Thousand Miles of Heaven Chapter 50

Ch 50 “You are a liar.”

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The bed curtain fell and the sound of silk tearing could be heard clearly in the ear. Xie Chaoling closed his eyes and panted lightly.

…D*mn it, his clothes were all torn, how will he go back tomorrow.

Xie Chaoling quickly had no time to think about those fleeting thoughts. Fingers, lips, tongue, every place touched by Xie Chaoyuan seemed to be lit with tiny flames, itchy and unbearable.

The Gu in his body was also causing trouble, his whole body was hot. The little b*stard was unhurried, as if deliberately punishing him, teasing the sensitive parts of his body one after another, but not satisfying him.

Xie Chaoling couldn’t bear it anymore, and whispered to him: “Hurry up…” 

The person on his body sneered: “Brother, don’t need to pretend now?”

Xie Chaoling opened his eyes and looked at him, his eyes were clearly sober but full of lust, and he said hoarsely: “Release me.”

Xie Chaoyuan lowered his eyes, his pupils were as black as ink, and he looked at him for a moment.

Xie Chaoling said again: “Untie me, I won’t run away.”

At least not tonight.

Xie Chaoyuan’s slender fingers tugged lightly on the silk ribbon, and the ribbon slipped from Xie Chaoling’s wrist. Xie Chaoling let out a light breath, and the next moment, the person who was pressed down bit his lip fiercely.

The lip was bitten and Xie Chaoling hissed softly, the little b*stard’s tongue came in and went on a rampage.

He raised his hand and hooked Xie Chaoyuan’s shoulder.

Early in the morning.

Xie Chaoling opened his eyes at four o’clock in the morning, and the sky had leaked in from outside the bed curtains. Xie Chaoyuan was sitting beside him, wearing only a coat, with long hair loose, and staring at him with downcast eyes.

Looking at each other, Xie Chaoling blinked slowly, propped his body off the mattress with his hands, and slowly sat up.

Just looking down, one can see the bright red bite marks on the exposed small arm, this little beast didn’t let him go even there.

He felt unwell all over, but Xie Chaoling didn’t show any signs on his face, he calmly pulled down the sleeves of his jacket, and asked the person next to him, “What time is it, what is sixth brother doing here?”

Xie Chaoyuan sneered, “Crown Prince Brother is pretending again. Amnesia and forgetfulness?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Xie Chaoling said this, and then planted his bare feet on the ground.

His clothes fell to the ground and were all torn. Seeing this, Xie Chaoling couldn’t help but frown. He wanted to call out, but his eyes fell on the string of wet beads beside the clothes. There was fleeting anger in his eyes, and he swallowed the words on his lips as he went back and picked up those clothes by himself.

Xie Chaoyuan was still sitting on the side of the bed, watching his movements: “The ripped clothes, do you still want to wear them Crown Prince Brother? If people saw this, they would wonder what happened to Crown Prince Brother.” 

He came out in a hurry yesterday, and he really didn’t ask anyone to prepare clothes. Xie Chaoling coughed lightly, ignoring the sarcasm in the little beast’s words: “Then I will have to trouble sixth brother to help me prepare the clothes, thank you.”

Xie Chaoyuan didn’t say anything, Xie Chaoling raised his chin: “Sixth brother you won’t? It turns out that King Ke’s Mansion treats guests like this?”

He deliberately provoked him with what Xie Chaoyuan said yesterday. Xie Chaoyuan’s eyes moved, and Xie Chaoling’s extremely hypocritical smirk appeared on the corner of his mouth again, looking straight at him.

After a silent confrontation, Xie Chaoyuan stood up and called someone in.

People with their heads down came in one at a time, bringing hot water, towels, and clothes.

Liao Zhi also squeezed in with the servants of the East Palace, and saw Xie Chaoling standing barefoot on the ground with only his coat on.

Xie Chaoling’s exposed neck was covered with deep and shallow red marks, which reached into the collar of his clothes, who knows how many marks were under the cover of his clothes.

It’s really too absurd.

Looking at His Royal Highness King Ke, who was also disheveled and disorganized, Liao Zhi suppressed the turmoil in his heart and dared not say a word.

Xie Chaoling was still calm in front of the people, or maybe he was too good at pretending, he didn’t show any shame or embarrassment on his face, he calmly took the hot handkerchief handed over by the servant, and covered his face.

After washing, Xie Chaoling signaled someone to change his clothes. Xie Chaoyuan stood up and looked at Liao Zhi. Seeing that Xie Chaoling had no intention of objecting, Liao Zhi could only step back and let Xie Chaoyuan took over.

Xie Chaoling glanced at him and stretched out his arms without saying anything.

The clothes were put on one by one from the inside to the outside, then finally the belt was tied, the dragon jade belt hook in the middle was fastened, and the corners of the clothes were smoothed.

Xie Chaoyuan’s movements were meticulous and focused, his hands slowly walked over Xie Chaoling’s body, and his fingertips seemed to touch him through the cloth. Now he was doing it leisurely, unlike last night when he roughly tore his clothes. All kinds of trances came back to his mind from last night. Xie Chaoling’s throat moved, and he said: “It’s good, I have troubled sixth brother.”

Xie Chaoyuan raised his eyes, and said lightly: “Crown Prince Brother still looks better in this suit.” 

Xie Chaoling wore it when he was here before. Xie Chaoling’s clothes, honey-colored satin forged robes embroidered with double sparrows, were not as luxurious as his crown prince regular clothes, but the style of embroidery was exquisite and gorgeous, which made Xie Chaoling’s face white as jade.

The only thing was that the mark on Xie Chaoling’s neck was too obvious. Xie Chaoling himself saw it in the mirror, and asked someone to take an extra cloak with fox fur around the neckline to cover it up, and barely covered it.

Xie Chaoyuan smiled but said, “It’s almost the end of February, these two days were sunny, did you feel the heat?”

Xie Chaoling ignored him.

He sat down and had his hair tied, and saw the comb he had left behind when he left, and picked it up.

Xie Chaoyuan looked at him: “This comb that no one wants is not worth much, why not just throw it away.”

Xie Chaoling was unhappy, so he put the comb down, and said expressionlessly, “It’s just a comb. Sixth brother can throw it away if he wants to.” 

Xie Chaoyuan slowly picked up the comb.

Xie Chaoling stared at his movements. Xie Chaoyuan glanced at him again, turned the comb around in his hand, and put it aside.

Xie Chaoling turned his eyes away.

After breakfast and half a cup of tea, Xie Chaoling once again talked about his purpose of coming here: “I have also drank the tea, ate the meals, and stayed overnight at sixth brother’s villa. Sixth brother who wants to be the host should have had enough, can you let me go now?”

Xie Chaoyuan put down the teacup and looked up at him: “What if I say no?” 

Xie Chaoling turned cold: “Must Sixth brother be like this?”

“If I say no, what is Crown Prince Brother going to do today?” Xie Chaoyuan was unmoved.

Looking at each other in silence for a moment, Xie Chaoling also put down the teacup in his hand, and motioned to Liao Zhi: “Do it.”

After he finished speaking, the servants of the East Palace who were originally bowing down suddenly raised their eyebrows. Each individual was skilled and in an instant after subduing the servants of King Ke’s mansion in the room, Liao Zhi’s extra short sword was placed on Xie Chaoyuan’s neck in the blink of an eye.

Wang Rang was forced to kneel on the ground, and shouted in shock: “What are you doing?!”

Outside the courtyard heard the commotion and rushed in, the guards of the East Palace had drawn their swords out of their sheaths, and the two were in a stalemate.

Xie Chaoyuan’s expression didn’t move when someone put a sword on his neck, he just looked at Xie Chaoling: “Crown Prince Brother wants to do something to me because of that b*stard? If I refuse, what are you going to do? Kill me?”

Xie Chaoling put down the teacup, sighed and said, “Sixth brother, I don’t want to do anything to you, why do you do this? Let him go, I didn’t just bring these people with me when I came out this time. If I don’t take them out before today at Si Shi, someone will come to surround your manor, and at that time, I can only take you to Royal father to punish.”

“Crown Prince Brother is really ruthless,” Xie Chaoyuan said mockingly, “as soon as you get out of bed, you turned your face and refuse to recognize anyone. So this is the way of the crown prince of the Eastern Palace, this is how my brother has been taught.” 

Xie Chaoling didn’t want to talk nonsense with him: “Hand him over.”

Xie Chaoyuan saw that he didn’t move and his expression became colder.

After a stalemate for a while, Xie Chaoling motioned to Liao Zhi: “You go back first, and take everyone down.”

…How can this be done?

If they retreat, who knows if His Highness the Crown Prince will be kidnapped by King Ke, this was completely different from what His Highness ordered before!

Xie Chaoling didn’t explain his capriciousness, and said again: “Take everyone and retreat.”

Liao Zhi had no choice but to accept the order. He hesitantly withdrew his sword, and retreated with all his own people, taking Xie Chaoyuan’s attendants under escort.

There were only the two of them left in the room again. Xie Chaoyuan still didn’t move, while Xie Chaoling got up and approached, lowering his voice: “Let him go, be obedient.”

“In what capacity is Crown Prince Brother speaking to me?”

Xie Chaoling with a light cough: “You know so why ask. ” 

Xie Chaoyuan said: “Not pretending now?” 

Xie Chaoling raised his hand and patted his face: “You are so domineering and unreasonable, I won’t like you.”

Xie Chaoling had said this before.

Xie Chaoyuan gritted his teeth and said, “You are a liar.” 

Xie Chaoling bent over to get closer to him, and whispered in his ear: “Be obedient, let him go, and I will let you go to the East Palace next time.”

Xie Chaoling didn’t say clearly what the phrase “Let you go to the East Palace” meant, but Xie Chaoyuan understood.

“What kind of thing is Li Huan that can make you do this for him?” Xie Chaoyuan’s tone became more serious.

Xie Chaoling was a little helpless, this little b*stard not only acts extreme, but also has a paranoid view on things, can’t he think of something positive? Who does he think he is doing this for?

“He is not a thing, but he is also the only remaining male in the Li family. If not, why would you use him to threaten me?”

Xie Chaoling straightened up and shook his head: “Let’s stop here, you are acting too absurdly. If you make this into a big mess, I can’t keep you.”

Xie Chaoyuan looked at him.

Xie Chaoling patted his face again, still saying: “Be obedient.”

Half an hour later.

Xie Chaoling went out to board the carriage, and Xie Chaoyuan stood outside the carriage, his expression still cold.

Xie Chaoling got into the carriage, and finally said to him: “Sixth brother, go back, you don’t have to send me off.” 

The carriage door closed. Xie Chaoling closed his eyes tiredly, endured the discomfort all over his body and relaxed, taking another breath when he sat down. It really hurts after being messed up all night.

Xie Chaoyuan, this little b*stard, is ruthless to others, ruthless to himself, and ruthless to him.

He was also crazy to send himself to the door.

The crown prince set off in his carriage, and was watched by Xie Chaoyuan coldly.

Wang Rang asked him in a low voice behind him, “Your Highness, have those people withdrawn?”

“Everyone has left, what are you doing here?” Xie Chaoyuan said coldly.

Wang Rang took the order and ordered things to go on.

In fact, just now, a large number of people from King Ke’s mansion were buried inside and outside the manor, and the boat that Xie Chaoyuan asked someone to prepare was parked on the bank of the river behind.

If the two sides fought, the outcome was still unknown. Xie Chaoyuan originally planned to put all his eggs in one basket and just kidnap him, but changed his mind at the last moment.

After going in and taking the comb, Xie Chaoyuan got on his horse and went back to the capital. Without Xie Chaoling, there was no need to come here again.

It’s not time to burn the boat yet.

After riding for twenty miles, the guards of the East Palace found Li Huan, who was dying and still hanging on his last breath, in a ruined temple.

After being fed water and hot soup, Li Huan woke up from the coma. When he saw Xie Chaoling, he trembled and shed tears.

The appearance of this man can be described as miserable, he didn’t look like a person anymore. Xie Chaoling’s expression was a bit ugly. Li Huan, who was struggling, rushed up and grabbed the hem of his clothes tightly: “Your Highness, King Ke harmed me, King Ke harmed me, help avenge …”

Xie Chaoling didn’t answer, and ordered someone to carry him to the carriage behind and send him back to the mansion first.

“Your Highness…”

Xie Chaoling paused after hesitating, looked at Li Huan who was begging him in the carriage, and said, “King Ke is a lunatic, don’t provoke him anymore. Even if you go to His Majesty, you can’t prove that King Ke did it, and I won’t pursue the previous matter with you, so let’s stop here.”

Li Huan was stunned for a moment before he understood the meaning of Xie Chaoling’s words, his eyes full of disbelief.

How can it not be proved? As long as Xie Chaoling, the crown prince of the East Palace, is willing to speak for him, how can His Majesty not believe him? ! But Xie Chaoling was like this, obviously unwilling to help him testify against the mad King Ke.

In a daze, his eyes fell on the side of Xie Chaoling’s neck. Half-covered and half exposed in the fox fur collar was a bright red and dazzling bite mark.

At that moment, Li Huan tightly clenched his fists, lowered his head, his bleeding eyes filled with hatred, but Xie Chaoling didn’t see it.

Xie Chaoling frowned: “Go back to the mansion to recuperate your wounds, I will call the imperial doctor there for you.”

“Thank you… Your Highness for your kindness.” Li Huan swallowed hard.

Xie Chaoling didn’t say any more, and went back to the front carriage.

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