What if I Become a LEGO Bunny Chapter 31

Chapter 31

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“How did I become a rabbit again?”

Sui Yang was overwhelmed with worry and anxiety upon witnessing Xie Min’s sudden fainting spell. Mixed with these emotions, he couldn’t shake off a lingering sense of uncertainty and guilt.

Because he suspected it might be due to his recent purchase of some superstitious products from Master Yi.

The story began when he saw Xie Min on his birthday.

On that day, Xie Min seemed weak and had difficulty standing up. Every movement seemed to cause pain, and he even had to take sleeping pills to fall asleep. After leaving the hospital, Sui Yang visited Master Yi and asked why Xie Min hadn’t fully recovered before leaving the body of the little bunny.

Master Yi explained, “Since he returned to his own body, it means that the current pain is bearable.”

“Mr. Sui,” Master Yi advised him during their video call, “the patient has been lying down for so long. It’s unrealistic to expect him to instantly become strong and completely fine upon returning. However, his ability to return indicates that his injuries have mostly healed, so there is no need to worry too much.”

Then, Master Yi changed the subject and said, “Mr. Sui, one Soul Awakening Talisman can only save a life once. Would you like to order another one? I usually don’t make these talismans anymore, but recently I’ve been delegating the ceremonial tasks to my disciples, so I have some free time. Plus, you’re a regular customer. If you need it this time, I can make it even more refined. I can address issues like the talisman’s owner feeling excessively sleepy or the time it takes to switch bodies. I’m not boasting, but you won’t find anyone else in the industry who can make such excellent Soul Awakening Talismans.”

With that, Sui Yang naturally made the purchase.

However, lies tend to pile up. After the previous incident of Xie Min’s car accident and the reason behind the soul switch, Sui Yang had asked Master Yi to cover it up. This time, he found it difficult to speak up again.

Tonight, while Xie Min was having dinner, he suddenly fainted. Sui Yang called for emergency assistance and accompanied him to the hospital. The doctor’s initial diagnosis indicated that it was a shock caused by a reaction between food and medication. They performed gastric lavage and sent the food for analysis.

Sui Yang waited in the corridor. His mind was almost in a daze, making it difficult to think. However, he suddenly felt movement from the small toy in his pocket.

Sui Yang took it out, and the limbs wrapped in a pink bodysuit clumsily twisted, holding onto his fingers. It held on tightly, as if afraid of falling. Sui Yang was familiar with this strength because it came from Xie Min.

“Sui Yang,” Xie Min asked him, “What exactly happened to me just now?”

The hospital corridor wasn’t a suitable place for a conversation. Before Sui Yang could answer him, Chi Yuan and Tan Sichen hurriedly walked out from the elevator hall. Sui Yang put the little bunny back in his pocket as Chi Yuan approached him, asking, “Mr. Sui, what’s the matter with Mr. Xie?”

Sui Yang briefly told them about the doctor’s assessment. Chi Yuan furrowed his brow, deep in thought. “How could the hospital make such a basic mistake…” Sui Yang looked at Chi Yuan and had his own doubts.

At that moment, the doctor came out. He said that Xie Min should be fine, but they needed to observe him for a while. Due to Xie Min’s incomplete recovery from the previous car accident and his already weakened body, this unexpected incident caused him to remain unconscious.

Sui Yang and Xie Min’s subordinates went inside and glanced at him through the glass. Xie Min’s face was pale, eyes closed tightly, and lips pursed, appearing extremely distressed.

Although Xie Min was currently in Sui Yang’s pocket, where he could jump around, Sui Yang still felt a lingering fear from witnessing Xie Min fainting earlier. He had only known Xie Min to be busy with work and had never discussed any other dangerous situations.

With Chi Yuan and Tan Sichen present at the hospital, Sui Yang didn’t linger any longer and took Xie Min back to his residence.

Sui Yang was grateful that he chose to stay in a hotel apartment close to Xie Min’s home in Yuhai this time, rather than the house in the same community. Otherwise, if Xie Min asked about it, he feared he wouldn’t be able to explain.

Once they entered the room, Sui Yang took Xie Min out.

The little bunny stood in his hand, not immediately concerned about his own condition or discussing the cause of the shock. Instead, he interrogated Sui Yang, “Why do you carry this toy with you?”

“It’s my lucky charm now,” Sui Yang smiled at him. “Is that not allowed?”

“You’re forbidden to change my clothes anymore,” Xie Min stated firmly. “Help me change back into the black outfit.”

“I didn’t bring it, what should we do? Can’t you bear with it for a few days?” Sui Yang flicked his ear, but Xie Min shook his head, pushing Sui Yang’s finger away. Sui Yang asked him again, “Are you okay, Xie Min?”

“I don’t know,” Xie Min said. “I just fainted all of a sudden. I only remember that the chicken tasted bitter.”

“Have you encountered anything unusual at work recently?” Sui Yang couldn’t let go of his lingering doubts and discussed it with him.

“Is it unusual to be exhausted to death every day?” Xie Min grumbled vaguely. He jumped down from Sui Yang’s hand and hopped onto the sofa but couldn’t stand steadily. With a “thud,” he fell face down on the sofa.

The little bunny quickly flipped over, sat up, and moved with such agility that Sui Yang felt as if Xie Min didn’t worry about his own well-being at all. Instead, he seemed a bit excited.

Sui Yang called his name, and Xie Min quieted down. After thinking for a moment, he said, “I don’t think so.”

“Oh, right. Today, a while ago, I noticed something might be wrong with a project…” Xie Min pondered and continued, “Do you have my phone?”

Sui Yang was momentarily stunned, realizing that due to his absentmindedness, he had forgotten to give Xie Min’s phone to his subordinate.

He said, “Ha,” and Xie Min immediately felt triumphant. “Sui Yang, you sneaky thief taking my phone.”

Without waiting for Sui Yang to respond, Xie Min added, “Turn on my phone, and I’ll show you the project.”

With Xie Min’s guidance, Sui Yang opened the project file as mentioned.

From the progress before Xie Min’s incident to the expenditure spreadsheet now, there did seem to be some anomalies. Just as Sui Yang was about to inquire further, a message suddenly popped up on the phone, displaying in the notification bar above.

The message was from someone named Tang Conglu, asking if Xie Min’s health had improved and whether he had consumed the ginseng that was sent to him. They had been extremely worried after seeing him looking so thin the day before.

The LEGO bunny was crouched next to the screen, previously engaged in a lively discussion about the data. However, upon seeing the message, it suddenly fell silent. The air grew still.

Sui Yang glanced at the little bunny for two seconds and asked, “Did you eat the ginseng that was sent to you, Xie Min? Do you want me to reply for you?”

The little bunny seemed somewhat stiff and replied, “I’m unconscious, so what’s there to reply?”

“Seems like it’s a girl,” Sui Yang couldn’t help but ask Xie Min, “She seems to care about you a lot. Is she one of your blind date prospects?”

“Get lost,” Xie Min muttered under his breath. “She’s a business partner from the company. We met briefly for work a few days ago. Don’t make up stories.”

“Is that so?” Sui Yang asked him, “Is she pretty?”

Xie Min paused for a moment, not answering Sui Yang’s question directly. His tone turned cold. “Why so curious? Are you interested in her?”

“Of course not.” Sui Yang looked at Xie Min and felt like he was trying to hide something. He struggled to control himself and smiled. “Just curious. I thought you might be falling in love.”

“Oh, really?” The little bunny turned its head towards him, possibly looking at him.

“It’s normal to have interactions with others, especially at your age,” Sui Yang said. “No need to be shy.”

“Yes, it’s normal,” Xie Min smiled and said, “But it seems like it has nothing to do with you.”

It was evident that Xie Min was irritated. Sui Yang realized he had asked too many and inappropriate questions. Seeing Xie Min kick the screen lock with his foot, locking the screen, he said, “Can you return my phone to my subordinate tomorrow?”

Sui Yang replied, “Sure,” and Xie Min jumped a bit away, as if attempting to leap onto the remote control to turn on the TV. Sui Yang knew he shouldn’t agitate Xie Min further but still reached out and gave a slight tug on the tail of Xie Min’s clothes.

The new outfit he had customized for Xie Min had a round tail, making it convenient to tug. Xie Min stumbled a bit from being tugged but remained silent, attempting to jump forward. Sui Yang caught him in his hand, and apologized to him in a low voice, “I’m sorry for asking too many questions. Please don’t be angry.”

The LEGO bunny played dead in his hand, not moving at all.

Sui Yang recalled a time when Xie Min and Zhuang Leyou walked out together after a Spanish class and coincidentally encountered Sui Yang. They were still discussing their homework, standing close to each other. When Xie Min looked up and saw Sui Yang, he became quiet.

On the way back to Baoqi Garden from the library in the evening, Sui Yang teased Xie Min, who was feeling restless, telling him not to talk about random things and that he should go home. However, in a secluded spot, Xie Min secretly grabbed Sui Yang’s hand.

His hand was soft and cold. He asked, “Sui Yang, are you jealous?” Sui Yang didn’t admit it, but Xie Min insisted on turning the tables, saying Sui Yang was petty. So, when they got home, Sui Yang sealed Xie Min’s lips.

Back then, Sui Yang was joking, and Xie Min awkwardly played along. Now, Sui Yang genuinely cared, but all he could do was apologize. The relaxed atmosphere had once again been ruined by him.

In the end, Xie Min forcefully changed the topic, giving Sui Yang an opportunity to step down. “Can you please not make me wear this kind of clothing in the future?”

The LEGO bunny held its head up and made a demand in a commanding tone.

“Isn’t pink cute?” Sui Yang softly asked, and he gently touched the paw wrapped up in the clothing.

“Cute, my arse,” Xie Min cursed.

“I didn’t bring any clothes for you to Yuhai,” Sui Yang explained, “It might take a few days.”

“Fine,” Xie Min reluctantly said.

Sui Yang placed his hand in front of Xie Min, who looked at it for a while before jumping into his hand. “I want to sleep in tomorrow.” Sui Yang replied, “Okay.” He really wanted to hold the little bunny, but he didn’t know how to properly hold such a tiny creature, so he simply cupped his palm together.

Xie Min didn’t resist and stayed in his hand for a while. Suddenly, he said, “I didn’t eat the ginseng. I don’t eat these things. It’s a waste to keep them, so if you want, I can give them to you.”

“I don’t eat them either,” Sui Yang said.

“Xie Min,” Sui Yang felt that his behavior was extremely ugly, but he still asked the question when their relationship had just started to improve slightly, “If both Miss Tang and I were to give you ginseng, which one would you eat first?”

Xie Min couldn’t help but laugh at his question. “Are you crazy? I won’t eat either.”

Seeing that Xie Min wasn’t genuinely angry, Sui Yang persisted with his inquiry, “Can you choose which one to eat first?”

“You should get your head examined.” The LEGO bunny lightly slapped Sui Yang’s hand. For some reason, perhaps unable to resist Sui Yang’s persistence, after a while, he casually replied, “Maybe I would eat hers first.”

Then, as if becoming irritable, he warned Sui Yang, “Enough! You’re not allowed to bring up such idiotic topics in the future.”

This time, Sui Yang didn’t ask any further. He gently stroked the bunny’s back and reopened Xie Min’s phone, together with him, they looked at the report they had been reviewing before.

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