What if I Become a LEGO Bunny Chapter 2

Chapter 2

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Sui Yang silently stood by the coffee table, lost in thought for a moment. After being continuously urged by Xie Min, he finally accepted the reality that Xie Min had taken up residence in the body of a toy rabbit at his home and began speaking once again.

He led Xie Min to the study and listened to Xie Min’s account of his experiences. He appeared composed on the surface, occasionally agreeing and nodding. However, there was an evident unease in his tone, and his eyes wandered, never truly looking at Xie Min’s new physical form. It was as if he feared that the little bunny Xie Min was a counterfeit, and that he himself was afflicted by a mental illness.

Xie Min had to exert a great effort to restrain the impulse to continue frightening Sui Yang.

Sui Yang’s study was a spacious room, with two walls adorned with books and a dark wooden desk.

Xie Min perched on Sui Yang’s desk, holding down a document, facing Sui Yang directly. He resembled a conversational toy paperweight, recounting the approximate circumstances before and after his coma.

Sui Yang informed Xie Min that it was the thirteenth day of January. It had been over three days since Xie Min had the accident on the way to the squash court, but Sui Yang had not heard any news related to it.

Xie Min fell into a silent contemplation as he gazed at the painting hanging on the wall. Suddenly, he recalled that this house bore a striking resemblance to the interior design of his former home. The initial sense of familiarity stemmed from this realization.

Sui Yang didn’t notice Xie Min’s distraction. Seemingly struggling a bit, he asked Xie Min, “Do you want me to contact your family?”

Xie Min hesitated slightly.

His family situation was rather complicated. He belonged to a large family conglomerate with different factions, a distant father, a family that never had a mother figure, and a half-brother with a volatile temper. Xie Min had a wide social circle in Yuhai City, but he had only a few friends with whom he could speak honestly.

There were close subordinates in the company who had been with him for several years and were somewhat reliable. However, his current appearance was truly horrifying and unsettling. Even though he was forced to accept it temporarily, it was difficult for him to decide whether to reveal it to anyone other than Sui Yang.

After weighing the options, he said to Sui Yang, “Not for now.”

“Alright,” Sui Yang didn’t inquire further and thought for a moment before saying, “Do you think any of our mutual friends might know about your car accident? I’ll make a phone call and ask.”

“Do you remember Jiang Ci? I was supposed to play squash with him that day,” Xie Min asked. “Do you still have contact with him?”

“Yes,” Sui Yang, not sure how to respond, paused briefly and then explained to Xie Min, “We have some business dealings with his company.” He then dialed Jiang Ci’s number and put it on speakerphone.

Jiang Ci quickly answered the call. Xie Min was surprised by the familiar tone in his voice. “Busy as always, do you have business to discuss with me?”

“Is there ever a time when I can’t find you?” Sui Yang placed his right hand near the phone and unconsciously tapped the tabletop with his fingers.

“No, no, don’t get me wrong,” Jiang Ci laughed on the other end, “I have plenty of free time. Feel free to chat with me anytime. But there hasn’t been any news from Xie Min recently. A few days ago, he invited me to play squash, but he stood me up. I waited for half an hour, and when I called him several times, his assistant finally answered and said he had gone for an emergency meeting. You know, his company just went public, so he’s probably busy.”

Jiang Ci’s words carried substantial information, leaving Xie Min somewhat surprised and awkward.

Sui Yang should have been more embarrassed than Xie Min, but he seemed to act as if everything was normal. He calmly responded with a simple “Hmm” and continued, “After Xie Min stood you up, did he ever contact you?”

“No, it’s quite strange,” Jiang Ci replied, “He’s not usually like that.”

Without any clues, Sui Yang and Jiang Ci chatted casually for a bit before ending the call. He then naturally said to Xie Min, “I know a private investigator in Yuhai. Should I ask him to look into it?”

“Okay,” Xie Min said, pausing for a moment and suppressing the urge to ask further questions.

Sui Yang retrieved the investigator’s number from his phone and dialed it, smoothly assigning tasks to the person on the other end as if he was delegating work.

Perhaps due to Xie Min’s adorable and delicate rabbit appearance, Sui Yang unconsciously extended his hand and lightly pinched Xie Min’s ear while talking on the phone.

Xie Min was displeased with this treatment. He raised his forelimb, flapping it in silent resistance. However, due to his short legs, his efforts didn’t have the desired effect. In fact, because of the forceful movement, his rabbit body toppled sideways on the table.

Sui Yang, still on the phone call, watched Xie Min. Silently laughing, he playfully poked Xie Min’s rabbit belly with a hand larger than Xie Min’s own bunny form.

Ten years had passed since turning eighteen, but there was still a hint of youthfulness in Sui Yang’s smile.

It seemed like he was laughing so joyfully because of Xie Min’s embarrassment. It was as if he was laughing at Xie Min being foolish, mocking his stupidity and humiliation. After all these years, Xie Min was still dim-witted enough to turn into a LEGO bunny in his own home.

Xie Min kicked his legs in annoyance and was helped up by Sui Yang once again.

As soon as the call ended, Xie Min cursed at Sui Yang, “Do you have ADHD or something?”

Sui Yang’s selective obedience had reached an extraordinary level. He soothingly touched the back of Xie Min’s head and asked in a caring tone, “Did it hurt when you fell? And do you think your car accident was an accident?”

“…I don’t know,” Xie Min said. “It’s hard to say.”

Lately, his older brother, Xie Cheng, had indeed been causing trouble for him.

It started because they were each responsible for different subsidiary companies of the conglomerate. Xie Min’s real estate company successfully went public, while Xie Cheng’s company was left struggling and nearly dead.

The elders were very displeased with Xie Cheng and scolded him multiple times. Xie Cheng believed that Xie Min was badmouthing him to the elders, causing him to lose face within the family. He even went as far as hiring thugs to threaten Xie Min. However, Xie Min’s bodyguard stopped them several meters away and immediately called the police.

Xie Min believed he didn’t have the courage or the braincells to stage a car accident, but he couldn’t be certain.

Family matters should not be made public, and Xie Min didn’t want to delve further into the topic with Sui Yang. He changed the subject, “Isn’t your company in the automobile industry? What business do you have with Jiang Ci? I thought you didn’t have any business in Yuhai.”

“Jiang Ci supplies us with components,” Sui Yang said. “Whenever we used to have meals or drinks together, the topic of you would come up in casual conversation. I asked a few questions just out of curiosity. He probably thought I was genuinely interested. You don’t need to think too much about it.”

Sui Yang’s explanation was detailed and specific, as if he was eager to clarify the situation, afraid that Xie Min would misunderstand. With a complicated mood, Xie Min responded with a simple “Hmm,” coolly adding, “I didn’t think much of it.”

The investigation would take some time. Sui Yang gestured Xie Min to the side and asked if he wanted to watch TV because he had work to do.

Xie Min declined, squatting nearby and quietly observing Sui Yang work.

For some reason, Xie Min felt that Sui Yang’s work efficiency wasn’t very high. He kept going back and forth, repeatedly examining a report. Xie Min almost memorized the numbers, but Sui Yang continued to flip through it.

After a while, Xie Min couldn’t help but speak up, “Sui Yang, why are you spending so long looking at a few reports?”

Upon hearing this, Sui Yang lowered his head to look at Xie Min and replied, “I’m examining them carefully. Thanks for your concern.” Then he reached out and turned Xie Min’s body away, preventing him from watching.

Xie Min hopped back a half-circle and persistently jumped to Sui Yang’s computer, actively offering, “I can help you look at them as a way to repay you.”

“Xie Min,” Sui Yang lifted Xie Min up and made eye contact, “Are you bored?”

Suspended in the air, held by just two fingers, Xie Min felt a bit uncomfortable. He moved his front legs slightly and asked Sui Yang, “No, I just wanted to show my gratitude. Can you please put me down? I don’t like being held like this.”

Sui Yang appeared somewhat helpless as he placed Xie Min back on the table and handed him a physical planning document. “Take a look at this for me.”

Xie Min received the assignment and hopped around on the paper like a stamp. He carefully read it once and actually found a few points of concern.

Sui Yang probably didn’t expect that Xie Min could indeed be of help. He expressed his thanks.

“No need to thank me.” Xie Min saw that Sui Yang had finally closed the countless reports he had been reviewing. He hopped closer, resting against Sui Yang’s hand and tilting his bunny head, subtly hinting, “Sui Yang, how long has it been since you last returned to Yuhai? Do you want to go back?”

“……” Sui Yang seemed to have anticipated what Xie Min wanted to say. He sighed expressionlessly and said, “How many troublesome matters would I have to deal with in just one night?”

After observing Sui Yang for a while, Xie Min said, “Alright then, forget it.”

To be honest, if given a choice, Xie Min would rather be in the intensive care unit with tubes attached to him, facing an uncertain life or death situation and leaving everything to fate, rather than constantly having to consider other people’s feelings. He didn’t like bothering others, and he especially didn’t want to be a bother to Sui Yang. However, being trapped inside a toy, he couldn’t find any other solution.

Moreover, he was usually skilled at negotiations, but it was only because Sui Yang was involved that he became less capable.

Xie Min turned around and hopped to a corner of the table, where there was a marble globe. He stood with his back facing Sui Yang, lost in thought.

On the globe, Asia was closest to him, with the prominent word “Yuhai” imprinted in the northern part of China. Sui Yang had moved to Yuangang, the southern city where they currently were, when he was only nineteen.

The two places were separated by twenty centimeters on the map, and in reality, it was just a three-hour flight away by plane. However, Xie Min had hardly visited Yuangang. He didn’t want to come here, as he disliked any place where Sui Yang was present.

Sui Yang called out to Xie Min several times from behind. “That’s not what I meant.”

Xie Min ignored him. Sui Yang waited only for a brief moment before reaching out and pulling Xie Min back from the side of the globe. Xie Min couldn’t resist Sui Yang’s strength because he was now a small LEGO bunny that could only be at the mercy of others.

Sui Yang placed Xie Min in his palm, but Xie Min lay back and refused to communicate. Sui Yang said, “Your temper hasn’t improved at all.” But Xie Min paid no attention. Sui Yang continued, “I have an important reception tomorrow during the day. I’ve already instructed my secretary to arrange the evening flight. Once it’s over, I’ll take you back to Yuhai.”

“Xie Min,” Sui Yang called his name and pressed him for an answer, “Is that okay?”

Xie Min looked at the ceiling of Sui Yang’s study, feeling a somewhat inexplicable sense of suffocation. Nevertheless, he eventually thanked Sui Yang and said, “When we arrive in Yuhai, please contact my subordinates, Xiao Chi or Xiao Tan. Just hand me over to them.”

“Let’s discuss that later.” Sui Yang didn’t give a clear response.

It was already late, so Sui Yang took Xie Min to bed.

The bedroom was also spacious, but decorated in a simple manner with a carpet and a large bed adorned with light gray bedding.

Sui Yang placed Xie Min in the bed, atop another pillow, and covered his feet with a blanket, caring for him like a child with a pet. Xie Min remained silent as Sui Yang wished him good night and turned off the lights.

Xie Min wasn’t sure if his life as a LEGO bunny required sleep, but for the moment, he didn’t feel drowsy.

He tilted his bunny head to the right and gazed into the darkness at the silhouette of Sui Yang  Feeling a sense of confusion, he thought about how he used to do the same, looking at Sui Yang like this in his room a long time ago.

Back then, Sui Yang’s room was small, and Xie Min wasn’t a bunny. Like Sui Yang, he was a high school student. Whenever Xie Min coldly placed his icy hand on Sui Yang’s body for warmth, Sui Yang would always say that Xie Min had a temper, but he would still draw closer and kiss him.

After thinking for a long time, Xie Min began to feel drowsy. He straightened the bunny head, closed his eyes, and suddenly, a hand reached over and gently rested on him.

Xie Min was startled and heard Sui Yang’s soft voice. “Xie Min, I forgot to mention, long time no see.”

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