The Whole World Is My Crematorium Chapter 97

Chapter 97

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All along, in the eyes of Xiao Yuan, [All Have] undoubtedly was the culprit of all the tragic events in the first half of his life. This inexplicable thing controlled his life, restricted his freedom and made him live in unbearable suffocation. He had fantasized more than once how happy he would be if he didn’t have [All Have].

[All Have] said before leaving that it existed to help him complete his established destiny and tribulations. If it was true that the Dao of Heavens could not be disobeyed, then was [All Have] harming him?

When he was a child, his memories were lost. From the moment he remembered something, [All Have] had been with him. [All Have] had talked to him way more than Li Xianting and Mu Yingyang. For him, who was ignorant when he was a child, [All Have] was a teacher and a friend and a trustworthy partner. He could grow into his current character because of [All Have].

If [All Have] hadn’t reminded him not to trust anyone, he wouldn’t be the current Xiao Yuan. He would be cruelly trampled on by every person he cared about, just like in the life he had just seen.

He would love Li Xianting, treat Mu Yingyang as his shidi, call Xiao Du “gege” for the rest of his life, and have a vague affection for Gu Louyin.

Then, he would be abandoned, verbally abused, used, his blood would be taken, his body weakened and his heart dead. He would care about nothing in the mortal world and finally die on Dongguan Mountain.

Because of the existence of [All Have], although he had experienced all of this, he was in a completely different state of mind. His body was suffering and exhausted, but his heart never died. He wanted to live, wanted to get rid of [All Have], get rid of the people and things that entangled him and live freely.

If everything he had to go through had been written in his destiny and he couldn’t escape it, then [All Have] was not harming him, but saving him.

If his destiny really ended on Dongguan Mountain, then every moment of his life now should not belong to him.

What was [All Have]… who spied on his destiny and in order to keep him alive did not hesitate to deceive the Dao of Heavens and go against its will?

Xiao Yuan took a deep breath, sucked in the icy lake water and coughed violently.

All the particles of light submerged into his body, and there was chaotic darkness in front of him. In the boundless silence, he heard someone calling his name softly:

Ah Yu, Ah Yu……

Xiao Yuan opened his lips, “Shi…”

That gentle voice suddenly disappeared, replaced by another familiar voice: “Xiao Yuan.”

Xiao Yuan opened his eyes abruptly, and a pale jade face came into view; the clear aura surrounded him, calming his heart that was beating like a drum.

Gu Louyin didn’t ask him anything, just hugged him and looked at him as if he was about to disappear in the next moment.

Xiao Yuan took his hand and said, “I’m fine.” Gu Louyin’s palm was colder than usual.

Gu Louyin said “en”, tightened his arms and buried his face in Xiao Yuan’s neck.

Xiao Yuan felt his body tremble slightly, smiled reluctantly and said, “I just accidentally fell into the lake, how could you be scared like this?”

Gu Louyin pulled himself together and said, “Lake? You did not fall into the lake.”

“Then I was…”

“You suddenly lost consciousness.”

Xiao Yuan looked down at his clothes, and sure enough, they were dry. “This lake is really unusual.” He said, “Did you see it? The mystery of the Dao of Heavens that belongs to you.”

Gu Louyin said, “No.”

“It seems that you are not a destined one in the eyes of Heavens.”

Gu Louyin asked, “Did you see it?”

Xiao Yuan nodded, “But I only saw the past, not the future.”

Gu Louyin thought for a while and said, “What the beggar saw was the future.”

Xiao Yuan’s eyes darkened slightly, “That’s because he has a future.”

Gu Louyin felt vaguely uneasy, “What do you mean?”

Xiao Yuan didn’t answer and once again looked at the lake. Gu Louyin blocked his eyes and said, “Don’t look.”

Xiao Yuan pretended to smile easily: “Okay, I won’t look at it anymore. Let’s go back.”

When the two returned to the inn in Lizhou, they happened to see the little beggar again. The innkeeper did what he promised and this time poured freshly boiled hot water directly on him. Fortunately, the little beggar dodged quickly.

Xiao Yuan stopped the little beggar and asked, “Didn’t we give you money before, why are you still begging here?”

The little beggar’s eyes lit up, “Distinguished sir!”

“Don’t ‘sir’ me, I’m asking you a question.”

The little beggar said embarrassedly: “I gave the money to Auntie Sun for medical treatment.”

Xiao Yuan laughed: “Come in with me.”

Hearing this, the innkeeper said in embarrassment, “Honorable guest, this… this is not very good, okay? Letting a beggar into the inn will affect other guests.”

Xiao Yuan said, “I’ll take him to our room. You go prepare some good dishes and deliver them.”

With Xiao Yuan with him, the little beggar strutted into the inn.

After the dishes were served, Xiao Yuan said, “Eat.”

The little beggar was flattered: “Can I really eat it?”

Xiao Yuan smiled and nodded, and the little beggar immediately gobbled it up. When he was almost done eating, Xiao Yuan asked, “You said before that you saw two ‘immortals’ inviting you to dinner in your dream. Do they look like this?”

“Huh?” The little beggar’s mouth was stuffed with meat, and he raised his head subconsciously, stunned.

Gu Louyin took off his hood, his long silver hair hanging down on his chest. Xiao Yuan also returned to his original appearance and looked at him with a smile.

The little beggar swallowed the meat, so excited that he was incoherent: “You, you…”

Looking at his reaction, Xiao Yuan knew the answer. He asked, “Besides seeing us, what else did you see?”

The two people in front of him were both good-looking, and the little beggar couldn’t tell which one was better-looking, but he liked the dark-haired one better, because the white-haired one had no expression on his face and looked really hard to get close to.

Xiao Yuan said, “I’m asking you.”

The little beggar recovered and said, “I… I forgot.”

Xiao Yuan said, “Your dreams, it always had you in them, right?”

The little beggar said blankly: “It always had you… what does that mean?”

Xiao Yuan put it in a simple way: “Everything you saw in your dreams was seen with your own eyes?”

The little beggar said, “Of course.”

Xiao Yuan narrowed his eyes, “I see.”

After the little beggar was full, Xiao Yuan sent him away. Gu Louyin said, “You can only see your own destiny in the lake?”

“It should be like this,” Xiao Yuan said thoughtfully, “so what Li Xianting saw should also be his own future. But I still feel there is something wrong…”

He had a hunch that what Li Xianting saw must have something to do with him.

Gu Louyin couldn’t help but say, “What did you see in the lake?”

Xiao Yuan meditated intently, then suddenly opened his eyes wide and said, “I have memories that were taken away by someone.”

Gu Louyin said, “You mean your childhood memories?”

Xiao Yuan’s heartbeat began to speed up, “It seems that since I can remember, Li Xianting had always been by my side. Until then, my memory is all blank.”

Gu Louyin said: “Xuanle Sect has a secret method that can retrieve lost memories.”

Xiao Yuan had heard Xiao Du mention this matter before, but he was not interested in remembering how close he was to Xiao Du when he was a child, so he refused to retrieve his memories. But now……

“Let’s go,” Xiao Yuan said, “let’s go to Xuanle Sect and congratulate Young Sect Master Shen in advance.”

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