Thousand Miles of Heaven Chapter 70

Ch 70 “He is my husband.”

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After that, they traveled for several more days, passing through several towns of various sizes. When they were nearing the capital of Xirong, they encountered a troop of soldiers sent to receive them by the Xirong King.

Upon hearing the report, Xie Chaoyuan sat still in the carriage and simply ordered the door to be opened.

As they saw a cavalry of nearly a hundred riders approaching, Xie Chaoling’s gaze slightly narrowed, and he chuckled meaningfully at Xie Chaoyuan, “It seems that the Xirong King really values you to send so many people to receive you.”

Xie Chaoyuan glanced at him and replied, “Thanks to the Crown Prince of Dalian.”

It was more accurate to say that so many people were here not to welcome Xie Chaoyuan, but to receive the Dalian heir in his possession.

Xie Chaoling rolled his eyes and couldn’t be bothered to say anything more.

The cavalry stopped in front of the caravan, and the leader dismounted and walked up to Xie Chaoyuan, who was still sitting in the carriage. He bowed and greeted Xie Chaoyuan in the Xirong custom, with his right fist placed over his left chest and his head lowered, “General Tebumu greets the Little Prince. The Little Prince has traveled a long way. The King has sent me to escort you back to the capital.”

Xie Chaoyuan responded calmly, “General Tebumu, thank you for your trouble.”

Xie Chaoling casually examined the person in front of him. The man was tall and handsome, but he didn’t have the typical burly build of a Xirong general. His temperament was somewhat different from the Xirong soldiers behind him, and he couldn’t quite put his finger on what was different.

When the man stood up straight and looked up, suddenly, his heart skipped a beat. The man had a large and hideous scar on his left temple, like a burn. His face was covered in stubble, making it difficult to see his original appearance, but his eyes were especially sharp. For some reason, he gave Xie Chaoling a very familiar feeling, even though he was sure that he had never met this Xirong man before.

The man also noticed that there was another person in the carriage and looked at Xie Chaoyuan, asking, “May I ask, where is the Crown Prince of Da Liang?”

“He is in the carriage behind us. When we arrive in Lido, I will hand him over.” Xie Chaoyuan replied calmly.

The man did not dwell on this any longer, exchanging a few more words before returning to the front and remounting his horse to lead the way for Xie Chaoyuan.

After the carriage door closed, Xie Chaoling asked, “Who was that man just now?”

“He is a trusted aide of the Xirong King,” Xie Chaoyuan handed him some water to drink, “My father became the Xirong King half a month ago.”

Xie Chaoling swallowed the water in his mouth. What should he say? This person was indeed lucky. He was also a prince when he came to Xirong, and judging from the way the Xirong King valued him, he might have a chance to compete with other princes.

No wonder he insisted on coming here.

Xie Chaoyuan raised his hand and touched Xie Chaoling’s face, “Brother, I’ve said this before. I’m not greedy for power, but if we’re together and if we don’t fight, we won’t have a way to survive anywhere.”

Could he really hide his identity and disappear into the mountains and forests? It was impossible in Daliang, and it was impossible in Xirong. There would always be someone who wanted him dead.

Xie Chaoling didn’t respond and slowly finished drinking the water in the cup, continuing to rest his eyes.

Xie Chaoyuan held one of his hands.

In the evening, they arrived at Lido, Xirong.

After entering the city, Xie Chaoling pushed open half of the carriage window to look outside. This was the largest city in Xirong, and the style of the houses, roads, and bridges was very different from that of Daliang, but it had a unique charm. The crowds were bustling with people, and there were songs and dances everywhere. The people walking on the street dressed differently from those in Daliang, with both men and women wearing brightly colored clothes, applying makeup and cosmetics, and they did not avoid each other. The local customs were very open-minded.

“It’s not as prosperous as the capital of Daliang, but it’s not bad,” Xie Chaoling made a fair evaluation.

Xie Chaoyuan smiled.

Their carriage went straight into the Xirong Palace.

This place was also built very magnificently. In recent decades, the Xirong people had learned from Daliang in every aspect, not only in terms of their imperial system, but even this newly built palace showed the influence of the Daliang palace. It was very different from the ordinary houses outside.

It was not very interesting, so Xie Chaoling lost interest after only a glance.

When they got off the carriage, he saw the Xirong general named Tebumu again. The man didn’t smile and didn’t flatter Xie Chaoyuan too much. But that was understandable. As a trusted aide of the Xirong King, he didn’t need to flatter Xie Chaoyuan, the so-called little prince who had come to seek refuge.

However, Xie Chaoling always felt that this man was different from others. There was an inexplicable sense of familiarity. So he looked at the other person a few more times without leaving any trace.

The man seemed to have sensed something and also looked back at him.

Their eyes met only for a moment. When Xie Chaoyuan turned his head to talk, Xie Chaoling immediately looked away, but he couldn’t help feeling a great shock in his heart.

This person…

“I’m going to see the Xirong King. You go to the palace they arranged for you and rest for a while. Don’t wander around, be careful,” Xie Chaoyuan reminded him in a low voice.

Xie Chaoling lightly answered “Okay” and after thinking for a moment, he added, “You be careful too.”

A hint of a smile appeared at the corner of Xie Chaoyuan’s mouth. “Okay.”

Xie Chaoling went to a palace to wait, and Xie Chaoyuan left most of his guards for him. The royal guards also followed.

After sitting down and taking a sip of water, Xie Chaoling’s mind was a little uneasy. He casually asked Wang Rang, “How much do you know about the people and things of Xirong? Tell me about it.”

Wang Rang hesitated a bit. Xie Chaoling looked at him and asked, “What’s the matter? Can’t you say it?”

Wang Rang lowered his voice and said, “The current Xirong King is the third son of the old Khan King, His Highness’s biological father. He was already the strongest among the princes of Xirong. A few days ago, when the old Khan Xirong King was seriously ill, he succeeded smoothly to the throne by virtue of the great credit of obtaining the defense map of the northwest stationed troops in Daliang. Besides His Highness, this Xirong King also has more than ten sons, but most of them are too young to be of any use. His Highness is the eldest son of the Xirong King.”

Xie Chaoling raised his eyebrows upon hearing this and said, “Eldest son? But I heard that the Xirong people, like the people of Daliang, value the status of being a legitimate child more than the order of birth. Your Highness is also a b*stard, so what use is it to hold the title of the eldest son?”

“The Xirong King has just ascended the throne and has not yet established a crown prince. His Highness may have a chance,” Wang Rang said.

Xie Chaoling became curious and asked, “How did the Xirong King confirm that His Highness is his son? He didn’t doubt it at all?”

“You will know when you see the Xirong King later. Although His Highness looks like his biological mother, there are also some similarities between him and the Xirong King. Those Xirong people who came to Daliang to see His Highness have confirmed this,” Wang Rang replied.

Xie Chaoling: “…”

He really regrets that his father, the emperor, raised this cheap son. However, what he really wanted to ask is not that. After taking another sip of water, he casually asked, “What about the general who welcomed us today? Who is he? Why have I never heard of such a person among the great generals of Xirong?”

“He has never been to the battlefield, so it’s normal that you have not heard of his name before. It is said that he once saved the life of the Xirong king, and thus gained the king’s favor. He has helped the king to eliminate many dissidents in recent years and is the king’s knife for dealing with underhanded and secret matters. Although he has been appointed as a general, his title is not based on his military achievements on the battlefield. Some people are jealous and look down on him, thinking that he has poor people skills. However, it doesn’t matter, as long as he has the king’s favor.”

After thinking for a while, Xie Chaoling said, “Since he is a useful person, I don’t understand why your highness seems so cold and indifferent towards him, without any intention of winning him over.”

Wang Rang embarrassedly replied, “My lord, you are joking. If as soon as His Highness arrived, he showed an intention to win over the king’s favorite general, isn’t this giving people a handle to criticize him?”

Xie Chaoling sneered.

Xie Chaoyuan returned within half an hour, and Xie Chaoling asked him, “How was it? Did the Xirong King recognize you?”

“He said he would find me a mother and gave me a new name. He also promised to make me a prince and let me live in the palace, but I refused and asked him to find me a house outside. He agreed,” Xie Chaoyuan said casually.

This meant that not only did the Xirong King recognize Xie Chaoyuan as his son, he also wanted to find him a mother to avoid others thinking he was a b*stard. The Xirong King’s appreciation for Xie Chaoyuan was evident, but of course, there was some truth mixed with deceit.

Xie Chaoling smiled sardonically, “When will they discover that you cannot provide them with any information about the Da Liang? The Xirong King is not a fool. What are you going to do then?”

“Don’t worry, brother. If I say I won’t betray Da Liang, I definitely won’t. You don’t need to use these words to test me,” Xie Chaoyuan said calmly, not seeming to lie. He then smiled at Xie Chaoling and asked, “Do you not trust me?”

Xie Chaoling lowered his head and continued to drink his water, not saying much.

Another half an hour later, an official from the Xirong court came to invite Xie Chaoyuan to a family banquet, where the Xirong King would publicly announce his identity. Xie Chaoyuan gestured to Xie Chaoling and said, “Brother, come with me.”

“Why should I go to the Xirong King’s family banquet? ” Xie Chaoling was not very interested.

Xie Chaoyuan took his hand and said, “Aren’t you curious? Let’s go and take a look.”

In the end, Xie Chaoling followed him to the nearby palace where the banquet was held. It was called a family banquet, but almost all the nobles of Xirong were present. As soon as Xie Chaoyuan walked in, he became the center of attention. He remained calm and walked up to the Xirong King to pay his respects.

The Xirong King seemed very pleased and announced Xie Chaoyuan’s identity in front of everyone, saying that his birth mother was a deceased queen and that he had been in Da Liang for these years, working for Xirong to gather information. It was not easy for him to return to the court now, and he was bestowed a title shortly afterwards.

The whispers in the hall continued.

Xie Chaoling followed Xie Chaoyuan and took a few glances at the Xirong King. He did have some resemblance to Xie Chaoyuan, but his face was even more gloomy, with dark circles under his eyes, and his body seemed weak and frail. He was clearly a king, but he lacked that dignity.

Xie Chaoyuan thanked the King for his kindness and sat down in the special seat reserved for him.

Xie Chaoling followed and was pulled by Xie Chaoyuan to sit beside him. The scrutinizing eyes were once again on him.

Soon, someone provocatively asked Xie Chaoyuan why he came to Xirong and entered Xirong Palace dressed as a Da Liang person, even his attendants were dressed like that.

Xie Chaoyuan smiled and replied, “I just arrived here in the evening and met the King first. I didn’t have time to change.”

The Xirong King on the main seat waved his hand and said, “It’s just a piece of clothing. You can change it tomorrow.”

It seemed like he was extremely protective of Xie Chaoyuan.

Xie Chaoyuan thanked him again, “Thank you for your understanding, Father.”

The young prince who asked the question was very unwilling. Xie Chaoling took a glance at him and thought he might be one of Xie Chaoyuan’s brothers, with a similar temperament to Xie Chaorong.

Looking at the others, they seemed younger and less experienced, no wonder Xie Chaoyuan didn’t pay much attention to them.

The man seemed to notice Xie Chaoling looking at him and looked back at him, grinding his teeth as he asked, “Is it the custom of Da Liang for servants to sit with their masters?”

The focus suddenly shifted to himself, Xie Chaoling found it amusing and lowered his head to eat slowly as if he hadn’t heard anything.

Xie Chaoyuan was still smiling, but his eyes had turned cold. “Linlang is not a servant. He is my husband,” he said in a deep voice.

The moment the words came out, the whole hall was in an uproar. Not only was the nitpicking prince stunned, even the Xirong King showed a look of surprise.

Xie Chaoling swallowed the roasted meat in his mouth and smiled helplessly.

The Xirong King smiled awkwardly and asked, “When did you become engaged? Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“We’re not yet married, but we’ve agreed to get married. Once we settle down here, we’ll get married,” Xie Chaoyuan said matter-of-factly. “Although Linlang is from Da Liang, we share a deep affection for each other. He took care of me when I was in Da Liang and even risked his life to come with me back to Xirong. I won’t let him down.”

In Xirong, men can marry men and women can marry women. This custom has existed since ancient times, and even in the harem of the Xirong King, there are several male concubines. However, since having a male as the primary spouse would raise issues of succession, most people do not practice this.

Of course, no one would stop Xie Chaoyuan from marrying a man. These people would probably be very happy to see it happen.

As expected, the surprised little prince laughed and sneered, “Oh, congratulations then.”

“Thank you,” Xie Chaoyuan said calmly.

The noise in the hall became even louder and more chaotic. It was clear that even more eyes were now on Xie Chaoling.

Although Xie Chaoyuan’s words sounded a bit awkward, they seemed to be sincere.

As he drank from his cup, Xie Chaoling suddenly realized that this was something he couldn’t say publicly in Da Liang. Perhaps this person next to him had wanted to say it out loud for a long time, which was why he insisted on coming to Xirong.

…Oh well.

Author’s note:

To answer a question that many readers have asked: Will the Crown Prince go back to Da Liang? Yes, he will. Will he become the Emperor? Yes, he will.

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