Thousand Miles of Heaven Chapter 14

Ch 14 “Send flowers for His Highness to wear.”

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Xie Chaoling only awoke at Chen Shi (7-9am). From head to foot, his body was soft. He lazily got up, cursed Xie Xhaoyuan, then took the hot handkerchief handed over.

“His Highness is going to court for his first day today, and I don’t think he will return so soon. If you are hungry, sir, you can have breakfast first after washing up.” Wang Jin reminded him in a low voice.

Xie Chaoling was too lazy to say much, he didn’t intend to wait for the little b*stard to return home.

After eating breakfast, Xie Chaoling had nothing to do, so he went to the back garden to stroll around.

Since he came to this palace, the garden that was originally monotonous was now full of flowers and trees, full of vitality. Xie Chaoling looked happy, and went to the pavilion on the rockery by the lake to feed the fish. Without Xie Chaoyuan watching, he felt more at ease.

Someone came up to talk to him later, it was the young man whom Xie Chaoyuan met by chance when he brought him here the first time.

Originally, Wang Jin stopped him from approaching Xie Chaoling. When Xie Chaoling heard the movement, he turned around and looked at him, and ordered: “Let him come over.”

Wang Jin had to let the young man go forward.

When the other party introduced himself as Song Shi, Xie Chaoling nodded casually, and did not declare his family name, just waiting for the person in front of him to speak. Song Shi smiled and said, “However, my name can only be used now. When I leave the mansion, I don’t know what I will be called.”

Thinking of what Wang Jin said before, these people will be sent to the most suitable place, Xie Chaoling couldn’t help it, he asked earnestly, “Are you willing to go anywhere after leaving the mansion?”

Song Shi said indifferently: “The place His Highness arranged for us is naturally the best.”

When the young man in front of him mentioned Xie Chaoyuan, his eyes were filled with admiration. How did Xie Chaoyuan mobilize and teach these people? However, thinking that it was far better to come to King Ke’s mansion to work for His Highness King Ke than to be the most lowly courtesan and prostitute all their life, these people must be willing to work for Xie Chaoyuan.

“I was sent to Prince Ke’s mansion two years ago. Thanks to His Highness’s love and care, I have food and clothing, and I can read and write. I don’t have to do the work of serving people in brothels. I am willing to serve His Highness. I will go wherever His Highness wants me to go.”

Xie Chaoling said calmly, “Why did you tell me these things?”

“It’s just casual chat. Since you entered the mansion, the garden has become much more lively than before. His Highness must have put a lot of thought into it.” Song Shi said casually but there was an exclamation, envy could not be concealed in his tone.

He didn’t know Xie Chaoling’s real identity, but he guessed that he was different from them. Just by looking at his demeanor, he knew that the person in front of him could never be of the same origin as them.

Xie Chaoling frowned lightly, and reminded him: “Since you want to serve His Highness, don’t think about things you shouldn’t, and recognize your identity, otherwise His Highness won’t dare to let you out of the house.” 

His thoughts can’t escape Xie Chaoling’s eyes, if it wasn’t for his unreasonable thoughts towards Xie Chaoyuan, how could this person come here to tell him about these things. Of course, he said this to remind the young man and he didn’t mean to be jealous.

Not wanting to say any more, Xie Chaoling turned around and continued to watch the scenery and feed the fish.

When Song Shi left, Wang Jin asked Xie Chaoling in a low voice: “Sir, do you want me to tell Your Highness what happened just now?”

Xie Chaoling said coldly, “Don’t you report everything to His Highness about my affairs?”

Wang Jin lowered his eyes and was silent.

After being quiet for a while, Xie Chaoling asked him: “Where will that person be sent?”

“… I don’t know, but I think it won’t be a bad place. If you want to know, you might as well ask His Highness yourself.”

Xie Chaoling said nothing and got up.

In the political hall, Xie Chaoyuan went to court for the first time today, not only him, but also Xie Chaohui and Xie Chaoqi.

During the regular court that happens once every five days, officials from various ministries took turns to report trivial matters. Xie Chaoyuan stood on one side of the princely queue, listening casually. There were countless gazes falling towards him from behind, most of them not looking at him.

Everyone knew that Xie Chaoyuan, who came from a humble background, was just a foil, while Xie Chaohui and Xie Chaoqi were the sons that Emperor Qianming really wanted to promote.

Although it was said that Zhao Lin and Shen Yang had the potential to contend before, but Shen Shoufu was already old and his time will not be long. Most of the younger generations in the clan did not have great prospects, and the Yang family was the grass that the emperor was forced to pull over. Basically, Zhao Lin’s party was better but behind Shen Yang was Emperor Qianming. As long as the emperor can choose another prince who suits their wishes, they will follow Emperor Qianming’s mind, and this tendency of confrontation will continue.

Xie Chaoyuan narrowed his eyes slightly, his gaze swiveling between Xie Chaohui and Xie Chaoqi.

Most people may think that Emperor Qianming prefers Xie Chaoqi, who is the son of Empress Yuan, whom Emperor Qianming always wanted to compensate, and who has the support of most of the old East Palace forces, but…

After the court meeting, Emperor Qianming kept a few of his sons to have breakfast with him, and instead of mentioning state affairs, he talked about their marriage.

Emperor Qianming had many sons, but his grandchildren were not as abundant. The former crown prince left only one daughter, who was made a princess and raised outside the palace. Xie Chaorong had only a few concubine, a few sons and daughters after several years of marriage. Xie Chaohui was already twenty-two. Because of being injured after being in the army for many years, he has never married a wife. Xie Chaoqi was 19 years old. He was severely affected by the death of the Empress Yuan and the former prince. He was ill for several years, and his marriage was delayed again and again. While for Xia Chaoyuan, he was only 16 years old so it was indeterminate and not rushed.

“Chaohui and Chaoqi can talk about what kind of girl they like. After marriage is selected in the past two months, it will be done in the spring of next year.” Sure enough, Emperor Qianming didn’t even mention Xie Chaoyuan.

Neither Xie Chaohui nor Xie Chaoqi said a word, Xie Chaorong sneered: “Fourth younger brother naturally isn’t interested in those girls’ families, how can fourth younger brother understand girls’ families.”

There have been rumors outside about Xie Chaoqi and his guards, so Xie Chaorong naturally knew. According to what he heard, Xie Chaoqi was still sitting still after Jiang Shi died, but Xie Chaorong was not reconciled, so he stabbed Xie Chaoqi’s sore spot in front of Emperor Qianming.

Xie Chaoqi raised his eyes, and stared directly at Xie Chaorong with cold and resentful eyes. Xie Chaorong looked back provocatively, Emperor Qianming frowned, and was just about to say something when Xie Chaohui suddenly said in a deep voice: “It’s all up to the emperor.”

Emperor Qianming looked at him in a blink of an eye: “Don’t you have any ideas about your own marriage?”

Xie Chaohui still said: “It’s all up to Royal father, the emperor.”

Xie Chaoqi secretly clenched his fists and followed word for word: “This son will leave it all up to Royal Father, the emperor.”

Xie Chaoyuan had nothing to do with himself, and ate calmly.

Xie Chaoqi now hated Xie Chaorong to the core, and Xie Chaorong probably regarded Xie Chaoqi as his biggest opponent. Xie Chaoqi was the second son of Empress Yuan. If he had the support of Shen and Yang, he would be even more difficult to deal with than Xie Chaoling.

Xie Chaoyuan was thinking, but the person in their father’s heart may not necessarily be Xie Chaoqi. Two tigers fighting against each other, there is no such thing as a three-legged confrontation to stabilize things.

After Xie Chaoyuan returned to the palace, Xie Chaoling came back from a stroll around the garden and was eating snacks.

He was still angry because of what happened last night, and he didn’t want to talk to Xie Chaoyuan very much.

Before Xie Chaoyuan entered the door, he had already heard about what had happened in the garden before, and asked Xie Chaoling: “Why are you so unhappy? Who was so short-sighted and offended you?”

Xie Chaoling glanced at him, recalling how this person tormented himself last night. Forcing himself to do those shameful things with him, he said lightly: “Your Highness is too worried, no one dares to offend me in this Prince Ke’s mansion.”

Xie Chaoyuan smiled. He didn’t mind, sat down and poured a glass for Xie Chaoling first, then filled himself another half cup: “If Lin Lang is really upset, this king will cut off the tongues of those who chew their tongues in front of you, and no one will dare to speak and bother you.”

He said it lightly, as if it was something ordinary.

Xie Chaoling frowned: “Your Highness, aren’t you afraid of losing people’s hearts by doing this?”

“I have nothing to fear. Anyone who doesn’t obey the rules should be punished.” Xie Chaoyuan drank the tea in one gulp.

Xie Chaoling directly refused: “No need, Your Highness wants to punish someone, there is no need to use me as an excuse.”

Xie Chaoyuan looked at him: “Are you really angry?”

“So what if I’m angry? Does Your Highness want to coax me?” Xie Chaoling didn’t deny it.

Xie Chaoyuan smiled softly, and stretched out his hand to embrace him on his lap.

“As an elder brother, do you have to act like a baby?” Xie Chaoyuan whispered in his ear.

Xie Chaoling raised his hands and rubbed his ears, put his hands on Xie Chaoyuan’s shoulders: “Your Highness…”

Xie Chaoyuan looked at him and didn’t respond.

Xie Chaoling knew that it was useless to be sullen, so he might as well take the opportunity to ask for some favors: “Can I go out of the house to have fun? You can go with me.”

Xie Chaoyuan paused for a while before slowly saying: “Want to go out of the house?”

“Yes “

“Isn’t it fun inside Prince Ke’s Mansion?”

“I want to go outside and see, will your Highness accompany me?”

Xie Chaoyuan followed suit, staring at Xie Chaoling for a moment, with a smile on the corner of his mouth: “Okay, in a few days is the Nan City temple fair, this king will take you to see the excitement.”

Xie Chaoling finally calmed down. He’ll pass a few days and go out as soon as possible.

So he raised his hand and touched Xie Chaoyuan’s face: “Thank you, Your Highness.” 

Xie Chaoyuan grabbed his hand and said, “This king has done Linlang a favor, what does Linlang plan to repay this king?”

Phoenix eyes, Xie Chaoling suddenly smiled.

“Send flowers for Your Highness to wear.”

He casually picked up a flower that was placed in the vase on the table early in the morning, picked off the long branch, and put it on Xie Chaoyuan’s hair. After looking at it for a while, he felt satisfied.

Xie Chaoyuan let him make trouble, and only asked him: “What are you thinking?”

“Your Highness has such outstanding looks at such a young age, I don’t know how many hearts you will deceive in the future.” Xie Chaoling sighed.

Xie Chaoyuan raised his eyebrows slightly: “So Linlang is jealous?”

Xie Chaoling thought about it seriously. He was really special here with this little highness, but what this person said about being a consort or empress can’t be true, it just sounds greedy. If he really wanted to be jealous, he was afraid his future would be hard.

So he stared at the flower on Xie Chaoyuan’s hair, stretched out his hand and patted it lightly, he said: “Your Highness should have many people’s love. Lin Lang is happy for you.”

“You don’t need to be happy for this king.”

Xie Chaoyuan interrupted him, his tone visibly softened, as if he was angry again.

Xie Chaoling was very helpless, this little highness is so bad-tempered and difficult to coax, shouldn’t he be coaxing himself?

“Okay, unhappy is unhappy, as long as your Highness is happy.”

“You think the king should be happy?” Xie Chaoyuan’s voice was cold and hard.

Xie Chaoling didn’t want to say more, so he leaned closer and kissed the corner of his lips: “Then can you be happy with this My dear Highness?”

Xie Chaoyuan stared at him for a moment, the ice in his eyes gradually melted, and he gently embraced him in his arms without saying a word.

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