Thousand Miles of Heaven Chapter 22

Ch 22 “Does older brother admit that he is wrong?”

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In the following days, the court was at a panic at the slightest move. With Emperor Qianming’s decree for the three justices to investigate thoroughly about the fire depot explosion, many people have begun to get a hint of an unusual taste.

In King Xun’s mansion, Xie Chaorong was walking back and forth anxiously. The Dongshan Ying was involved. Although it was not reported to Emperor Qianming, they had already received the news. 

“Uncle, what are you going to do after all? This incident turned out to be aimed at the Dongshan Ying in the end. How could it be such a coincidence? It must have been done by that b*stard, Old Four. No, this king must go to Royal father’s to accuse him!”

Zhao Changming calmly stopped him: “Does Your Highness have any evidence? If there is no evidence, how can we accuse King Huai?”

Xie Chaorong punched the tea table, aggrieved.

“Your Highness, don’t worry,” Zhao Changming said calmly. “The Ministry of War is the one who will suffer. Even if His Majesty wants to punish him, he can only pretend. After the firearms depot is rebuilt, the Ministry of War can take the opportunity to ask His Majesty for more money. It’s nothing bad. There is no need to worry about the Jingwei Army. Chang Ke was dismissed, and another person will go up. If His Majesty punishes the Ministry of War and punishes the Jingwei Army, this time he cannot favor the Ministry of Industry. It is good to be able to beat that old man Yang Xuelin. As for Dongshan Ying, Wen Qing and I have already resigned, so we can’t be involved in anything.”

“But if the emperor insists on a thorough investigation, there are still so many people in Dongshan Ying…”

Zhao Changming didn’t care: “Abandon the carriage to save the drive.” 

In Xile Tang, Xie Chaoling counted his share of money that the palace had issued in the past few months, and handed it to Xie Chaoyuan: “Your Highness, help me donate it.”

Xie Chaoyuan glanced: “Donating this much?”

“Well, it’s useless for me to keep it anyway.”

According to the final calculation of that fire, there were nearly 10,000 casualties. Nearly 2,400 people were directly buried in the flames that night.

In the past few days, the imperial court built a temporary shelter in the southwestern outer city to accommodate the victims. Princess Shurou donated some money and food, and was praised by Emperor Qianming. There were many people who donated money and goods, which solved the urgent need of the court.

“Disaster relief funds should be a matter of the imperial court, but in the end everyone has to pay for it out of their own pockets. Linlang, you are really sincere.” Xie Chaoyuan disapproved.

Xie Chaoling poured him a cup of tea: “Your Highness, don’t be so stingy. You are the only master in the palace of King Ke. You have too much money with nothing to spend it on, so just take some out.”

“There are two, you are one too.” Xie Chaoyuan reminded him.

Xie Chaoling smiled, not taking this seriously.

“Did the Ministry of Accounting say there is no money?”

“The factions in the Ministry of Accounting are fighting fiercely. Old Four’s future father-in-law is the right official of the Ministry of Accounting. He may have the intention of disturbing the Ministry of Accounting by doing this. Just wait and see.” Xie Chaoyuan said.

Xie Chaoling said: “These brothers of Your Highness, one by one, are not fuel-efficient lamps*.”

* easy to deal with

“You can make this king feel relieved by not causing trouble.”

Xie Chaoling smiled and blinked. He took Xie Chaoyuan’s hand, and asked him: “Your Highness, can I help you? Do you want to go out of the mansion to have a look over there?”

Xie Chaoyuan frowned, and subconsciously refused: “The outer city is full of fish and dragons, especially at this time, don’t go. His Majesty often calls us into the palace these days, I estimate I probably won’t have time to accompany you.”

“I’ll go by myself, and bring a few more guards from the palace, and I’ll come back after a look.”

Xie Chaoling insisted, “Your Highness, just let me. I’ll buy you candy when you come back.” 

Xie Chaoyuan looked at him without saying a word, thinking of something.

Xie Chaoling looked back with a smile.

Finally Xie Chaoyuan nodded: “Look from a distance and come back, at most an hour.”

He didn’t want Xie Chaoling to leave his sight, but if he didn’t agree, Xie Chaoling would be unhappy. As long as Xie Chaoling didn’t run away, he could reluctantly compromise.

With the approval, Xie Chaoling breathed a sigh of relief, and promised Xie Chaoyuan: “Okay, I will definitely be back in an hour.” 

In return, Xie Chaoling went to the small kitchen to help Xie Chaoyuan get snacks.

Wang Rang came in to report the news that the new commander of the Dongshan Ying who had just been promoted hanged himself in the study at home, leaving behind a letter of confession, taking ownership of all the matters of embezzlement of military salaries to himself, and leaving the others out of it.

“Are they moving so fast?” Xie Chaoyuan took a sip of his tea. The three justices reported the Dongshan Ying to the emperor early in the morning and now the leader of the Dongshan Ying here pleaded guilty and hanged himself. The speed was so fast that there was no chance for anyone to react.

Old man Zhao Changming was really vicious. The commander of Dongshan Ying has been working for him for at least ten years, yet he just pushes people out to take the blame without blinking an eye. But if one commander is killed to protect the others, it is impossible for Emperor Qianming to take advantage of the opportunity to change Dongshan Ying.

Wang Rang asked him in a low voice: “Your Highness, do you really intend to let Langjun to leave the mansion alone?”

Xie Chaoyuan turned his eyes and looked over.

Wang Rang’s voice was even lower: “The servant’s apprentice, Wang Jin, who is serving by your lord’s side, has been looking a little weird these days, as if he has something to hide.”

Xie Chaoyuan narrowed his eyes slightly when he heard the words, and after a moment of silence, he said softly: “Let him go, and send some clever people to follow.”

Wang Rang agreed.

Xie Chaoling came back with some snacks, stopped in the courtyard, and looked up at the dead tree that had completely lost its yellow leaves. Winter has come.

When he turned his eyes back, Xie Chaoling slightly curled his lips to meet the gaze of Xie Chaoyuan who was sitting by the window in the upper room, looking at him.

His Highness looked at him not moving. Xie Chaoling thought to himself that this person was really good looking. Just sitting there so calmly, people wouldn’t be able to turn their eyes away. Beauty misleads others.

Deep into the night.

Xie Chaoling laid on his side on the bed, closed his eyes and refused to move any more. Xie Chaoyuan brushed away his sweaty long hair stuck to his back, and lightly rubbed his dry lips against the back of his neck: “Linlang is more open than before.”

“Your Highness taught me well,” Xie Chaoling lazily raised his hand to cover the back of his hand that was attached to his waist: “Your Highness, stop kissing, it’s itchy.”

Xie Chaoyuan moved his lips, still holding him in his arms.

A subtle emotion arose in Xie Chaoling’s heart. He turned over and saw Xie Chaoyuan’s black eyes staring at him. There was only a palace lantern left in the room, and the faint light reflected in his eyes through the bed curtain. Xie Chaoling was attracted by the cluster of light, and raised his hand to caress Xie Chaoyuan’s cheek.

“Your Highness is a little strange tonight.” Xie Chaoling said firmly.

It was fine before, but who made this little ancestor unhappy, causing him to toss him hard again.

When he first came to His Royal Highness’s side, this person would still put on some smirks, but now he doesn’t even bother to put on a fake smile. When he is unhappy, he will show his expression and his temper would be really bad.

Xie Chaoyuan grabbed his hand and held it in the palm of his hand, rubbing one finger after another, wondering what he was thinking.

The strange feeling in Xie Chaoling’s heart was even worse: “Your Highness?”

“Last time you said that Royal Uncle’s manor was fun, and I also found a manor near there. I will take you to have a look next time.”

Xie Chaoyuan said slowly: “As long as you go outside and remember to come back, I can satisfy you with whatever you want.” 

Xie Chaoling was a little puzzled: “Why does Your Highness think like that?”

Xie Chaoyuan raised his eyes and fixedly looked at him: “It’s just a reminder to Linlang.”

“… If I’m really not coming back, Your Highness is really planning to break my leg?” Xie Chaoling was a little angry, this little Highness was quite inexplicable, he was fine before, but suddenly fell ill again.

Before when Xie Chaoyuan said he would break his leg, he only felt that this person was crazy, but now if Xie Chaoyuan said that again…

Xie Chaoling turned over, sat on Xie Chaoyuan’s waist, looked down at him, and grabbed his lapel with both hands: “Your Highness, don’t bully others too much.”

When he spoke, his long hair fell down, and the tail of his hair fell on Xie Chaoyuan’s cheek, and was entangled by Xie Chaoyuan’s fingers. Looking up, Xie Chaoling’s face was sullen, his cheeks were still flushed after the affair, which made his whole face more lively: “Your Highness is saying he wants to break my leg again?”

Xie Chaoyuan stared at him for a moment, then suddenly smiled: “If you are obedient, this king will naturally pamper you.”

“Nonsense.” Xie Chaoling raised his hand and resisted the urge to punch him, “Your Highness, how old are you? Who is spoiling whom? If you are like this, do I still have to say that older brother loves you?”

“Say it, I’ll listen.” Xie Chaoyuan said brazenly.

Xie Chaoling choked for a moment.

The change of expression on his face did not escape Xie Chaoyuan’s eyes. Xie Chaoyuan hugged him and sat up a little bit, leaning on the head of the bed, looking at him, “Are you angry when I said that?”

“Can’t I be angry? Your Highness is always like this, so tough and domineering. Who can feel good after hearing that?”

Xie Chaoyuan asked him: “What did I just say? I just told you to go outside and remember to come back. Is this considered domineering?”

Xie Chaoling: “…”

Breaking his leg, it seems that Xie Chaoyuan did not say this sentence today.

Xie Chaoling’s embarrassing expression inexplicably pleased Xie Chaoyuan: “Older Brother admits that he is wrong?” 

Xie Chaoling tightened and loosened his grip on his outfit, and finally said dejectedly: “Forget it, I am the older brother, I won’t argue with you.”

Xie Chaoling laid down again, turned over, and said nothing to Xie Chaoyuan.

Xie Chaoyuan bent over and pushed the hair sticking to his face behind his ears: “Linlang, as long as you are willing to return to King Ke’s Mansion, I will make you happy.”

Xie Chaoling glanced over. Xie Chaoyuan stared at his eyes, and lowered his voice: “Otherwise, if you are afraid of pain, I will lock you up. Even if I don’t break your leg, there will be no next time.”

“Just like Xiao Huang?”

“Just like Xiao Huang.”

Xie Chaoyuan spoke casually but seriously, he was seriously warning Xie Chaoling.

He could force himself to compromise and let Xie Chaoling out of his sight, but he couldn’t bear Xie Chaoling’s attempt to escape from him. If that was the case, he couldn’t guarantee what kind of crazy things he would do.

“So, don’t think about running away, just stay by my side.”

Xie Chaoling seemed to feel something as he breathed hot air, and stopped talking.

Being pressed down by Xie Chaoyuan’s kiss, Xie Chaoling closed his eyes,…fine, let’s talk about the future later.

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