback. Did he want to know? He seemed to be a little bit curious.

Without waiting for Xiao Yuan’s answer, Meng Chi said, “A few days ago, my people saw him on a snowy mountain near Luling City. His hair was silver and he was guarding a pile of bones, trying the technique of summoning the soul over and over again. But, as everyone knows, the person he is looking for is not dead at all. He can keep summoning his soul for another ten or fifty years in vain – don’t you think it’s ridiculous?”

Xiao Yuan imagined Gu Louyin’s silver-haired and white-clothed appearance. He didn’t want to laugh at all and said indifferently: “Why are you telling me this?”

Meng Chi said in surprise: “Gu Louyin took your blood to save his Shixiong, causing you to lose your cultivation base. His sect persecuted you, forcing you to jump off the cliff and kill yourself. Aren’t you happy that he ended up like this now?”

Xiao Yuan laughed now, his smile frosty. “Why did Gu Louyin take my blood and not other people’s blood? It was because I had serpentine beauty in my blood. As for why there is serpentine beauty in my blood, I don’t need to tell you.”

The smile on Meng Chi’s face was wiped clean; she held back for a long time and said, “His Lordship didn’t expect this kind of thing to happen, he…”

Xiao Yuan waved his hand, “Forget it, you don’t need to say any more.”

Since leaving Qiyue Mountain, he had rarely thought about the past. Those things were just a tangled mess. It seemed that everyone had hurt him more or less, but who was the culprit? Xiao Du? Li Xianting? Or [All Have]? It was too messy and he was too tired to think about it, so he didn’t think about it at all in order to live more comfortably.

Meng Chi was speechless, only letting out a long sigh. Xiao Du was right. Apologies and explanations had no effect on Xiao Yuan, let alone absolve what had been done before. There was no room for explanation. But she always remembered that in the past two years, Xiao Du’s face looked as if nothing had happened while he was sitting alone in Chanxin Courtyard late at night, staring at the nine-tone snail.

Meng Chi wanted to coax Xiao Yuan to feel happier, but didn’t steal the chicken and lost the rice(try to gain an advantage only to end up worse off). She knew that she had said a wrong thing and she didn’t continue to bother Xiao Yuan. She got up and said, “I’m giving you a few pills that will help your cultivation base. Remember to take them, I’ll go first.”

Xiao Yuan stopped her: “Wait.”

“What’s the matter?”

“The snow-capped mountain where Gu Louyin summoned the soul, is it the one where he and Lin Wulian went hunting before?”

“Yes, I don’t know why he chose that kind of icy place.”

Xiao Yuan’s chest was a little blocked, and he said, “Probably because that was where he and I first met.”

Gu Louyin might have thought that he was saving his life and treating him sincerely on that snowy mountain. But, as everyone knew, he was lying to him even at that time.

And all of this was also because of Xiao Du.

Xiao Yuan closed his eyes, rubbed his brows and told himself to wait. It would not be too late to make plans when the Acacia Gu was removed from his body.

Those who could be used needed to be used well. It was the truth that Xiao Du personally taught him.

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    • Tbh i dont think Gu Luoyin was too scummy. He wasnt given much of a choice by his sect and his own principles. Its just that he failed Xiao Yuan too. I hope Xiao Yuan can become free and happy.

      • I agree he also is the one who suffered the most so far I pity him yes he was an *sshole shouldn’t be with the MC but I believe he has paid the price enough

  1. I think Xiao Yuan was also pretty scummy to Gi Luoyin, he acted close to him, Xiao Yuan deceived Gu Louyin, even though it wasn’t his choice. At the end Xiao Yuan was the one who paid the consequences when he shouldn’t have so yes, he’s still the victim. But I think Xiao Yuan also never wanted to notice Gu Louyin’s feelings for him

    • I agree. Regarding take blood , he asked [all that] if he could say no, he was told he couldn’t. So the root cause of all this should be [all have] ?? Who forced him to do all the things from when he was young – just so he could survive??


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