What if I Become a LEGO Bunny Chapter 36

Chapter 36

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Xie Min felt dizzy. He first held onto Sui Yang’s arm, then hugged his back. His mind was confused and he kissed him shyly.

He didn’t enjoy being drunk and really wanted to sleep, but didn’t want to stop. Sui Yang’s body became hot and his muscles were tense. Someone accidentally bumped into the clothes rack, making it sway and almost fall. Sui Yang let go of Xie Min, supported him, and their moist lips separated.

Xie Min gasped for breath, opened his eyes, and looked at Sui Yang.

Sui Yang paused for a few seconds, then averted his gaze as if avoiding something. He picked up the fallen little bunny from the ground and put it in the pocket of the hanging coat. Seeing him silent, Xie Min’s drowsiness faded a bit, and he asked, “Sui Yang, what were you doing?”

The house was well-lit, but Xie Min couldn’t focus his eyes properly. He sternly examined Sui Yang and asked, “What were you doing just now?”

Sui Yang didn’t come closer. Xie Min staggered a bit closer to Sui Yang, grabbed his forearm, and announced, “I arrest you.”

Sui Yang’s seriousness reduced slightly, and he even smiled. “What charges do I have, Officer Xie?”

“Um…” Xie Min thought, feeling a bit unsteady. Sui Yang held his waist for support and said, “Be careful.” Xie Min found comfort in his presence and buried his face in Sui Yang’s shoulder. “Let’s go to sleep.”

“……” After a while, he was almost falling asleep while standing when he heard Sui Yang softly ask him, “Xie Min, will you remember when you have a hangover the next day?”

Xie Min lifted his head, intending to clarify that he didn’t have a hangover, but accidentally brushed his lips against Sui Yang’s face. He saw Sui Yang’s eyes that he liked, his beloved eyebrows and nose bridge. He felt it was the perfect moment to fall asleep, so he embraced Sui Yang again and quietly started sleeping.

Xie Min was woken up in the morning by a phone call from Chi Yuan. He had an event to attend at nine o’clock.

Without replying, he hung up the phone, sat up on the bed. Xie Min had a throbbing headache as if he hadn’t slept all night. He pulled back the covers, lowered his head, and noticed that he had returned home in such a drunken state yesterday but at least managed to change into pajamas.

He went to the bathroom to take a shower, and as the water poured from the showerhead, fragments suddenly flashed in his mind.

After coming back home, he pestered Sui Yang to show him the LEGO bunny, going crazy and attempting to undress it. In the next moment, he was playfully touching Sui Yang all over, and eventually, they passionately kissed and couldn’t bear to separate.

He wasn’t certain if those scenes were real or not, but in that instant, he became clear-headed.

When he descended the stairs, Sui Yang was still there, sitting at the dining table.

In Xie Min’s mind, he walked over, took a seat, grabbed a sip of orange juice, and remained silent.

The bright sun of Yuhai shone through the window, illuminating half of the Western dining table, the floor, the cityscape outside the window, and the towering buildings in a row. The whole city was filled with signs of the arrival of spring.

“Are you alright?” Sui Yang suddenly asked him, “Are you feeling uncomfortable from the hangover?”

Xie Min paused for a moment and replied, “I’m fine.”

Sui Yang’s attitude was natural, and Xie Min doubted his own memory. If he really forcefully kissed Sui Yang, and Sui Yang didn’t mention it, it would be best for him not to bring it up either.

However, Xie Min couldn’t keep the matter out of his mind. He was afraid that if he didn’t ask, he would think about it all day long and wouldn’t be able to focus on anything else. So, unable to hold back, he spoke before finishing the orange juice, “Sui Yang, did I do anything wrong yesterday?”

“Hmm,” Sui Yang said, “You said you were going to arrest me.”

“…Ah, why?” His response was completely unexpected for Xie Min.

“I want to know too,” Sui Yang smiled, “Officer Xie fell asleep before stating my charges.”

Xie Min looked at him for a few seconds and said, “Did I change my clothes myself?”

“I helped you change. If Mr. Xie wants to thank me, I’m free for dinner on Saturday night.” Sui Yang appeared relaxed, dispelling some of Xie Min’s doubts.

“Alright,” Xie Min pondered, “I have a business trip on Saturday night.”

Sui Yang asked him, “Where to?” Xie Min saw through his trick and proudly replied, “I haven’t decided yet.” Sui Yang laughed as well.

After finishing breakfast, Xie Min was about to go downstairs. As he reached the doorway, he caught sight of the clothes rack, and intimate scenes that made his heart race flashed back into his mind.

Unconsciously, he turned his head and saw Sui Yang also walking towards the door, causing him to hesitate.

The atmosphere during breakfast seemed fine. Xie Min had already asked before, and Sui Yang didn’t mention anything. Bringing it up again now seemed awkward—perhaps Sui Yang also didn’t want to make him uncomfortable, so he chose to remain silent.

“What’s wrong?” Sui Yang asked.

Taking a step closer, Sui Yang’s faint aftershave scent reached Xie Min’s nose. He felt a bit dazed and his face grew warm. After contemplating for a moment, he finally spoke, “Did I kiss you yesterday?”

Sui Yang fell silent, his facial expression unchanged. He looked directly into Xie Min’s eyes and after a short while, he said, “No, it was me who kissed you. I’m sorry. It was my fault. I couldn’t control myself. I won’t do it again.”

“…If you can’t accept it, I can move to the next room,” Sui Yang smoothly said, as if he had prepared his words in advance, “Or if you have any other suggestions, please let me know.”

Xie Min looked at him, unsure of what to say.

In all of Xie Min’s memories, Sui Yang was not someone who excelled at apologizing or frequently apologized. Because Sui Yang was intelligent, with much higher emotional intelligence than Xie Min, there were numerous ways to casually brush off such incidents, crack a few jokes, and easily move on—especially since Xie Min had no intention of pursuing the matter or expecting an apology from Sui Yang.

The two locked eyes for a moment. “What do you think?”

“Sui Yang,” Xie Min struggled to say, “You don’t have to do this either.”

Sui Yang looked into his eyes while Xie Min averted his gaze and said, “We’re both adults, having desires is normal.”

“Is it?” Sui Yang said, “Is it really normal?”

“Hmm, I don’t remember much either,” Xie Min said, “Don’t dwell on it too much. It’s probably because I got drunk first. Maybe because it had been a while for me too…”

Xie Min felt that he was comforting himself a bit too much and didn’t continue.

However, knowing Sui Yang’s personality, not pushing further was impossible. He immediately seized upon Xie Min’s words and asked, “It’s been a while for Xie Min in what sense?”

“…Get lost,” Xie Min cursed at him, “That’s enough.”

Sui Yang knew when to stop, so he took Xie Min’s coat and handed it to him. “Do you often get drunk?”

“No,” Xie Min took the coat and complained, “I wasn’t fully recovered, but my dad insisted I drink. I didn’t used to get drunk easily before.”

“So, even when you got drunk before, it was like this?” Sui Yang asked him.

“What exactly did I do?” Xie Min furrowed his brow and asked.

Sui Yang said with a smile, “Touched me.” Xie Min immediately scolded him, “Impossible.”

“It’s true,” Sui Yang said earnestly, “Right here.”

He said it convincingly, and Xie Min tried hard to recall, skeptical, and asked Sui Yang, “How did I touch you?”

Sui Yang reached out and grabbed Xie Min’s wrists, prompting him to lift his hands and place them on his face. “Like this.”

Sui Yang’s skin felt slightly warmer than Xie Min’s as he lowered his gaze and said, “You said I’m colder than you.”

The two were very close, their coats almost touching. Sui Yang’s gaze and expression didn’t seem ambiguous, but their actions suggested otherwise. Xie Min’s back leaned against the door, tilting his face slightly as he looked at Sui Yang.

After demonstrating, Sui Yang released his grip, and Xie Min’s hands moved a small distance away from Sui Yang’s face.

Xie Min was already considered tall compared to an average person, but Sui Yang was even taller, casting a shadow over Xie Min’s entire being. Xie Min couldn’t quite explain why, but he placed his hand on Sui Yang’s coat, which felt soft to the touch. Sui Yang slowly lowered his head, drawing closer to him. Xie Min felt Sui Yang’s breath and warmth, feeling nervous.

“Xie Min,” Sui Yang, not as calm and composed as usual, seemingly unable to control himself, asked in a very soft voice, “Is it okay?”

When he kissed Xie Min again, Xie Min closed his eyes. Amidst the dimness and confusion, his back pressed against the hard door. Their lips intertwined, and Xie Min heard Sui Yang’s muffled apology. Sui Yang firmly held his waist for a while before letting go. Xie Min could barely catch his breath, and as he opened his eyes, he saw Sui Yang’s eyelashes flickering through a layer of mist.

The phone placed on the nearby shelf started vibrating. It was likely Chi Yuan calling to ask when Xie Min would come downstairs. Sui Yang paused, causing Xie Min to feel a pang of heartache. He didn’t want to leave this room or be away from Sui Yang’s side. He felt that there were many things left undone and unsaid between them, but work and subordinates were all urging him.

Sui Yang silently moved his lips away, picked up his phone, and placed it in Xie Min’s hand.

Xie Min lowered his head to answer the phone. As expected, Chi Yuan said, “Mr. Xie, when can you come down? The Chairman has already arrived.” Xie Min looked at the black button on Sui Yang’s shirt and reached out to touch it, but Sui Yang held his hand.

Xie Min felt that his relationship with Sui Yang was unclear and ambiguous, but even in this hazy and uncertain state, it seemed that he couldn’t bear the thought of losing it. In just those few seconds, he even began to wonder if there was any way to make it last with Sui Yang, to never stop.

However, Chi Yuan urged on the other end, “Mr. Xie.”

“Right away,” he reluctantly replied to Chi Yuan.

Xie Min was attending the opening ceremony of a business forum organized by one of his father’s friends.

This friend had a strong background, and his father had been trying hard to please him lately. Xie Min was late, and his father was extremely angry, showing him a displeased face all morning.

However, Xie Min walked around in a daze, completely unaffected by his father’s scolding.

During lunch, Xie Min had a little bit of alcohol, which made his stomach uncomfortable. He asked Chi Yuan to prepare a hangover remedy for him. After returning to the company, he went to the rest area, planning to take a nap.

Just as he lay down, Shi Shan sent him a message about the painting he had purchased. Xie Min replied and suddenly remembered Sui Yang’s promise. He immediately sent a message to Sui Yang, asking, “You won’t go back on your promise about the painting, right?”

“No, I won’t,” Sui Yang quickly replied, “What do you want?”

Xie Min immediately sat up and instructed his assistant to purchase art supplies and paints for him. He told Sui Yang, “Paint a portrait of this young master.”

In the evening, Xie Min was once again taken out to dinner by his father, but he felt uncomfortable and only had a few sips of alcohol.

Upon leaving, he couldn’t escape another round of scolding from his father, accusing him of not giving face. Xie Min ignored it and quickly got into the car, urging the driver to head home.

Upon arriving home, he saw Sui Yang already in the living room, tinkering with the art supplies he had asked his assistant to buy.

“Drinking again?” Sui Yang asked him.

“Very little,” Xie Min looked at him from a distance of ten meters and said, “Can you smell it from here?”

“Did you go to Yuanguang today?” Xie Min didn’t wait for him to respond and asked again.

Sui Yang said, “I did.” Xie Min took a few steps towards him and said, “Is General Sui’s new company so busy that you have to commute between two cities?”

“Yeah, circumstances forced it,” Sui Yang smiled and asked, “Shall I paint Mr. Xie today?”

Xie Min glanced at his watch. “It’s almost midnight.”

“I paint quickly.”

Xie Min loosened his tight collar and took off his tie. He felt that Sui Yang was simply boasting, but still asked him, “What pose should I strike?”

Sui Yang had many requirements for the painting. He had Xie Min sit on the sofa, making adjustments here and there, raising his hand and then lowering it.

Xie Min was curious about how Sui Yang would portray him, so he tried to improve his composure and actively followed Sui Yang’s instructions to strike poses. He didn’t curse or complain. Unexpectedly, in just twenty minutes, Sui Yang had finished the painting.

“Come take a look,” Sui Yang put down his paintbrush and told Xie Min, “I think it looks very much like you.”

“So fast?” Xie Min exclaimed in delight. He immediately jumped off the sofa and walked over to the easel. He looked down and saw that the picture depicted a LEGO bunny dressed in black clothes with pink skin. The bunny had its arms crossed, and the fierce expression was quite vivid. In the bottom right corner, Sui Yang’s English name and the date of the painting were written.

“…Are you crazy?” Xie Min scolded him, “I posed for so long.”

Sui Yang laughed and said, “Wasn’t it supposed to be a portrait?”

Xie Min pushed him, but Sui Yang grabbed his hand and said, “I was just teasing you. I’ll paint one for you when I have time.” Perhaps it was because of the intimate poses and Sui Yang’s gentle expression, as well as the fact that the fierce LEGO bunny was actually quite adorable, Xie Min couldn’t stay angry for more than three seconds.

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