The Whole World Is My Crematorium Chapter 66

Chapter 66

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Fang Baichu was in a hurry to see Xiao Yuan, not realizing that the other party was frozen in place, his handsome open face almost cracking.

“What did you say?!” Mu Yingyang seemed to feel a fire burning in his chest, “My Shixiong is sleeping with Gu Louyin?”

Fang Baichu opened his mouth and said, “Yes, young lord and Gu Louyin are inseparable these days, one can say that they are joined at the hips.” He walked a few steps, turned sideways and did not see Mu Yingyang, then looked back, startled by the expression of the black-clothed young man behind him. As a reliable medical practitioner, Fang Baichu judged that Mu Yingyang had sudden heart palpitations and hurriedly said, “Master Mu, calm down!”

Mu Yingyang couldn’t calm down at all. He gritted his teeth and said, “Where are they sleeping?!”

Xiao Yuan, who was still asleep, noticed a murderous aura and opened his eyes abruptly. As soon as he picked up Bihai Chaosheng beside his pillow, the door of his room slammed open.

Mu Yingyang saw ‘Shen Fugui’ sitting on his Shixiong’s bed, his clothes messy, and another pot of oil was added to the fire in his heart – didn’t Fang Baichu say that it was Gu Louyin? How could this Shen Fugui be explained! He had only been away from his Shixiong for a month, and his Shixiong got two more men? If he came a few days later, maybe he wouldn’t even be able to rank third!

Mu Yingyang’s eyes were dark and scary, “How dare you sleep in my Shixiong’s bed – get lost.”

“Shidi?” Xiao Yuan said in surprise, “Why are you here?”

Mu Yingyang was taken aback and barely reacted, “Shixiong? Are you Shixiong?”

“Yes,“ Xiao Yuan put down Bihai Chaosheng and yawned, “Didn’t Li Yanzhi tell you that I am using Shen Fugui’s face now.”

Mu Yingyang: “…” Well, he misunderstood about Shen Fugui, but what about Gu Louyin?

Mu Yingyang looked around the room, opened the closet and almost checked under the bed. Xiao Yuan sat blankly on the bed, holding the quilt in his arms and asked, “What are you looking for?”

“Gu Louyin.” Mu Yingyang said in a suppressed voice, “Where did Shixiong hide him?”

“Gu Louyin? He is next door, do you have something to do with him?”

His jealousy was extinguished with a whoosh. Mu Yingyang realized something and said bitterly: “Fang – Bai – Chu.”

Xiao Yuan propped his chin and looked at him, “Why is Shidi so weird? Are you really my shidi and not someone else pretending to be him? Let me ask you, when I was a kid, I spent a lot of money to buy you a sugar piggy. What did you do to it in the end?”

Mu Yingyang’s tone was helpless: “Shixiong…”

“En? Come on, if you don’t say, I will have a reason to suspect that you are a fake.” Xiao Yuan was not completely joking; since he often pretended to be someone else, he was more sensitive to that than ordinary people. However, he knew that the young man in front of him was indeed Mu Yingyang. If nothing else, he was too familiar with the temperament of his stupid shidi.

Mu Yingyang had no choice but to say, “I trampled the sugar piggy to pieces.”

Xiao Yuan smiled and said, “It turns out that you are really my shidi.”

Mu Yingyang sat down by the bed and said, “Shidi, don’t you want to ask me why I did that?”

“Do I have to ask? It’s naturally because you hated me.”

Mu Yingyang said anxiously: “At that time, my teeth were changing and Shizun did not allow me to eat sweets. If Shizun found out about the sugar piggy Shixiong bought for me, we both would have to be punished, that’s why I…”

The trivial matter that had happened many years ago was finally explained. Xiao Yuan was not relieved. He just wanted to slap Mu Yingyang’s face. But seeing that the guy was dusty and exhausted as if he hadn’t rested for many days, he endured it and said, “It’s not like you would’ve lost more teeth if you explained it at that time. But you had to behave like I owed you money, what were you trying to do?”

“How could I hate Shixiong,” Mu Yingyang propped his hands on the bed, leaned forward and approached Xiao Yuan, his eyes shining like stars, “I don’t even have enough time to like Shixiong.”

The two of them were very close, and Xiao Yuan could feel the warm aura of Mu Yingyang’s body, fiery like a pomegranate.

Xiao Yuan raised his eyebrows.

Mu Yingyang said hoarsely: “Shixiong…”


“Something in my chest is beating so fast, what about Shixiong?”

Xiao Yuan felt his heartbeat for a moment, “No, mine is quite stable.”

Mu Yingyang’s heart, which was beating so fast just now, was instantly frozen.

Xiao Yuan pushed Mu Yingyang away and said, “Don’t like me, like someone else, be a good boy.”

“I won’t.” Mu Yingyang said angrily, “I want to like Shixiong.”

Xiao Yuan tried to reason with him: “Why, there is always greener grass in the world…”

“There is greener grass but who can look better than Shixiong.”

“If you just like my face, don’t bother.” Xiao Yuan said, “I hardly use my face anymore.”

Mu Yingyang said, “It’s okay, I can imagine it.”

“…” Xiao Yuan didn’t know how to persuade Mu Yingyang.

Mu Yingyang leaned down, hugged Xiao Yuan’s waist through the quilt and said in a muffled voice: “I know that I used to bully Shixiong and said some bad things that made Shixiong angry. It is normal for Shixiong not to like me. I know I made a mistake, I will change and I will try my best to make Shixiong like me too. So, Shixiong, don’t like someone else first…”

Xiao Yuan opened the quilt to get out of bed, “I can’t guarantee that.”

Mu Yingyang pressed the quilt to prevent him from leaving, “No, Shixiong, you must promise!”

Xiao Yuan ran out of patience, “Mu Yingyang, are you out of your mind, can you force this kind of thing? I said I don’t like you. Let me go or I’ll slap you.”

“Won’t let go, Shixiong, slap me.”

Xiao Yuan picked up Bihai Chaosheng and slapped Mu Yingyang’s intact left hand mercilessly. Mu Yingyang let out an ”ah” and said aggrieved: “It hurts, Shixiong.”

“If you know it hurts, why are you still not letting go?”

Just when Xiao Yuan couldn’t stand it and wanted to show his true style, a chilly sword aura struck. Mu Yingyang seemed to have been stabbed by something and immediately let go of his hand.

Although Xiao Yuan was able to get out, the vein on his forehead throbbed when he saw the silver-haired sword cultivator standing at the door.

Mu Yingyang looked at the visitor coldly. He was a coquettish little shidi in front of his Shixiong but now he had become cold and arrogant, rebellious and untameable. “It’s you again.”

Gu Louyin looked at Mu Yingyang coldly, “Why are you here?”

Mu Yingyang asked rhetorically: “Why can’t I be here?”

Gu Louyin looked at Xiao Yuan, as if waiting for him to explain.

“I asked him to come.” Xiao Yuan said, “Mu Yingyang wants to destroy Yunjian Pavilion. He is of great help to us.”

The more Xiao Yuan spoke, the more he felt that his reasons were full of loopholes. For example, how did he contact Mu Yingyang and why did Mu Yingyang who was unfriendly to Shen Fugui agree to help them. Gu Louyin was not stupid, he could definitely see these flaws. But he couldn’t help it. Mu Yingyang really came too suddenly. He didn’t even have time to prepare a ‘chance encounter’ like with Fang Baichu, so he could only say something like that.

After Xiao Yuan finished speaking, he was ready for Gu Louyin to question him. Unexpectedly, Gu Louyin did not ask anything else but said, “Fang Baichu is looking for us for something.”

Xiao Yuan was taken aback, “Oh… let’s go.”

Gu Louyin nodded, “Okay.”

Seeing that Gu Louyin didn’t mean to leave, Mu Yingyang narrowed his eyes: “What else do you want?”

Gu Louyin said calmly: “Waiting for him.”

“Did he say that he needs you to wait?”

Xiao Yuan bit the bullet and smoothed the situation, “You all go out first and I will come after I change clothes.”

Fang Baichu talked to Xiao Yuan and Gu Louyin about the method of stabilizing souls that he had thought of. “This method can help you temporarily stabilize the remaining souls and keep your golden core and qi unaffected.”

“You also said it is temporary,” Xiao Yuan said, “So when everything is said and done, we still have to get the earth soul back.”

Mu Yingyang didn’t know what had happened before, so he said anxiously: “Shi… what happened to your earth soul?”

Fang Baichu hurriedly replied: “The souls of Master Shen and Master Gu are in the hands of Yunjian Pavilion.”

Mu Yingyang looked disgusted, “It’s Yunjian Pavilion again.”

Gu Louyin said, “This matter should not be delayed.”

Xiao Yuan thought for a while and said, “Don’t worry too much. With this method of stabilizing souls, we have doubled our time so we can plan and make a move.”

He just said it to calm down the others. He knew very well that the soul matter could not be delayed, but he hoped that Gu Louyin and Mu Yingyang would not intervene and let him solve it alone.

Gu Louyin had no objections, “En.”

The four of them were discussing major matters inside when they suddenly heard a loud wailing. Gu Louyin grabbed the sheath, “What is it?”

Xiao Yuan held back a smile: “If I guessed it correctly, this should be the cry of a pig when it is slaughtered.”

Gu Louyin: “…”

“Go, let’s go out and have a look.”

In the yard, Uncle Pan was tying up a big fat pig and Ah Yuan was helping. Xiao Yuan smiled and said, “Is today a good day to kill a pig?”

Uncle Pan grinned: “The immortal has forgotten, today is the Mid-Autumn Festival!”

Mu Yingyang’s face changed and his eyes flashed slightly.

Xiao Yuan really forgot about it and said softly, “Mid-Autumn Festival?”

The days had passed so fast; he felt that it had just been the 15th of the seventh month and now the 15th of the eighth month was here. Fortunately, the antidote to the Acacia Gu given to him by Fang Baichu last time hadn’t been used up, so he didn’t have to worry about the Acacia Gu for half a year.

“Of course!” Uncle Pan said, “The Mid-Autumn Festival is a big day. We have nothing to entertain the immortals, so we can only kill a pig and make a good meal for the immortals.”

Xiao Yuan smiled and said, “Pork alone won’t be enough, we also need chicken, duck and fish.”

Uncle Pan hurriedly said, “I’ll go to another house to buy–”

“You go on to kill this pig and leave the rest to us.”

Xiao Yuan had Fang Baichu and Gu Louyin to buy a chicken and a duck, and Mu Yingyang followed him to the river to catch fish. Mu Yingyang was in a good mood and said that he wanted to catch the biggest fish and give it to Shixiong.

Xiao Yuan said, “Don’t bother with catching fish. Come on, didn’t you come to me to tell me what you have learned about Li Xianting?”

Mu Yingyang stared at him: “Shixiong asked me to accompany him to catch fish just to ask this?”

“What else?” The task he had given Mu Yingyang before was to find out the details of Li Xianting.

Mu Yingyang took a deep breath and said as if admitting defeat: “Well, I have one thing related to him to tell Shixiong.”

Xiao Yuan was all ears.

“After leaving Xingtian Sect, I listened to Shixiong’s words and went back to Xufu first. Everything in Xufu is still the same as when I left back then and Shizun has not come back in the past few years. I took all Shizun’s things and looked at them again, but I didn’t have a clue until I found a painting.”

“A painting?” Xiao Yuan remembered that Li Xianting enjoyed calligraphy and painting in his free time. He painted mostly landscapes and occasionally portraits. Xiao Yuan would see himself appearing in his paintings from time to time.

“This painting was different from his other paintings. Although it is a landscape painting, there is a kind of… indescribable evil aura. It doesn’t look like his painting at all. I have never seen that painting in the past.” Mu Yingyang said, “After that, I took the painting and asked around and found that the mountains and the lake in the painting really exist.”

Xiao Yuan asked, “Where is it?”


“You went to Lizhou? Did you find anything.”

Mu Yingyang shook his head, “I just confirmed that there is such a place, so I came to Shixiong at once.”

“You should have checked it out and come back.”

“But I miss Shixiong.”

“…Don’t you even blush when you say such things?”

Mu Yingyang said confidently: “Why should I blush? It’s you who taught me this.”

“Nonsense, what did I teach you?”

“That you can’t be two-faced, you have to tell the other party exactly what you want.”

Xiao Yuan’s words were stuck in his throat for a while, then he rubbed his forehead and said, “Let’s catch fish.”

When Gu Louyin returned to the courtyard, Fang Baichu was watching Uncle Pan kill the pig with great interest. Ah Yuan saw the god-like immortal master carrying a chicken in his hand and rushed to him. Before reaching out, she wiped her hands on her dress, “Master Immortal, give, give it to me.”

Fang Baichu said, “Master Gu is back.”

“Shen Fugui hasn’t returned yet?”

“No,” Fang Baichu said, “he is probably still sharing the joys of fish and water (also means intercourse) with Master Mu.”

Gu Louyin: “…”

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