Thousand Miles of Heaven Chapter 11

Ch 11 “Your Highness, do you know your mistake?”

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Half a month later, the emperor headed to Xitai Ying to review the army, and all the princes and ministers were to accompany him.

The Xitai Ying was located in Xitai Town, forty miles outside the suburbs of the capital. The mighty motorcade set off with the imperial carriage before dawn. The carriage from King Ke’s mansion merged halfway, and Xie Chaoling came along as Xie Chaoyuan’s personal guard.

He made a simple disguise, and the originally handsome face became unremarkable and unattractive.

“Your Royal Highness is willing to take me out, so why won’t you let me show my true face?” Xie Chaoling asked curiously before departure.

At that time, Xie Chaoyuan stood in the dim morning light. His eyes were narrowed slightly, and the corners of his lips were raised to answer him: “I was afraid that Linlang would be bored in the house, so I took you out for a walk, but Linlang’s face is too attractive, this king doesn’t want to let other people see it. You’d better not provoke others.”

The corner of his mouth was smiling and his voice was low, but there was a warning in his tone. Xie Chaoling really felt at that moment that Xie Chaoyuan clearly regarded him as his own, and others were not allowed to look at him, let alone him provoking others.

It’s unreasonable when this little highness becomes domineering, yet he can still be cute when he says “You are the sweetheart of this king”.

After that, Xie Chaoyuan motioned Xie Chaoling to get in the carriage. Xie Chaoling replied with a dry smile: “I am His Highness’s bodyguard, how can I share the same carriage with His Highness.”

Xie Chaoyuan grabbed his hand and pulled him over.

Four eyes met. Xie Chaoyuan’s smile gradually disappeared: “Get in the carriage.”

“I should be outside…” 

Being pushed into the carriage by Xie Chaoyuan, Xie Chaoling kicked out and implicated his sore waist from these past few days. He took a deep breath and poured it onto the woolen mattress. He took a deep breath, kept reminding himself to be patient, and smiled at Xie Chaoyuan: “Your Highness has a big temper.”

Xie Chaoyuan looked at him silently for a moment, allowed him to rest on his lap and rubbed his waist, softening his voice: “Don’t move.”

Xie Chaoling had to give up.

…Forget it, people have to bow their heads under the eaves.

After sitting in the carriage for two hours and stopping to rest at noon, Xie Chaoling stared at Xie Chaoyuan’s horse and asked him if he could try it himself.

Xie Chaoyuan casually threw the whip over: “You can ride a horse?”

“I don’t?”

Xie Chaoling neatly mounted his horse and raised his eyebrows proudly. Xie Chaoyuan stood down and looked at him, saying in a deep voice, “Don’t run out of the sight of this king.”

“I understand.”

Xie Chaoling swung the horsewhip in his hand and rode out.

The autumn wind blew up his robes, Xie Chaoling tasted a long-lost pleasure. Xie Chaoyuan’s words were forgotten, and he quickly ran away from the team.


Another horse suddenly appeared blocking the way. Xie Chaoling tightened the reins and pulled the horse to stop, looking at the person in front of him vigilantly.

The other party spoke first: “You are King Ke’s bodyguard? Why haven’t I seen you by King Ke’s side before? He actually gave you his horse?”

Xie Chaoling didn’t say a word. He remembered this person. On the way back to the capital from Dongshan Palace, this person came to trouble Xie Chaoyuan and they almost had a conflict.

Li Huan looked at Xie Chaoling with suspicion, and asked again, “Who are you?”


Xie Chaoyuan’s voice sounded behind him. Xie Chaoling turned back, and Xie Chaoyuan had already planned to come right away. He didn’t look at Li Huan another glance, and coldly gestured to Xie Chaoling: “Go back.”

Xie Chaoling hesitated to speak, but was stared at by Xie Chaoyuan with cold eyes. He didn’t say anything out when Xie Chaoyuan said: “Go back with this king.”

Xie Chaoling had to turn around and leave with him.

Li Huan tightened the reins, Xie Chaoyuan’s arrogant attitude annoyed him, but he dared not speak.

Xie Chaoling turned his head to the side. Seeing Xie Chaoyuan staring straight ahead, his expression icy cold and his face tense, he knew that this little Highness was angry, and secretly was annoyed at himself for being complacent. Looking back, the man was still standing there, staring at him and Xie Chaoyuan.

His heart was beating suddenly.


Suppressing that inexplicable sense of weirdness, Xie Chaoling pulled his horse to catch up with Xie Chaoyuan.

After getting into the carriage again, the door slammed shut. Xie Chaoling reached out to push but couldn’t push it open, his mind sank, and he subconsciously asked, “Your Highness, what are you doing?”

The people outside the carriage ignored him.

The carriage window also couldn’t be opened. Xie Chaoling tried it and no longer bothered. He was not interested in going crazy with Xie Chaoyuan.

If he can’t get out, he should just lie down and sleep with his eyes closed.

At Shen Shi (3-5pm), the imperial carriage was stationed in the hotel in Xitai Town.

Xie Chaoling woke up as soon as the carriage stopped. He didn’t open his eyes and didn’t move. The door finally opened from the outside. Wang Jin reminded him in a low voice, “Master, it’s time to get off.”

Xie Chaoling ignored him and raised his hand to block the sunlight coming in from outside the carriage.

Xie Chaoyuan stood outside the carriage and motioned to him in a deep voice, “Get down.”

Xie Chaoling sat up slowly, sat cross-legged in the carriage without moving, and looked at Xie Chaoyuan who was under the carriage: “Your Royal Highness is so domineering, you locked me up when you say you would and wouldn’t even give me an explanation, I don’t accept it.”

“What are you dissatisfied with? What the king said before, don’t run out of the king’s sight, did you hear it?” Xie Chaoyuan’s voice was cold.

Xie Chaoling knew that he was wrong, but the attitude of His Highness was really unacceptable.

“Your Royal Highness said that I am your sweetheart. Is this how Your Highness treats your sweetheart?”

All the servants voluntarily retreated. Xie Chaoling closed his mouth after saying this, and held a deadlock with Xie Chaoyuan.

Eyes on each other, no one would give in.

In the end, Xie Chaoyuan stretched out his hand towards him and eased his expression: “Come down.”

“Your Highness, do you know your mistake?”

Xie Chaoyuan raised his eyebrows: “What’s wrong with this king?”

“If Your Highness only treats me as a prostitute or pet, you can treat me in this way. I dare not resist. But if Your Highness said that I am your sweetheart, Your Highness should give me due respect.” Xie Chaoling said. 

“Then who does Linlang take me as?”

Xie Chaoling was dumbfounded.

This little highness had a bad temper, was strong and domineering, and was extremely uncertain. The only saving grace was that he looked good? …inside the bedroom, they can be considered harmonious. After all, although he was forced, Xie Chaoling did not deny that he was having fun, so he didn’t care about it very much.

But Xie Chaoling didn’t want to say that.

Without waiting for Xie Chaoling’s answer, Xie Chaoyuan stopped asking, and repeated: “Come down.”

Xie Chaoling finally put his hand up.

The inn was very small, Xie Chaoyuan’s residence was only a small courtyard, and the servant had neatly tidied up the inside and outside. Xie Chaoling and Xie Chaoyuan shared a room.

In fact, during this period of time in the palace, Xie Chaoling had been living in Xie Chaoyuan’s Dongnuan Pavilion, and he had truly become the bedside person of His Royal Highness King Ke. He was used to it, so he didn’t raise any objections, it was useless to say it.

After settling down, Xie Chaoyuan went to Emperor Qianming to greet him. When he came back in less than half an hour, Xie Chaoling heard him talking to people outside the house. It seemed that the person he met at noon came to ask for trouble again, and his voice was intermittent and could not be heard clearly.

Li Huan tried to look into the house, but was blocked by a group of servants. He tentatively asked, “Why don’t I see the previous guard in this courtyard, Your Highness?”

“You came here, especially to this king, just to say this?” Xie Chaoyuan mocked, “You have just entered the Imperial Guard under the shadow of your ancestors. What kind of rumors are spread, this king doesn’t care, but you don’t care?”

Li Huan suddenly changed his face.

Xie Chaoyuan said in a deep voice: “Li Old Three, who do you think this king is? Do you think you at your level can offend your superior like this, coming close to probe and peep repeatedly? Do you really think that your crown prince cousin is still supporting you? The East Palace is powerless to defend themselves, so what are you?”

“How dare you curse His Royal Highness, you are being presumptuous…”

Xie Chaoyuan sneered: “Everyone knows what everyone knows, why bother to say it clearly. Don’t let this king see you dangling in front of this king again, the last time the sword was unsheathed, and next time, this king can’t guarantee my hand won’t shake and where this king hurts you, don’t blame this king for not saying these ugly words in front of you.”

Li Huan gritted his teeth, glanced at the room again, and slipped away.

Xie Chaoyuan covered the killing intent in his eyes and turned around to enter the door.

When Xie Chaoling saw him coming in, he asked casually, “Your Highness has quarreled with someone again? Who is that person?”

“This king said that it is an irrelevant person, you don’t need to know.” Xie Chaoyuan said.

Xie Chaoling changed his mind and changed the subject: “Didn’t Your Highness go to greet His Majesty? Why did you come back so soon?”

“There are too many people in His Majesty’s place, and they are all discussing the revision of the army tomorrow. They don’t care about me. I went in and asked how he was doing and came out again. The good show will be tomorrow.”

“Good show?”

Xie Chaoyuan smiled contemptuously: “His Majesty is eager to have the Xitai Ying overwhelm the Dongshan Ying, so how could those people sit still, there will be a good show tomorrow.”

He reached out and stroked Xie Chaoling’s temple: “If you are obedient and don’t make this king angry like today, this king will take you to see it together.”

Xie Chaoling said helplessly, “I don’t dare.”

It was clear that this little Highness was too small-minded and often gets angry and loses his temper.

After that, the two carried on peacefully until nightfall.

Going out was not better than staying in the mansion. It was inconvenient to take a bath. Xie Chaoling wanted to ask someone to wipe himself, but the servant sent hot water and was quickly thrown out by Xie Chaoyuan.

“Don’t let people serve this kind of thing in the future.” Xie Chaoyuan reminded him in a deep voice.

Xie Chaoling said with a smile: “I can’t wipe my back if I don’t have someone to serve me. Will Your Highness do it himself?”

“You go to the couch and lie down and take off your clothes.”

Xie Chaoling didn’t care, he took off his clothes and laid down on the couch obediently.

Xie Chaoyuan looked at him, the white and naked shoulders were exposed in front of him. The perfectly curved spine extended all the way to the undulations of the waist and hips, and the swaying candlelight casted an ambiguous light and shadow on it, which was also reflected in Xie Chaoyuan’s eyes. He sat down on the edge of the couch, put his hand on him holding the hot cloth, and helped Xie Chaoling massage and wipe it bit by bit.

Xie Chaoyuan was gentle, and his technique was not bad. Xie Chaoling felt comfortable, narrowed his eyes, and sighed in satisfaction.

Xie Chaoyuan said in a low voice, “Be careful when you are outside in the future. Don’t run around, if you’re gone, I’ll be worried.”

Xie Chaoling’s mind moved slightly and he looked at him sideways.

Under the candlelight, Xie Chaoyuan’s face showed a rare gentleness, and his eyes were not as hostile as they were in the daytime.

Xie Chaoling thought this was strange, and asked calmly, “Really?”

“Linlang, be obedient.”

“…I’ll listen to you, can you restrain your domineeringness a little bit?”

Xie Chaoyuan tugged up a strand of his loose hair, and circled it around his fingertips, then with a lower voice: “I will treat you well, as long as you are willing to stay by my side.”

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