The Whole World Is My Crematorium Chapter 99

Chapter 99

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Gu Louyin felt that Xiao Yuan seemed to have misunderstood something, but he didn’t have time to think about it. Xiao Yuan approached him and blocked his lips.

This bite seemed to be a handle that opened a door. Gu Louyin’s breathing became heavier, and Xiao Yuan’s body softened with his clear, cool fragrance.

Wait… this was not right, the Acacia Gu was in Gu Louyin, why was he soft?!

Fortunately, although Xiao Yuan felt soft, he was not soft in the place that counted. He opened his eyes and saw the obvious desire in Gu Louyin, so he stopped delaying and slowly plunged his hand into the water.

Gu Louyin trembled violently and suddenly clasped Xiao Yuan’s chin. Xiao Yuan grunted from the pain, feeling as if he was going to be dismantled and absorbed by Gu Louyin completely.

The water rippled and swayed lightly.

Xiao Yuan couldn’t help struggling, hesitating: “This is… not good, right?”

What he wanted was Gu Louyin, not his hands. According to past experience, if he came first, he would probably have to take a break to regain his strength. It was better to keep his energy to relieve Gu Louyin from Acacia Gu torment.

Gu Louyin’s movements paused and his hand changed place.

Xiao Yuan suddenly regained his senses and pushed Gu Louyin away with a frightened expression on his face.

Xiao Yuan was caught off guard and used a lot of force, so Gu Louyin was pushed back half a step and the water rippled.

Their clothes and their long hair were already drenched and messy. Gu Louyin looked at Xiao Yuan with burning eyes, as if a hungry wolf staring at its prey. “Why are you running, don’t you want to help me?”

Xiao Yuan noticed a hint of danger, swallowed and said, “Are you going to top me?”

Gu Louyin narrowed his eyes, “Come here.”

“…” What was going on?! Why did Gu Louyin’s Acacia Gu attack look different from what he thought? So he rushed here in a hurry not to relieve Gu Louyin, but to help Gu Louyin?

What was he looking forward to before?!

Xiao Yuan felt mad. Stunned and frozen, he did not respond for a long time. Gu Louyin didn’t want to hold back anymore. He took a step forward and held him up in the water.

Xiao Yuan subconsciously clenched Gu Louyin’s shoulders, ”Wait –“

Gu Louyin raised his eyes, “En?”

Gu Louyin in front of him seemed to be a different person, both familiar and unfamiliar to Xiao Yuan. But no matter what kind of Gu Louyin it was, he was the one he liked. Gu Louyin exchanged hearts with him and endured the suffering of the Acacia Gu for him. How could he ‘see someone in mortal danger and not rescue’?

Let’s just get topped, it was not like it hadn’t been done more than once or twice anyways.

“I’m not running, I’m here,” Xiao Yuan approached Gu Louyin and said in his ear, “Feel free.”

When Xiao Yuan realized that he was looking for death saying these words, most of the night had already passed.

The waves in the pool gradually stopped, but there was movement in the reeds by the pool.

Xiao Yuan couldn’t stand it anymore, but the scarlet in Gu Louyin’s eyes hadn’t faded yet. He was scared and really wanted to run away. He knew he couldn’t run, but when he saw Gu Louyin leaning forward again, he still instinctively skittered aside.

Gu Louyin grabbed his ankle and whispered, “En?”

“Let me take a break,” Xiao Yuan’s voice was hoarse and his whole body was covered with new marks, “just take a break.”

Gu Louyin said, “Feel free?”

Xiao Yuan: “…”

Xiao Yuan didn’t remember the details of the next incident. When he woke up again, he found himself lying on his side on the bed, with Gu Louyin right behind him. Everything was slow and gentle, fluctuating and heavy, as if floating in the water.

In a daze, Xiao Yuan suddenly felt that the place where the golden core was located in his body began to get hot. A trace of clarity flashed in his eyes – could it be that Gu Louyin was going to……

An aura that did not belong to Xiao Yuan poured in; Xiao Yuan’s suspicion was confirmed and his whole body froze.

This level could not satisfy Gu Louyin at all. No matter how close he and Xiao Yuan were, no matter how many times they have loved each other, he still felt that it was not enough, and he would wake up in the middle of the night to see if the man next to him was still there.

As long as he had done this, Xiao Yuan could only follow him in the future.

As long as they dual-cultivated and their spirits and bones merged, Xiao Yuan would never be snatched away by anyone else.

Gu Louyin was excited like an evil beast and lost all control. It was only when he sensed the difference in Xiao Yuan that his sanity reluctantly returned.

Gu Louyin cupped Xiao Yuan’s face, saw his frown and asked, “Don’t you want to?”

Xiao Yuan hesitated for a moment, then shook his head, “Do it.”

Gu Louyin said nothing, lowered his head and kissed Xiao Yuan’s forehead.


After that night, Xiao Yuan slept for a full day before waking up. Even when he woke up, he couldn’t get up, so he could only lie on the bed.

Smelling a bitter smell, Xiao Yuan opened his eyes and said weakly, “What is this?”


“Medicine?” Xiao Yuan said slowly, “I’m need to take medicine? It seems that you have broken me.”

Gu Louyin pursed his lips, as if a little embarrassed.

Xiao Yuan was angry and amused when he saw his unearthly appearance. There was too much difference between Gu Louyin wearing clothes and not wearing clothes.

“This medicine has the effect of strengthening Yang and repairing the kidneys.” Gu Louyin appeared to be calm, “It suits you.”

Xiao Yuan was dissatisfied, “Am I the only one who has been emptied? Shouldn’t you also take medicine?”

“No need.”


Gu Louyin paused and said, “Because I haven’t been emptied, but you have been dried up in the end.”

Xiao Yuan was heartbroken with shame and anger, “…Shut up.” He was wrong. It was the same no matter whether Gu Louyin wore clothes or not.

Xiao Yuan drank the medicine and laid down to continue sleeping, but his drowsiness was gone. Thinking of the words “dried up”, he silently pulled up the quilt and covered his face.

It was really not his problem. It had been a whole night. How could he still have something in the end?

Gu Louyin was sitting on the side of the bed, holding a music sheet in his hand. It was the heart-clearing melody Xiao Yuan had been listening to in the past few days. Xiao Yuan looked at his knuckles holding the paper with his eyes peeking outside the quilt and asked, “Why didn’t you dual-cultivate with me?”

Gu Louyin clearly had that intention the night before, and he agreed, but Gu Louyin still did not take the final step in dual cultivation.

Gu Louyin thought for a while and said, “At that time, I was not in my right mind.”

“Oh? So, if you are in your right mind, you don’t want to dual-cultivate with me?”

Gu Louyin put down the music score, “I don’t want to force you.”

“Where did I look reluctant?”

Gu Louyin looked at Xiao Yuan quietly. Xiao Yuan felt a little guilty; but in fact it was true. He was not ready. So when Gu Louyin showed his intention, he hesitated.

But he was willing after all.

“No hurry,” Gu Louyin said, “it won’t be too late to talk about it when you are ready.”

Xiao Yuan didn’t dwell on it too much, “Then let’s pick an auspicious day and perform the ceremony of Dao companions.”

Gu Louyin smiled, “Okay.”

“Later, after the Yunjian Pavilion incident is over.”


“En.” Xiao Yuan laid on the bed with his eyes half closed, “It’s best to wait until I find Shizun.”


Xiao Yuan told Gu Louyin of what he had seen and heard in the [Dao of Heavens]. Gu Louyin was silent for a long time and then asked, “Where is he now?”

Xiao Yuan shook his head, “I don’t know. He has been separated from his soul for so long, and he might have been… gone a long time ago.”

Gu Louyin said, “Penglai territory.”

“You mean the place where Shizun’s Master lives?” Xiao Yuan said, “He might indeed be there.”

Gu Louyin asked, “Have you been restless these days because of this?”

“What else?” Xiao Yuan smiled at himself, “If it were you, could you stay calm? Gu Louyin, if it weren’t for Shizun hiding me from the Dao of Heavens, I would have died on Dongguan Mountain a long time ago.”

Gu Louyin thoughtfully said, “The Dao of Heavens?”

In the next three days, Xuanle Sect’s people could see Gu Louyin from time to time but they never saw Xiao Yuan. Shen Fugui asked Gu Louyin. Gu Louyin said that there was nothing wrong with Xiao Yuan but he had to rest for a few days. Shen Fugui didn’t take this matter to heart, but after Cai Xunnian learned of this, she dragged him along to visit.

The courtyard was quiet. Xiao Yuan was standing in front of the desk, painting, and Gu Louyin stood beside him to grind the ink for him.

Halfway through the painting, Xiao Yuan put down his brush, turned his head and asked Gu Louyin, “How is it, does it look good?”

Xiao Yuan’s painting showed the place where he grew up and where Li Xianting lived in seclusion.

Gu Louyin said, “It looks good.”

Xiao Yuan sneered, “Looks good? Are you blind?”

In the past few days, Xiao Yuan felt unwell, aggrieved and occasionally lost his temper. Gu Louyin, who had eaten his fill and was satiated, didn’t mind. “No,” Gu Louyin said, “I just said it to coax you.”

Xiao Yuan looked at his paintings and said, “Shizun originally wanted to teach me how to paint, but I thought it was useless to learn this, so I refused. Forget it, it’s impossible for me to draw it well, so I’ll take you to see it.”

“Master Xiao, we are here to see you.” Cai Xunnian and Shen Fugui walked in together, the latter carrying a pile of supplements in his hands.

Xiao Yuan smiled and said, “Thanks.”

Shen Fugui looked at him and said, “Your face doesn’t look so good.”

Xiao Yuan said, “I’m just exhausted.”

Cai Xunnian said, “Then why are you still standing!”

“It’s uncomfortable to sit.”

Cai Xunnian and Shen Fugui glanced at each other and said blankly, “Is there such a sickness?”

Gu Louyin took the initiative to change the subject, “There are only five days left before the wedding. How is the situation?”

Cai Xunnian hesitated and said, “I haven’t decided which kind of phoenix crown to use when the time comes. I like both of them very much…”

Xiao Yuan said, “Show them to me later, and I will choose it for you – how many guests will there be?”

Shen Fugui said: “Ninety percent of the wedding invitations sent out have received replies, and most will come, including Yunjian Pavilion.”

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