Thousand Miles of Heaven Chapter 35

Ch 35 “You want to lock me up here?”

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A few days later, Xie Huizhen came to the door again, saying that he had found a house in the city and asked Xie Chaoyuan to pay for him.

This kid was not polite about it and since Xie Chaoyuan himself agreed, he would naturally not be cheap about it. On that day, Xie Chaoyuan took Xie Chaoling and Xie Huizhen to the house he mentioned.

The place was not far from King Ke’s Mansion, it was the region where the gentry was situated. The house Xie Huizhen chose looked ordinary on the outside, but inside, it was built in the style of Jiangnan gardens, very quiet and elegant. It was said that the previous owner was from Jiangnan. Because he wanted to move back to his hometown for retirement, he sold the house.

Xie Huizhen led them around back and forth, and proudly said: “Sixth Uncle and Sixth Aunt, isn’t the house I chose not bad?”

Xie Chaoling didn’t want to talk to him, and he didn’t want to acknowledge the title “Sixth Aunt” at all.

Xie Chaoyuan smiled: “Do you really plan to live in the city? What are you going to do with the other residence? What if someone goes to His Majesty? How will you explain it?”

Xie Huizhen didn’t take it seriously, and raised his hand to wipe his neck: “This is what Sixth Uncle said, if they can’t be taught then scare them. The first time, cut off the tongue, the second time, directly kill them, they will not dare disobey me.”

Xie Chaoyuan nodded and patted him on the head: “A well taught child.”

Xie Chaoling hearing this, frowned, how did Xie Chaoyuan teach the child so he became like him?

At noon, Xie Huizhen said that he was hungry, so they went to eat in a restaurant on a nearby street.

Sitting down in the private room on the second floor, Xie Huizhen was eating melon seeds while pulling Xie Chaoyuan to chat about the secrets of the various residences in the central capital. It seemed that Xie Chaoyuan had eyes everywhere and could get all sorts of shameful secrets making even Xie Chaoling admire this, while Xie Huizhen listened with gusto, his eyes sparkling.

Xie Chaoling reaffirmed that the uncle and nephew were really like-minded.

Xie Chaoling listened to it for a while, felt that there wasn’t much point, and looked out. His eyes fell on the opposite street, where there was a shop selling tea.

After a while, Xie Chaoling turned to Xie Chaoyuan and said, “I’ll go shopping across the street to see if there’s any good tea to buy.”

Xie Chaoyuan also took a look outside, not saying much: “Don’t delay too long, the food will be served soon.”

Xie Chaoling nodded, got up and left.

The tea shop was not small, it was divided into two rooms, the inside and the outside. Most of the teas sold were from the south. The outside was filled with ordinary goods, while the inside only sold top-notch ones.

Xie Chaoling was well dressed, and the shopkeeper was very attentive, so he greeted him and offered to invite him to look inside: “It doesn’t matter if you want this new tea or old tea, as long as it’s from the south, I assure you, in this capital city, there is no second store that is better and more comprehensive than this one here. You can go inside and choose carefully.”

Xie Chaoling raised his chin, motioning for someone to lead the way.

After entering, the door curtain fell, blocking the sight of outsiders.

Xie Chaoling paused, and the shopkeeper walked to a container, turned the handle on the side of the container, and the container moved aside in response, revealing the wooden door behind it.

“This way, Your Highness.” The shopkeeper’s tone became more respectful.

Xie Chaoling motioned for Wang Jin who followed to stay and wait, and stepped in.

A wooden door connected the shop at the front and the main house at the back, where Xie Fengzhen was already waiting for Xie Chaoling.

Xie Chaoling sent a letter to Xie Fengzhen before leaving the house this morning, and it never passed through the hands of the servants of King Ke’s Mansion. The lake in King Ke’s Mansion was running water, connected to the moat outside, and the bamboo tube with letter paper was thrown from the place where he fed the fish every day. Going down the river, it can reach the bridge hole outside the mansion in less than two quarters of an hour. Xie Fengzhen’s people waited there every day.

Xie Chaoling didn’t have much time to delay, so to cut a long story short, he asked Xie Fengzhen: “Does the emperor know about Xu Shan? Is he a Xirong spy?”

“Don’t worry about Xu Shan, he is indeed from Xirong, but he is not a spy of Xirong. On the contrary, he is my own person who was specially left in the Northwest Army to confuse the people of Xirong. You can use him with confidence when you take office.”

Xie Fengzhen did not tell the truth in front of Emperor Qianming before. Xu Shan was originally the lowest man slave on the northwest border, not only did he know him, but he also brought him into the Northwest Army. Not at the border later, that person relied on his own ability step by step to get to where he was today. Just because his biological father was from Xirong, the Xirong court sent people to win him over after he was promoted to a senior general in the Northwest Army.

Xie Chaoling was relieved when he heard the words: “That’s good, and the eunuch Wang Qing should belong to King Ke.”

Xie Fengzhen was a little surprised: “King Ke? I thought he was from King Xing’s.”

Xu Shan was in the Northwest Army for the past few years, he and Xie Chaohui have had a close friendship, and Xie Fengzhen thought that Xie Chaohui wanted to transfer him back for help.

Xie Chaoling shook his head: “That’s why I said before that King Ke is a spy of Xirong, and the people of Xirong should have instructed him to try to transfer Xu Shan back to court.”

Knowing that he was a spy, why did he stay in King Ke’s mansion and refused to leave.

Xie Fengzhen’s words were on his lips and he swallowed them back. He had already persuaded what should be persuaded. Xie Chaoling always had his own ideas, and this uncle could not influence his thoughts.

“I was just about to tell you about King Ke’s real identity,” Xie Fengzhen said, “I sent people to the country of Bailing to investigate carefully. Before his mother was sent to the capital, she had a lover who was exiled from Xirong, the noble son of Bailing Kingdom. If the news is correct, he should be the third prince of Xirong and the most powerful contender for the throne of Xirong. Back then, he fled to Bailing Kingdom due to persecution, and half a year later his father ascended the throne as Emperor Xirong. Someone brought him back, which happened to be the time when King Ke’s mother was sent to the capital.”

“Are you sure?”

Xie Chaoling’s tone showed hesitation that he didn’t even notice.

“I’m sure, King Ke is not only from Xirong, but also the grandson of Xirong Kingdom’s emperor. He was destined to be an enemy of our dynasty.” Xie Fengzhen said, staring at him.

Xie Chaoling was silent for a moment, and said: “I understand.”

“…Royal Uncle, don’t worry, even if it’s for my grandfather and uncle, I will not be soft on him.” 

His grandfather and uncle both died on the battlefield against the Xirong people, it was both a national enmity and a family hatred. If Xie Chaoyuan really chose to help Xirong deal with Daliang, he would not tolerate that person no matter what.

Xie Fengzhen’s expression became darker when he heard the words: “It’s good that you know what’s in your heart, don’t push yourself too hard, your own safety is the most important thing.”

Xie Chaoling suppressed the complicated thoughts in his mind, and said to Xie Fengzhen: “There are still some things I need done by Royal Uncle.”

Xie Chaoling stayed in the tea shop for a quarter of an hour, and when he came back, he bought a pack of Longjing tea and a pack of Yunwu tea, and brought them to the restaurant for the waiters to make some for them to drink while eating.

The food and alcohol were already on the table. Xie Chaoling sat down, and Xie Chaoyuan handed him the soup he personally served: “Eat.”

Xie Chaoling held the soup bowl in both hands and drank slowly. Xie Chaoyuan also put a chopstick into his mouth, and said slowly: “Just now, I seem to see someone from King Ding’s Mansion below.”

Xie Chaoling remained motionless, still sipping soup: “Your Highness, you must have seen it wrong, this place is quite far from King Ding’s Mansion. He won’t come here.”

“Oh, then this king must have seen it wrong.”

Xie Chaoyuan picked up the alcohol glass, glanced at Xie Chaoling’s indifferent eyebrows, and poured the alcohol in the glass into his mouth.

Xie Huizhen listened to the slightly weird conversation between the two of them, raised his eyes and looked around between them, thoughtfully.

A table of alcohol and food was removed, and the waiter brought the freshly brewed tea. Xie Huizhen couldn’t sit still, and said that he was going to go outside to digest food by going for a walk. He ran away in a flash, leaving only the two of them in the private room.

Xie Chaoling picked up the teapot and poured it for Xie Chaoyuan first.

Xie Chaoyuan watched his movements without making a sound. Xie Chaoling poured his own cup of tea, put down the teapot, and looked up at him: “Your Highness is angry?”

Xie Chaoyuan turned the teacup in his hand: “Why would I be angry?”

“You have to ask Your Highness,” Xie Chaoling sipped from his cup, “This tea is really good, Your Highness, try it while it’s hot.”

“Linlang just walked around the shop and bought only these two kinds of tea?”

“Otherwise?” Xie Chaoling asked calmly.

Xie Chaoyuan looked at him without asking any further questions, and picked up the teacup.

After sitting in the restaurant for another quarter of an hour, Xie Huizhen sent a message that he had gone out to play and told them to leave alone. Xie Chaoling said that he was sleepy and wanted to go back to rest, and Xie Chaoyuan ordered someone to pay the bill.

After getting in the carriage, Xie Chaoling closed his eyes, and soon fell asleep. Xie Chaoyuan embraced him and let him sleep on his shoulder.

Xie Chaoling’s breathing gradually stabilized, while Xie Chaoyuan maintained the same posture without moving.

Holding Xie Chaoling’s hand into his palm, the heat close at hand, Xie Chaoyuan slowly closed his eyes.

Xie Chaoling had fallen asleep unconsciously, and when he woke up, he didn’t know what time it was. The carriage stopped, the door was half opened, and it was already dark outside.

Xie Chaoyuan was still sitting beside him, with his shoulders acting as a pillow, silently staring at the front, sitting still.

Xie Chaoling sat up straight, twisted his sore neck, and asked: “How is it so late? Where is this? Didn’t you go back to the residence?”

“I said to buy a manor before, does Linlang want to go down and have a look?” Xie Chaoyuan turned his head to look at him.

There was a bleak sunset glow in his eyes, which made Xie Chaoling inexplicably uncomfortable. Xie Chaoling remembered this, this man did indeed say that he wanted to buy a manor.

Xie Chaoyuan stretched out his hand: “Let’s go, get out of the carriage.”

This manor was not big, but the scenery was very good. Winter plums were dotted with frost and snow, and it didn’t look depressing. 

Xie Chaoyuan led Xie Chaoling to look around, then slowly said to him: “Your favorite flowers are planted everywhere in the manor, and they will bloom in spring, you can go boating on the lake in the back. You could also hunt in the back mountain. When it’s cold, you can nestle in the house and eat hot pot…”

“What does your Highness mean?” Xie Chaoling interrupted him, “Do you want me to stay here forever?”

Xie Chaoyuan raised his hand and brushed his temple, half a piece of withered leaf fell on the side. He said lightly: “Is this not good?”

“King Ke’s mansion is very good, why come here?” Xie Chaoling frowned.

“This place is quiet, there won’t be so many chaotic people and things to disturb you. I specially chose this place for you, Linlang will definitely like it here.” Xie Chaoyuan said.

Xie Chaoling understood the meaning of his words: “You want to lock me here?”

Xie Chaoyuan took his shoulders, hugged him gently, and said in his ear: “Linlang, be obedient.”

Xie Chaoling didn’t try to struggle; “Your Highness, do you really think you can restrain me?”

“I have to try.” Xie Chaoyuan sighed softly.

“I will stay here with you every day except for going to court.”

“As long as you don’t go outside, you can do whatever you want here.”


Not okay at all!

Xie Chaoling’s heart was filled with anger, he knew that it was the act of going to see Xie Fengzhen by himself just now that made this little beast fall ill again. So this time this person plans to lock him up in this village. It was unclear how far away from the city this place is. Xie Chaoyuan made up his mind to prevent him from contacting outsiders.

Xie Chaoyuan seemed to sense Xie Chaoling’s bursting anger, and kissed him on the cheek.

“Older Brother, stay here.”

He begged in a low voice.

Xie Chaoling’s answer was to take a step back and raise his hand to slap him.

A group of servants behind him knelt down, lowered their heads and did not dare to say anything.

Xie Chaoyuan calmly looked at the person in front of him, and repeated again: “Stay here.”

Xie Chaoling took a deep breath, ignored the lunatic, and stepped into the house.

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