The Whole World Is My Crematorium Chapter 81

Chapter 81

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Xiao Yuan’s eyes widened in amazement and there was a vague muffled sound in his throat. Mu Yingyang noticed the movement and called out suspiciously: “Shixiong?”

Xiao Yuan was unable to respond. Gu Louyin bit him and kissed him, which was enough to surprise him. He didn’t expect Gu Louyin to do anything more extraordinary.

The room was pitch black. Mu Yingyang was outside of the screen, holding a hangover soup in his hand. Inside of the screen, only a few steps away from him, Gu Louyin’s long eyelashes swept across the bridge of Xiao Yuan’s nose like feathers, and the two of them had their long hair intertwined as they silently exchanged their breath.

Everything was happening quietly. Xiao Yuan placed his hands against Gu Louin’s chest, silently exerting force, not even daring to move. His heart beat like a drum in fear that he would make some strange sound to be heard by Mu Yingyang.

But not only could he not push Gu Louyin; his breathing increased sharply due to his opponent’s unexpected dominance.

Mu Yingyang said again: “Shixiong, why don’t you say anything? It’s so dark in the room, I’ll light the lamp first.”

Feeling that the body in his arms began to tremble slightly, Gu Louyin’s eyes flashed with excitement in the dark. He knew he shouldn’t have done it, he’d been holding back, he’d been holding back for a long time. But he couldn’t hold back after all.

Mu Yingyang walked to the table, put down the hangover soup and picked up the fire flint. The fire flint lit up in Mu Yingyang’s hands, only illuminating a little bit of the surrounding area. But it was this small glimmer of light that made Xiao Yuan struggle as hard as he could, no longer caring if he made a sound.

When Mu Yingyang took the fire flint to ignite the lamp on the table, he vaguely heard the rustling of the clothes. He paused and asked, “Shixiong, are you up?”

As he said that, the lamp was lit up and the whole room was illuminated. Then, Xiao Yuan’s slightly gasping voice came from behind the screen: “Yes, wait a minute, I’ll be right there.”

“Okay,” Mu Yingyang sat down at the table, took a sip of hangover soup to check if it was hot, and said depressed: “It’s a little cold…”

“It’s okay,” Xiao Yuan walked over in a cloak, “I like to drink it cold.”

Mu Yingyang was taken aback when he saw Xiao Yuan, and said, “Brother, why is your lip split?”

Xiao Yuan cursed secretly and said calmly: “I bit it accidentally – I bit it myself.”

“Shixiong’s face is so red.”

Xiao Yuan raised his hand and touched his cheek, and it felt amazingly hot. “Didn’t I drink,” he said to Mu Yingyang, “I’m like this when I’m drunk.”

Mu Yingyang didn’t think too much and brought a spoonful of hangover soup to Xiao Yuan’s mouth, “Shixiong, open your mouth.”

Xiao Yuan glanced back at the screen and said, “I’ll just take a sip, why do you use the spoon?” After that, he took the soup and drank it clean in one breath.

Mu Yingyang: “…”

“Thank you, shidi, for the hangover soup.” Xiao Yuan said, “It’s getting late, I’m going to bed, so go back.”

Mu Yingyang looked a little disappointed, “I didn’t even feed Shixiong.”

“I have hands and feet, why would I want you to feed me?”

Mu Yingyang was speechless for a while and couldn’t help complaining: “Shixiong’s lack of understanding has ruined so much of my tenderness.”

Xiao Yuan: “…”

After finally sending Mu Yingyang away, Xiao Yuan slammed the door shut and prepared to settle accounts with Gu Louyin by threatening him. He even summoned Bihai Chaosheng, but Gu Louyin’s figure was nowhere on the bed.

Xiao Yuan froze in place and suddenly felt that he had suffered a big loss and his grievances were comparable to those of a virgin bullied by a lecher.

What was this? Running after eating? Plunge him into disorder then abandon him?

Ha, that Gu Louyin, clear like jade, straight like a pine, usually hid his true nature so well that you couldn’t see it at all.

Now thinking about it, the earth soul he had met in Pangu Mountain that day was clearly Gu Louyin’s little-known side, so what’s strange about it!

Xiao Yuan stared at the messy bed and breathed out slowly.

Although he was almost suffocated with anxiety just now, he had to admit that Gu Louyin gave him an unprecedented experience. In addition to anxiety, embarrassment, anger, shock, it seemed… there was something else. What exactly was this ‘something else’, Xiao Yuan had a vague guess but he did not dare to jump to conclusions.

Xiao Yuan laid down on the bed again, still faintly feeling the unique coldness of Gu Louyin’s body.

Cool and clear… How could a cool and clear man do such a thing???

Xiao Yuan raised his hand and blocked his eyes.

He tossed and turned and didn’t sleep well all night. When he discussed important matters with Xiao Du and others the next day, he was inevitably a little absent-minded.

Xingtian Sect moved quickly and before the people of Yunjian Pavilion rushed to Pangu Mountain, they had transferred all the remaining souls, leaving Yunjian Pavilion just an empty city. When Gu Hang learned of the incident, he was furious but did not lose his temper and kept the matter of Pangu Mountain under wraps.

Gu Hang’s actions were expected by Xiao Yuan. Yunjian Pavilion relied on Qingyan to rule the world and naturally would not tell anyone about Qingyan’s loss. For one thing, to prevent causing chaos in the hearts of Yunjian Pavilion people; for the other, to prevent other sects from showing disloyalty.

As for the remnant souls, Gu Hang would definitely find ways to get rid of Yunjian Pavilion’s traces and maybe even bite Xingtian Sect back and pour dirty water on them.

Meng Chi said: “The hidden agents we placed in various major sects are reporting that many people who had their souls stolen began to show obvious symptoms of soul loss. They are all investigating the matter but they have no clue, and they even think it is done by gods, evil spirits, natural disasters or something along those lines.”

“They won’t be able to investigate Yunjian Pavilion,” Xiao Du sneered coldly, “they don’t dare to investigate Yunjian Pavilion – a bunch of trash.”

Li Yanzhi asked enthusiastically: “Lord, young lord, since we have recovered Qingyan, are we going to fight to the death with Yunjian Pavilion?”

Xiao Du looked at Xiao Yuan, “Ah Yu, what do you say?”

Xiao Yuan held the teacup, lowered his eyes and said nothing. The tea in the cup was already cold.

Xiao Du narrowed his eyes, “Ah Yu?”

Xiao Yuan recovered and asked, “Guardian Li, is your Sanzai sword powerful?”

“That goes without saying!”

“If you pass your sword through Qingyan, will it be more powerful?”

Li Yanzhi was stunned, “The young lord means…”

“If you desire improvement, you must first prepare your tools. There will be no more Qingyan-forged swords in Yunjian Pavilion in the future. At the same time, each disciple of Xingtian Sect can be equipped with such a weapon.”

Li Yanzhi was amazed: “I will do it right away!”

Xiao Yuan plucked out the little ball Qingyan from Xiao Du’s sleeve and said, “It will be hard work for you.”

The little Qingyan shook, as if nodding.

Xiao Yuan smiled and said, “Guardian Meng.”

“This subordinate is here.”

“Go and bring the souls of Shen Fugui and Cai Xunnian. Gu Louyin and I will personally send them to Xuanle Sect.”

Xiao Du poured a cup of hot tea, replaced the herbal tea in front of Xiao Yuan and asked, “Does Ah Yu have a plan for Xuanle Sect?”

Xiao Yuan nodded, “Xuanle Sect is the second largest sect after Yunjian Pavilion. As long as we convince them that the behind-the-scenes villain is Yunjian Pavilion, other sects will be much easier to handle. And Shen Fugui is the young master of Xuanle Sect. The loss of his soul is a major event for Xuanle Sect, and Master Shen is bound to take it seriously.”

“Then why do you want to go with Gu Louyin?”

“Because Gu Louyin and Shen Fugui are close friends. After Gu Louyin defected from his shimen, when everyone said that he had fallen into demonization and there was no cure, Shen Fugui was the only one looking for his whereabouts. Shen Fugui believed him.”

Xiao Du smiled and said, “Ah Yu has a point. However, you didn’t answer my question.”

Xiao Yuan’s face looked puzzled.

“Gu Louyin can go alone, you don’t need to go with him.”

Xiao Yuan said without thinking: “This matter is of great importance, of course I have to go there in person.”

Xiao Du looked at him intently, “Just because of this?”

Xiao Yuan felt guilty for no reason, “What are you trying to say?”

Xiao Du smiled and said, “I just want to remind you that Gu Louyin will always be Gu Hang’s son.”

Xiao Yuan’s face changed slightly.

“Do you need me to remind you what Gu Hang did to the Xiao family, what he did to your mother?”

“No need.” Xiao Yuan whispered, “But is Gu Louyin really Gu Hang’s son?”

Xiao Du’s eyes narrowed slightly, blocking the hidden fierce light: “Ah Yu, have you started deceiving yourself for him?”

Xiao Yuan’s words were irritable: “It’s not that I’m deceiving myself, I really think there is something wrong.”

Looking at Gu Hang’s affection for Lin Wulian, it was clear that he was not a heartless and unloving person. He tried his best to win over Mrs. Gu, but after getting married, he was extremely cold to her, which made no sense. Also, why would Mrs. Gu leave her young child and voluntarily go to the Yellow Springs alone? Was there any secret behind it?

There were too many suspicions. Even if the blood ban spell proved everything, even if Gu Louyin said that there was no mistake in this matter, he still didn’t fully believe it.

Xiao Du’s expression was stern, showing a trace of hostility. “Perhaps I should help you retrieve your childhood memories.” Xiao Du said, “Let you see how Yunjian Pavilion wiped out the Xiao family and how your mother was turned to ashes by Gu Hang.”

Xiao Yuan stood up abruptly and walked out.

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