The Whole World Is My Crematorium Chapter 56

Chapter 56

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When Xiao Yuan woke up again, there was an unfamiliar sight in front of him. He should still be in the illusion, but Gu Louyin seemed to have changed the scenery in the illusion while he was sleeping. This was a simple and elegant room with no redundant furnishings. The sun was right outside the window and the room was full of hazy clear light. Gu Louyin was still sitting on the side of the bed, wearing a simple plain white attire, “You are awake.”

Xiao Yuan asked, “How long have I slept?”

Gu Louyin said, “I don’t know.”

The eclipsed time in the illusion was indeed incalculable. Xiao Yuan looked at the backlit Gu Louyin, feeling as if he was about to dissipate in the clear light. Xiao Yuan propped up his body, found that he was dressed in the same white clothes as Gu Louyin and asked, “Where is this?”

“Yunjian Pavilion.”

Xiao Yuan was puzzled: “Didn’t you want me to see your mother?”

Gu Louyin said, “En, come with me.”

The two walked out of the house and came to the yard. The courtyard was foggy and there was no sign of the bright sunshine anymore. Xiao Yuan glanced at Gu Louyin, knowing that this was because Gu Louyin’s remaining spiritual power could not maintain the realistic illusion such as Dongguan Mountain.

After a while, the fog gradually faded and a thin figure appeared slowly. It was a demure and dignified woman with crescent-shaped eyebrows and wistful eyes. Her hair was combed in a hairdo of a married lady, she looked less than thirty years old, cold and gentle, like a blooming lily.

Xiao Yuan asked, “Is this your mother?”

“En. “Gu Louyin said, “This is what she looked like in the last year of her life.”

“How old were you then?”

“Six years old.”

Xiao Yuan smiled, “You still remember her, that’s very good.”

Mrs. Gu in the illusion could not see them, nor could she hear them. She walked slowly out of the yard with a food box in her hand. The two of them followed her, and the fog outside the courtyard was even worse, only the road they were walking on was clearly visible.

Gu Louyin looked at Mrs. Gu’s back and said unhurriedly: “My mother was originally a disciple of Yunjian Pavilion and her cultivation base was low. Even though she was in love with Gu Hang, the elders of Yunjian Pavilion would not agree to their marriage.”

Xiao Yuan said, “But your mother still married Gu Hang.”

“I heard that in order to marry her, Gu Hang did not hesitate to fight against the whole clan and forced his parents and elders to agree under the threat of quitting Yunjian Pavilion.”

Xiao Yuan had seen Gu Hang on Dongguan Mountain before and he couldn’t imagine that such a man could be such an infatuated human being. But if Gu Hang really had a deep affection for Mrs. Gu, shouldn’t the child born to him by his beloved be regarded as his lifeblood? Why would Gu Hang ignore Gu Louyin? Even if Gu Louyin was demonized, he was not hopeless. Why didn’t Gu Hang even bother to try?

A crisp sound of metal clashing interrupted Xiao Yuan’s thoughts. He followed the path only to see that Mrs. Gu had already stopped, and there were three figures, one big and two small in front of her. The big one was exactly the Gu Hang they had mentioned just now, as for the two small ones——

“You and Lin Wulian?”

Gu Louyin nodded, “En.”

The six-year-old Gu Louyin, with exquisite eyebrows and smart eyes, was wearing the white clothes of Yunjian Pavilion and held a short sword. Even at a young age, he had a calm jade face and indifferent eyes. There was no trace of liveliness that a six-year-old child should have. As for Lin Wulian, he was handsome and charming, childish, about the same height as little Gu Louyin; with a sword in his hand, he was dancing vigorously.

The two kids were practicing their sword techniques, and Gu Hang watched from the side. Xiao Yuan noticed that Gu Hang’s attention seemed to be on Lin Wulian all the time and he rarely took a glance at Gu Louyin, and the few occasional words of guidance were all said to Lin Wulian. No wonder everyone in Yunjian Pavilion said that Gu Hang treated Lin Wulian like how a father treats a son. It turned out that he had treated the two of them differently since they were so young. It was a pity that no matter how much Gu Hang instructed Lin Wulian, even a blind man could see the gap between his and Gu Louyin’s swordsmanship.

Among the three, Lin Wulian was the first to notice the arrival of Mrs. Gu. Lin Wulain stopped the sword in his hand and smiled: “Madam is here.”

Little Gu Louyin paused and said, “Mother.” In the end, little Gu Louyin’s tone was calm but the joy in his eyes could not be hidden.

Mrs. Gu smiled lightly, “Are you tired? I have prepared a snack for you. Take a break and then practice after eating.”

Little Gu Louyin and Lin Wulian looked at Gu Hang at the same time, and when they saw Gu Hang nod, they put the swords in the sheaths and surrounded Mrs. Gu. Mrs. Gu squatted down, wiped the sweaty hands of the two children with a handkerchief, opened the food box and handed each of them an osmanthus cake.

Xiao Yuan watched little Gu Louyin holding the osmanthus cake, taking small bites and eating it seriously, and couldn’t help but curve his lips.

In addition to osmanthus cake, Mrs. Gu also prepared a bowl of osmanthus soup. She walked up to Gu Hang with osmanthus soup and said, “Shixiong, I…”

Before Mrs. Gu finished speaking, she was coldly interrupted by Gu Hang: “No need.”

Mrs. Gu lowered her hand in disappointment, turned around and wanted to leave, but was stopped by Gu Hang: “You went to my study?”

Mrs. Gu was taken aback and said, “Yes, I saw there was some mess inside, so…”

Gu Hang’s expression grew even colder, “I said that no one is allowed to enter my study without my permission – including you.” Having said that, he strode away, leaving Mrs. Gu standing sadly on the spot.

Little Gu Louyin stopped eating his osmanthus cake. He walked to Mrs. Gu and gently tugged at her sleeve, “Mother.”

Mrs. Gu recovered, patted her only son’s raised head and smiled: “Mother is fine.”

Xiao Yuan asked the big Gu Louyin beside him: “Your parents quarreled?”

Gu Louyin’s face turned pale, “They have been like this since I can remember.”

Xiao Yuan simply couldn’t find any explanation for that. Their love was said to be as deep as the sea, enough to fight the whole clan. And that was it? Was it a case of boredom, weariness, or just not knowing how to cherish what you’ve got?

Ah, men.

The fog got denser again, hiding the figures of Mrs. Gu and the others. In the vast expanse between heaven and earth, except for him and Gu Louyin, there was nothing.

Xiao Yuan reminded Gu Louyin: “We should go. Or, you should let me go.”

Gu Louyin looked at him and whispered, “It’s not the end yet… not yet.”

There was a violent vibration under his feet, a precursor to the imminent collapse of the illusion. Xiao Yuan frowned and said, “Don’t waste your spiritual power.”

Gu Louyin stubbornly shook his head, “It’s not a waste.” As soon as he said that, he seemed to be unable to support himself anymore and knelt down in front of Xiao Yuan in embarrassment, his breath short and his shoulders trembling as if in extreme pain. His gaze was firmly locked on Xiao Yuan and each additional moment of looking at Xiao Yuan caused him a little more pain..

Xiao Yuan didn’t persuade him anymore, he just stood condescendingly, allowing Gu Louyin to look at him.

No matter how deep the spiritual power was, there was always a time when it would be exhausted. The sense of collapse and distortion was getting stronger and the illusion could no longer support the souls of two people. As the master of the illusion, Gu Louyin would stay until the illusion was completely broken, so it could only be Xiao Yuan who left first.

Gu Louyin’s eyes widened, staring at Xiao Yuan’s body that gradually became transparent.

Was it the end? Couldn’t he take one more look, just one more look……

“Xiao Yuan …!”

Xiao Yuan sighed and wanted to say something to Gu Louyin. But when he met Gu Louyin’s eyes, he suddenly lost his ability to talk.

Those eyes full of despair and affection were so eloquent. There was love, hate and anger in them mixed with some other unknown emotions.

Until his soul was forcibly pulled out of the illusion, Xiao Yuan still didn’t say a word. He didn’t even bend down to let Gu Louyin look at him for the last time on the same level.

Opening his eyes abruptly, Xiao Yuan was again in the hut on the snowy mountain. The snow was falling outside and the candlelight inside was swaying. Luo Lan and Fang Baichu sat on his left and right, looking happy and anxious. Fang Baichu breathed a sigh of relief and said, “You’ve come back at last. It’s been too long for this soul trick!”

Xiao Yuan’s mind was in a daze, and he couldn’t separate the illusion from the real world for a while. He caught Fang Baichu’s words and asked, “How long?”

“A whole day and night!” Fang Baichu exclaimed, “Ordinary people can hold their souls for only a few hours even if they are powerful. Gu Louyin is not a human being…”

Luo Lan made a silent gesture, pointed to Gu Louyin who had not yet woken up and motioned Fang Baichu to shut up.

Xiao Yuan’s heartbeat was very fast; he didn’t know if it was the residual effects of staying in the illusion for too long. Gu Louyin’s last look kept lingering in his mind. He closed his eyes and waited quietly for his heartbeat to calm down.

It didn’t take long for him to hear Fang Baichu say, “Gu Louyin seems to be waking up too!”

Xiao Yuan opened his eyes and looked at Gu Louyin.

Gu Louyin’s expression remained blank, his eyes closed tightly, only two lines of clear tears slid down from the corners of his eyes.

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