Transmigrated Into The High-Risk Profession Life As A Master Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Foolish, Weak, And Incompetent

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Liren Peak, with its thousands of steps made of green stones, stretched upward. The towering Boundary Spirit Stele stood in silence, ancient and simple, like a solitary monument left behind by immortals.

Positioned halfway up the mountain, the Boundary Spirit Stele was surrounded by green stones, and the ground was covered with spiritual stones, continuously emitting a vibrant spiritual energy.

The entire Liren Peak enveloped in a layer of glass-like barrier, keeping outsiders at bay.

A man in a vibrant red robe stood at the Boundary Spirit Stele, wielding a long saber. Xue Manzhuang, with a striking appearance, exudes a bold and arrogant demeanor. Long red hair was braided and cascaded down the shoulders. A slender, elongated red mark sat at the center of his eyebrows, resembling a flame.

He seemed as if bathed in flames, with his thin clothes disheveled and exposing a slender portion of his chest, making it quite conspicuous.

Xue Manzhuang planted the long saber into the ground and enthusiastically announced, “The Yao Clan’s Xue Manzhuang! Is here to seek marriage!”

A black spirit butterfly landed on his shoulder, softly advising him, “Young Master, Shen Fengxue had long reached the Mahayana stage. There were very few in the entire Three Realms and Nine Territories who could defeat him.”

In other words, you may still lack the necessary skills to surpass him.

Xue Manzhuang, however, displayed excessive self-confidence and blind assurance, saying, “Perfect, then I shall be the first to defeat Shen Fengxue and make him willingly follow me.” 

The spirit butterfly hesitated and said, “You said the same thing last time…” and then was mercilessly beaten by Shen Fengxue, coughing up several liters of blood and taking two years to finally recover.

Ignoring the advice, Xue Manzhuang wielded the long saber, swung it a couple of times, and a flame surged on the red saber, forming a phoenix bathed in flames. It hovered in the air for a few circles, let out a sharp cry, and dissipated into thin air.

He licked the corner of his lips with the tip of his tongue. The red mark between his eyebrows seemed as if it was about to ignite.

The disciples of Zhibai Hall rushed to the Boundary Spirit Stele in a swarm, and Shen Gurong walked not too close and not too far behind.

Mu Zhe favored tranquility and initially didn’t want to join the commotion. However, Yu Xinghe pulled at his sleeve, insisting on going to watch. Mu Zhe was disturbed by the noise and had no choice but to follow along.  

Shen Gurong strolled casually in the courtyard, following the two little dumplings ahead. He casually popped a piece of honeyed snack into his mouth.

Mu Zhe, glancing inadvertently, suddenly furrowed his brows. Where did his snack come from?

After a moment of hesitation, Mu Zhe had a suspicion in his mind.

Shen Gurong: [Mu Zhe, these snacks are quite delicious.]

Mu Zhe: “…”

When did he steal them?!

Mu Zhe hesitated for a moment and then lowered his gaze.

Yu Xinghe curiously looked at him, “What are you smiling about?”  

Mu Zhe pursed his lips and shook his head, “Nothing—remember, just one glance, then we go back.”

Yu Xinghe nodded, “Sure, sure, sure!”

Shen Gurong finished the honeyed snack, waiting until the sweet taste was gone, before reaching the Boundary Spirit Stele.

Looking into the distance, a man, seemingly ignited with flames, stood there with a long saber, looking like he had been waiting for a long time. Shen Gurong raised an eyebrow. This was the man who came to propose?  


There are no female cultivators on Liren Peak, so this man, who came so ostentatiously to propose, probably intends to marry another man.

Shen Gurong clicked his tongue twice, thinking that cultivators indeed have open-minded natures; even the spectacle of a man marrying another man is so grand. With this in mind, he became curious about who this man was proposing to. Could it be someone more beautiful than a celestial being?

Shen Gurong folded his hands into his wide sleeves and walked over leisurely.

Li Suo was speaking to the man in front of the Boundary Spirit Stele, speaking respectfully, “Young Master Xue, please wait a moment. The Sect Leader will be here soon.” 

Yao Clan and Liren Peak have always had good relations, and the former Sect Leader of Liren Peak, Lord Nan Yang, even took in a Yao cultivator disciple[17]. This flamboyant and arrogant Xue Manzhuang is none other than the son of the Beast King—a Phoenix.

Xue Manzhuang grew up being pampered, displaying a rebellious spirit. Spoiled and arrogant, he caused quite a bit of trouble for the Yao clan, both overtly and covertly.

Decades ago, when the Beast King brought him to Liren Peak to discuss important matters with Lord Nan Yang, Xue Manzhuang set his eyes on the cold and aloof Shen Fengxue.

As a true Phoenix, Xue Manzhuang took on human form with unparalleled appearance. From childhood to adulthood, he believed himself to be the most beautiful being in the world. Even Song Luofu, the number one beauty in the Three Realms Beauty Ranking in Feng Lu City, was considered inferior to a single strand of his hair.

That is, until he encountered Shen Fengxue…  

On that day, he rushed to the front of the Sect Leader of Liren Peak, Lord Nan Yang, and directly declared that Lord Nan Yang should gift Shen Fengxue to him as a cauldron.

The cauldron was specifically used for extracting Yin and supplementing Yang from a cultivator, often implying a low status for the one being extracted.

In front of Lord Nan Yang, he insulted Shen Fengxue in such a way, prompting even the usually discordant Xi Guxing to be so furious that he unsheathed his sword, nearly striking him down with a single blow.

At that moment, when Lord Nan Yang heard this statement, he looked at Xue Manzhuang for a long time and suddenly burst into laughter. Xue Manzhuang thought that he had agreed, but before he could rejoice, he was slapped by Lord Nan Yang, causing him to spit out blood.


The Beast King on the side: “…”

The Beast King had known Lord Nan Yang for a hundred years and had never seen him so angry.

Xi Guxing was held back by two junior brothers, each restraining one of his arms to prevent him from attacking Xue Manzhuang. Despite his struggles, he couldn’t break free and had to resort to kicking while suspended in the air.

“Shameful thing! Stupid, stinky bug! A scoundrel beast!”

The Beast King: “…”

The Beast King’s lips twitched.

Even though Xi Guxing was raging, Shen Fengxue stood aside as if unaffected, gathering his wide sleeves and slightly lowering his gaze. Throughout the ordeal, his expression remained cold and indifferent. 

Xue Manzhuang, driven by some inexplicable quirk, was fascinated by Shen Fengxue’s aloof demeanor, and it seemed to have stirred up his three souls and six spirits.

Covered in blood, he continued shouting, “I want him! Father, I want him!”

The Beast King: “…”

Do you want to die on Liren Peak?

Seeing Xue Manzhuang completely enchanted by Shen Fengxue, the Beast King was infuriated to the point where he nearly struck the rebellious son again.

Since then, Xue Manzhuang would come to Liren Peak every once in a while to seek Shen Fengxue, and each time, he would either be beaten by Nan Yang or by Xi Guxing and the others.

There were several occasions when Xue Manzhuang resorted to all means, even resorting to drugging Shen Fengxue. He was subjected to a joint beating from Xi Guxing and Shen Fengxue, losing half of his feathers. He couldn’t continue his mischief for several years.

Xue Manzhuang became more determined as he faced setbacks.

For the sake of beauty, he truly did not fear death.

In those days, there was still a wooden sign next to the Boundary Spirit Stele of Liren Peak, which read: “Xue Manzhuang and Ghost Cultivators are not allowed to enter.”

Xi Guxing also had a go at this reckless phoenix. When Xue Manzhuang heard his name, he raised an eyebrow, saying, “I don’t want to see Xi Guxing; he’s very ugly.” In his eyes, except for himself and Shen Fengxue, everyone else was hideously ugly.

Li Suo:“……”

Li Suo almost couldn’t resist cursing him angrily, but given his distinguished status, he couldn’t provoke trouble for Liren Peak, so he could only continue to speak gently: “The young master of the Yao Clan has come, and it is only natural for the Sect Leader to receive esteemed guests.”

Xue Manzhuang said whatever he wanted, completely unaware of how to express himself tactfully.

He said, “If it’s only natural, then when I arrived, Xi Guxing should have removed the boundary barrier and let me go in directly to find Shen Fengxue.”

Li Suo smiled wryly.

Just then, the always arrogant Xue Manzhuang’s eyes suddenly lit up. He stepped forward, slapped the boundary barrier with a loud “boom,” and created ripples in the barrier.

“Shen Fengxue!” 

Shen Gurong’s steps came to a sudden halt as he looked bewildered. What? Me?

Xue Manzhuang spotted Shen Gurong, his eyes filled with fervor, staring directly at him.

Shen Gurong: “???”

Is he familiar with Shen Fengxue?

Xue Manzhuang exclaimed, “Shen Fengxue! Come out! Let’s fight!”

Shen Gurong: “…”

Oh, he just happened to be looking for a fight with me. 

Shen Gurong exhaled quietly, thinking, “I thought he was here to propose to me, got me a bit startled.”

Xue Manzhuang laughed maniacally and said, “Fight me!”

Shen Gurong had no interest in fighting him; he just wanted to witness a man proposing to another man. He had heard a bit about same-sex love in stories but had never seen it firsthand. Now, it seemed like he was in for a unique experience.

Shen Gurong anticipated.

Shen Gurong waited.

But Xue Manzhuang, seemingly out of his mind, kept insisting on a fight. 

Shen Gurong’s expression was helpless as he said, “Well, let me…”

You should prioritize seeking marriage.

He was about to utter the word “lose” when he heard Xue Manzhuang declare, “This time, I will surely defeat you and openly marry you back to the Yao Clan!”

Shen Gurong: “…”


Marry who?

Shen Gurong was dumbfounded for a moment before he reacted with shock. The man who wanted to propose was unexpectedly Shen Fengxue! Wasn’t Shen Fengxue considered the number one person in the Three Realms? Yet, someone dared to court him so recklessly?! Weren’t they afraid of being beaten to death? 


Shen Gurong almost spat out his words at him.

Infatuated delusions!

This man was flamboyant and colorful, clearly not a serious person. The Sage is as beautiful as an immortal, he won’t favor just anyone.

Shen Gurong’s expression turned serious; he felt it was necessary to assert his dominance as the number one in the world, “Daydreaming in broad daylight.”

Ignoring Shen Gurong’s words, Xue Manzhuang gripped his long saber and swiftly slashed towards the barrier of the Liren Peak.

A sharp and piercing sound echoed as the towering flames transformed into a thousand-foot flame blade. When it rose, it nearly surpassed the mountain peak, covering the sky and outshining the scorching sun.

Shen Gurong’s pupils constricted, thinking, darn, is he starting so violently?!

Fortunately, the barrier of Liren Peak was sturdy enough, and Xue Manzhuang’s forceful strike didn’t even chip away at its edges.

Shen Gurong could finally relax.

After Shen Fengxue’s strike, his long hair fluttered, and he shouted, “Shen Fengxue, why are you hiding in that turtle shell? Come out and fight me.”

Shen Gurong’s light-colored pupils reflected the flames that filled the sky. Upon hearing this, he raised an eyebrow slightly, and his fingers instinctively flicked. A sharp and knife-like wind whistled by, lifting Shen Gurong’s unrestrained long hair with a gust. 

When he came back to his senses, he found that a cyan gleaming longsword had appeared in his hand at some point. Shen Gurong lowered his eyes and glanced at it, and the name of this sword suddenly flashed in his mind—Lin Xiachun.

Shen Fengxue’s destined sword.

A cyan light emanated from Lin Xiachun, and Shen Gurong felt his body suddenly move. The effect might be due to the residual spiritual soul of Shen Fengxue in his destined sword.

Shen Gurong…..

Shen Fengxue’s eyes were cold and sharp. With a light, sweeping gaze, he turned to Xue Manzhuang. With an overwhelming force that seemed like a thunderstorm, he instantly dispersed the flames that Xue Manzhuang had raised.


Shen Fengxue approached with the sword, slowly stepping out of the shelter of the Boundary Spirit Stele. He looked at Xue Manzhuang expressionlessly, lightly parted his thin lips, and carried an awe-inspiring pressure of the Mahayana stage.


The pressure instantly spread, causing all the birds and beasts on Liren Peak to flee in all directions. Even the disciples within Liren Peak’s barrier felt a chilling sensation, and those with weaker cultivation directly sat down on the ground.

After the flames of Xue Manzhuang were dispersed, his determination to fight intensified. He tightly grasped the blood-stained long saber and suddenly let out a phoenix cry to the sky.  

Shen Fengxue leaned against the barrier, standing one step away from the Boundary Spirit Stele. He lowered his cold, indifferent gaze and swung his sword lightly.

The sword seemed to carry a blade of swirling wind, descending with force towards Xue Manzhuang.

Xue Manzhuang’s pupils contracted, and he swung his long saber horizontally. In their previous duel, he was defeated by this move. The seemingly frozen sword intent almost severed Xue Manzhuang’s entire arm. If he weren’t a phoenix, he might have lost his life long ago.

The clear sky from moments ago was now covered by dark clouds, accompanied by thunder echoing in the ears. Li Suo had already positioned himself in front of the watching disciples, anxiously observing the two fighters outside the Boundary Spirit Stele.

Yu Xinghe tightly held onto Li Suo’s sleeve, never having witnessed such a spectacular scene before. He was quite frightened and asked hesitantly, “Senior Brother, Master won’t be in danger, right?”

Li Suo glanced down at him, noticing the tears welling up in Yu Xinghe’s eyes. He gently reassured him, “No need to worry. The Sage wouldn’t even take this person seriously.” Yu Xinghe finally let out a relieved sigh, choking back a sob.

Mu Zhe frowned as he watched his Master, who swung his sword indifferently. He felt a strange sensation, as if that ruthless and merciless Master who had tormented him had returned.

Attempting to mobilize his spiritual power, Mu Zhe tried for a while but found that his spiritual veins was completely empty, devoid of any spiritual power.

Meanwhile, Shen Fengxue was engaged in combat with Xue Manzhuang. Sensing something, he suddenly turned his head and gave Mu Zhe a cold, piercing look. Mu Zhe, under the impact of his icy gaze, felt his legs go weak, his face turning pale, and he almost kneeled down on the spot.

Shen Fengxue, catching a glimpse of the fear in Mu Zhe’s eyes, showed a momentary confusion on his exquisite face. There was a fleeting trace of sorrow in his eyes that he couldn’t conceal. He lowered his gaze slightly, turned his head away from Mu Zhe, and no longer paid attention to him. Expressionlessly, he raised his sword and unleashed a surging sword intent, attacking Xue Manzhuang.

This time, he didn’t hold back at all. Xue Manzhuang, full of fighting spirit, directly took the brunt of the attack. He spat out a mouthful of blood, hurriedly retreated several steps, and knelt on one knee, supporting his shaky body with the long knife.

Shen Fengxue coldly watched Xue Manzhuang, saying, “You foolish, weak, and incompetent thing, did you really think I wouldn’t dare to kill you?”

Xue Manzhuang, perhaps accustomed to being beaten, showed no signs of pain on his face even after spitting blood. He stared at Shen Fengxue with unflinching desire in his eyes. 

Xue Manzhuang didn’t know the meaning of the word “death”: “Shen Fengxue, one day, I will make you willingly devote yourself to me!”

With audacious crimson eyes, Xue Manzhuang stared at Shen Fengxue’s captivating face, and his gaze slowly moved down along the cheeks and neck, as if using his eyes to peel away the layers of Shen Fengxue’s restrained snowy white garments.

Shen Fengxue: “…”

Courting death!

Shen Fengxue’s fingers instinctively twitched, wanting to raise the sword and cut down this audacious bird, but glancing at Mu Zhe, who was standing beside him in extreme fear, his hand lowered again. 

Shen Fengxue waved his long sword, and Lin Xiachun shattered into fragments, merging into his body.

He closed his eyes slightly, and when he opened them again, his gaze had become soft and gentle.


Mu Zhe, who was initially weakened by Shen Fengxue’s pressure and struggling to support himself, suddenly felt his spiritual power surging, accompanied by a joyful voice in his ears.

[Was that me just now? Was it me, was it me?] Suppressing his excitement, Shen Gurong exclaimed, [So imposing! I want to change my name to Shen Weifeng[18]! Ah, ah, ah!]

Mu Zhe: “…”

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[17]: Yao here means beast so the animal that can transform into human.

[18]: Weifeng means awe-inspiring.

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