The Whole World Is My Crematorium Chapter 74

Chapter 74

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“Dao companions?” Xiao Yuan didn’t seem to understand, “Is it just like father and mother?”

Xiao Du knew that the ‘father’ mentioned by Xiao Yuan was the father they shared. After Xiao Yuan’s mother married him, although they had the wedding ceremony, the two of them had always treated each other politely rather than affectionately. They were just a husband and a wife, not Dao companions.

“Not like them,” Xiao Du said, “we will be better than them.”

Xiao Yuan’s eyes lit up with expectation, and he sat up with excitement with a quilt on top of his head. “Then I want to be Dao companions with gege!”

Xiao Yuan thought that his gege would be as happy as he was, but he just looked at him deeply and in his narrow eyes there was a melancholic joy that he couldn’t understand.

Xiao Yuan called anxiously: “Gege?”

Xiao Du said, “Baby, say it again, what you just said.”

“I want to be Dao companions with gege?”

Xiao Du raised the corners of his lips and pinched Xiao Yuan’s ears lightly, “That’s enough.”

Xiao Yuan asked, “What can Ah Yu do to become gege’s Dao companion?”

Xiao Du put the young man back in his arms, pulled up the quilt and covered him, coaxing him, “Ah Yu, it’s time to sleep.”

Xiao Yuan tried to get out of the quilt, “But…”

Another thunder sounded; Xiao Du felt the body in his arms stiffen. He covered Xiao Yuan’s ears with his hands and cast a silencing spell, saying, “Ah Yu, don’t be afraid, gege is here.””

The silencing spell isolated the sound of wind, rain and thunder. For Xiao Yuan who was only seven years old in mind, the outside world was turbulent and only the arms of his gege were a warm and comfortable harbour.

Xiao Yuan finally quieted and went to sleep with Xiao Du’s arm resting on his back.

The boy’s sleeping profile was reflected in Xiao Du’s pupils, and an incredible thought of defying Heavens and human ethics flashed through Xiao Du’s mind. If… if he really became Dao companions with the remnant soul, what would happen to him and what would happen to the body of Xiao Yuan?

It was not the first time this idea appeared in his mind but he suppressed it in the past. However, last night he was finally willing to face it directly.

He couldn’t help it anymore. He always thought that as long as he made amends to Xiao Yuan, as long as he held the best things in the world in front of Xiao Yuan, Xiao Yuan would stay with him. He didn’t know how wrong he was until the heart-protecting spell was fulfilled. No matter how hard he tried and what he did, Xiao Yuan would not care; even if he lost his life for him, Xiao Yuan would be indifferent. The only thing he could do was to return the freedom Xiao Yuan wanted. He really couldn’t help it anymore; he admits his loss. In terms of ruthlessness, he couldn’t compare to Xiao Yuan.

But he didn’t expect that another Xiao Yuan would appear beside him. This Xiao Yuan was the same as in his memories when he was a child; ignorant of the world, innocent, straightforward and cute. He didn’t have those messy memories. When he saw him, he would call him ‘gege’ with his eyes curved. He would make a wish to be with his gege forever. He would also knock on his door during the thunder and rain and beg to sleep with him coquettishly. He looked exactly the same as the other Xiao Yuan. He possessed one-third of Xiao Yuan’s soul. He was a microcosm of Xiao Yuan. If they hadn’t been separated when they were young and if he hadn’t made a mistake of recognizing the wrong person as his younger brother, Xiao Yuan that had taken his life might not exist and he would have a well-behaved and clingy younger brother.

Since he was not destined to get Xiao Yuan’s original body, wasn’t it a comfort to get a third of Xiao Yuan’s soul? So what if the original body collapsed? That original body, anyways, had never taken him to heart.

Lightning cut through the night sky like a sharp sword, illuminating the room brightly. Xiao Du broke free from his evil thoughts, the scarlet in his eyes receded and he smiled mockingly at himself.

He really loved the good brother who was sleeping next to him at this moment. But what he could never let go of was his bad brother who was ruthless and would do anything to get what he wanted.

A figure appeared at the door, and Xiao Du withdrew his arm from Xiao Yuan. Xiao Yuan frowned and turned over, but fortunately there was no sign of waking up. Xiao Du put on his robe and opened the door.

The rain was pouring down, and Meng Chi, who was standing outside the door with an umbrella in her hand, was quite wet. She leaned forward slightly and said, “My Lord.”

“What’s the matter?”

Meng Chi said, “Something seems to have happened to Lu Yueyao, so she sent someone to invite us to have a look.”

Xiao Du didn’t ask much, changed his clothes and finally glanced at the sleeping boy on the bed, “Let’s go.”

The two walked out holding umbrellas. Xiao Du asked, “What is the situation?”

Meng Chi lowered her voice and said, “This subordinate has done everything in accordance with the Lord’s instructions. The young lord should have no doubts.”

Xiao Du said calmly: “Even if he suspects something, he won’t let you see it.”

Meng Chi couldn’t help asking: “This subordinate really doesn’t understand why the Venerable Lord went to such great lengths to attract the young venerable lord to come.”

Xiao Du stopped, turned to look at the dripping eaves and said, “I can’t do it and I can’t tolerate anyone besides him hurting him.”

Meng Chi sighed again: “Since he is destined to ‘die’, why did Your Lordship take him in and spoil him like this in the first place? Isn’t this too sad for you?”

Xiao Du chuckled quietly, “Yes, why indeed.”

The door opened again, this time from the outside. Xiao Yuan walked into the room, came to the bedside and looked down at the young man on the bed.

To some extent, this teenager was a part of him that had been lost. He looked at him as if he was looking at another self.

This ‘Xiao Yuan’ was mentally incomplete; even with the ancient mirror’s resentment and the spiritual power of his remnant soul in his body, he was definitely not his opponent. It was easy for him to kill him.

‘Xiao Yuan’ slept defenselessly, completely unaware of what was waiting for him. Xiao Yuan thought of the lotus lantern he floated and the nursery rhymes he hummed, thinking that it would be a good thing for him to die in his sleep. At least he didn’t need to be frightened and wouldn’t notice the pain. Before he died, he would have good memories.

Realising that he seemed to be a little bit reluctant to do anything, Xiao Yuan smiled silently. Was he brainwashed by Xiao Du? Xiao Du regarded this ‘Xiao Yuan’ as a real person. How could he make such a stupid and ridiculous mistake? ‘Xiao Yuan’ was not a human being, he was just a remnant of his soul. After the body was destroyed, he would not die or disappear, he would return to his body and exist in another way.

Xiao Yuan no longer hesitated. He took a deep breath and summoned Bihai Chaosheng. The jade fan was placed against the throat of the young man, and if spiritual power was used, it would be enough to destroy this body forged by the ancient mirror out of resentment.

At this moment, ‘Xiao Yuan’ suddenly opened his eyes and saw a strange man standing by his bed. His face turned pale and he said in horror: “Ge, gege, help me!”

Xiao Yuan raised his eyebrows and said fiercely: “Don’t you feel tired of calling ‘gege’,  ‘gege’ all day long? Don’t call him that.”

‘Xiao Yuan’ grabbed the quilt, his eyes reddened and his voice trembled: “You… who are you?”

Meng Chi had already led Xiao Du away, so Xiao Du would not be back in a short time. Xiao Yuan became interested, sat down by the bed and said, “I am you ten years from now and I came to chat with you.”

‘Xiao Yuan’ was taken aback and said in a small voice: “Liar.”

“I’m not lying to you,” Xiao Yuan restored his appearance, “look, do I look the same as you?”

‘Xiao Yuan’ widened his eyes, “Wow!”

Xiao Yuan was a little bit disgusted; why was his soul so easy to deceive?

‘Xiao Yuan’ asked cautiously: “Are you really me ten years from now?”

Xiao Yuan said with a serious expression: “Yes.”

‘Xiao Yuan’ didn’t seem to be so scared anymore and asked, “Then, can you tell me if I will still be with my gege ten years from now.”

Xiao Yuan fell silent.

‘Xiao Yuan’ waited for a long time without getting an answer and began to panic: “Did my wish not get fulfilled… was I separated from gege?”

Xiao Yuan couldn’t watch a beauty in distress. “No.” He said, “The river god fulfilled your wish and you did not separate.”

‘Xiao Yuan’ breathed a sigh of relief, smiled and said, “Then I must have become gege’s Dao companion.”

“Dao…? Who taught you this!”

——Do you even need to ask?! Who else could there be besides the dog man Xiao Du.

Xiao Yuan smiled viciously: “It is impossible for you to be Dao companions. You and him are brothers. Even if you can be together, you will never be together as Dao companions.”

Even though ‘Xiao Yuan’ didn’t understand the meaning of being Dao companions, he lowered his head in disappointment when he heard the words of him from ten years later. But then he thought, being brothers was not bad either, so being Dao companions was not necessary as long as he could be with his brother.

Xiao Yuan couldn’t stay for too long and said, “What else do you want to ask?”

‘Xiao Yuan’ thought for a while and asked, “If my brother is not my Dao companion, then who is?”

Was he asking Xiao Yuan that?

“Is he good-looking?”

“Must be good-looking.”

“Even more good-looking than gege?”

“Yes,” Although he didn’t know who that person would be, he would definitely be more attractive than Xiao Du. “Okay, question time is over, you can go to sleep.”

‘Xiao Yuan’ blinked, “But I don’t think I can sleep. Tell me more about what will happen ten years from now.”

Xiao Yuan smiled and said, “I will help you fall asleep.” He opened the jade fan and waved it gently in front of ‘Xiao Yuan’. ‘Xiao Yuan’ suddenly felt that his eyelids were extremely heavy and the scene in front of him was also blurred. He fell asleep again after a short time. Xiao Yuan used a hypnotic spell on him to ensure that no matter what happened, he would not be awakened.

Xiao Yuan flicked his long thick eyelashes and whispered softly, “Have you had enough fun? It’s time to go home.”

The door opened with a bang, and the wind and rain poured in from the outside. Xiao Yuan turned around suddenly, only to see the visitor’s chest rising and falling and a hazy curtain of rain behind him.

Their eyes met, and Xiao Yuan heard his long-forgotten nickname: “Ah Yu.”

Xiao Yuan held Bihai Chaosheng tightly. He opened his lips and wanted to call Xiao Du, but he didn’t know how to call him. Thinking about what Xiao Du did to ‘Xiao Yuan’, he finally called him: “My Lord.”

Xiao Du became accustomed to his name. He had no idea that Xiao Yuan had hesitated for a short time before saying this ‘Lord’. He looked at the young man behind Xiao Yuan and said, “Has Ah Yu not made his move yet?”

Xiao Yuan smiled and said, “His Lordship came just in time. A moment later and he would be gone.”

Xiao Du looked at him for a long time, then suddenly smiled, “Ah Yu thinks I’m here to do something.”

“Naturally, you found that you couldn’t bear it anymore, so you rushed back to save him… No, to save my soul.” Xiao Yuan smiled and said, “Am I right, my Lord?”

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