Thousand Miles of Heaven Chapter 27

Ch 27 He will make Lin Lang disappear completely

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When Xie Chaoyuan’s hand tore his shirt, Xie Chaoling subconsciously caught him: “…the lamp, blow it out.”

Xie Chaoyuan looked at him and didn’t move.

Xie Chaoling insisted: “Blow out the lights.”

Every time before, they always kept some light, this was the first time Xie Chaoling said to blow out the lights. Xie Chaoyuan raised his hand to push away his long hair covering half of his cheeks, leaned over and kissed him, then got up, and went to extinguish the lamps in the room one by one.

Xie Chaoling leaned on the bed, staring at his movements intently, his throat rolling. Those fluctuating emotions gradually calmed down, it is natural to lust, and Xie Chaoling had to admit that he was also a common person.

Anyway, they were not real brothers, so it was not against the rules.

Although it was embarrassing to be under this little beast, since he had fun, he didn’t bother to care about it. He was just Linlang now, and when he goes back in the future, the Linlang here would no longer exist.

He will make Lin Lang disappear completely. 

The renewed moist body of Xie Chaoling’s laid on the bed, while Xie Chaoyuan monopolized him within his arms and whispered, “Older Brother.”

Xie Chaoling’s bones were half shattered, the little b*stard was really shameless, how could he have the nerve to say “older brother”?


Hearing Xie Chaoling’s lazy reply, Xie Chaoyuan’s laughter became even lower.

Xie Chaoling didn’t bother to talk about it, he felt drowsy and closed his eyes.

A good night’s sleep.

Waking up, it was already the end of Chen Shi (7-9am). Xie Chaoling was being waited on by someone to change his clothes, while yawning. He secretly thought that he could get used to such a lazy life, and it might take some time to get used to his old routine in the future.

Xie Chaoyuan was not in the room. Xie Chaoling heard his voice outside, intermittent but inaudible.

After he finished washing and changing clothes, the man came in, and the dessert plate held by the maid was put aside. Xie Chaoling wanted to take it, but Xie Chaoyuan stopped him: “Don’t eat that, let’s go out for breakfast later.”

Xie Chaoling didn’t understand, so he looked at him.

Xie Chaoyuan: “The Empress Dowager sent someone to bring it early in the morning. She said that the dim sum was made by the Momo* in the palace and was delicious, so she distributed it to each mansion. She also said that her grand niece also helped and told me to have a taste of it.” 

* wet nurse

Xie Chaoling: “…” 

Empress Dowager Zhao was determined to marry Zhao Wanniang into King Ke’s mansion. Now that it has been revealed, there was no need to hide it. Xie Chaoyuan disdained it and curled his lips: “In any case, isn’t she a precious noble daughter, yet she has been turned into a maid.”

Xie Chaoling snuck a laugh, and said: “The Empress Dowager probably thinks that King Ke’s Mansion needs a virtuous concubine who can be presented in the hall and go to work in the kitchen.”

Xie Chaoyuan glanced at him, then stretched out his hand to brush his untied long hair: “No need. Linlang is enough.”

Xie Chaoling smiled, and didn’t reply. Xie Chaoyuan was far from the standard for his crown princess in the East Palace.

Xie Chaoyuan stared at Xie Chaoling’s smiling face, stroked his black hair behind his ear, and lightly pinched his small earlobe. Xie Chaoling was itchy by his pinch, and raised his chin: “Your Highness, you don’t have to make fun of me, it’s better to order the servants of the mansion to pack up earlier and get ready to welcome the new concubine.”

“Linlang’s words sound a bit sour,” Xie Chaoling curled the corners of his lips lightly, “You are right, if the Empress Dowager insists on marrying, this king will marry.”

“Then what?”

“If the bridal sedan chair enters King Ke’s mansion, then they will be a member of King Ke’s mansion, life and death will be up to me, so what if I let her die suddenly that night?” Xie Chaoyuan said.

Xie Chaoling knew that this kid was not afraid of offending the Zhao family at all, so he would do what he said he would do.

Xie Chaoyuan’s eyes fell on the side of Xie Chaoling’s face, and he paused slightly: “Zhao’s family style is not good. Zhao Wanniang’s sister married into the Lin family, and his father-in-law and her had relations. This kind of family’s daughter, why should I let her occupy King Ke’s consort position?”

Xie Chaoling was a little surprised: “You know this too?”


“Since you know that if you make a fuss it will affect the reputation of Zhao’s daughters, isn’t it better than marrying you and losing their life that night?” Xie Chaoling reminded him helplessly..

If this incident really became exposed, even if the empress dowager was shameless, Emperor Qianming would definitely not let his son marry her. It was clearly a very simple matter, but Xie Chaoyuan, a lunatic, only wanted to kill the person.


Xie Chaoyuan disapproved: “Without Zhao Wanniang, there will be others. I don’t want to marry a wife. The best way is to punish an individual as an example.”

Never try to reason with lunatics, Xie Chaoling wisely decided to give up this topic.

So he grabbed Xie Chaoyuan’s hand: “Forget it, Your Highness, just be happy.” 

Xie Chaoyuan looked at him and asked in a deep voice: “What about older brother, will brother be happy?” 

Calling him older brother day and night, how shameless. He smiled and said, “I’ll be happy with Your Highness.”

Afterwards, the two had breakfast together. Xie Chaoling’s waist became so weak that he leaned back on the soft couch unwilling to move after eating.

Xie Chaoyuan stepped forward, sat beside him, then stretched out his hand to massage him for a while. Xie Chaoling narrowed his eyes slightly, feeling much more comfortable. It was indeed a little too much last night, this little beast somehow seemed to be more beastly than before.

Thinking of this, Xie Chaoling glanced over, with a little suspicion in his eyes.

Xie Chaoyuan looked back at him calmly.

“Last night……”

“What about last night?”

“Forget it.”

After thinking about it, Xie Chaoling still felt that he was worrying too much, and there was no point in worrying about that thing at night.

Xie Chaoyuan took the initiative to change the topic, and talked about the Southwest Outer City: “Yesterday night, there was a riot in the refugee resettlement center, and some people died. I’m afraid there will be no more excuses.”

Xie Chaoling was indeed diverted: “How many people died?”

“A hundred or so people gathered together to cause trouble, but the Jingwei Army didn’t suppress them. There were too many people. Most of them fell and were trampled to death. Chang Ke went to the palace early in the morning to plead guilt. Most of the guards retreated to the inner city.”

Xie Chaoling sighed for a moment. He knew that this riot was bound to happen, and his father would not stop until he achieved his goal this time. Emperor Qianming was a wise emperor in general, but in some respects he was also “to not be bothered with trifling matters”.

His father and his brothers, if one wanted to point out the real pure and kind person, it was probably only the former crown prince. However, if one was too pure and kind, they would end up like that. The other ones, Xie Chaorong was stupid and bad, Xie Chaohui hid his ulterior motives, Xie Chaoqi was a poor, pathetic lunatic, and as for himself…, Xie Chaoling thought, he was eight or nine points similar to the previous crown prince, but his inside was still rebellious.

And the one in front of him, Xie Chaoling looked up at Xie Chaoyuan. No matter whether he was their brother or not, this person was indeed the craziest one.

Xie Chaoqi went crazy because he was stimulated and his temperament changed drastically, losing his bottom line. Perhaps Xie Chaoyuan, this little b*stard, never had the word bottom line in his heart.

Seeing that Xie Chaoling suddenly started to be in a daze again, Xie Chaoyuan smiled softly: “What is Linlang thinking of?”

“…Your Highness said that you grew up outside the palace until you were six years old. Can you tell me about your childhood?”

Xie Chaoyuan being asked this was a little surprised, as if he didn’t expect Xie Chaoling to ask this suddenly: “Why do you want to know?”

“I just want to know. Your Highness won’t tell?” Xie Chaoling raised his head and looked directly into his eyes.

A smile appeared in Xie Chaoyuan’s eyes: “If you want to know, I can say it.”

He said slowly: “As far as I can remember, I lived in another palace in the suburbs of the capital. No, it would be more appropriate to say that it was the Cold Palace, Linlang definitely does not know what it is like there.” 

Xie Chaoling really did not know about it. The other palace in the northern suburbs was built during the Great Ancestor period, and the Great Ancestor Emperor started establishing himself there. After he had set up his dynasty, that place had been preserved, but after more than a hundred years, there was only an empty name of it being a side palace, only those concubines whose status was embarrassing and disgusted by the emperor were moved there.

But Xie Chaoyuan grew up there.

Xie Chaoyuan continued nonchalantly: “When I was young, I had nothing to do and nothing to eat. The thing I was most passionate about was catching mice, skinning them and roasting them to feed my hunger. Also, I had to catch them alive. I held the mice by their tails and watched them squeak in my hands. That was the most fun, and then I would use a dagger to peel off its skin bit by bit, and throw it into the fire when it is half dead…”

Xie Chaoyuan had a smile in his eyes the entire time. Xie Chaoling imagined that scene, suddenly shuddering. Xie Chaoyuan looked at him, raised his hand to caress his cheek, and lowered his voice: “Scared?” 

Xie Chaoling frowned: “Really?”


The smile on Xie Chaoyuan’s face suddenly faded as he spoke. His expression was so calm that there were almost no waves: “I learned it from my mother. She was the best at these things. She can also use Gu. Does Linlang know that the best skill of Bailing people was using Gu? My mother is a master, but it’s a pity that I barely learned much, otherwise…”

“Otherwise what?”

Xie Chaoyuan leaned closer and whispered in his ear, “Otherwise I’ll give you a love gu, so as to avoid such trouble.”

Staring at Xie Chaoyuan’s dark eyes, Xie Chaoling couldn’t say a word for a long time. After, he realized later, he was deceived by this little beast.

“If there is a so-called love gu, your mother could just give it to His Majesty. Wouldn’t she be able to gain the favor of the Six Palaces?”

Xie Chaoyuan nodded and said, “Linlang is right.”

“…What else? You don’t even have something worth remembering?”

Xie Chaoyuan thought about it seriously, and said: “When I was five years old, I got out of the palace from the dog hole, sneaked out, climbed into a delivery carriage, and entered the capital for the first time. In the inner city, it just so happened that His Majesty came back from hunting in the Dongshan hunting grounds that day, and the mighty imperial guards cleared the way. It was so majestic. At that time, I thought that I would be recognized by His Majesty, it’s a pity…” 

“A pity?”

It’s a pity he didn’t see his brother, the crown prince in the team. Xie Chaoling was not yet the crown prince at that time, and he was also too young, so he was not qualified to accompany him.

Xie Chaoyuan raised his hand, stroked the end of Xie Chaoling’s eyes with his fingertips, and said softly: “It’s a pity that I didn’t know Linlang earlier.”

Xie Chaoling was slightly stunned, and met Xie Chaoyuan’s eyes looking at him, as if he was really bewitched by these words. His body a step faster than his brain, he leaned forward and kissed the corner of Xie Chaoyuan’s lips.

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