The Whole World Is My Crematorium Chapter 64

Chapter 64

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Xiao Yuan, who was pushed out by Gu Louyin, regained his balance, glanced at the closed stone gate, turned his head and left.

Rubbish, he had already been ‘thrown out’ by Gu Louyin, what else could he do if he didn’t leave? Was it possible to stay there and cheer for Gu Louyin through the stone gate? There was a blood ban spell on this stone gate. He was not a member of the Gu family, so he couldn’t get in since he couldn’t open the door. Instead of waiting around, it was better to get down to business.

He knew it was useless to worry, but he still gritted his teeth when he thought of Gu Louyin’s words and his clear determination to die – Gu Louyin had better survive. Qingyan hadn’t been taken yet, he hadn’t finished using Gu Louyin yet, so if he wanted to die, he had to ask him whether he agreed!

In the secret passage, Gu Louyin was alone and behind him was the heavy stone gate.

Qian Sang stepped forward to pursue Xiao Yuan but Gu Hang said, “Let him go.”

Qian Sang was quite surprised, “Pavilion Master?”

“Shen Fugui can go, but Xuanle Sect can’t.”

Qian Sang withdrew, “I understand what Pavilion Master means.”

Gu Hang looked at his son whose silhouette was somewhat similar to his own and said, “Let me ask you again, where is the third one.”

Gu Louyin was expressionless, “There is no third person.”

“Shidi, you can’t hide him from us.” Lin Wulian whispered softly, “I saw him in the ancient mirror.”

A ripple flashed in Gu Louyin’s quiet eyes.

Lin Wulian stared into Gu Louyin’s eyes and said word by word: “Shidi, Xiao Yuan is not dead. He is here with you.”

Qian Sang said, “The ancient mirror does not show a human’s body but a human’s soul. Even if he occupies the body of someone else, he will show his original form in the mirror.”

Gu Louyin took a deep breath. The things he didn’t dare to confirm were being confirmed by others. He was not alone this time, the people of Yunjian Pavilion thought so too. Xiao Yuan was not dead, he really was not dead.

When did he come to him? When he was in Luling City, or earlier? Unexpectedly, he didn’t realize it.

Gu Louyin suddenly remembered the young man named Liang Nian on the snow-capped mountain. When he saw him for the first time, his heart throbbed without any warning. At that time, he didn’t think much about it, just that he was repeating the same mistake, desperately clinging to the impossible.

He felt it, but he was so scared by Xiao Yuan’s lies that he couldn’t believe his instinct.

Gu Louyin firmly believed that one day, Xiao Yuan would cause his death through his antics. But even so, he didn’t feel even a trace of anger or complaint from being deceived. He was willing, willing to be played by Xiao Yuan.

Xiao Yuan didn’t want to reveal his identity, so he wouldn’t know anything, it didn’t matter if he couldn’t reveal that he recognized him. As long as Xiao Yuan was alive – as long as he was alive.

Thinking of Xiao Yuan pretending to be Shen Fugui all the way, Gu Louyin couldn’t help but smile softly in a dumb way. In an instant, the chill on his body turned into a gentle autumn light that suddenly lit up the dim secret passage.

Lin Wulian’s eyes widened suddenly. Gu Louyin smiled at the mention of the man who made him break up with his biological father and his shimen. He smiled. Lin Wulian called out in disbelief, “Shidi…?”

Gu Hang saw Gu Louyin’s reaction and said coldly: “Look at what you have become – for a pretty but worthless man, you fell into demonization, mutinied against your sect and even your last thought is of him. Gu Louyin, you are not worthy to be the disciple of Yunjian Pavilion, let alone the young master of Yunjian Pavilion. Thinking of our father and son relationship, I didn’t want to take your life. However, instead of seeing this lovestruck madman, it is better for me to clean Yunjian Pavilion from this shame.”

Gu Louyin said calmly: “Even now you still think that I was demonized just because of him.”

“Weren’t you?” Lin Wulian said suddenly, “You weren’t like this before, it was all because of him… since you met him, you have changed. As long as he was there, you didn’t look at anyone else. Gu Louyin, did you ever think of your mother in heaven when you were indulging in this beauty and having no regard for your morality?”

Gu Louyin’s eyes darkened and Lin Wulian was pulled aside by Gu Hang before he could clearly see what had happened. Only a harsh sound could be heard and a very deep sword mark was carved into the wall right where Lin Wulian had been standing. Had it not been for Gu Hang’s quick action, the sword would have passed through Lin Wulian’s throat and taken his life.

Lin Wulian’s delicate face turned pale, he grasped his throat fearfully and murmured, “Kill me…” His voice suddenly raised, “You wanted to kill me!”

Gu Louyin’s aura was chilly, Lin Wulian’s words had touched his two inverted scales. “You shouldn’t bring up my mother, let alone impose false charges on Xiao Yuan again. Even if I covet his beauty, what does it have to do with him.”

Gu Louyin’s sword attack really filled Gu Hang with murderous intent. He raised his sword and said to Lin Wulian and Qian Sang, “Go and stand aside. I will personally crush this rebel to ashes in the name of my Yunjian Pavilion.”

Gu Louyin’s cold jade-like face was illuminated by the sword light – he told Xiao Yuan he would come to him, he couldn’t die.

When Xiao Yuan returned to Yunjian Pavilion, it was almost dawn. The disciples of Yunjian Pavilion were played like monkeys all night, tired and full of hatred. They had no special reaction when they saw ‘Shen Fugui’ as Gu Hang and the others did not tell anyone what happened in the secret passage. Gu Louyin was right. Gu Hang never trusted others, nor did he care to trust others. Otherwise, there would have been a large number of people waiting for them at the entrance of the secret passage. How could they get out of there so easily.

Xiao Yuan found a deserted place and played the flute. Li Yanzhi heard the sound and said with joy: “Young lord, did we do well?”

“Very well, but it’s a pity that Gu Hang still found us.”

Li Yanzhi said in surprise: “How could that be?!”

Xiao Yuan didn’t have time to explain and said, “I was careless and it has nothing to do with you. You pass the order, let the disciples of Xingtian Sect withdraw from Yunjian Pavilion for the time being and quietly follow me to a place. Don’t alarm the people of Yunjian Pavilion.”

Li Yanzhi asked, “Young lord, where are we going?”

Xiao Yuan said coolly: “To save an *sshole.”

Xiao Yuan took Li Yanzhi and others back to the cliff where Qingyan was located. The stone gate was closed as tightly as when he left. He put his ear to it, trying to hear anything.

After setting up a defense formation, Li Yanzhi also came over and joined Xiao Yuan by the door. After listening for a long time, he didn’t hear anything. “Young lord, is the *sshole you want to save really in there? Is he already…”

“No,” Xiao Yuan said, “he won’t die that easily.” Gu Louyin knew he was good, and he knew that Gu Louyin was even better than good. That day, Gu Louyin alone was able to kill in all four directions at Yunjian Pavilion, but now there were only three opponents. He might not be as good as Gu Hang but he would never get killed in the short period of time that it took Xiao Yuan to bring reinforcements.

“However,“ Xiao Yuan said worriedly, “if it continues like this, we won’t be able to tell. We need to find a way to go in and save him.”

Li Yanzhi said: “Young lord, please move away and I will see if I can open this door.”

Xiao Yuan squinted at him: “Are you a member of the Gu family? Or Gu Louyin’s Dao companion? I said there is a blood ban spell on this door and no one can open it except for people with the blood of the Gu family in their veins.”

Li Yanzhi grinned and said, “If we can’t break the blood ban, we can rely on brute force. Isn’t it just a door? Can it withstand my Yehuo Sanzai sword?”

Xiao Yuan’s heart fluttered and he gave a spot to Li Yanzhi. “You cut it, cut it hard, don’t feel sorry for it because it’s a stone gate.”

“Yes!” Li Yanzhi called out and his vicious Yehuo Sanzai sword slashed heavily on the stone gate with a dull, reverberating impact. Debris rolled down all around, scaring birds and beasts, but the stone gate remained immovable and Li Yanzhi’s sword did not leave even the slightest trace on it.

Li Yanzhi was stunned: “Can this door be the same as the young lord’s fan? Is it made of the hardest material in the world?”

“It might be. After all, the treasure of Yunjian Pavilion is hidden inside.” Xiao Yuan said, “You keep slashing and slashing hard. The louder the noise, the better.”

Li Yanzhi understood, “Young lord wants to lure them out?”

“En,“ Xiao Yuan stared at the gate with murderous eyes, “since we can’t get in, let them come out.”

When Li Yanzhi slashed for the ninth time, the stone gate opened from the inside with a bang and a powerful sword aura almost tossed him to the ground. Xiao Yuan was forced to raise his hand to block his eyes and his heels made a mark on the ground.

Li Yanzhi roared: “They are out! Brothers, go!”

Xiao Yuan put down his hand and saw Gu Louyin flying out first, looking calm and with no shortage of arms and legs; Gu Hang followed closely behind him, with a murderous expression on his face. Seeing that he was about to catch up with Gu Louyin, the disciples of Xingtian Sect swarmed up, took a pre-arranged formation and surrounded Gu Hang. At this moment, Qian Sang walked out supporting Lin Wulian who was pale. When he saw the extra people, his face sank. “This is…”

Gu Hang frowned and said coldly: “Xingtian Sect.”

“Gu Louyin–” Xiao Yuan shouted at the silver-haired sword cultivator in the crowd, “Come here!”

Gu Louyin turned his eyes slightly and when he saw the familiar figure, his heart throbbed.

When Gu Louyin came closer, Xiao Yuan discovered that he had suffered a shoulder injury and his wound was bleeding, dyeing a large area of his white clothes red. Xiao Yuan was quite satisfied with the result, “It’s okay, it’s okay as long as you are alive.”

Gu Louyin looked at him and asked in a low voice, “Why did you come back?”

Xiao Yuan felt angry and amused: “If I didn’t come back, shall I burn paper money for you on Tomb Sweeping Day next year? I don’t have that much free time. Your injury needs to be dealt with. Leave it to the people of Xingtian Sect, and we will withdraw first.”

Gu Louyin said, “Okay.”

“Want to leave?!” Gu Hang raised his sword to chase but was blocked by Li Yanzhi. Li Yanzhi smiled and said, “Pavilion Master Gu, your opponent is us.”

Gu Hang said coldly: “You overestimate your abilities.”

Xiao Yuan had given orders to Li Yanzhi in advance, asking them not to work hard but just to delay Gu Hang and the others. The people he brought this time, not to mention their other abilities, were all highly skilled at escaping and it would not be difficult for them to get away afterwards. Under the protection of the disciples of Xingtian Sect, Gu Louyin took Xiao Yuan onto his sword and said, “Where do you want to go?”

Xiao Yuan said, “There is a village thirty miles away from Huaizhou. Let’s go there first to avoid the limelight.”

Gu Louyin stood behind him and asked, “Why would the people of Xingtian Sect help us?”

Xiao Yuan had expected Gu Louyin to ask this question a long time ago and said, “They don’t want to help us, they want to take Qingyan. I found the guardian of Xingtian Sect, told them where Qingyan was, and they came here.”

Gu Louyin was silent for a moment and said, “Fugui.”

“En?” Xiao Yuan turned his head and felt something cool and soft brushing his ear; only then did he realize that he and Gu Louyin were a little close.

“Thank you very much.”

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